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  3. hi! i was looking to get a Rakoraku Dino Kun and in a spanish website i found this is it real? thanks 234614790.webp 234614790_263765430.webp
  4. Day 1 7:30 AM: About a month ago I got a Tamagotchi Ocean for my birthday. It just died (again) and while I am aware that they are the hardest to raise, I figured I would log it to help anyone who needs it in the future and to get help myself. So far I think my most important finds is that they die upon evolution when they are too heavy or they become harder to raise in the next evolution. Babies also wake up around 9 am and go to bed at 7 pm. During the baby stage they can’t get attacked by the polar bear. When they’re on the baby stage they can be awake at any time after the tama is started but once they evolve they will go right to sleep. This means that even though it’s currently 7:30 AM it is awake but by 8:00 it will be asleep because it takes about 30 minutes for the baby to evolve into the kid. I’m unsure if this is normal for other tamagotchi as well because I normally set them up closer to the middle of the day. 11:41 AM: I am gonna back up a bit for a second. I’m a junior in high school. Said high school is in a very rural area so despite a pandemic we’re all completely in person. Also, tamagotchi are banned by name at the school. Basically I have to keep my little friend a secret around certain teachers. Those who grew up with them will let me use it pretty openly in class; however, my English teacher is not one of them so having Tama loudly evolving during her class gave me a heart attack. I need to make a note of making sure he’s muted I also spent a split hour and a half playing the game because the squid kept inking me every time I got to three happy hearts.
  5. oh my god so im active on tiktok and sometimes ppl will jokingly ask for credit card numbers or disguise the number of someone whos like.. bad for ppl to spam their phone and... GOODNESS gracious
  6. Thank you, I was having trouble finding past posts with the search function. Is the English On incompatible with the Japanese m!x, then?
  7. the day i remember to update...... to be fair i think i only played w the v6 for a while bc i was so tired after i was out of town. now that i am going to.. try once again to remember to use tamatalk... i bought a p's! it should be here late feb-early march, im SO excited. in the meantime i decided to start my blue V3. i am... 30 minutes away from starting my work shift so i am not really starting him just yet but he's here at my desk for when i can! i dooon't have any name ideas yet but i think i might do something bugsnax related... i've been real into it lately...
  8. hey, quick question that i don't think warrants a topic, uh. are rechargeable batteries ok with tamas?

  9. i REALLY like the design of these tamas but the social network aspect.. scares me? not fully but in a like... what? i know i was literally before i saw the announcement talking about how the new tamas are all about mixing traits n genetics and stuff and how i wanted to grow classic tamas again but i feel. conflicted toward tamagotchi with a camera, yknow? tama social media....
  10. I want money too... Hey, let me just take that number and get McDonalds... Lol
  11. I love the idea of this, and I think it's really great to see Bandai taking this big of a step for their new Tamas. Unlike the ON as such, I think these Tamagotchis will be geared towards a slightly older generation of kids, I wanna say 9-13. The ON was made for younger kids and I think the whole 'taking pictures' thing wouldn't match up with the demographic. Just me? Also, I'm really thrilled about this being a European release. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these! I think the thing that could matter the most is the camera quality. I doubt it would be amazing considering it geared towards kids, they aren't going to make it have the quality of an £1000 DSLR. I hope they do their best though. Also the faceplates, I really hope these are just prototypes. That includes the packaging. It's such a downgrade from the ON and Meets, this reminds me a lot of these VPets. Looks like something similar.
  12. I'm looking forward to this, it's an interesting concept and I love the idea of being able to have a photo-shoot with my own character. AR camera definitely is an eye catcher. We'll see how it goes though, me personally I'll remain positive and hope it's fun. Due to the high price mark I think I'll probably settle with a single device, instead of purchasing a pair. Purple is my favorite so far but the design is subject to change until release.
  13. Hello there! I bought this set of four screwdrivers from eBay, and it worked perfectly fine with both my angelgotchi and devilgotchi.
  14. Welcome back. You can unlock m!x locations with Meets and vice versa it has been confirmed here before.
  15. It's an interesting idea, and not at all what I expected. I do wonder if the ~100 USD price will ward off potential buyers, but a Tamagotchi that hinges primarily around social networking is intruiging. edit: Thinking about this a little more, I think the angle here is definetly a "not-Instagram" for children. I feel a little weird about it, but I imagine the target demographic will be really into it. Conversely, though, I wonder what the reaction from parents will be depending on the extent of this social nework.
  16. Hey all! Been quite a few years since I last posted here but it's good to be back. So, I'm curious -- I have a Tamagotchi m!x that I'd love to get the rest of the content unlocked for (the mermaid area and by extension the ninja area), but I haven't purchased another m!x. If I were to buy a Meets, would communication between the two units count towards the counter for the content unlock? What about communication with the On? Is that even possible? Thanks!
  17. Hello TamaTalk, so I've come across a few topics here that stated that it is best to use JIS screwdrivers, especially for the Japanese vintage Tamas. Thing is, I can't find a true JIS screwdriver set for sale due to the fact that as of 2008, JIS stopped being a standard, as stated here: 'Because the technology to manufacture screwdrivers in Japan had already become above a certain level, JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) recognition system for screwdrivers became extinct in 2008. So there is no authorized JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) manufacturer now, and we therefore cannot print “JIS” mark on our screwdrivers.' I've done some more research, and the company Vessel (Bessel in Japan) seem like a good alternative and fit JIS screws quite firmly. Does anyone here have any experience with this company's products, or alternatively, knows where I can get a true JIS screwdriver set? What I was looking at from Vessel / Bessel is this: It includes a bit for #+0 and #+00. Will this be everything I need to open up the vintage Tamas (and also take apart to do repairs / cleaning inside the Tamas if necessary)? Thanks in advance to anyone with some more information on this subject.
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  19. Don't do that! Blobtchi is a cursed name!
  20. I have seen some unreleased Tamagotchi Friends figures. The only ones I have seen were Spacytchi, Akaspetchi, and Pipospetchi in a 3 pack. These 3 I remember seeing photos of but I haven’t seen them in such a long time.
  21. Okkkkk so yesterday also evolved into a blob but with a skirt(or something). Should’ve named Chad blob, lmao. and.... I have neglected Chad a bit today because I have a swim meet. Now she is a penguin with a cloud a very, very angry penguin. He’s even angry when he eats
  22. Thx 321boom! Anyhoo, so yesterday I started seeing potential people to propose to. I really want one with those pretty outlines.... sadly they were all children. I definitely didn’t want cloud being in jail! So, me and cloud keep looking, and we found a perfect match for cloud! May not have the pretty outline, but it was super cute. Now there is the beautiful blob of Chad! I sadly only realized later that Chad was a girl. Chad is now short for Chadette, but don’t tell anyone!
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