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Just a little sample to show how clubs work

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  2. Please write fun facts about tamagotchi on and other tamagotchis in the replies! Read replies to learn more fun facts. Post links to websites for even MORE facts!
  3. LOL! None. I didn't think that far ahead! Kind of correct... A club can be created by anyone and they get control of everything in their club... Not just one topic they start... Everything. Think of it like the groups function on Facebook. It could be interesting... Or it could be horrible! Might be useful for group hatches, no?
  4. What a cool feature! A club that the owner (aka topic starter) can moderate! Sounds good.
  5. A test image. This is from an auction way back on Yahoo Japan that I thought interesting enough to save a picture from (I don't use that website at all). There are no options to upload an image via a link so I just selected it from my computer.
  6. I read it, Admin Any plans for the Sample Club? :^)
  7. The club owners/moderatoers can manage their own club topics... You can hide, lock, edit, etc How many people will actually read this anyways?!