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  2. I've had this picture for awhile now and I thought I'd just leave it here...
  3. Tamagotchi and Doctor Who have the same anniversary day. The first episode of Doctor Who was aired on November 23rd, 1963 and Tamagotchis were first release in Japan on November 23rd, 1996.
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  5. That's normal for the V1-V3. It's their "heartbeat".
  6. This is unfortunately one of the many glitches on the Tamagotchi Meets. I found a Reddit post that may help, "From my understanding, there were some reports about it freezing on a black screen, not registering inputs. For this glitch, I read that just taking the batteries out to reset helped the issue." So, it seems that taking the batteries out may fix the problem.
  7. Heyo. So my Magical Meets started acting up after I changed the batteries to new ones on it. What happens is that when it’s left alone and I go to turn on the screen with a button input, the screen lights up but remains frozen in place with no animations and no response from any button press, not even the corresponding sounds play for them either. This also happens when the screen goes to turn off where after doing the tamagotchis idle animation again, the screen freezes. The only solution to this I found was to reset, but oddly, it doesn’t fully reset where it brings you to the Download/Reset screen but instead restores functionality for a bit. However the problem still persists and makes playing and advancing time impossible. Any ideas of a solution to this? Should I change the batteries again?
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  9. Hello everyone, I have just noticed in my V2, that there are small sounds when you hold it to ear. Is that normal? 98mametchi98
  10. Here's the Digimon rerelease rumor I mentioned in the Connection thread:

  11. How are you liking that? I have a pink Magical Meets on the way for my wife. I pre-ordered a purple Pastel Meets for myself last night too. Super excited for both to get here.
  12. Just pre-ordered a purple Pastel Meets from HLJ. I can't wait! Got a pink Magical Meets on the way for my wife. We are so excited. I have an old V2 and Connection from the past. Have never got a real Japanese version before so this will be very exciting to go through.
  13. where d frick u atttt my akaiiiii i wanna play with u now so badly!!!

  14. The number of possible permutations is a million... That's... a lot. I think I'll reset one and leave the other.
  15. Dream shell in the maillll ahhh I'm so excited :D

  16. There's been a few threads on it in the past, I don't personally see too much value in making a new one. However, I am soon to post a more general thread about passwords which it could potentially fit into at some point.
  17. Last week
  18. Never thought of that! Sounds neat. Maybe you could create a new thread about this, where we all could try and post what we get?
  19. Okay, I'll try it and see if it fixes the bug. Is it enough to press the normal reset button? I also heard something about a hard reset...
  20. I mean, they're not as unobtainable as you might think. There's only a million item password combinations on the V6 - okay, a million is a lot, but it's a smaller number of combinations than previous versions and quite a decent portion of those are taken up by working passwords. It takes a decent amount of luck but it's not that hard to get the destiny stars by using trial and error. It's still not that easy, but if you pick a good starting point you could literally be getting now-unobtainable or otherwise entirely unused items in a matter of minutes. In my experience? Picking a number in the 900s for the first three digits and cycling through the last three digits can quickly get you items.
  21. If the Tamagotchi is new and you pull the tab out best practice is to still press the reset button. I’ve never personally noticed this issue but I haven’t ran a V4 is many years now.
  22. No, I did not reset it because it was new and I started it normally. But interesting that this problem did not occur with you. Could you never notice this problem?
  23. I probably would not play with one of them, just the other one. It's fun to have something unobtainable in one, I think.
  24. Someone give me a pp I can actually use...

  25. im gonna get an akai this wk :>> my keitai has someone to play with now!! 😆

  26. Debating on buying a Tamagotchi Devil with a broken screw; it’s 100 cheaper, but I’m not sure if I can repair the screw

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