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  2. So old topics usually take the form$TOPIC Where $TOPIC is the topic ID. To get a link that works with the new site, try something like:$TOPIC.html So for example, becomes
  3. Just curious but whatever happened to the Animetchi project? Kinda sad to see it just abandoned
  4. Well, to my surprise Ares did NOT evolve today. I've been scolding it from dawn to dusk but it never got sad and kept doing that weird "I don't get it" face. Other than that it went to a Beauty tournament today and won. I didn't take pictures of the contestants' faces but they were pretty ridiculous. And also I've started giving Ares a little Math training, and its Sport stat is now higher than its IQ stat. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to start taking Ares in this direction shortly before it evolves. Well, who knows
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  6. Okay so, I got a reply from him today and he told me that the progress with commissions has been weird, due to having to update the software and still coming to grips on how everything works again. (This is likely the result of him needing to get used to his new PC and all or the software must have redesigned the layouts or so.) So it looks like he's still trying to set up his new PC and all, but has told me that he'll give me an update when he's able to!
  7. Here is a list of name generators you may find useful: Theres plenty of name generators out there depending on what you're looking for!
  8. Reply with this forum with things I should name my future generations of tamagotchis. I’m running out of ideas! Thanks!
  9. updatess i named bunbuntchi and flowertchi's girl Tuliptchi, by the way. she is currently a teenager~ we have unlocked magic land and starry lab! i am planning to marry.. maybe kuchipatchi or korobattchi, maybe. That's all for now, see y'all in the next update! >w<
  10. So today I've realized that I've already kinda screwed up my plan to obtain a bad care character. I've realized by giving a look at this chart I had made that I've already gotten the best possible Teen, which means that maybe I'm not being a bad enough parent to Ares. Maybe tomorrow it's going to get scolded for no good reason. Don't worry @Tamacass, it's for the greater good! Today Ares went to a beauty contest... and lost. The other contestants were a Tongaritchi, a Kuchitamatchi, and a Hashitamatchi. And guess who won? Yep! It was actually one of the worse care characters. Hashitamatchi and Kuchitamatchi are pretty good at the duckface (maybe because that's exactly what they are, nothing more than duck faces), and that's what they both did. And, I don't know what Ares was thinking when doing this: And Tongaritchi's face wasn't the least bit better So of course Ares was in tears Until I fed it its customary loser cake: And then of course I gave it its routine neglect that doesn't even seem to be working! Since Tamatchi loses hearts at a very slow rate, today was very uneventful apart from the Beauty contest, so I think that's all I have for today. Tomorrow we should have an evolution and if all goes well we should finally see a new character. (I'm really bummed by the fact that I ended up going through the exact same path as with my last runs. I wish I could have gotten Tonmarutchi or a beaked teen!)
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  12. Haha, good one. We shall keep rising, no matter how many times we fall! 6!
  13. My ON just evolved into Mametchi, got married to Lovelitchi, and I now have twins :) 

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