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Posted 23 February 2007 - 11:28 PM ( #1 )

I love Tamagotchis, but I never have time to take care of mine! I don't pause it. On the 1st Generation of my Tamagotchi, it hatched to a girl. As I raised it, I gave it pretty bad care. By the time it grew into an adult, it was a Mimitchi! Aren't Mimitchis the healthiest Tamagotchis?






23 Feb 2007

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23 Feb 2007

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Posted 23 February 2007 - 11:42 PM ( #2 )


There is nasty rumour about health/unhealthy/good/bad tamas going around... It has been there since V1 and somehow continues to live on!

For every person that says they got X character by abusing their tama, their is always another who says they got the same one by being overprotective of the thing. :(

Care is a broad term.. there are many factors that come under it and I won't say that they are not involved but it is hard to bank on it.

I am not sure about V4, but with old tamas, generation was the only sure fire way of tell what sort of tama you were likely to get.

Now, a large part is determined by sex and skill points. Check out this growth chart by Spudilike: http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=99281