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  2. I'm loving the log so far! You've made me very nostalgic for the iD L, especially since mine is also pink. Hopefully, the pursuit for the remaining happy stamps is going well.
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  4. Oh I get it. I don't use my PC all that often these days (and I've been doing 90% of my gaming on smartphone ever since I got powerful enough devices) so I'm using My OldBoy! for the first 2 games (Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi 2) and RetroArch with the mGBA core for Tamagotchi 3. I "visit" each tamagotchi sequentially and take care of it every 1 or 2 hours. That process is currently taking about 15-20 minutes every hour (my job has been pretty chill since COVID hit the scene), but I think I'd enjoy each game a lot more if I focused on only 1 pet at a time. That's why I'm sort of impatient for all of them to die return to their home planet and keep only one to enjoy*. I'm a horrible person. *That's when I'm planning to start my log too.
  5. When I last ran mine, I found that it took a couple of weeks for this to happen, which put it roughly in line with the fixed runtime of a Tamagotchi Mini. Obviously, this also depends on how much time you have to care for it, though.
  6. I'm sorry, I should have been clearer! What I mean is, are you running multiple separate emulated games at once, at the same time (i.e., in separate windows/tabs/whatever), with a Tamagotchi or two on each?
  7. Happy birthday, TamaFifi27! Hope you have a good one :ichigotchi::kusatchi::ichigotchi::kusatchi:

  8. Happy Birthday! :)


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      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I second that! Happy Birthday, Nazo! You fill in for so many inter-version connections :nazotchi::nazotchi::nazotchi: I'm sure tamas around the world would thank you if they could write :D:lol::marumimitchi::ichigotchi::chohimetchi::kuribotchi::kusatchi:

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      Happy Birthday, dude! :D I hope that you have a great one. :)

