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  2. Oof, haha! Anyhoo, after a lot of pets getting switched there is another! Oof I should stop letting them marry.😅 ( I ant download the pic so sry)
  3. i always suspected that the cloud is where the REAL eyes are, since that's where glasses go when you put them on one that has the cloud thing
  4. I see where you're coming from, clearer than a crystal, but I'm kinda on the other side of the opinion fence. Crossovers can expand a person's interest horizon. Take me, for example. The whole reason why I got propelled into the Tamagotchi franchise in the first place was because of Mametchi's appearance in MKAGP2. Plus, its not like Nintendo will suddenly turn Mario Kart into Nintendo Kart or something, because that would cause the uniqueness of Super Smash Bros. to depreciate, and even if they were to have some guests from other franchises (Zelda, Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Pac-Man, Tamagotchi, Taiko no Tatsujin, etc.), at least 70% of the game would still be dedicated to Mario (although why Nintendo recently chose to make skins of existing Mario characters take up roster space instead of researching the franchise's RICH history of characters (including the Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Wario sub-series) is beyond me). Furthermore, Nintendo had $52 Million in bank when the Wii U was out and about, and they definitely raked even more money through the Switch and their *clears throat* mobile tenures. Licensing royalties should be as complicated for Nintendo as reading a book, particularly if they're licensing from Bandai Namco, who seems to be eager to work with Nintendo anyway, being the head developers of Smash 4 & Ultimate (even though Sega, Capcom, Square Enix, and even Konami have more than 1 rep while they still only have Pac-Man as of this typing) and they've lent a hand for several Mario projects, including MK8 & Tour. Between you and me, I'd much rather have my kart slip on a banana peel than on a pixelated turd. I also won't deny that Tarakotchi would work well in a Double Dash environment, using the aforementioned feet for steering and/or managing items.
  5. Hello Im new to these logs! I thought i would try this out with my tama Hoshi Pontchi hes going yo evolve to night ill keep you guys up dated!
  6. Are we sure that it's a buddy, and not some sort of symbiotic or parasitic lifeform?!
  7. As a big fan of kart-racers* and someone with a keen interest in the business side of things, I would much rather see Bandai Namco come up with their own Tamagotchi-themed mascot-racing game. *I can practically guarantee that I'm the only person here who has All-Star Fruit Racing in their collection. Reason being, the purpose of Nintendo's first-party games is to foster an audience to sell hardware and software to, thus creating the same opportunity for other businesses who sell software and add-ons for their hardware, rather than to act as a billboard that pays companies who aren't making that effort themselves to promote their content for them in a first-party game. The quality required of software with a purpose like this is why these franchises have a prestigious reputation to begin with. It has been most unfortunate seeing some of them having their game-design and long-term business value compromised by way of third-party characters being included in them. Nintendo shouldn't have to pay licensing fees to third-party companies to be able to release their own first-party content on their own consoles, but that's what's happening. Nintendo has extremely valuable characters, and it's bothersome that at least one of their ostensibly first-party productions is actively damaging them by using them as a collective and unimportant prop in order to big up characters that have no place being there and that aren't relevant to Nintendo's business, to the detriment and exclusion of Nintendo's business. It would be very sad to see another, with even greater commercial value, meet the same fate. I think that there's plenty of iconic imagery to draw from to create a purely Tamagotchi-based racer of this ilk (we all see that a pixel-poop is ideal as an equivalent to banana-peels, I trust? ), and I would most certainly buy it - Bandai Namco already has a (hehe) track-record for being able to make a quality racer, after all, which is why they were licensed to handle the Mario Kart Arcade GP titles in the first place (and the fact that, as far as I know, they were paying Nintendo for that license, rather than vice-versa, made the third-party inclusions less irksome from a business perspective). They would have to include Tarakotchi, though - we all need a toupee-wearing duck-blobfish using his stinky feet to drive in a kart-racer, which is why my vote went to Other.
