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Kinkomatchi on Generation 1?!

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Posted 08 December 2006 - 04:17 PM ( #1 )

My V1 is Kinkomatchi on Generation 1 for the second time in a row. ;) NOTE: Kinkomatchi is supposedly impossible on Generation 1. It is a ConneXion, so it's never been debugged.
It all started when I joined TamaTalk and took better care of my Tamagotchi. Before then, I'd only ever gotten Masktchi on V1. I got Kutchipatchi and it had a little baby girl. The Kutchipatchi left and I took very, very, very good care of the baby, catching every poop and so on. It changed into Kinkomatchi and I was overjoyed, only having gotten Marutchi in the past. It was Generation 2 so it didn't worry me - I knew about the Kinkomatchi-only-generation-2-and-above thing. And I'd taken excellent care of it, after all.
Then it grew up and became a Young Mimitchi, followed by a Mimitchi (to my absolute delight). The Mimitchi had a baby and... Kinkomatchi AGAIN, although my care standard was nowhere near as good. Then Ichigotchi, and then it died, sadly. :(
I set it all up again and on Generation 1, it changed into Kinkomatchi!?!?!? :angry: It unfortunately died as well. :(
I made a topic about that a while ago. Next thing, it ran out of batteries and I didn't get new ones for a while. I set it up and it was a baby girl. Now, it is Kinkomatchi on Generation 1 again. This is very strange.
Just to confirm:
- It is a ConneXion, never debugged.
- It is on Generation 1.
- It is Kinkomatchi. :(
Any ideas?
StarTama :)






08 Dec 2006

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08 Dec 2006


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Posted 08 December 2006 - 04:25 PM ( #2 )

Well, I have had Kinkamotchi on odd generations before, but never on generation one.

It is said that you ALWAYS get a Marutchi on your first generation, but here that is proven not to be true.

Maybe it's a glitch, but I never heard of a V1 glitch.

Maybe try one more time and see what happens.

You may also want to send BanDai an email to ask this question.



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Posted 08 December 2006 - 05:33 PM ( #3 )

You are meant to be able to get Kinkomatchi on Generation 2 and above, odd generations included. This is definitely a glitch - I took terrible care of it when it was a baby so it should be a Marutchi. Possibly the thing which controls which character on which generation is broken. I'll try to get another even-generation or 2-and-above-generation Tamagotchi. I might make a log just about this Tamagotchi - it is very interesting...
StarTama ;)