  9. Thanks I checked them out, but it says the first one is in Italian and the second is in French I would like to buy a Music Star bundle, but I can’t find that either haha
  10. Not sure I understand the question. I don't have 3 tamagotchis on the same "cartridge" if that's what you mean. I only have both Mori and Umi tamagotchis on the Tamagotchi 2 "cartridge". (I'm using quotes cause I only use ROMs).
  11. Try these links I found on, or you could order a NIP music star bundle which comes with the DVD
  12. Thank you so much! The V4 is one of my absolute favorite versions, so I'm happy I've inspired you to run it. Tomorrow is *finally* my Friday, so now I have the time to post. Hopefully I won't have another seven day work week for a really long time... Without further ado, let's get to the update. Pac-Man Tamagotchi There's nothing new going on with the Pac-Man Tamagotchi because I decided to keep Mr. Jac after all. The reason I changed my mind is because the wiki page for the tama lists "departure" as a death option. I just wonder how long it takes to accumulate enough care mistakes... Entama Now most of the news I have to offer comes from the Entama. ら left his daughter on the 21st and I named her Nutmeg (which I'm not even going to bother showing my attempt to translate it.) She quickly evolved into a Memepetchi after an hour. Then she evolved to Young Memetchi on the 23rd/24th (can't remember) and into a Violetchi today. It's a little unfortunate though because I've already raised a Violetchi on this one. I think I want to stop running the Entama after this generation though because I miss out on a lot of the experience due to work and pausing. I never get any training calls and I hardly get to see the shopkeep. I'm thinking of bringing back the ON or at least something else that's a little more "independent". No Gus news, of course, so that brings the log to a close! It's been nice having my tamas around again, even if they barely get to be unpaused. I might do a weekend update (Monday/Tuesday for me), so I'll see you guys later.
  13. Welcome back!! Lots of things happened today, so let's get logging! I totally forgot to mention some things about Tamatomo Stamps yesterday: for one, getting your tama into the memory book is important because the more tamas you have in there, the more locations you unlock! Unlike future versions, this is how you unlock new places on the iD L (though there isn't really as many as there are on the m!x and meets/ON). They also extend your Tamagotchi's happiness meter, so you don't need to constantly check on your tama if you're busy and such. ~*~*~*~*~*~ iD L 26-09-2020 Before I went to bed last night, I quickly stopped by the Tamadepa to get a new seed for our backyard: It was so dark by then! This is a rare toy seed, which costs 200 gotchi points. It's always fun to see what products are available! You can purchase clothes and accessories at another store, of which I forgot the name of. Planting and watering! A little sprout blooms after you do so. Now all we had to do was wait until morning... 27-09-2020 ...And that brings us to today! ...Uh... London? But first, I had to wake up to this sight. London had seemingly gotten dirty overnight, which... well... I mean, it happens sometimes. I think. Of course, this is normal on the iD L, so she had a quick bath and was back to normal instantly! The bathroom as well?! I also neglected to mention that certain parts of the house can also get dirty, but luckily for us London inherited the cleaning tools from her previous generations (of which you can buy from the Tamadepa as well), so the bathroom was spotless in an instant! Clean as a sponge! Now was the perfect time to check on our seed, so we toddled off to the backyard... I should really start getting into gardening if my plants are able to give me things besides oxygen. ...and it successfully bloomed! We obtained a snowcone machine for our efforts - perfect for making sweet delights! What fruity treat will London concoct for us today? This wasn't one of London's Tamatomo items - this was actually my second time getting this item from this seed! -, but she enjoyed using it either way. That bowls' bigger than her! How is such a small machine capable of such feats... It doesn't turn into a food item to eat, unfortunately. London was feeling quite hungry, so we headed off to the bakery to chow down on something sweet. The moment of truth...?! We purchased a lovely little cake(?)... and London found herself really enjoying it. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that-- The beginning of great things to come! London's first Tamatomo Stamp! --It was revealed to be her first Tamatomo Stamp! Or, at least, the first one we obtained. A version of a song from the 2009 anime, 'Happy Happy Harmony', accompanies this lovely animation. And happy she was indeed! We headed off home to celebrate in our yellow submarine - of which I also forgot to mention, is an interior you can buy at the interior store! The default background is a more home-like setting. While we were settling back in, I checked London's stats and remembered that her happiness bar was now extended, with a cute little hot-pink bar to boot: She was still hungry, so I fed her a rice bowl. She was not happy. Our last event for today involved adopting a Tama pet! You can find them at the park every day, rotating every few hours or so in groups of three. Earlier in the morning, the vegetable market was being held, so we couldn't search for any cute companions at the time. After waiting for an hour or so, we met up with a familiar Tama pet: What a cutie! I think they're saying 'bagu'... as in bag. Woah. It's Bagubagutchi! In most Tamagotchi media, he's depicted as the Mame family pet, so it was more or less fate for he and London to meet - Chamametchi is a part of said family, after all. After three seperate meetings, he quickly grew attached to London, and we took him home. Now he too, can defy gravity with London. Amazing. Note the dog house that gets added to your home! So cute. I never thought of naming a Tama pet before, but I suddenly couldn't resist - we named him Liverpool! (ain't that something.) With the dynamic duo of London and Liverpool, as well as the former's first Tamatomo stamp in tow, we have since been relaxing for the rest of the day. What an eventful morning! I may update later if I find any more stamps... plus, we need to dig a new seed. Maybe a vegetable one this time! They're much cheaper than the toy seeds. Next post: The goal to obtain more Tamatomo stamps! London's new look? Liverpool digs a hole (or a pony), and fixes it later. I stop referencing things in favor of a readable blog.
  14. Hey I was wondering if anyone knows where I could buy a DVD copy of Tamagotchi: The Movie online in Canada. The only place I can find it is on the Australian version of eBay. Thanks
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  16. No problem! It's a great post and it deserves the attention. I assume that you're not running three emulated Tamagotchis at once? They look pretty dead to me. Sort of! I've never watched the Angry Video Game Nerd, so it's just a reference to the "Bimmy and Jimmy" typo from Double Dragon 3 on the NES. Good eye!
  17. @Vill We also host other tamatown versions on Check them out if you are interested.
  18. The only two detailed growth charts for the TamaOtch appear to be this partial growth chart and Tamagotchi Wiki's "growth chart". I do wonder if maybe because you, Yuria Charmaine, played almost the same amount of training games if the programming counted it as "random training", as detailed in the topic for the partial growth chart on TamaTalk. I do wonder also if you had any failed games and if that skews your numbers. And now I wonder even more if all of the growth charts can be made irrelevant if one plays too much of the training game. I don't have a Tamaotch of my own to experiment with so I can't test it. Sounds like a similar case to the Mothra's Moll and Lora that has become so unreachable people even think they don't even exist.
  19. Hey there! thanks for the shout out! I'm not posting about it but I'm actually having way too much fun with the GB game. It's definitely getting the job of replacing a real Tamagotchi done. What it lacks in "realism" it replaces with better graphics and more interesting gameplay. Besides, I've also gotten Tamagotchi 3 to run on an Android emulator. The RTC isn't actually functioning but I can definitely play it the same way as I'm playing the other 2 games, and this one has a whopping 49 characters, so that's sure to keep me interested for a while! I'm currently raising 5 Tamagotchis (classic android app, Tamagotchi GB, Mori and Umi on Tamagotchi 2, and Osu/Mesutchi on Tamagotchi 3 since today). As you said, things are getting a little bit hectic and I think I'm gonna focus on just 1 at a time after they all die off (or go back to their planet if you prefer). BTW, is "Bimmy" a reference to AVGN's Bimmy and Jimmy joke in the Double Dragon review?
  20. The Purpose of that Poll is What is Better? Miraheze or Wikia Now known as Fandom? Also Miraheze is a non-profit, with a mission to provide a free community-centric wiki farm.
  21. @Alex Grigoriouhas a tamatown mirror up on his website and last year@hwd45managed to crack how V3 and V4 passwords are generated
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