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My poor parentless tama!

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Posted 16 December 2006 - 05:03 PM ( #1 )

So on V3s, you know how they have the "Family" thing, and if you go to that they ask for "history" or "parent"? Well my tamagotchi is on its 5th generation, has NO PARENTS, and NO GRANDPARENTS! This has happened before, but randomly. When I have a very successful set of generations (maybe 5+) and the parent thing works, the grandparen thing never works. I've never had a grandparent on my tama. My current tama is a 1-year-old teenager. when he was a baby I put him on pause for a little bit. I unpaused him and checked the "family" then "parent" thing, and it had the tama that I had the generation before. I was happy that it finally worked! So then today I decided to go on tamatown and put the passwords in for the parent. So i check and suddenly it doesn't show the parent anymore! It was really weird! Please help me, i really don't know what to do!!!

Also one more thing:
On tamatown after I get the two keys for the souvenier, they always disappear from my souvenier case thing like a week later. I don't know if it's just me or if that happens to everyone. how can I stop them from always disappearing?

Thank you!






16 Dec 2006

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16 Dec 2006


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Posted 16 December 2006 - 05:12 PM ( #2 )

im sorry i cant help you with your 1st problem.....

but the problem about tamatown is that when your tama has a baby when he/she leaves it it will take
some of the sovernirs the only way to get them back is by getting them from tamatown..


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Posted 16 December 2006 - 05:14 PM ( #3 )

For your first question: Have you deleted anyone from your friend list? If so, this is probably the reason why your parents are disappearing.

For your second question: Once you get to the next generation, some of your souvenirs will disappear. Kinda like the parent "took" them with it when it left. The keys especially- how else would they get to TamaTown. I guess it makes it so that you'll always have to get souvenirs at TamaTown or else the game would get boring. It is normal.



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 05:48 PM ( #4 )

:o well i think i know what is wrounge for the first Q.
but i have something to tell first my sister has the same ting happaning to her tamagotchi she is on her 2cnd genartion but i think it is because the tamagotchi isent responding very well
if anything else is going wierd just e-mail me at horsegirl9 :o ;) :angry: :kusatchi: :nyatchi: :wub: ^_^ B) :furawatchi: