tamagotchi connexion Tips

Tips and Tricks
You can turn off the sound by pressing the first and last button at the same time. If you have a connection Tamagotchi I'd recommend turning the sound off at night. The connection has got a little flaw, which causes it to make tiny beep sounds the whole time (held it close to your ear to hear this). Because of this the battery will empty in about three weeks time. Turning the sound off will save your battery.

Watch your tama regularly if you see curly lines around it, it has to poo! Use the toilet icon quickly so it can go to the toilet. Don't panic if you're too late, you can always clean up after him. Clean it up as soon as possible or else it will get sick.

If your Tama doesn't want to play try giving it some candy *yum*

Praise your Tama when it's crying, but "punish" it when it bleeps for no reason (when the meters aren't empty yet) or doesn't want to eat.

The jumping game has got 30 hurdles, when you've jumped over all of them fireworks will appear and voila: 4 full happy hearts!

0-2 hurdles - bad - no happy hearts
3-9 hurdles - good - 1 heart
10-19 hurdles - very good - 2 hearts
20-29 hearts - excellent - 3 hearts
30 hurdles - finished! - 4 hearts

Check your meters, be sure not to let them go empty!

If you have no friends to play with you can still get babies, ms. busybody will match you with a suitable partner

Infrared Options
Both Tamagotchis must be at least two days old to use the infrared connection. You can give or receive presents, play pop the balloon, or play an eating contest when you use the infrared connection. What the two Tamagotchis do depends on what order you select the connection symbol in the right top.

For a Tamagotchi to receive a present, Tama1 and Tama2 both need to select the heart at the same time. Then, either Tama1 or Tama2 (the one that will receive the present) must press B at the "stand by" screen. Most of the times you'll get a nice present, like a cake or flower. But sometimes you get poo :(, or a ghost.

To have a food eating contest, Tama1 must select the heart, then Tama2 must select the heart, then Tama1 must press B button at the "stand by" screen.

To have a balloon popping contest, Tama1 and Tama2 both need to select the heart at the same time. Then Tama1 and Tama2 both must press B button at the "stand by" screen at the same time.

Sleeping times
Toddler: 20.00-09.00
Ichigotchi & Young Mimitchi: 20.00-09.00
Oniontchi & Hinotamatchi: 21.00-10.00
Mametchi & Mimitchi: 21.00-08.00
Kuchipatchi & Memetchi: 22.00-09.00
Hanatchi & Androtchi: 21.00-09.00
Masktchi & Gozarutchi: 23.00-10.00
Tarakotchi: 22.00-08.00
Oyajitchi: 23.00-10.00 (probably because he drinks a lot ;-))
The old folks: 20.00-07.00