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  2. Hello, I have a tamagotchi connection v1 and I started playing a couple of weeks ago. So far the matchmaker has visited me 4 times, but always brings the same tamagotchi (Nazotchi). It is normal ???
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  4. fantasykat

    Tamagotchi Meets accessories problem

    Mines currently 3 years old. Im not sure if its an adult yet. I still cant access my accessories.
  5. hwd45

    ROM Versions

    Thanks for the help! If there are any version differences between different waves then maybe we'll find them. --- Here's the ROM version list so far, as well as any other known version differences: Kaettekita! Tamagotchi Plus / Tamagotchi Connection / Tamagotchi Connexion (V1) 0.0: The original Japanese release. 2.0: An international release, probably European. Features a multitude of changes from the previous version. 2.1: Seems to be present in both European and Australian models, so both of those regions probably used the same ROMs. Differences in this version are unknown. 2.4: Apparently, the time during the day at which the Tamagotchi's age number increases was changed in this version. 4.0: Probably the first US release. Main differences are in the form of text changes. 4.2: Apparently, the connection feature cannot be used while the Tamagotchi is a baby on any version prior to this one. This is the version this feature was changed. There's also a rare "GLAY Expo Edition" that probably uses another ROM version. Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus (Keitai) The only known version is 6.1, currently. Haneru no Tobira Tamagotchi (Hanerutchi) The only known version is 8.0. Given that this version was a sort of spin-off and only had a single wave, I think it's likely that this is the only version. Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus Akai Series (Akai) Currently no ROM versions are known. Chou Jinsei Enjoi! Tamagotchi Plus (Entama) The only version currently known is 14.1. The ROM versions of the CYOI Change models are currently unknown. Ura Jinsei Enjoi! Tamagotchi Plus (Uratama) 16.0 is the only known version as of yet. Haneru no Tobira Tamagotchi 2 (Hanerutchi 2) The only known version is 18.0. Given that this version was a sort of spin-off and only had a single wave, I think it's likely that this is the only version. Oden-Kun no Tamagotchi (Oden-Kun) No ROM versions are currently known. Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 / Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 (V2) Three versions - A.3, A.4, and A.5 - are known. The differences between them are not currently known, though it is known that some versions of the V2 featured a variety of different item names, and there are differences between the US version and international versions of the V2. Whether or not these versions correspond to one of the three known ROM versions is unclear, but it does seem to be the case so far that the first wave of V2s in the USA was split into two groups - an earlier group and a later group - where the most noticeable difference is subtle changes in how the packaging looked. The later group were the ones most seen in promotional material for the V2, and it seems as though the earlier group - what I'm calling wave 0 - was probably like an initial production run that was merged with another group of shell designs for unknown reasons (perhaps they anticipated that more people would buy the V2 than they were expecting so they expanded the lineup somewhat). It seems to be the case that some of the wave 0 models were given the earlier ROM version featuring the earlier item names. There's also a PUMA Edition that probably uses another ROM version. Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 / Tamagotchi Connexion Version 3 (V3) The only known versions are A3 0 and A3 2 and their differences are unknown. A3 0 seems to be the US release so A3 2 may have been the European or Australian release. Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 / Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Version 4 (V4) A4.2 U, A4.3 E and A4.5 E are the only known versions. It seems to be the case that U models are the USA versions and E models are European. The main differences between them are probably bug fixes. Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5 / Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Plus Version 4 (V4.5) A4.5-3E and AUV4.5-.2 are the only known versions so far. I'm not so sure about the latter one, I feel like it was probably meant to be A4.5-2U but it was written wrong. The letter at the end seems to represent exactly what it did before. Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 / Tamagotchi Connexion Familitchi / Family Iro Iro! Tamagotchi Plus (V5) 34.1 is the only known version so far, and it corresponds to a European model. This was the first international model to receive a release in Japan since the V1, so there's a number of different versions of the V5. Main differences include language changes and changes to the Unchi-Kun item. Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity / Yume no Royal Family Tamagotchi Plus (V5.5) No known ROM versions yet. The English version apparently had two more games than the Japanese version, though, and some of the parent characters changed between versions. Tamagotchi Music Star (V6) 6.0 00 32.0 0 and 6.0 01 32.0 0 are the currently known versions. The latter was a wave 2 model, so they probably correspond to the two waves of the Music Star. Region functionality seems to be separate from version numbering, now (the ROM test screen lists the region separately). Known differences between versions include changes to how much money is passed down each generation (if I recall correctly, no money is immediately passed down upon starting a new generation on the original models, whereas half the money is passed down on the first generation only on the wave 2 models) and also changes to how expensive the Wild Guitar item is (from 100,000,000 points to 40,000,000). Tamatown Tama-Go (V7) 7.0 01 32.0 is the only known version. Tamagotchi Friends (V8) 8.0 00 is the only known ROM version, though it's known that international releases of the V8 featured different games to the US version. There's rumours of a Russian language version, too. Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Digital Friend (V9) No ROM versions are known yet. I think this covers everything so far! It should also give us an idea of where to look for more information.
  6. liangjpop

