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  2. hwd45

    ROM Versions

    It took me a few attempts tbh, it's pretty tricky. Just make sure you're holding down all three buttons for a little while before and after pressing reset, and it should bring up a black screen. Press A, B, C and then A again and it should bring up the version number.
  3. Kuchipetchi

    ROM Versions

    it doesnt look like i can do it, my version is the haneru no tobira entama, its not working.
  4. Izzyd07

    Magical Witches

    I should have said I couldn’t find one to buy for a reasonable price as I have actually seen a few recently. I saw one on Yahoo Auctions a few days ago and I actually bid on it, but the price got ridiculously high (£760!!) and I couldn’t afford it. The thing I hate about Yahoo Japan auctions is that every time there is a new highest bid the auction gets extended by 5 minutes so the price just keeps going up and up indefinitely. There’s one on eBay currently for almost £1,500 which is even worse (especially since it’s sun damaged!). I would pay about £300 for one, but no more than £350 and even that would be a stretch since I am a student. Ah well maybe one day. Ideally I’d like two of them, since I love the connection function on these and how they can curse each other.
  5. Jhud

    Magical Witches

    I think the rare people who have the whole set mostly got them on Yahoo Japan Auctions, as I never had any luck to catch them on Ebay. You're right, they look super fun and its intriguing for me how they are in English! It's a shame Bandai hasn't rebooted that franchise yet, as they were at least important enough to be a part of the Digimon universe- Wizarmon is from the Magical Witches universe, and that's not just him.
  6. Izzyd07

    Magical Witches

    Magical Witches look so fun. I’m aware that they are uncommon and tend to go for quite a lot, but I’m still in love with them. I can’t find one for sale anywhere, though. If anyone has a Magical Witch: Is it as fun as it looks? Also, if anyone if looking to sell a Magical Witch, hit me up 😉
  7. hwd45

    ROM Versions

    If you wouldn't mind ROM Testing it then I'd be really interested in seeing the results! Keep in mind that you'll lose all your progress though.
  8. Hi everyone! long time no see! I have started a new log which you can find here:
  9. fidgetTama

    - Fidget Tamas Log -

    Hello everyone! No time no see! It's really good to be back, I took quite a break from tamagotchis just so I could focus on a few things. I completed my course and I now work at a local cafe, it is a nice job and I have the day off so I thought I'd start another log. I did have another one before which you can find by looking through my profile, it was a lot of fun to write but I randomly stopped updating it. Right now I am currently running my tamago as well as my music star. My tamago is married and has a child, I love all the cute animations. This is my first time running a tamago so it's been interesting! My last log I had three tamagotchis, a friends, a 2017 chibi and an IDL. Unfortunatly I no longer have my chibi. I now also own a V1 (2018 release), a V2, V3, Music Star and a Tamago. I am also waiting on two misc virtual pets and two littlest pet shop virtual pets in the mail. So! This is just a quick update for now, I plan on writing a longer log post later. I have a lot of logs I used to read to catch up on! Bye for now, fidgetTama
  10. daniinthetardis

    Valentines Day 2018!

    Hi Tamatalk! Is there any interest in doing a Valentines Day Hatch? I’m thinking any version with a pink or red shell would be fun - to make it themed but also inclusive. Let me know if you’re keen in the comments or if you have another suggestion for what the “rules” should be, then I’m all ears. - Dani
  11. Kuchipetchi

    ROM Versions

    Would you like me to ROM test my "Haneru no Tobira" tamas? Also I'm glad I'm not the only one fascinated by early versions and builds of things. This is really refreshing. Thought I was weird for that interest. TCRF is the best website
  12. hwd45

    ROM Versions

    They seem to be really rare too! I really don't know that many people that own a V2 like this. Adding to the list of ROM versions, the Entama I received today is version 14.1. Not a CYOI Change one though, just a regular Entama.
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  14. rjalda100

    ROM Versions

    What's interesting about the "diet soda" item is that not only is the name different, it also looks different which is actually pretty cool. The earlier version has what looks like a scale in the middle while the later version just has the regular bubbles. The left one is my early wave, different item name V2. The right one is presumably from a later batch. I actually like having the quirky one in my collection because it's kind of unique, haha.
  15. Hello! Iv been running my Sario Mix for a few months now and for four generations I have only had girls. It’s starting to really confuse me. Because I also have a Dream Mix and when I run that and I each generation it varies; boy, girl, boy girl. The very first generation I got was a boy; it was a memetchi - but four after it have all been girls on my Sanrio and I’m starting to get kinda tired of only girls!!! Has this happened to anyone else. I know the boys are out there or there wouldn’t be Hello Kitty!!!! Someone help? 😐
  16. Jhud

