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  3. I got the tamagotchi go (english version) and I too can't get the ball inside. I used the ball and when I got the pet the ball dissapeared from the yard but when I want to use anything outside it says "something is outside" I tried to take the ball on vacation because before I had the pet it asked "remove item from outside?" But now it won't offer the option I can take the ball with me but I can't use any other item outside..also when I wear the drum accessorie and go to yard it wont unlock the toy tama town..anyone else has this?
  4. I agree! They should have made them into advanced houses or something. There is no background story with the professor about how this came to be. If those Tamagotchis where games on consoles it would be different... Tamagotchi On does look like it might be fun, but still I think about how there is so many places in the egg.
  5. Here is a photo of the unit.
  6. I have what appears to be (and plays like) an original Compu Kitty Giga Pet. This is probably a silly question, but I haven’t touched the Giga Pet franchise since I was eleven and there’s not nearly as much out there about them as Tamagotchi. It’s yellow and transparent, but it’s kind of an odd rounded square/oval shape, not the standard triangle I’ve seen everywhere else. It works great, and it’s in nearly perfect condition. I would be shocked if it was a fake. Were there multiple iterations of the Compu Kitty? Do I have an older one or a newer one? thanks for the help, guys!
  7. Thank you!! I got a different unit and it worked great. The problem was definitely with the unit. Going to try and see if Bandai is willing to replace the broken one... hahahaha.
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  9. That was happening to me actually. I thought it was a bug. Do you mean the playdate option? Mine couldn’t have a playdate but would travel together. When you choose playdate, in the middle of the waiting for connection screen (which ends up failing to connect), press B (middle button) in both of the Tamas at the same time. That will make them connect and play with each other. Hope this helps!
  10. I've just merged your three posts together; If it's of any help, there's an edit button available for 24 hours after you make a post, just in case you need to add something else but nobody else has replied yet. Anyway, I've only heard of the Dino Menace once, and it was in a very brief mention on Tamenagerie, which notes that this is the only US-specific pedometer-pet that they know of. I haven't seen any instructions for it online, though of course that doesn't mean that they aren't out there. I'll be very interested in hearing more about your experiences with this one!
  11. Congratulations on the haul! I always liked the Nano Pals line, but I never saw the Nano Fighters back in the day, or else I might well've picked up a pair. I watched some videos about them not too long ago, and they look like they're a lot of fun. As far as I know, the daisychaining aspect that allows characters to visit each other's devices and interact wasn't seen again until Radica's Cube World line (which is more like a virtual stick-man fish-bowl than a virtual pet, but which was entirely built around the concept of the different characters connecting and interacting).
  12. Oh man, this is one thing that really throws me about the colour ones, and I'm so glad that you mentioned it. The original toys were supposed to be a home for the alien creatures that couldn't survive in Earth's atmosphere, and somehow they now contain an entire world, complete with an entire world's worth of other individuals/items/etc., too? That feels immersion-breaking, to me.
  13. ATTENTION: for those who are experiencing issues with their Tamagtochi ON, if you could please reply to my topic below, we might actually get a respond from Bandai. 


  14. Update: I contacted @tamapalace, they’ve been serving the community for a long time now and they might help sending our complaints to Bandai! I would like for everyone who is having issues with their toys to reply with them to this topic, or PM me if they wish. Preferably with pictures! This is our chance to let Bandai know and maybe try and fix them for future releases.
  15. I haven't tried anything after the connections. I feel like those are missing the point in some way... I don't really want different locations inside the egg and the colours and added things... Nah. All of those are my least favorite. I also tried the Forever Tamagotchi app... That also took something away from the feeling of Tamagotchi. Right now I play Genjintch. The gen1 was my first, actually, it was my dads but I used it. I think v5 is the last good Tamagotchi for me. UraTama might have been better. Right. I feel like the developers who made this wasn't really Tamagotchi players. I showed my Music Star to a Japanese friend. They don't have it over there. She's going to get one in Ebay.
  16. The last time I ran my Music Star, I found it oddly complicated. The stress counter especially, it felt like I had to constantly play the games since the character started playing on their instrument on their own all the time, and that indeed raised their stress level.
  17. Where can I buy broken digimon v pets ? (I tried on ebay but I found none) :huh:

    1. iTamannadi


      Try joining Vpets groups in facebook, I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for :)

  18. Same here. It was a pleasant surprise because all I have seen, through image search, when it comes to body color changes it’s full body. I went for it regardless because I was not liking the green at all lol. Really happy that it didn’t and it was just the green areas! And not a problem. I do think that the majority of the color changes are a whole body so the mymeets app it’s really a great idea. Didn’t think of it so thank you once again for the advice.
  19. Apkpure usually has the latest version of the apk, but if doesnt, you can pop the google play link into an apk downloader and get it that way. You can do the same for the meets app. ApkPure Link: App Store Link (On): App Store Link (Meets): Apk Downloaders:
  20. They are officially available on Apple store (US & Japan). You must have a valid US address to be able to download the app, and same for meets if you want the japanese version. I think I’ve seen someone who managed to download it for Android a couple weeks back! I suggest you search more about that.
  21. Oh? That's cool, thanks for letting me know, I wasn't a fan of the whole body colour change thing either.
  22. Sorry if this is not the topic. I'm from Spain and I would like buy the tamgotchi on but... I can't get the app. I have the same problem with 4U+, I don't want another tama without app. I tryed hard get a apk (I have android), but it isn't exist in internet. I have google account from Spain, not USA, for this I can't get the app. I would like to know if It will be posible in future get de apk and if you will talk about this in this forum, for notification. Thanks, guys.
  23. Hello! Thanks for the reply. I already changed the color and it wasn’t a full body. I already linked the two images of before and after. It changed only the green areas as shown. Thanks for the info too. Would definitely consider the mymeets app in the future. Here it goes again with the before and after. Before Green original color. After purple color.
  24. I suggest you reset the device just to avoid your account being banned.
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