tamagotchi Keitai | Meet Gotchi King

What can I get you?
Twice a day the salesman wil come to get you some snacks, food or candy. You can buy it (choose the first option) or refuse it. Sometimes he'll get you the same items, so always keep in mind what you've alreay got. Some items are very good, they will fill two hearts in your meters. Or even make your Tama jump of joy. Another way to get items is by connecting two keitais, they can exchange a lot of presents. This way their friendness level will also get better. A third way is by entering codes in your keitai.

Earning Points
You receive points when your character gets into another stage. You earn point by playing games, depending on how good your result is. For instance if you catch 100 musical notes or throw 30 baseball balls you'll win the maximum amount of points: 100.

Game 1: Baseball
Game 2: Catch the musical notes
Game 3: Guess in what place you will end with running (first, second or third)