    Same sex tama marriages

    This is "normal" Zukyutchi, a male character, found on the V4 and EnTama: And this is Ura Zukyutchi, his female counterpart from the Uratama Town, found on the v4.5 and UraTama: While Ura characters are separate from their "classic" counterparts, Ura Zukyutchi is the only one whose gender differs, and basically Ura characters seem to represent either their mirror images or what they are on the "inside". For example, Ura Mametchi is all about playing pranks while our Mametchi is serious, and Ura Kuchipatchi is hardworking, unlike the Kuchipatchi we know. However it doesn't seem to be that way when it comes to female characters - they seem to be just made more feminine and more "extreme". Ura Zukyutchi basically takes Zukyutchi's personality and overblows it, like with the female characters.
  17. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #15 January 15, 2019 Hey all! Back with another log. I've been meaning to make one for a while, but for some reason, I'm not able to upload a picture- it says max size of 0.01 MB, and I can't make any of my pictures small enough. Is anyone else having this problem? Anyway, I ordered a V2 last week, and it SHOULD have been here yesterday. Per usual, USPS has not only not delivered it on time, but the tracking is now offline and will only tell me that it is "at the distribution center". So no idea when that'll be arriving. Maybe when it does, Ill write a full review of each of the Connection series, as I'll have almost all of them (minus the 5.5 and the Music Star, both of which I am not interested in). I wanted to upload an image of my V1, which I customized a while back and recently touched up. It now has a lovely gradient instead of the original stripes that I made, and I have to say that I like it a lot better this way. V4.5 The lil baby from my last log is all grown up! Cedar is a Celebatchi now, and I love his cute little butterfly mask. I've actually been keeping the 4.5 paused quite a bit these days, as work is picking back up and I would rather focus on my V1 and the Plus color. I did just get a bunch of new batteries (which came in a giant cardboard box? Like, a tiny strip of 5 batteries came in a full sized Amazon box? With plastic packing bubbles?) so I should have a nice supply for a while. Once my V2 gets here I may shelve the V4.5 for a little bit, to focus on the older connections- or maybe I'll shelve the plus color and have a connection party! Plus Color I'm on the 7th generation now! My last character after Memetchi was Kuromametchi, who was so adorable I kept him for longer than I usually do. I still haven't managed to get all of the happiness tokens due to the weather, which is my main gripe with the Plus Color. I do love how quickly the generations go by- it seems like the Plus color grows up MUCH faster than the connections do. V1 Starting this up was SUCH a trip down memory lane for me. I remember when the V1 first came out, and how my parents got me one after I begged. I was like, 9 at the time, and everyone in my school (I was in like, 4th grade) had one. The V1 is very simple compared to the other Connections I own- no gotchi points, no shop, no food options, only two games. I have to say, I really like it. I also like seeing the "old" characters again, especially now that I know a little more about how to go for certain ones. I love the custom job I did on this one too, and I'm looking forward to maybe customizing the V2 when it arrives. I was planning on uploading a set of pictures for my next custom tama, but given that I'm not able to upload photos right now, I don't know how that's going to work out. I'll see if I can fix the issue when I'm at home and on my own laptop, not the work computer that I was given.
  18. Verklighet

    Christmas Hatch 2018!

    Yeah, so, no one likes the noise they make so I can never discipline them and will end up with the same characters, so I may pause their lives at some point. Although, I got Kusatchi on one of them and one that looked like a jellyfish and it was very entertaining to just look at them, hahaha.
  19. Verklighet

    Same sex tama marriages

    Who is "UraZukyutchi?" I tried looking that Tamagotchi up and could not find any results. Can you tell me more about what you think of that Tamagotchi, I'm just curious. : )
  20. Sadi

    Help identifying a odd virtual pet?

    What does the back cover look like? Is there any kind of text that could tell the manufacturer?
  21. StenoTim

    Same sex tama marriages

    Just add a little vignette where they find an abandoned egg and adopt it. I don’t see any issue. I just think it would be tacky if it were made into some weird statement. Tamagotchi is an escape from political issues for me...
  22. I am from time to time reminded how much TamaTalk has grown and changed with tamagotchi. I get nostalgic of other sites and groups I was a part of. I am going to try and be a little more active with tamas.  Wish me luck and I hope to make more friends along the way! 

    1. Admin


      Wishing the best of luck to somebody who has been on TamaTalk for almost 14 years!

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  24. hwd45

    ROM Versions

    I feel like the V1 regional differences are the result of poor wording or mistranslation or something. "Style" is such an unusual phrase to use as a substitute for "gender", and "Gene." is a really weird way to abbreviate the word. There's other unusual wording choices, too, and considering the fact that US ROMs are later than the rest (those are the version numbers 4.0 and 4.2) and that this wording was what stuck in later versions, it feels like that's even more evidence that it wasn't really a regional choice. Similarly early versions of the V2 have differently named items which arguably sound a lot weirder than their final versions, as far as I know even the international versions were developed in Japan so this could again be due to translation issues. I guess they kept the wording for the region change feature for testing purposes, or something.
  25. FunkoTama07

    Tamagotchi Meets keeps turning off?

    Thank you for this. Definitely agree about the lack of customer service outside Japan - Tama talk is a lifesaver! My teen has been a teenager for a few days now so maybe that is also being buggy, as you say. I was wondering why it hadn't turned into an adult yet. It is a shame as these Meets are very expensive to buy but hopefully it will work better in the future. I will try not using the day care function for a while and see what happens. Thanks again.
  26. Jhud

    ROM Versions

    Might be because it sounds like "kupa" which means "poop" in Poland, while there's no Polish version of the game I'm pretty sure it was still sold here so they made this decision, just guessing though. Regional changes are indeed interesting!
  27. That does sound VERY odd... I would avoid using the daycare as the function seems to be buggy - some people have reported that their teen characters have stopped growing altogether after using this function. But I don't really have a solution, sadly. Maybe try resetting it? You'd lose everything sadly but that's the closest to a solution I have (that potentially might not work). It's too bad that since we are not in Japan we can't really contact the customer service... Let's hope that some people in Japan do report this and that it gets addressed.
  28. Hi. I have just joined this Tama talk community. I have just bought a Tamagotchi Meets and it arrived a few days ago. Before this, I have had loads of the original tamagotchis (I grew up with them) and I have a tamagotchi m!x. For some reason, my tamagotchi meets keeps switching off if I don't use it from 9am-5pm. I have been putting the Tamagotchi in daycare when I go to work but I have to open the back cover to make the Tamagotchi turn on again. It only seems to happen on weekdays - bizarre, I know. Has this happened to anyone else? I bought my Meets from Japanyouwant. None of my other Tamagotchis have ever done this. Any help would be much appreciated.
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