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Posted 13 December 2006 - 02:42 PM ( #21 )

Yes I feel like my other friends should be my best :)

:D ~*Emily*~ :furawatchi:



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Posted 13 December 2006 - 11:12 PM ( #22 )

Um, you can't balme her for Chole leaving. maybe Chloe had problems apart from Whats-her-name.

Bell Sprout

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Posted 13 December 2006 - 11:21 PM ( #23 )

thanks guys, you've been a big help. and yes, i am a drama queen because of my age, but....*sigh* I just can't help feeling like there's no-one else in my clas that's as nice as them.

I guess i shouldn't really be worrying about it. it is like the last week of school. i'll find some new friends next year. all i can hope for is that anne doesn't make vicky crazy (crazier). If this is primary school life, I can't imagine what high school's gonna be like!

Glad to see that you are able to put things into perspective now. :huh:

High school gets easier... generally... I guess not everyone grows up entirely. There are always people who are forever having dramas. In high school you will probably form your own group of friends and become quite close. You'll have other things to be worrying about then. ;)


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Posted 13 December 2006 - 11:31 PM ( #24 )

can you two stop CHATTING!?!?!?! this is important!!!

THe only thing is, I DON'T WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH THEM ANYMORE!!!!!! They are all annoying, and although this is mean, i don't like them, i only like vicky.

You have no idea what happened today. i was calmly doing my work, when sara kicked me for no reason. then she started trying to pick up my feet with her legs. i pulled away and moved her legs aside so i could concentrate on my work. then miss sheumack came over and asked why sara was sitting sideways on her chair. i didn't say anything, but sara said, "she kicked me!" and pointed at me. I looked up and said "I did not, what are you talking about!?" and then my teacher told me to move away from sara, who was sitting opposite victoria, who i was sitting next to and wanted to KEEP sitting next to. so i got up and sulkily packed my things, and then my teacher called me overe to her before i had finished gathering my stuff. then she told me to WAIT OUTSIDE!!!!! how unfair is that!!! stupidly i acted under impulse and argued and said "I didn't kick her though!!" and she just ignored me. SARA SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE OUT THERE!!! then when i finally got told to come in, she took me and said i was put out there for having a temper tantrum. PA-LEASE!!! It was hardly a temper tantrum. it was me complaining about how unfair the punishment is. And then she called us back when the recess bell went and she said, "do i have to separate you two again? i think i might." and she told sara to go to banyette (our grass area) and for me to go to the normal playground. i know this might sound like i'm a sook, but I actually had tears streaming down my face. i've NEVER been reduced to tears that much, especially not about emotions. *sigh* Then after that i looked up to see sara playing with molly and courtney NOT AT BANYETTE. Man was i pi**ed off. then at lunch anne, vicky and i went to mr hutchinsen, out principle,'s office, and we talked to him about it. he said he'd have a talk with sara after we'd finished whinging (lol). you should have seen the look on her face after coming from that little "meeting" with him! HAH! man that was precious. she didn't go to banette at lunch, either, and i'm planning on telling miss sheumack about that. sweet sweet revenge...

as for anne, well, she's alright. i can put up with her for another year (probably). then we go to different high schools. hmmm.

Any other thought on how i might better my situation with my friends? anyone?