    4.5 job points?

    1. So they say that the min wage they give is 1000 pts. So i went on and played the Circus job about more than 20/ 30 times. How come they only pay me 5xx0 pts? Shouldnt it be more than 5000 pts? 2. What is the maximum wage? Can it go over 5000 pts? 3. Also i jus got a new job switch today. Im playing it now. So tmrw when my salary arrives, does it include the pay of the previous job that i was playing right before switch?
  7. liangjpop

    Tama mini

    does tama mini marry? Or jus dies of old age?
  8. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    So, I have told you before that January is going to be a month full of surprises. And I am going to reveal one of them now. TamaTown Music City is coming really soon to my website! With the help of OldSpirit (A TamaTalk member) who has all the music city files saved in the cache folder of his old pc we can bring Music City back really soon! That's all for today! See ya!
  9. rjalda100

    Rjalda100's Virtual Zoo: Volume 3.5

    Hello! A few things to report on today. Like I said in my previous post, I've added a new tama to the log, which is my lollipop V2. Read ahead to see that and also the two new generations I started today! V1 - Ziggy Ziggy is still taking it easy as a laid back Tarakotchi. I initially planned on marrying him early via connection to one of my V3s, but I never got around to it and likely won't bother with it now as he will be getting the matchmaker tomorrow anyway. I connected him to my V2 some more and after numerous poops and snakes, he finally got an item! The V1 does have items, but they can only be obtained via connection and they are also character specific. They are not passed down to the next generation so they have to be re-obtained every time. One of Tarakotchi's items is the boots and he looks hilarious using them - just look at his face! V2 - Moira As much as I loved having Laura the Dorotchi around, it was time for her to leave her baby last night and time for me to begin a new generation. Her daughter's name is Moira (halfway through the alphabet!) and she marks lucky generation 13. I brought my V2 to work with me this morning and began raising her there, so I don't have any photos of her in her baby stage, though by this point I'm sure you can imagine what that looked like so you're not missing much there. I have no idea which character her mother married because that marriage happened accidentally, in my pocket. It must have been one of the higher tier adults, because Moira evolved into a Kuribotchi! Haven't seen one of those in quite a while so I'm very pleased. Her weight is high simply because I didn't have time to play games with her while I was at work today. I will be working on getting it down so I can hopefully achieve the best possible results with her. V2 #2 - Edwin I decided to give my pink flower V2 a break and run a different shell in its place. This particular V2 is blue with lollipops and it looks like this: I really like this design. I got the tama this past summer and ran it quite a bit then, but I have not run it much since. I decided to give it another go so I popped a battery in it, married off my previous character (who, as you know, was a Dorotchi just like my bubble V2 was), and began a new generation who I named Edwin. The name theme going on with this one, for reasons unknown, is names beginning with E. I started doing it when I first got the tama and now it's become somewhat of a theme so I decided to keep it going. Edwin is the 7th generation. His parent, a Dorotchi, married a Zuccitchi, so unsurprisingly he became a lower tier Marutchi. At least I got one good care toddler out of the two so I'm not super annoyed. As it always goes, he'll become one of the lower tier teens next, probably Hinotamatchi. I'm not aiming for any specific adult but will instead sit back and let it surprise me. Oh, and yes, he and Moira will be future mates. The only incentive I have for keeping two of the same version going at once is the connection aspect and the fact that I can marry them to one another, so that is exactly what I will be doing this time around.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Mimitchi06

