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  2. Yep, time in the Tama world works very differently to ours Your Tama's weight is very high though. You really should exercise it more.
  3. Awesome, just got the anticipation of the weekend then, and you'll have your new Tama ON in your hands once again Real shame about the receipt, hopefully you'll come across it soon and they could send you another device. Haha yeah agreed, I too would be mega worried to open it up, so I can relate, though saying that, if I know I have a replacement unit on the way and I know for sure that my current one isn't working I would give it shot, might learn something too and understand the inner-workings of the Tamagotchi more Best of luck with your new device!
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  5. I got mine pretty fast from amazon in less than a week and I'm from france so I was surprised - and happy of course !

    This shop that i found is suggested by a youtuber .

    Go check it out^

    It mainly sells tamagotchi covers which are beautiful🤩

  7. I don’t listen to BTS but I’ve heard a lot about them. What kind of music is it?
  8. 14 years old and already and adult.... #logic
  9. Glad to hear it! This sounds like the same resetting problem that @DraconicDetective described in another thread recently, so I'm glad that there's now a known solution here in this thread.
  10. My tamagotchi has actually left, without being reset, and it has lasted WAYY longer than the times when it reset, so Im gonna say that tightening the back panel was a success!! Wuh oh, this seems like an entirely different problem than what im experiencing.. I have not had a low battery screen that made it impossible to chase away the ghosts.. but it cant hurt to try to tighten up the back panel of your tamagotchi like i did if it seems like the battery didnt last more a month? im still going on the same factory battery for my current tamagotchi nano and havent gotten a problem like that
  11. Entirely stripped a screw in my genjintch 😞 the head has basically a circle in it. Having to get a friend to fix it on Saturday. Bummed because I dinged and scratched the black plastic a little bit trying to get it out. Hoping I have give it a gentle buffing to fix that. Meanwhile I ordered some stainless steal screw replacements and the appropriate screwdriver off of JPYW. I had a small enough screw driver at home but the screw was so tight that it still stripped. Don’t be like me. Get a JIS 😭

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Commiserations! :(

      But hey, if nothing else, the scratches give it some unique character and a story to tell, right? :)

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  13. Hello! It's been a while since I've posted. Here's what I've gotten since my last update on this thread (I've also started a log to try and declutter my posts !) Gen 9: Mohitamatchi (perfect care)-> Hinotamatchi -> Togetchi, married Sebiretchi Gen 10: Mizutamatchi (3 care mistakes, ran out of time to make the 4th) -> Hinotamatchi -> Tosakatchi (too many skill points for Universal), married Marotchi Gen 11: Mizutamatchi (4-5 care mistakes; went a little overboard here) -> Ojotchi (resumed perfect care to try and get any other adult)-> Masktchi, married V3 Tsunotchi Gen 12: Puchitchi (perfect care) -> Ringotchi -> Marotchi, married Tarakotchi Gen 13: Mohitamatchi (perfect care) -> Hinotamatchi (again?? )-> SimaSimatchi, married Hanatchi Gen 14: Mohitamatchi (perfect care) -> Gourmetchi (kept skill point total <40) -> Pyonchitchi, married V3 Debatchi This one was a really weird case, though I suspect it's from me trying to find "shortcuts". I opened a mail to drop the happiness and speed up the care mistakes before it was scheduled to evolve, however, I think that this caused a discrepancy where one stat (hunger) was perfect while the other was low and vice versa. So during the care mistakes, both bars were never empty at the same time. Again, this result could just be random. I was a little relieved that I got Gourmetchi instead of Hinotamatchi though! Gen 15: HARUTCHI! (perfect care) -> Young Mimitchi (perfect care but missed 2 training calls...) -> Hanatchi, married Tarakotchi This case was just unfortunate and was totally my fault. It was a busy weekend and so I dropped the ball here (my V3 also turned into Debatchi). This just goes to show how sensitive Young Mimitchi is, since I gave it perfect care otherwise! Gen 16: Mohitamatchi (perfect care) -> Young Kuchipatchi Finally! I can't figure out what I did "different" this time but I'm glad I finally got it. He should be set to evolve into Kuchipatchi later today (social points is 175 so far). It was interesting to see that I finally got a Kuchi teen after putting some "distance" between this one and its Meme ancestors (4 gen gap). I'm not sure what I'll do with my Tamas afterwards but I think I'll keep running them until the end of the summer. I still haven't ever seen Zukyutchi, Minotchi, Pukatchi, or Yattatchi so it would be neat to keep trying. I think we can likely conclude that levels of care and discipline play an important role, but the random factor still exists to a certain extent with child evolution.
  14. No problem! Let us know how it turns out!
  15. oh boy i didnt even REALIZE that was a button back there... yeah, definitely gonna pop it open. dont really have means to return it so.. might as well poke my nose into it. thanks!
  16. The only button that should reset it is the recessed one on the back, so, yeah, if you feel confident doing that (and voiding any warranties! ), it's probably worth a look!
  17. ah really? the buttons just press so easy it ends up doing it if i throw it on my pillow too hard... maybe ill pop it open and check it out, i dunno. done it at least 5 times now.
  18. One of these guys got a really bad deal. It sounds like there may be something wrong with this unit, unfortunately - it shouldn't be possible to accidentally reset it. Hehe, they're adorable!
  19. getting my friends to watch one of my favorite movies with me tonight and my MOST favorite horror movie ever ... GHOSTWATCH!!! aaaahhh its so fun and weird and the controversy around it is so interesting im so excited

