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Have a pixel chick? Write a short review!

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Posted 28 November 2008 - 10:41 AM ( #35 )

Maikos Reviews!
Pixle Chix
Well, I first heard of Pixel Chix on T.V, it looked like soooo much fun. Every time we went to our local Target, I'd always head there to check it out and play with the try me mode. My friend got one and I was so jealous. I was very into V-pets and I still am so I long to try it out. I could imagine myself playing with it for hours. But, I didn't get one for a very long time, until, I was shocked to find one under the Christmas tree early in the morning. I freaked, I couldnít believe it! I think I woke the entire neighborhood with my yells of joy. Anxiously, I opened it up and started playing with it.

At the start, I was greeted with very, VERY nice graphics and an adorably little blonde girl living inside her little house. The environment was odd at first but I quickly became attached to the 3-D room. It was very cute and the girl was peppy and energetic with an adorable personality. It was kinda life like. Although, I have to say, it was hard to carry it around. It was bulky and kinda embarrassing in public. I set that flaw aside though. It was still lovely graphics and all that jazz. I would defiantly rate the graphics 5/5.

Although, I loved it at first, after a few days it got boring. I felt so repeated. Her attitude was starting to change as well. It was demanding and annoying. I didn't want to spend every day with her doing the same things. Really, it was just a button mashing mess. It went fun to boring extremely fast. So, what did I do? I bought another attachment, the car. Although it KINDA helped, it was still boring. The only fun I had was when we attached my friendís house to it. Sadly, we both grew bored of it. It wasn't very fun anymore and I just lost interest. Eventually, she moved out and I was free from constantly talking to her and stuff. It was defiantly not as good as other V-pets. I had a little more fun with the Tamagotchis but I really shouldn't compare them, they are two totally different things.

[color=blue]Well, overall, I give it a 2/5. Not the worst but defiantly not the best. It was fun at first but boring at the end. Please don't flame for giving it a low rating, I am only stating my opinion. Eventually, I just sold it on eBay as it was collecting dust on my shelf. Hopefully, the one who bought it is finding more enjoyment out of it then I did. Thanks for reading!


That's a problem that I hear a lot of people are having. I've been playing with Pixel Chix for at least 2 years - they just don't get boring to me!! :) I love them, and now have over 30! But you write great reviews!