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    Hello and Welcome to Tamagotchi Club, a place that is now located on TamaTalk. I first started creating Tamagotchi Club way back in 2006 as place to log my Tamagotchi and as my own website to post information. As time has gone on, I haven't updated that site in many years now and with the new updates that are provided on TamaTalk, what better time to merge my content from there onto here! :) As I'd like this to be a 'club', It would be amazing if we could all come together to form a community, so if you have any information or growth charts etc that you would like to post, feel free. Also, a section for posting your own logs will be located here. I plan to continue my own logs here now also. I hope you enjoy it here. Any suggestions are welcome also.

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    ORAORAORAORA! Are you ready for a bizarre adventure? Then Stand Proud as we Chase you into a new Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town where we'll have a lot of Great Days to look forward to!
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    For collaborations between Sanrio x Tamagotchi, as well as other Sanrio virtual pets.
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    ✨About Us👇🏻✨ ♥️We are a Community of the famous Pixel Chix Fans made my Mattel in 2006! It does not matter if you have 2 or 12 Pixel Chix, or not any at all! As long as you are interested, you are Welcome! In this Club we Talk about releases of Pixel Chix, Hacks And Glitches, Things we like about them, and even things we DONT like about them! We also let our fellow members know if they are doing something wrong, and respect one and other!

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    Hello And Welcome to Tamagotchi Ships!!!
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    Fun Tamagotchi memories of old.

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    This is a club for people who own a P1 or are fascinated by P1s.

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    Club for Tamagotchi Gen 1s, 2018 mainly but all kinds of Gen 1 is accepted.
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    A club for people with a tamagotchi meets or m!x versions, to discuss interesting features and updates, and possibly meet up on the app game too!

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    Just a little sample to show how clubs work