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  2. Hey Everyone 👋 In 3 days, it’s going to be my Birthday! And I’m dying for a SIM Card. It’s quite a long story.. and I’m wondering if my parents behaviour does any good in this? Well, back in February I decided that I really wanted a SIM. I brought my phone and my £1, but my Parents made me put it back. They said that “When I’m a bit older I can have one” but I’m trying to argue back that everyone that I know with phones has a SIM, and it’s unfair. Fast forward 3 months, I’m still asking and wanting one. But my Sister and Auntie day it’s not a good idea, because my Data will run down really quick knowing me. But I do know how they work! I know how to turn it Of, and stuff like that. But the other night, my Dad asked me what else I wanted for my birthday. I said nothing (Because I had already gotten a V3 and a Hatsune Mike Figure From Him) so there was a higher change of me getting one. But then he replied “Are you just doing this so you can get a SIM card?” And I say yes (looking back, I’m not sure if that was the best thing? Idk 😕) and he replies with one of my main questions. “Well, we’ve already decided about the whole SIM Thing” and didn’t say anything else. I’m not quite sure what he might be hinting! But the good thing is that it’s not been a definite NO yet, it’s just a Not right now. So what does all of this mean? I really want one, but they were acting the same way when I got my Hamster saying “It’s a lot of responsibility” and “It’s not a toy” etc, etc. But then they ended up buying one! And We still have her today! I’m fact, my parents love my Hamster! So, what does this all mean? Help is appreciated 💕
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  4. Golden angel gotchi from Japan. Id just like to say. If anyone here is shipping via courier, for the love of Professor Banzo do NOT use Yodel. They are complete crap.
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  6. Oh niiiice! That sort of thing is always fun reading, at least for folks like us. I'm really looking forward to your post about that.
  7. A user in the Tamagotchi discord recently found some Tamagotchi patent files and digging through them revealed quite a number of interesting things!
  8. I certainly did - thankyou very much for your continued work on documenting these things. Oooooh, now that's going to be fun to see! Where did you find those?!
  9. Now we're in a place where, by my count, pretty much all Connection / Plus releases have at least one known ROM version associated with them, I thought I'd do a big update on all the known ROM versions so far across the entire Tamagotchi series. I've also got something else concerning the development of Tamagotchis which I'll be making a post about soon, but we'll get to that later. The Test Mode was actually still present as far back as the Vintage releases (activated by pressing A+Reset on these versions), but the version number was not part of this mode. The first version to present the player with information about the firmware of the device was the V1: Tamagotchi Plus / Tamagotchi Connection / Tamagotchi Connexion and Deka Tamagotchi The V1 is probably the version that has been researched the most, due to its wide range of version differences. The following are all the versions that have been observed on a V1 so far, with a description of each version: 0.0 - Tamagotchi Plus By the looks of it, this is the only ROM version that ordinary Tamagotchi Plus devices use. 0.1 - Tamagotchi Plus GLAY Expo Edition A special edition of the Plus with a unique character replacing the characters that the Matchmaker normally brings. 2.0 - Tamagotchi Connexion The earliest wave of European and Australian shells used this version. 2.1 - Tamagotchi Connexion Later releases used this version. 2.3 - Tamagotchi Connexion Has so far only been observed via the region change procedure on a device with ROM version 4.1 - it is currently unknown if any devices run this version without region changing. 3.0 - Deka Tamagotchi (Unreleased English Version) Behaves exactly like a Deka Tamagotchi but in English. Can only be accessed by performing the region change procedure on a device with ROM version 4.2. 