    Mimitchi’s Merry Logs

    Hello! I apologize for not updating earlier, but here is the new update on my tamas! When they woke up on January 1st, I heard the familiar evolution jingle. Fingers crossed, hoping to get who I was aiming for, and- I was greeted by none other than Mametchi and Mimitchi! I didn’t think I took that perfect care of them, maybe their hearts dropped and weren’t filled right away, but they became perfect care adults anyway! Mimitchi was more exciting to get for me than Mametchi (not that I hate Mametchi), but both are welcome. Not much has happened since then. They are fun to be around and I only have to check on them once every hour to refill some hearts. Currently they are 15 years old due to frequent pausing. I’ll try to keep updating when major things happen, but since they’re adults now, don’t expect this to be updated for a while. (Also, I may be getting a Connection soon, so there’s more to log about. Yay! No promises though )
  12. Hey all! I have a Plus Color, and I've been noticing that sometimes, the buttons do not respond like they should. It's almost like there is a delay, usually during games (the one time I really need the buttons to work properly). I know how to take apart Connections and some other versions, but I'm in the dark when it comes to the Plus Color. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how best to take apart a Plus Color and clean the buttons? Thanks everyone!
  13. AnniChu

    Furby Boom glitch?

    Weird! I've heard that the app can sometimes cause glitches with Furbies, but mostly with the connects. My suggestion is to reset the Furby with the button on the bottom, and/or try new batteries. It could of just been a one time thing too. Hopefully it doesn't happen again!
  14. Hello! I've been having a problem with my 1999 Furby, Humphrey. I've asked around a few other places with no luck, so I decided I might as well say something here too. Anyways, whenever I put batteries in him, he doesn't stop talking. It's too the point where I can't interact with him. One thing I've noticed is that he seems to talk about light and morning time a lot, so it made me wonder if it's a problem with his light sensor? Maybe it's too sensitive? I'm not too sure though, he's only starting to speak English so it's a bit hard to understand. I've tried putting him under a blanket and sometime's that'll calm him down, but not always. My question is, has anyone else here had this problem, or one like it? If so, how have you fixed it? I'd love to be able to mess around with him a bit, without him giving everyone in my house a headache!
  15. Kuchipetchi

    ROM Versions

    the hanetobi shell is the white and red dragon(they only came in two colors of the same shell type) my Uratama is the Pink frill design with a character and it says "ura" on top.
  16. hwd45

    ROM Versions

    Thanks for the help! I wonder why all the version integers have been even so far? Maybe the odd numbers are reserved for prototype builds. What shell designs do they have?
  17. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #18 January 18, 2019 Hey everyone! Time for another log! This weekend, I also plan on posting a review of all of the Connections that I have (that's everything from V1 to V5, excluding the 5.5 and the Music Star/6). Not sure where I'm going to post that, but I'm looking forward to it. V1: Gem is still a Mametchi, and I'm really glad I decided to keep her that way. She's adorable, and I haven't gotten a tama to evolve into an Old Timer since my very first run (if I recall correctly). I've had them paused a lot due to work and me being exhausted and sleeping a lot. But this weekend, I plan to run them more often. Mametchi has been a really low-maintenance character- I just need to check the meters every now and then and feed or play. V2: Ted has evolved into a UFOtchi! I think he's super cute. Based on the info I found, this means I had 0-3 care mistakes, which is pretty good. Right now he is paused in my bag, along with Gem, because I'm at work, but I'm going to keep on connecting Gem and Ted to get them to be friends. Not sure how to avoid them mating as adults- Probably won't connect them at all until they are both oldies. I'm torn between wanting to see how old I can get a Connection to be, and not wanting to break my Generation streak. Might attempt it with my V3 at some point, if I feel like running it. V4.5: I still have Cedar paused. Going to start him up again this weekend and hopefully see him married off. I might shelve him after this generation for a little while, unsure. I've been really enjoying the older Connections and I want to spend more time on them. Plus Color: Chamametchi is still about and kicking! I think the reason why the generations seem to go so fast on the Plus Color is because I cannot pause it- I can only put it to sleep. My interest in the Plus Color is waning a little bit, since it's just the same thing over and over, but I am enjoying trying to get new characters, especially as I start to FINALLY see some baby girls. I'm going to start working on that review of the Connections, and hopefully I'll have it up by the end of the weekend!
  18. Kuchipetchi

    ROM Versions

    good news, i was able to ROM test my Hanetobi entama. VER 18.0 and my Uratama is VER 16.0
  19. hwd45

    ROM Versions

    Funnily enough while looking for info on the WTE to refresh my memory I found a thread we'd both commented in, lmao. We were both pretty disappointed.
  20. Jhud

