tamagotchi connexion colours

Special editions (Japan)

As you can see there were a lot of limited editions released in Japan:
- Vodafone edition: 1484 were released through a lottery under Vodafone users.
- The Glay Expo version was sold in a limited edition for 2 days at the Glay Concert
- The Lotteria Tamagotchi was sold in Lotteria shops, 10 per shop, so 6000 in total.
- Swimmer Tamagotchi, lucky draw promotion limited to 250 pieces.
- Shareholders editions: Limited edition for the new Bandai head office.
- Seventeen, Non-No & Vivi Tamagotchi, various womens magazines.

There are 18 plus colours released so far, you can admire them at the Bandai website.

Same as the first 6 released Japanese colours, but with the text "Tamagotchi" on top. There are also three special editions released in a nice box: silver, clear pink and clear blue.