4.0 - Tamagotchi Connection Used by the earliest batch of American shells. 4.1 - Tamagotchi Connection Later batches of the first wave of shells used this version. 4.2 - Tamagotchi Connection Later waves used this version. Missing versions A Spanish version is known to exist, but its ROM version has not yet been identified. Version 2.3 is yet to be observed without region changing, and it is thought that version 2.2 also exists but has not been seen yet. Later batches of European and Australian shells are most likely to feature new ROM versions - in fact, just today I noticed that some European V1s used the same plastic packaging as the V2 while others don't - the only difference is that the V2 packaging has a slightly raised region around where it says "Version 2", while the original V1 packaging does not feature this as there is no corresponding label for "Version 1". The current plan is to keep checking the version on more devices in case any of them feature new version numbers. The original Deka Tamagotchi is understood to have ROM version 1.0, but no device has been checked to prove this yet. Later International Releases (2005 - 2008) A.2 - Tamagotchi Connection V2 Early releases of the US version of the V2 - though, for unknown reasons, these devices were released in Europe instead and the US release date for the V2 was pushed from March 2005 to June 2005. In addition, the "first wave" was replaced with a new first wave of shells when the V2 released in the US. A.3 - Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 Early releases of the European version of the V2 used this version. Both A.2 and A.3 can be identified by the fact they use different item names - for example, "Honey" was called "Love Potion" on these early versions. A.4 - Tamagotchi Connection V2 Later US releases of the V2. A.5 - Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 Later European and Australian releases of the V2. A.8 - Tamagotchi Connection V2 Spanish language version of the V2. Interestingly, the shell designs from the "cancelled" first wave of US shells was used for this version. A2 H - Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 - PUMA Edition A unique version of the V2 released in Europe with a different start up animation and egg sprite. A3 0 - Tamagotchi Connection V3 Early releases of the V3 in the US. A3 2 - Tamagotchi Connection V3 Later releases of the V3 in the US. A3 3 - Tamagotchi Connexion V3 Later releases of the V3 in Europe. A4.2 U - Tamagotchi Connection V4 Early releases of the V4 in the US. A4.3 E - Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Version 4 Early releases of the V4 in Europe. A4.4 U - Tamagotchi Connection V4 Later releases of the V4 in the US. A4.5 E - Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Version 4 Later releases of the V4 in Europe. A4.7 E - Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Version 4 Later releases of the V4 in Europe. A4.5-2 U - Tamagotchi Connexion V4.5 US V4.5. A4.5-3 E - Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Plus Version 4 European V4.5. Missing versions Spanish versions of the V3, V4 and V4.5 are missing. A.6 (likely a very late US V2 version), A.7 (likely a very late European V2 version), A3 1 (likely an early European V3 version) and A4.6 (likely a late US V4 version) seem to be missing. A4.7 E was only recently discovered, which suggests there may be more rare ROM versions for other releases, too. Later Japanese Releases (2005 - 2008) The Japanese releases after the Plus continued the version numbering system it used. 6.0 - Keitai Early releases. 6.1 - Keitai Later releases. The Hello Kitty item was replaced with a Bunny. 8.0 - Hanerutchi 11.1 - Ouchi no Dekatama 12.0 - Akai 14.1 - Entama 14.5 - Entama CYOI Change 16.0 - Uratama 18.0 - Hanerutchi 2 21.2 - TamaSuku 1 23.0 - TamaSuku 2 27.2 - TamaFure 0.2 - Oden-Kun Seems to use its own version numbering, possibly filling the gap of 0.2 that comes after 0.0 and 0.1. 1.0 - Ouchi no Dekatama Game King Seems to use its own version numbering, with a version screen which differs from previous releases. Missing versions Other Dekatama versions (Dekatama Shop, Tamatama Market, Royal Market, Game Center, Jukutama) are missing. It may be the case that there exist other versions before or after those listed above, like 14.0 or 16.1. Tamagotchi Connection V5 / Tamagotchi Familitchi Connexion / Famitama 28.2 - Famitama Japanese release, first wave version. 