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  2. Oh please, my penguins have more refined tastes than that! Though he appreciates being called mighty, my penguin-in-chief is rather fond of all manner of good foods, for example - just look at how fat he is.
  3. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO indeed!!!! 101!!!
  4. 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Nooooo don't tempt her!!! Here's some more offerings oh mighty penguin: 🐟🐠🐡 🐟🐠🐡 99!!!!!
  6. Sorry, but you really shouldn't bump old threads just to backseat moderate - both are against the rules. Also, us Guides are volunteers who do this for fun and because we care about the community - we're not going to spend our days combing through old threads, checking every single timestamp against a stopwatch, and then locking them one-by-one. Would you like it if people demanded that of you during your leisure-time? Unfortunately, I will have to lock this now, because it was a pointless bump of a thread that was officially ended by its author more than a year-and-a-half ago. Please don't do it again.
  7. Do the game's credits list a particular font company, by any chance? In the mid-2000s, seeing games mention that they used fonts licensed from The Learning Company was a pretty common sight, for example, and I'm sure that the same thing must have happened with other companies who sell fonts, too.
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  9. 98!! so close!! of course, now that i've said that, it'll break soon huh
  10. Bingtchi and Mooptchi became teens, then adults. They switched colors when they became adults. Now Bingtchi is red and Mooptchi is white. I love that they inherited the bow-ties from their ice cream cone mom. They're so cute. Today, the twins discovered their love of ninja stars and got some mail from a friend. We hung out in the app for a while and they got three proposals. I'm glad they each got at least one so neither felt left out. The twins also found a cousin (grandchild of Marintchi) and their sister. At least, I think so. Obviously it's possible the tamas in their family trees just looked the same as my those in my tama's family tree, but I like to think they were relatives because that's fun! I decided to try proposing to a NPC in Magic Land. Oof. Poor Bingtchi. Back to the app, where we got one last proposal from this cutie and decided to go ahead and keep the egg.
  11. Erm, sorry, but shouldn't this thread be closed by now since nobody's writing in it?
  12. After some light digging, I couldn't find the font either. Maybe looking for fonts similar to providence bold on font sites would give better results. I'm not sure if it's possible, but if someone has the know-how they could possibly hack/dig through a corner shop rom and get the font from the game files? I've gathered a few fonts myself from just looking through game files, lol.
  13. so, ive found the font used in tamatown, and i was under the impression that it was the SAME font used in the corner shop games, but upon closer inspection, its apparently not....... this isnt really an imperative question, but does anyone know if the font used in the tamagotchi corner shop games is publicly available anywhere?
  14. Exactly! I feel like pretending that death isn't real almost makes actual death appear more scary, when it's just a natural thing that happens. As silly as it sounds, reading Warrior Cats (a series that involves a lot of death) helped me understand and cope with the death of my pet as a child. I imagine I would've been more traumatized had it not been for those books, lol.
  15. And Takara Tomy has made some virtual pet-like toys in recent years, which makes that even stranger!
  16. Yep, that looks rather like a gumdrop jellyfish to me!
  17. I'll wait to see if anyone has any guesses first. I'm not sure how many of the older crowd are taking part in this forum-game, though! If nobody makes a guess within a couple of days, I'll just give the answer then.
  18. I recall hearing a theory that there may be a chance that the level of care in the Meets/On can influence what gets inherited, but I don't know how well-tested it is. Myself, I make it my goal to go for "weird" outcomes whenever I can - it's the closest that I can get to the "ugly" bad-care designs, nowadays. Hear hear! I feel that this is exactly part of the appeal of the older devices not sugar-coating this. It imparts a valuable life-lesson, which, back in the day, was absolutely unique to these types of toys. It's a good lesson to learn.
  19. I'm predicting that the Eevee Tamagotchi is next in line for localization. Considering Pokemon's 25th anniversary is on the horizon, it'd be ideal timing. And if Evatchi ever gets here, it'll probably be P-Bandai as well (I'm surprised Evatchi got made to begin with considering Tatsunoko Production, one of Evangelion's producers, is partially owned by Bandai's rival Takara Tomy!).
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  21. Well, when i began to play with the on, on the post wedding family picture, you can see the parents of your wife/husband (if you marry a tama of the device, not to app) and these parents have more human proportions, wich confuse me. Because it give sense to the ufo scene of the first generation. As soon as they can, maybe as teenagers, they leave. But that means that your tama can marry without beeing an adult? The good point with the ufo scene is that it show you succeed to raise them well enough to go back home, and they could keep the grave as a punishment for bad cares. This beeing said, if you have a dog, and he die, your child will be sad. It's part of life. Death is the only thing that will happen to all of us (🎉 🤡) so why shoud we act like it doesnt exist?
  22. This is my first order but I had heard such good things about them so I wasn't worried. I did expect at least a small delay because of COVID but it's going to be here soooo quickly! I'm very pleased.
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