    ROM Versions

    Oh man, I remember being so disappointed when World Tour Edition was cancelled.... That's very interesting.
  21. Is your character an adult? Only adults can wear accessories.
  22. daniinthetardis

    Danii's Tamagotchi Log

    Happy Friday everyone! I started up my TMGC+C last night and I'm loving it! I have a little girl, and I've decided to call her Iris, to keep up the flower theme for now. The characters are super cute, and there's lots to discover. The mini games are pretty fun - my favourite is the apple-catching. So far, I've just been reading through the guide to see what I can do, and getting all the secret code items. So far, I've collected one Happy Stamp (not TamaTomo - oops) from the Japanese Tea. The weather is pretty snowy outside, and today it was rainy - so I don't know how well I'll go collecting the weather-based ones. I do like having a little objective like that to complete though, it makes it more exciting. I had both Iris and Aster, my V1, at work today and I found it pretty manageable to take decent care of both - though I definitely wouldn't be running any more. I like the combination of one colour, and one monochrome. Some cute baby stage photos, including Iris calling out my name in Japanese (I hope I got the characters right!). Iris sharing the love Rainy day today! I'm working at a festival over the weekend, so I've taken out the battery of my V1 - I may run it again at some stage, but I know this version like the back of my hand so I don't mind taking a break to try something new! Iris will be set to sleep during the day while I work, and I'll care for her at night. I'll be staying with my best friend over the weekend, who I played with our original Tamagotchis with, so I'm looking forward to showing her the +C. Until next time!
  23. daniinthetardis

    Valentines Day 2018!

    No interest so far, unfortunately! I’d love to share the Tamagotchi love this Valentine’s Day if anyone else is keen so let’s say Hatch Date: 14 February Version: Any! Valentine’s shells or connecting pairs are encouraged. Hopefully see some of you then!
  24. I'm not sure if its a bug or not but i am not able to access my accessories. Its still greyed out even though i have bought 2 accessory items and i'm currently in my 3rd gen.
  25. Scrungo

    What game are you currently playing?

    I've been playing through Mother 1 & 3, not 2 though lol. And a few misc games on steam with friends like TF2, SCP, Town of Salem, and Ultimate Chicken Horse.
  26. hwd45

    ROM Versions

    While we're on the subject of prototype Tamagotchis I thought I'd talk a little bit about the cancelled version that was to be released in 2009. The Music Star World Tour Edition was revealed early in the year and was said to be the next iteration upon the Music Star. Planned to be released in the summer of 2009, it was assumed that the World Tour Edition would be like a "V6.5", which everyone sort of expected after the V4.5 and the V5 Celebrity. Nothing ever came of the announcement. After the press release, Bandai went completely silent on the project's progress. It wasn't until around July that emails to Bandai were being answered with the phrase "Unfortunately, the Music Star: World Tour Edition was never produced". We never found out anything more about what this version would've included - new music genres? New characters? More online features? New items? We do at least have some idea of what might been planned. Firstly, Music City had featured an "under construction" area since it first released. All that was known about the area was that supposedly if you donated enough gotchi points to Prince Tamahiko, you might have the area named after you. The area was eventually released in the summer of 2010 as the immensely underwhelming "Flower Hills Park". There wasn't really anything special about the area and the donation incentive was never mentioned again. I mean, you could still donate, apparently, but it's not like it was going towards anything. It seems like a reasonable assumption to me that their original plans were more closely tied to the then-upcoming World Tour Edition, so when the version was cancelled a more generic location associated with the Tama-Go took its place. Curiously the Music Star itself provides us with additional evidence of potential features of the World Tour Edition - world tours! The Music Star has a bunch of unused ticket items - specifically an NY Ticket, a Tokyo Ticket, a London Ticket and a Sydney Ticket. Here's the sprite for the Tokyo Ticket. You can actually still obtain these items by getting lucky on the item password screen (it's a lot easier than it sounds, trust me!) but there was never any method to obtain the items using the website. The items themselves aren't that exciting - they function identically to the concerts that play out during the day (so I guess it's an extra opportunity at getting trophies). It's not really very clear why these items were never intentionally made obtainable, but it seems like an obvious choice that they'd be included on WTE. It's still a mystery just how much of the version was developed, so I can only hope we'll find out more about this elusive Tamagotchi, some day.
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