28.3 - Famitama Japanese release, second wave version. 32.1 - Tamagotchi Connection V5 US release. 34.1 - Tamagotchi Familitchi Connexion European release. 36.0 - Royal Famitama Japanese release. 36.0 USA 00 - Tamagotchi Connection V5 Celebrity US release. 36.0 ESP 00 EU - Tamagotchi Connection V5 Celebrity Spanish language release. Missing versions The Spanish language version of the V5 is missing. 28.0, 28.1, 32.0 and 34.0 may also exist. There was also a special Otokitchi dating station in some Tamadepa stores, but it is likely that these are no longer accessible to anyone. Later International Releases (2009 - 2015) 6.0 00 32.0 0 USA - Tamagotchi Music Star Wave 1 US release, later batches - early batches were mistakenly given the European version. This screen is not pictured above as I have not yet seen a photo of its version screen. 6.0 00 32.0 0 EU - Tamagotchi Music Star Early European releases. 6.0 01 32.0 0 USA - Tamagotchi Music Star Wave 2 US release. 6.0 01 32.0 0 EU - Tamagotchi Music Star Later European releases. 7.0 01 32.0 USA - Tamatown Tama-Go US release. 8.0 00 USA - Tamagotchi Friends Wave 1 release (often called "European", but the version is a USA version) 9.0 00 USA - Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town Digital Friend US release. Missing versions Spanish Music Star, Portuguese Tama-Go, Russian Friends and wave 2 Friends. Tamagotchi Plus Color, Tamagotchi iD, Tamagotchi iDL and Tamagotchi P's (2008 - 2013) Later Japanese releases seem to use a build date instead of a decimal point sub-version. 40; 08-10-22 - Tamagotchi Plus Color 40; 08-11-14 - Tamagotchi Plus Color 42; 09-06-11 - Hexagontchi 43; 10-02-25 - Tamagotchi iD 49; 10-09-09 - Tamagotchi iD Station 50; 11-01-14 - Tamagotchi iDL 53; 12-04-30 - Tamagotchi iDL English language release. I don't know why the screen is green on this version. 54; 11-09-05 - Tamagotchi iDL 15th Anniversary 55; 11-12-22 - Tamagotchi iDL Princess Spacy Version 56; 13-01-06 - Tamagotchi P's Missing versions iD Spot, Conan iD, Lovely Melody iD, iDL Spot, other firmware versions of the above releases. Tamagotchi 4U, Tamagotchi 4U+, Tamagotchi M!x and Tamagotchi Meets (2014 - 2019) The version numbering was reset from 001 in the Tamagotchi 4U. 001; 14-08-14 - Tamagotchi 4U 014; 16-08-04 - Tamagotchi M!x - Melody M!x 015; 16-09-26 - Tamagotchi M!x - Anniversary M!x 021 - Tamagotchi M!x - Gift M!x I don't yet have the ROM version screen for this version, so I'm not sure what its build date is. 030; 18-10-19 - Tamagotchi Meets - Fairytale Meets 031; 18-10-19 - Tamagotchi Meets - Magical Meets Missing versions 4U+, Spacy M!x, Dream M!x, Sanrio M!x, M!x Station, Pastel Meets, Sanrio Meets, Fantasy Meets, Meets Station, Tamagotchi On, possibly more firmware versions for each? Other Devices Many other devices have firmware version numbers that do not fit the numbering schemes of the main series. 0 - P1 2018 Rerelease, Japan 1 - P1 2018 Rerelease, USA 3 - P2 2018 Rerelease, Japan 5 - P2 2018 Rerelease, USA 71.9 - Tamagotchi Nano V1 72.0 - Tamagotchi Nano V2 No, I don't know why they use these numbers, either. 11.1 - Pocket Usatama I don't currently have a photo of this screen. 0 20.1 - Gudetama Tamagotchi, Japan 2 20.2 - Gudetama Tamagotchi, USA 0 30.1 - Eevee Tamagotchi 1.0 - Tamagotchi Chibi, Japan and 1.0 - Tamagotchi Chibi 2017 Rerelease, Japan The characters differ between the different releases of the Mini, so I'm not sure why they use the same version. 2.0 - Tamagotchi Mini 2017 Rerelease, USA 1.0 - TamagoChu And, possibly my favourite ROM version screen: TAMA・P V1-00 - TamaWalkie Perhaps the P is for Pedometer? Missing versions Other mini / chibi versions, the 2019 Usatama and Usapiyo, and perhaps there's other devices too. I think I need to go and lie down after all that. I hope you all find this interesting! I'll be making the next post soon - we'll be taking a look at some Tamagotchi design documents.
  10. Glad to have a three-day weekend this week. No work on Monday