  8. yep, that's a trait from Kumanomitchi, one of the station-exclusive characters i like it better in the different colors i've ended up with it in than the original orange Kumanomitchi has
  9. Cute! I love his little cloud buddy on his head.
  10. I love how much the purple hat persisted haha, I assume it is a gene and not an accessory?
  11. Okay so.. Not much of note has happened. A new tama was born that I called Chichi. On the advice of Ginjirochi_lover I neglected poor chichi, depriving him of food and attention so that he grew into a weird wiggly blob. Kids these days. I don't know if how you raise em' as babies has an effect on personality, but chichi was needy. He seemed to call/beep quite often and ran out of happiness faster than my other tamas so far. That night, I accidentally left the sound on and at around 11:30 when I was trying to sleep, the bloody thing wore me up with crazed beeping. I managed to grab a pic, I guess he was having a nightmare about a smug brick wall and sweaty blue hands. He grew up and although he did look quite cute, he still had that bloody dress on no matter how he tried to hide it with a giant ribbon. A reddit user by the name of Lemonsharc kindly came online so I could marry Chichi to their cute dog tama, I'm hoping that by marrying to a completely different body shape I can finally break the dress curse. It took a few attempts because the app was being glitchy, but eventually they were married. And Temple was born! (I was watching a down the rabbit hole video on youtube about temple OS as the time which is where the name came from, bit of a hard watch but very interesting.) Temple seems to have his mum's beret so I hold out hope he'll have her body shape too. He's already proven his worth, with him I was finally able to get the snow globe for the first time! Finally a bonus image I snapped at the weekend Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Temple!
  12. Mametchi was actually in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, not DX. I think guest characters in Mario Kart are completely okay, as long as Mario is still front-and-center. Otherwise, it wouldn't be Mario Kart. And I disapprove of Mametchi being in Smash. Agumon from Digimon (which is literally Tamagotchi suited for battle) would be a far better choice.
  13. While I do respect your opinion and I won't deny that Crunchyroll has quite the anime variety, I personally voted for Universal Kids (a re-branded Sprout with programming among the demographic lines of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc.) to give that channel a show to keep up with its competition. BTW, HBO Max is arriving this coming Spring, and it'll have Crunchyroll content included, but hopefully Crunchyroll will still be a stand-alone cheaper offering as HBO Max will cost $14.99 a month (and it will have new and old Sesame Street episodes, and locking that show behind a paywall is a massive sin in my eyes. The new episodes will still air on PBS a few months afterward, but it's still quite heinous for low-income families.)
  14. Hi! The name's Timothy. I really like Miraitchi too.

  15. Nintendo themselves hate Mario Kart Tour too. Their investors force them to make iOS/Android games, and in-app purchases are practically mandatory there. Anyway, Mario Kart isn't suited to crossovers IMO. I liked R.O.B. in Mario Kart DS and I'm neutral towards Mametchi in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, but I hate Link and Animal Crossing Villager in Mario Kart 8, they look so out of place. Mametchi in Super Smash Bros. would be more interesting.
  16. Welcome to Tamatalk! :)

  17. The locations or towns are the 7th icon (ship) where it takes you into different 8 locations to meet new different characters, purchase new items, food and even get married! if you click here you will get tips on how to unlock them. if you click here you will see the characters and on what location they exist (since you have the blue fairy check the first coloumn from far left) Hope this helps
  18. Hi there! In the Tamagotchi ON manual it says different locations/towns/whatever are unlocked with "certain triggers as you play". How can I do that? Thanks! EDIT: If it helps because I know each of the designs are different, I have the Fairy type [blue].
  19. "A Piece of Cake: A Memoir" by Cupcake Brown. Just as a warning, it's got a lot of heavy content in it such as gang activity, substance abuse, and r*pe.
  20. I made a really similar post about 8 months ago, and I got a reply saying that if you still have an iPhone running on iOS 7.5 or below, it should appear when you search up “Tamagotchi” on the App Store. However, I recently traded in my iPhone 4s, and I don’t recall it being there.. so I’m sorry if that doesn’t work! The APKMirror did work on my phone, so it might just vary.
  21. I’d pick Crunchyroll, many reasons for this! Crunchyroll carries lots of anime’s, and (shocker) the Tamagotchi Anime would fit perfectly! I think it would fit well because well.. it just feels like an Anime they would carry! Cute animal-creatures runnin* about a Kuwaiti world, what’s not to love?
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