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About This Club

This is a club for everyone to share their fav characters. You can share experiences with getting your them. And some tricks and tips you used and know that help to get them. Anyone can join no matter what model or experience.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. My tama finally evolved into a pompomtchi! And she got married to mametchi and had their first set of twins!
  3. Kutchipatchi is the fav character I had. I've been always amazed by Oyajitchi, the sake drinker and beautiful women lover and also Tabakotchi and his Yakuza connections.
  4. imagine having an ON ;w; nah but seriously that's what i call dedication, i've never even reached 10 generations, maybe save for my Music Star back in 2013! everyone's tastes in tamagotchi characters are extremely high quality btw - i can't find pics for the newer ON tamas though!
  5. Ah that's nothing! I've seen people on the ON App with 71 gens!!!
  6. Majoritchi, Lovelitchi, Jukureputchi, Kuchipatchi just to name a few among many others, but these really stick out for me: Majoritchi - I really like her witchy theme, she's the reason I easily chose the Magic version of the ON. Lovelitchi - she means a lot to me since she was the character I got in Gen 1 of my ON and started my whole family tree which is still going strong 12 gens in Jukureputchi - those eyes are just WAAAAYYYYY TOO AWESOME!!! Kuchipatchi - he is just too adorable, reason enough!
  7. Hello there! I'm bored so like- say anything and just talk
  8. Yeees I agree! I rly love Nyatchi as well as Kuromametchi! Alo tysm for joining this club ^w^
  9. I have a whole heap of favourites!! But I also love Memetchi and Mimitchi, as well as more obscure characters like Uramametchi and Nyatchi It helps that they're all extremely fun to draw >w<
  10. My fav tamagotchi is a tie between Mimitchi and Kuchipatchi. I also have recently gotton a Tama 4U and I got a kuromametchi. This time I will get a Kuchipatchi though...
  11. Hi guys! I am the owner of this club. My fav tamagotchi character is Memetchi. However I haven't been able to get her yet. I recently got a 4u and have only gotten boy characters.