    1. Minecraft Addict

      Minecraft Addict

      I hear ya. I got Friday off as well, so 4 days feels sweet.

  11. No problem - hopefully now you can get back to running it.
  12. Guess what? We have a new arrival today. A golden Japanese Angel Gotchi. Finally my pearl blue UK edition from 22 years ago has a friend. Here they are together.
  13. Heyo! 

    Proper owner of:

    Tamagotchi Friends x2

    Small Gen 1 (2018 re-release) Tamagotchi x1


    Soon to be the owner of a Tamagotchi On x1!

  14. Yay! Just got a V3 Connection with Silver bows! Hopefully arriving soon; from JYW So it’s probably going to come in 2 or so days!

    1. InCyberspace


      Silver bows? Sounds nice. You should share a pic. :)

    2. KidRetro64
  15. Thank you! I absolutely have no clue how I managed it the first time, that’s wierd!
  16. Playing through Akai Katana and Deathsmiles again for the first time since their release to home consoles. Great games
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  18. Like I said, the bottom one. Here; Pardon the awful quality of these, please. It'll put up a bit more resistance when you try to open it if old batteries are already in there, since you need to push down from the top of the battery-door in order to slide it off of the device, but it shouldn't be getting stuck!
  19. Which button do you exactly mean? I’m not totally clear, so here are some pictures!
  20. Disciplining and nurturing is only part of the picture, though. Like I said, the cost of living is higher over here - it always has been. Our bills are higher, our petrol costs more, and so on. It is rather a lot for a Tamagotchi, to be fair. That sort of pricing sounds off-putting to me as an enthusiast who imported the Japanese version of this model for less than that, including shipping and local taxes... I can only imagine how those with kids would balk at it! That said, again, the pricing being a factor is only my best guess, because I really can't see any other reason why they wouldn't bring it over. It doesn't seem to be an issue for other expensive toys, though, so perhaps they just don't see any profit in bringing it over here; Perhaps the market is not as large as the constant sell-outs of the other recent releases made it appear to be? They have that data, and we don't, after all. There's not just currency-conversion to consider - they also have to deal with the costs of importing goods into Europe and having them tested and certified as safe to sell as toys for kids in this region, and probably some other things that I'm forgetting as well. That stuff all raises the price for us as the end consumers, because they have to spend more in the first place in order to release it here. I'd love to know, because it just seems so nonsensical. If you see anything mentioned about whatever their actual reasons might be for having no plans for the Tamagotchi On over here, please do give them a mention!
  21. I couldn't care less about app integration if I tried. I just like a tamagotchi to be a tamagotchi and that's it. I voted happy to see a new release though I admit the genetics thing is interesting.
  22. Then that’s kind of wrong.. What’s the difference between US Parents and UK? They both have to dicciplane and Nurture.. so really it’s up to Bandai. £60, they think that’s a lot here? Or the currency converter translates more; meaning people won’t buy? You do have a very good point, though. If Bandai definitely can Shop there products to the UK ( In saying that about the 20th Anniversary ), so what’s stopping here?
  23. That doesn't entirely surprise me - there are some very specific cultural issues regarding shopping, in Japan, after all, and this is probably related to one of them. The old chestnut of how if you're asking if an item is in stock then you're committing to buying it is the one that always sticks in my head - it was included with some advice that I read before I started using proxy services. Actually, that's well worth knowing for our friends here who are considering using Buyee, really.
  24. Ok here's a few more of yesterday and today's arrivals. They will all be added to the website soon enough. Will post the rest that arrived tonight.
  25. No problem. They do get a bit funny about it sometimes.
  26. Thanks for this - I've been using Buyee for years, but this has never come up, and I had no idea about it!
  27. In one way, that's legitimately surprising, since the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini and the Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 & Gen 2 did so well here. In another, considering its price in the US and the high cost of living over here, it's perhaps not so surprising... Perhaps they're thinking that parents may reject that sort of pricing for a toy that's famous for being a simple, affordable keychain gadget?
  28. Congratulations! You're now officially the person that we're all going to be looking to in order to get this information.

    Visit my Tamagotchi museum! All V-Pets that I own are added as they are received, either by donation or purchase. It grows almost every day so stick around. I plan to make this the ultimate cyberpet guide!

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