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  3. I observed awhile back that the dance job minigame for my V4.5 allows the "excellent" criteria to be achieved even if I miss a few cues which would normally cause the "great" end screen instead. I later discovered that it does something special if a perfect game is accomplished: it presents a special ending screen showing the tamagotchi standing on a stage right before jumping to the regular ending screen. It plays only for a few frames and looks like this: I also made a little video of the complete perfect (took my around 9 tries, hence my enthusiasm). I would embed it here but pasting the provided HTML into the code option doesn't seem to do anything. Anyway, I haven't encountered any other job minigame with a special ending screen that plays before the official ending screen. I think the regular V3 minigames Bump and the race game - which are partially luck-based - also have a special ending screen so maybe this detail is to commemorate an outstanding achievement.
  4. My V1 connection evolved into an adult this morning(Hanatchi) and the best time for me to take care of a baby tama is on a Sunday, so I was wondering if there was a way to "accelerate" the aging process so I can tick that age up from 4 to 10. Is there a trick regarding the sleeping and waking or is it just based on how many hours it runs and be a waste of time to even attempt?
  5. That's the joy of it too, we grow and we see just how differently we saw the world back then!
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  7. Hello! I recently got a junk tama and the 4 small screws under the backplate are totally rusted and stripped. Anyone know what size these screws are so I can get them replaced? Any advice would be awesome!
  8. Specifically the sega toy versions, like the ones below. I've been searching the internet for so long to find some but can never seem to find any! Only the newer versions made by Wild Planet. All the websites I've seen are out of these ones so maybe any individuals who have one they would sell?
  9. Awesome info about the sleep schedule @Berks Regarding the age up times, it's an hour for baby to child, and 24 hours for the child and teen evolutions
  10. You might want to look into Displex or Polywatch to buff those scratches from the screen
  11. Thanks so much for mentioning this here, but I can't take the credit for it - I simply made a corrected version of a chart that someone else created, after my own experiences with the pet didn't line up with the chart. Anyway, my apologies for the interruption! Have fun with this hatch, you guys - I'm having fun reading everyone's contributions!
  12. I absolutely feel this, I made my first account (of many) on here when I was 10, and I'm 25 now, so I definitely have some moments from years ago that I look back on and cringe at myself for, there's good memories as well though of course!
  13. oh man it's been months since i last touched acnh... i just got super burnt out on it, i did check in for birthdays of some of my beloved villagers, and new year, but that's about the last time i touched it, and it was already a wreck at that point, i shudder to think how bad it must be by now the sanrio villagers look nice though! i especially like etoile but even if i booted up the game again, and managed to get my hands on the amiibo cards, i already have two normal villagers who i love dearly and would hate to part with.....
  14. Hi its me cyac!! my p1 Hey little guy what shoud i call you? Garble!! ok Garble will be your name. Garble? I will be doing chats whith my tamagotchi! bye!!!garble!!
  15. Hello there, finally the first day for the vintage run! So excited to do this hatch because I’m here with my new Yuki Penguin Vpet and Angelgotchi. This is my first time trying them both and I would love to see how things turn out at the end of the hatch! Angelgotchi: Right after I inserted the batteries I immediately say this picture: I freaked out because this is my first time with an Angelgotchi, I thought vintage tamas don’t save the previous data so I was very confused! I waited a long time and nothing happened. (See what happens when you don’t play that much with your tamas kids ). When I checked YouTube and did some research turned out that this is an afterlife of a tamagotchi and now you are taking care of it as an angel. Completely forgot that I need to change the time first to be able to play. What a rough start I waited roughly for five minutes until the angel finally showed up. Of course as everyone knows taking care of the baby in the first hour is tough so I made sure that it was happy and not hungry. it evolved after one hour (left is the baby and right side is when it became a toddler) One time it called me to feed it, I was giving it a snack and suddenly a bat came quickly and snatched the sweets from it! That unfortunately decreased the “Good deeds” bar! I didn’t react fast and actually didn’t know that I needed to tap quickly on the shell to scare away the bat. The Angelgotchi unlike its counterpart the Devilgotchi tend to be sensitive, so any care mistakes will affect its health as well as its growth. I’m going to keep an eye on it during the first couple of days! Time to play a game! The game of this one is really difficult! It’s basically about avoiding a shooting star as quickly as you can! At first I was loosing a lot until I figured I need to be quicker to avoid it. And it worked out for me which also filled the happy meter for my angel. And now my angel is sleeping hopefully tomorrow we will get to play and see to what character it will evolve as that will help me decide in what character I would like to get. Yuki Penguin: The very first thing I did was change the batteries it came with it as I wasn’t sure if they are old or new. I changed the time and saw the screen on top: It took a while until that little cute penguin finally hatched I guess? Wasn’t sure about the first screen because that doesn’t look like an egg! Anyhow, I was trying to see how this device worked and what kind of options it has. I was so impressed when I scrolled over the menu to find out that you can pet, teach, turn the heater on/off, play and give your penguin a shower! I really love a vpet that has these elements that focuses on properly raising it! The health meter was nice and simple. This icon represents your penguin mood and at the time clearly he wasn’t happy lol The typical weight, hunger and drinking meters are also included. There’s a stats for the temperature so you can either turn the heater on or off and an icon to show school grade or performance when studying. Couple hours of me exploring the yuki penguin. I finally decided to play a game but it’s not a game where you play in behalf of your penguin, instead you both will go against each other doing “rocket, paper, scissors” and you must let your penguin win! That’s is so funny I made sure that my penguin study hard to be just like his dad, a smart boy Thanks to @Penguin-keeper who made a growth chart that will definitely help me decide which character I want to get next. This can be achieved by feeding the baby a certain foods to be able to evolve into the desired character. I will make sure to feed him certain food and keep him healthy. That’s it for today, I hatched them late and definitely will be back tomorrow with both my angel and penguin and will surly have some new updates.
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    Thanks guys, sorry for the late reply.
  17. Hi AwesomeGotchi! 

    its nice to know that people in nz still like tamagotchi.


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      I'm another one! :D I'm not super active on here but I love my Tamas and still play with them often. Always keen to connect with likeminded Kiwis!

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