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  2. Entry 48 4:36 PM- To my amazement, both fake Tamagotchis survived being left alone for hours. When I got home, the TS had become Kuchipatchi! She (yeah) eats mushrooms as the meal and dango as the snack. Does anyone know if the original JP and US V1s can connect? If not, that might explain why it still can’t connect to the official one I’ve been also running. After this is over I’ll downsize and run the Touma Pet again. These two are definitely just collectors’ items. I don’t recommend them unless you also like collecting bootlegs. I just realized that the JD might already be an adult. It’s been 2 days and it still hasn’t grown. Oh well, one more day and we’ll see.
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  4. @xXKitKat08Xx - Hi and welcome to TamaTalk! Unfortunately, the last post in this thread was made over a year ago. Please try to avoid bumping very old topics (a practise sometimes jokingly referred to as "necroposting") - though this may not be how things are done on other sites, at TamaTalk it is preferred that threads older than three months are not bumped, and that a new topic is created for further discussions instead. Please refer to the below for further information; Thanks for your attention.
  5. wAIT every1,,,, we shyld b frens,,,, enuff of dis war,,,, we all winner in the end!!!11!1! psyche its me im the winner, everyone get out
  6. I can't read news about Tamagotchi (I know about Tamagotchi ON and the return of Tamatown)... Tamagotchi tv (japanese youtube channel)  suddenly stopped updating videos...News seem to be reduced...Am I the only person who I noticed this situation?

  7. There's another one you missed... I think it's called the BFF design or something? I have mine with me right now and it's super cute 😜
  8. Bold of you to assume you’re the winner
  9. Got my ON yesterday (Canada)! Pink and purple. Loving them so far. Never had the Japanese ones of the Magic and Fairy so I'm very excited to have them grow up and see what I can what they become. 

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Uh, so, you're really feeling it, then? :lol:

      Seriously though, I'm glad that you're having a good time with them! I imported the Japanese version of the Meets but was burned by it due to the bugs, so I'm really looking forward to seeing more info about the English-language version, as I'm sure that it's great if it works properly. :P

    2. raichuu


      omgg from EBGames? ;w;
      i havent received any email about my preorder, so ive been waiting out on that

  10. taranza loves and supports you! also i win
  11. Well... I tried. I was on mobile (JS Paint) so it’s not very good, I couldn’t get the text either.
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