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  2. I could not upload it due to a 40 mb upload restriction.
  3. I find this seller usually has some good deals on Ps, however, you should read the description first to know what you are getting.
  4. Could you describe what the 'dance' looks like? Also, are you talking about the gudetama nano?
  5. Where's the photo?
  6. that makes it sound like you guys are working together 🤔 1
  7. There is a photo of a 2012 furby with glitchy rainbow eyes with a colorful explosion in each eye. I do not think furbys can do this.
  8. Remember when I posted the topic about the death? Well I ran into a glitch where it would dance before it dies instead of being taken by chop sticks. Does anyone else have this glitch?
  9. This post is dead but I actually have the same problem, did you fix yours? I really want to know 😓
  10. I am kinda at my wits end here! I am in several popular Tamagotchi fb groups for buy/sell/trade and collectors. I scour ebay daily. Japanyouwant is iffy but I have found good deals. I have been dying to buy a blue or white P's for over a month now, but they are all either horrifically scratched and dirty beyond fixing, or they are new in box and $200+. I found one on fb marketplace in good condition for $50 but the woman is 4 hours away and refuses to ship it, even though I offered an extra $20 for shipping. So disappointed. I live in a rural area in the US and I can hardly ever find them on fb marketplace, let alone yard sales or flea markets. Let me know your ideas!
  11. Im the Only Person Who thinks Its gonna be On emby kids! (But It Didnt happened...)
  12. Note: This is a Sequel For My Mickey Post which IS back in 2018 And Not Only Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Its Mickey and The Roadster Racers (which Now its Mickey Mouse Mixed up Adventures). Are You Watching this?
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  14. How far should we let them get next, @TamaMum?! They'll never figure it out!
  15. I believe there's a link to it somewhere here on Tamatalk, and there's also a Wiki with a download link. I also have an older version as well as the latest version, so I might upload the old one to the abandonware site oldversion.
  16. Do you have a link to where you downloaded it from? It reminds me a lot of DVpet.
  17. I'm afraid that I'll have to lock this due to the rules on topic-bumping stating that threads aren't to be bumped if they haven't been posted in for more than three months, unless any of the other Guides feel otherwise. 🐧 If any of you guys want to do a "remake" topic to continue on from this one (again as suggested in the rules), please do feel free!
  18. My favourite memory is when I found my very first Tamagotchi, my chocolate argyle V4.5, after several years of not using it. I lost it after only several days, but one day while I was at school, my mother found it. The Kuribotchi I had on it had died (obviously), so she reset it; it was a girl she named Bella. She was a KuchiTamatchi when my mother gave it back to me, and she evolved into Ura Young Yattatchi, and finally, Shitekitchi. She was the most beloved Tamagotchi I ever had ❤️ (And it's the biggest reason Shitekitchi is one of my favourite characters )
  19. Last week
  20. Well, here I am, writing a log. I'm currently running the DMPC PC game, version 3, and plan on buying some Tamagotchis next time I get my money. I chose the Machine-type egg, and it hatched into this: It's cute, but it's been a few hours and it still hasn't evolved. I'm getting pretty impatient... Will let y'all know when it does. EDIT: IT EVOLVED RIGHT AFTER I PUBLISHED THIS! I'm setting up a Wing Guardians 'mon for it to battle against.
  21. I grabbed that a while back - unless they've re-issued the offer and I've missed it?! I'll check shortly. Anyway, unfortunately I must now lock this thread, as, per the rules, it's preferred that threads not be bumped if they haven't been posted in for more than three months. Sorry about that!
  22. My favorite is when I got my first Tamagotchi - a blue and yellow v4.5. I loved it, but it got lost on the bus and I never saw it again...
  23. I play a TON of Super Kirby Clash. I just got the 100 Gem Apples that all Switch Online users can get!
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