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Posted 09 December 2006 - 02:20 PM ( #18 )

thats reminds me of my cousin. practically nobody in our fam likes her. shes lost my respect and others. once i asked her do u wanna stop fiting and just be in peace. she said... why should we? SOOO MAD!! i suggest you tell her, tell a teacher, make up an excuse for her to NOT come to her house, tell your mom. if its something that makes u unhappy an dyuor mom wants it that wouold be wrong wouldnt it? i know how you feel. almost.


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Posted 09 December 2006 - 04:42 PM ( #19 )

ok maybe this girl really needs you as a friend take a look at the situation is it really that bad?
It sounds to me as if thsi girl really needs friends

She has her own friends. I don't know how but she does.

She came to Deni's house yesterday and now he hates her because here's the story:

We were going to Deni's house but an accident happened, so we skipped the party. Although Melly and Ines went. Mel watched TV and ignored Ines. Then Ines screwed up the TV although me and Deni couldn't fix it afterwards like we always did. Then yesterday before she came, Deni said he hated her because he got his dad to fix the TV and he said "This TV is actually unfixable now. It's trash." So she broke the TV! She's so stupid.
Kerry*Bridget, she said "Why her? She sounds soo bad."
And while you were singing she laughed.
Plus she laughed at Melisa when she sang along to a song when Ines has the worst singing voice ever

Whenever we get mad at ines and say like "Well Melisa saw you break the TV" and she started screaming "Why do you have to bring Melisa in? nahanahyu!"

DOWN WITH INES!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Posted 09 December 2006 - 08:30 PM ( #20 )


this girl (Ill just say sh) she dresses dumb, shes a rich *****! Her clothes say bad words and shes 12 and she gets WHATEVA SHE WANTS!!! and she is EXACTLY LIKE INES!! GRR!!!!!
She ALWAYS FOLLOWS US!! EVEN WHEN WE SAY GO AWAY SHE TELLS THE TEACHER AND WE EXPLAIN WHY WE DONT WANT TO HANG OUT WITH HER BUT TEACHER NEVER LETS US EXPLAIN!!! My advice: Ditch Ines, get into a BIG fight, or say "Sorry Ines but we dont wanna play with you because we have MANY reasons."



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Posted 09 December 2006 - 08:50 PM ( #21 )

I know! I have a friend like that but WAY better, all she does is Read my diary no matter how much I tell her to stop, I dont mind cause all mines says is stuff bout my V2.

Ill tell this Ines of yours

"SCREW OFF!" Then slap her, maybe whack some common sense into her, Take all her slutty clothing, and pretty much buy her decent clothing, if not yell "Go away! I DONT LIKE YOU! Leave me be! If you wont Ill have to whack some sense into that thick head of yours!"


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Posted 09 December 2006 - 11:12 PM ( #22 )

*hugs Surfer_girl* HI SURFER_GIRL! long time since i`ve seen you! oops, i`m off topic again.

Meowbark that is mean. I think you should say to her that you don`t wanna be friends anymore in the friendliest way. if that won`t work and nothing else Did, Stick with SK`s plan then.


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Posted 09 December 2006 - 11:22 PM ( #23 )

(off topic) HI MIMICHI!! ^_^

oh yeah do what I said and you should be fine with Ines.


P.S: wanna chat in tamachat mimichi?