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  2. Bouncing between Animal Crossing New Horizons and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones right now, both very enjoyable games for their own reasons!
  3. What’s with the achievements? I’ve played the same game twice with a minimum of one pts and I didn’t get true gifts?? Is there a known problem, or you get a new one every day?
  4. I would highly recommend getting a P's or iD L! They are both great devices and have great features on their own, and if you plan to take the extra step in getting a device that has infrared that can beam downloadable content to your tamagotchi, they're even better! Palm treo phones are probably the cheapest option for downloading content via infrared, they are usually $15-20 used on ebay and all you need is an SD card to use with it. Also, think about what you enjoy in a tamagotchi and see how/if each version caters to that. I would recommend you check out the growth charts for all these versions since they vary a lot. Other than the english patch for the P's and the differing possible characters, the P's and iD L devices are very similar and are both very enjoyable! Both the P's and the iD L have infrared, while the 4U uses NFC. If you already have a device (phone or tablet) with NFC and is compatible with a 4U (use this link and scroll down to find the list of compatible devices, keep in mind it hasn't been updated in a few years), then that may be your best bet. Without added content, the 4U is notoriously "bare-bones" since it was made to be a much simpler tamagotchi so it would have more room for downloaded content of the owner's desire. Unfortunately, not all devices are compatible with such 4U so if you don't already own a compatible device, I would advise against it. As for the meets, I can't speak on that since I don't own one, but it sounds like you're interested in trying out something new and the meets would be the most similar to your mix out of all the devices you're looking into. Anyways, I hope that helped! I hope you enjoy whichever device you get!
  5. That seem what I would like, except this time I’m considering the logistics of it. So it’s bizarre because the twins are near identical except in color. The gf is rainbow colored, but if any inherited traits are from the father, I want them to show. The twins are like this. Eldest: Pale yellow fur, blue bow, pink clothes. Has a charming attitude and ultimately gets most of the interactions. Youngest: (Perfect) White fur, Forest green bow, red clothes. Has a quiet, pristine appearance and composure. Smiles less than the eldest, but still diligent. Heads up, I just let the youngest go out at a date party, only for him to miss the one he crushes(?) on. I have a feeling his feelings are not receiving at the other end. However I look at the way his crush is looking at his twin brother, instead, and I see another infatuation. Which is not received by the eldest.
  6. The online functionality of the meets really adds to the experience in my opinion. For the Ps, there are patches that can emulate the pierces or even translate your Ps into english. Currently, not all the pierces are avaliable, but there are some additional pierces Mr. Blinky has created as well.
  7. I wish I had a model that worked with this hatch. I have all originals and nanos. We should do a hatch for the beginning of May! I would love to run it!
  8. I'm (attempting at) downsizing my collection... does anyone have an estimate for what they would consider a reasonably priced tama-go? It comes w/ a Memetchi figure and faceplate as well but no packaging. They're going for $70+ on ebay which is unbelievable!

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    2. Hapihapitchi


      @Eggiweg Ok that's what I'd expect to see them for, thanks! I honestly don't think they're worth anymore than that but who knows? :huh:

      @Penguin-keeper I'm not sure if any have sold, I've just searched "tamagotchi tama-go" on ebay and set it to price lowest to highest and as I scroll through, the lowest price for a device is $70 which is mindblowing! After that it just keeps going up. But yeah, I think it's probably the latter; the seller(s) are either misinformed of their worth or greedy.

    3. Penguin-keeper


      It's probably the traditional misconception that "old = rare = valuable". :P

      Anyway, eBay allows you to search through completed listings - this is generally the best way to figure out the current going price for something. :)

    4. TamaMum


      That’s right 

      A search through the completed listings will give you a more accurate idea of realistic asking prices 😊

  9. It's unlikely that they would create a new colour Tamagotchi model specifically for the West, and we can see from the New York Toy Fair 2020 photographs that it's another On, though.
  10. I always just go for whatever I think will have the cutest or weirdest results, depending on what I'm aiming for at the time.
  11. Oh wow, I wonder what it will be, I dont want to wait until Fall to find out... I hope it is a NEW one all together and not just an english version of another one of the Meets.
  12. In regards to that, I saw someone have a near exact tamagotchi as my main one (first-born). I know similarities can arise, but it’s making me consider marrying the second one (youngest), because his colors seem unusual. What do you think? Should I marry the youngest because he seems very unusual (green - white), or main (Blue - Yellow - Pink)?
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  14. 1. How do I delete a forum 2. How to I go out of a group that I started 3. How do I delete a group (My questions regarding deleting things on TamaTalk)
  15. It's not Corona Time, it's Tama Time!

  16. Ettchi evolved! it looks like i'm going to end up running two Tamagyaotchi at once Tamatenshi is here as well! i might go for Kuriten this time, but i'm not sure yet
  17. Sorry, but I don't think you can recover anything once you lost it. My regards, Chee This is the best I can do for you.
  18. About the only thing that changes with twins on the Meets/On is that you get to choose which one gets married. As far as I know, it doesn't seem to change anything else.
  19. My egg hatched into Marupichi I fead her bathe her then played with her with the bear. She went to the toilet. Fead her a ton of the baby cookies to raise her happiness. Then she got sick and rushed for the first aid kit. She pooped now i have to feed her again. Then she vacuumed then played with her bear. After that i checked on her and she fell asleep then she woke up a few mints later and she pooped again she made it to the toilet this time.Then while i was making some delicious dumplings she got sick again i rushed for the first aid kit then she was all better. Then we both had dinner. then little wile ago she grew to next stage Im so happy now she is called Chirorichi and she received 300 gochi points. Right now i don't know how to upload the pictures but i will defently post them.
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