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Neopets Scams

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Posted 18 January 2007 - 11:00 PM ( #1 )

We have unfortunately, encountered a few instances where members have attempted to use TamaTalk as means of scamming members into providing their username and password for illegitimate reasons.

The short of the long is this: there is no quick way to earn NP!!!

Please have a read of The Neopets Wall of Shame to learn about different methods used by scammers to obtain your account details.

Things to report on TamaTalk:

1. Posts with links asking you to go to another site that requires you to enter your username and password to receive NP.

2. Any post that claims to be Neopets staff, ex-staff or family, asking your details to "save your account" or "claim a prize" etc.

3. Any posts that links to a Neopets look-a-like that requires you to log in - best way to check is by looking at the address bar. If it doesn't start with "http://www.neopets.com" then it is not the real neopets site.

4. Anyone offering to take care of you Neopet for you.

If You Suspect a Scam:

Press the "report!" button found at the bottom right hand of every post immediately! Alternatively, PM a guide with a link to the offending post!

What If I Already Gave My Details?

Access your account and change your password immediately! If you find your account has been hijacked, you can use The Account Abuse form on Neopets to regain access.
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18 Jan 2007