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  2. My sons tamogatchi ON has a really annoying glitch that is keeping him from using the friend feature. He goes to the friend list and the screen is totally messed up. When he tries to select a friend, the whole thing freezes and he has to take out the batteries to reset it. Thankfully, it resets, but he can’t connect to his sisters tama, and can’t use the friends feature. Anyone else have this issue? How did you fix it?
  3. I think usually they will be labeled under food and snacks when you buy them
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  5. Great question! There are seasonal decorations that you can pick up through Missions on the Tamagotchi website, as well as seasonal accessories and items in the shop...but not as many as on the Meets, Mix, or Smart. I've yet to see a proper holiday happen, but I've admittedly been focusing on the Smart for the past several weeks...maybe others have seen something?
  6. I was wondering about the pix- does it have seasonal/holiday decorations or animations like the meets/on has? I haven't heard anyone mention those, but I don't know if it's because the pix is so new or because they don't have those kinds of things.
  7. 7 i have risen from my the grave again, hello
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  9. I haven't worked much on the app these last few days because of a quite busy schedule. I've only fixed a few minor graphical issues. Also I accidentally killed my Hashizotchi by unintentionally resetting the tama. I've got a Zuccitchi this time around The app is well beyond playable now, I'm thinking of adding the P1 characters to complete it. If you want to try it out, here's a link to the latest version:
  10. Is there a guide to which food items are meals, and which ones are snacks? I can’t tell based on the item charts and stuff that I’ve found. I only started this one about four hours ago, but I’d like to be prepared for when I have to buy food.
  11. Hi @Uincornme, and welcome to TamaTalk! Please note that, per our rules, bumping old topics is not allowed, and I have split your post out into its own topic as a result. The thread that you posted in was from 2008, and may not apply to a model that you're using in 2021! That aside, please could you tell us which Tamagotchi model you're using? There are scores of them, and the description of "the swirly looking page" unfortunately doesn't tell us which one it is.
  12. If you take a look at this chart you will see the difference characters and also the locations of each m!x version: image link I never had any glitches or issues with my mix’s and never really heard of anyone complaining about them. The main reason why the Meets/Ons are glitchy is because they have Bluetooth function, which the mix don’t have. So you will enjoy your mix without worrying about anything happening to it!
  13. my tamagotchi died and i cant restart it. its on the swirly looking page can u help me plz
  14. It took 2 days and change, but I successfully ended the Milktchi bloodline. I wrote more of the process on my Tumblr blog, but basically once the Grim Gotchi appears you have about 25 minutes to save them before they pass. I am also DELIGHTED to report that I've spent the past few days raising my first Smart boy, who turned into good old Kuchipatchi this morning! He is an absolute delight. There were definitely care misses on my end due to being absolutely SWAMPED with work this week! I basically just fed him and played games with him. No outings to the park or playing with cool toys. The Cowboy Hat isn't one of his favorite accessories (as far as I can tell he only has 4, not 5), but he looks so good in it...! I'll be honest though, the entire time I was raising him I was worried he'd turn into Mametchi...thank goodness we're all starting to see some variety!
  15. The egg shell accessory is also one of his favourites. He needs all of the egg shells! I hope you finally succeed in not getting Milktchi.
  16. OH MY GOODNESS THE EGGSHELL ISN'T ATTACHED?! I'm dying, that's so adorable... Thank you for the advice on care misses! I, uh, might have accidentally caused some care misses throughout the day as I need to focus on my actual we'll see how things turn out.
  17. He is very cute! When he uses the jump rope, while also wearing a hat, his egg shell pops up from underneath. Starve your Tama. When it prompts you to feed it - don't. Wait 15 minutes for it to stop asking for food, then feed it enough to fill one spot on the food bar. Repeat as many times as you want. I averaged one care miss per hour. My Tama also became ill 3 times during this process, but I am unsure if I should count that.
  18. Thanks for letting me know about this! I never knew that they sold these in the UK, I assumed that they were only a US and Canada release. There’s actually an Entertainer shop opening near me in a few weeks so I might pop in once it’s open and get one for myself!
  19. Oh he's cuuuuuute! What are you counting as care misses, out of curiosity?
  20. 7 care misses = Karapatchi! I am so excited to see someone new. All I know about him is that he likes the hula hoop item.
  21. I wasn't initially thrilled with the Pix for some of the most notorious reasons – reports of the screen having backlight issues where a big dark spot ruins the look, and most commonly unresponsive buttons or responding incorrectly. I only recently decided to buy another after a full refund made me whole, and I couldn't believe it! None of those issues are apparent after thorough testing. I can actually enjoy all of the mini games finally! It would really seem that these have some quality issues per model to be very aware of, but are overall worthwhile. I'm grateful I also managed to get one that did not have the common cosmetic issue of the faceplate paper being misaligned either. The gameplay is so much more fun! I now see why there is a divide in reviews. Furthermore I highly recommend the baby sitter function in the phone that appears at child stage, if you find yourself getting overwhelmed or too busy. It's something that started to happen to me truthfully. They're a bit more demanding than other models, but much easier to care for if you get a model with properly functioning buttons, and make use of the sitter. That being said however, I will forever love the mix feature from the past gen (m!x/meets/on/some) the most, with the P's coming in as my second favorite. I would 100% recommend them even if you prefer the new smooth animations and features. The mymeets app, magic hut, and on app really add depth to the things you can do!
  22. UPDATE: Hello, everyone. I have an update on Tom and this will finally be the last update. Unfortunately, it's heartbreaking to inform you that Tom is no longer with us. He had finally reset himself last month. Sorry for the late announcement because I had been truly busy and I was actually still devastated that I lost Tom. I never thought I would care so much for a bootleg Tamagotchi but Tom truly held a special place in my heart. I wasn't sure if I should post about this update but I felt like I had to let people know since I'm sure he was very well-loved by some in this group. Again, thank you so much for showing your support. He was truly one of a kind vpet. We will truly miss his funky evolutions and awkward teenage phases. But even good things eventually come to an end. I'm not an artist but I drew a little something as a tribute to Tom. Rest well in Tamagotchi heaven, Tom! You were a real one.
  23. I never owned a Gen 2 back in the 1990s (I knew others who had them, but my only experience with the Gen 2s has been via the modern re-issues), but I have now rectified that with this smart clear-yellow and white unit.
  24. She really, really likes you. I have 7 care misses with my current boy, but he grew into Achiatchi this morning, so I'm expecting to see Mametchi again soon.
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