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V2 Codes

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Posted 25 May 2005 - 01:39 PM ( #1 )

Here they are:

ACBCABAC = Hair potion
CBAACABC = Costume (Thanks Tenduma)
ABBACBCC = Whole Cake (Thanks Chaochy56)
BACBCACB = Steak (Thanks Tyson and MacColl)
BCBACABA = Love Potion (Thanks DDD2k5)

There we go! All 5 codes and the people who found them out!

Hope you like these and hope you show these to ur friends!


The last of these five codes that you enter will not give you the item listed with it above. Instead, that item will be replaced with a secret item; a rare costume.

How To enter shop codes? Quoting from the V2 instruction sheet:

Did you get secret codes?
At the shop counter screen, press button
(A) three times in 2 sec. after pressing
button (A) once. When the shop owner’s
face appears surprised, punch in the secret code
revealed in the first page. HINT: there are 5 total
secret codes, each revealing something different!
Input all 5 secret codes to reveal a special sixth item!

[Note: A = left button, B = middle button, C = right button]

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25 May 2005