  20. HOKAY! It's been a minute, huh? aah... my depression got really bad for a bit there, but i started a new project with my friends so im back in action a bit we're working on getting me a therapist so hopefully this is better managed, eh? here's what i missed out on letting yall know when i was .. well, mostly just chilling in bed, haha. so here's cosmo! i ended up putting him on pause because he was all grown up, but i took this picture right before he did. so cute... i haven't started a new baby with nugget because i just- havent, so she's still around. her favorite toy is scooters, and i think she really liked banana smoothies? i didnt get a picture of it but she seemed REAL happy. if you hadn't heard; i got a dinkie! ... it's not working. i got the batteries in right, but now the buttons don't respond. then one of the internal screws is stripped. i got some good advice that i just haven't put to use yet because it all really was just super exhausting, you know? but here they are anyway, just for fun. but!!! i also got two OTHER tamas in the mail! i only turned on the V2, who i named. shrek. because it was like, eight in the morning and i didnt have the energy to think of something clever, haha... mitch ended up growing up too! so he n shrek played together a while. before i turned off pacman, genuinely solely because i kept accidentally resetting it and was getting frustrated, i got this lil dude! then mitch and shrek both grew up completely! mitch i think about two days ago? and shrek was today. with this that means that cosmo is being unpaused and im going to probably put mitch on the shelf for a while!... mostly because i want to run the two V2s side by side, even though I have two V3s now and theyre my favorite version... maybe ill keep mitchell on anyways. ok!! with all of that, thats!! it. everyone's up to date! ❤️
  21. aa! you're all too sweet! noo, i'm fine! i promise. i just realized daily isnt great for me because i have some really bad days between some decent to good ones .. but the log is fun! i intend to keep up with it, just not in the way i originally planned. hehe. ty all sm for ur messages. im getting some pictures together rn! im excited to type this all out and post it. tysm!!
  22. Hello, I saw some videos about the chinese fake tamagotchi like the Qpet and the touma. My question is... It's good ? I've heard that the Qpet is a knock off but have lot of features. Do the Touma have "original" characters ?
  23. ccry crying GIFtrying to convince my 13 y/o sister to buy a tamagotchi but she doesn't care about them wahhh. I remember when she was like 4 or 5 years younger she always wanted to play with my tamas. It hurts my soul that she doesn't care about them anymore. They grow up so fast ahh

  24. Time for an update! Yesterday, Squishy evolved into a teen! I sent him to food town and he met Kuchipatchi there. This morning he evolved into Kuromametchi! Usually I wait a day or two before marrying them off, but since he's the first generation, I mostly wanted to get those genetics going. After many, MANY rejections, I eventually found these cute twins who accepted my proposal. They had a little blue boy! I have the perfect name... I'm such a child.
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