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  2. Same here, though it's important to be clear that a similar product is not necessarily a fake - Pepsi Cola is not a fake of Coca-Cola, for example, it's just a competing product. I'm a big fan of the Dinkie pets and the Nano Pals line, too, incidentally, along with the Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1. This is a very good point, and is why, ideally, we would have a tiered offering from the Tamagotchi line. I get the feeling that that's not going to happen, though, as much as I'd love to be wrong about that.
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  4. Some of my favourite pets growing up were not tamagotchi. I really loved the bat virtual pet (can't remember the name), anything dinkie (Dino, Penguin), and Nano pets were great. But there were some that were atrocious: octopets comes to mind here. I've always wanted to find an elepet, because they look like incredible tamagotchi knockoffs: I think as someone said above, there is a space for the higher quality competition in the VP market. However, especially now, with the dramatic increase in price for the Tamagotchi On, the lower cost ones are appealing to parents who may not necessarily be able to afford such expensive toys for their children. Additionally, since these are technically geared towards kids, losing a $5 virtual pet is a lot better than losing a $60 one!
  5. Lets get started! . . . Today at 10:22am I finally decided to unbox my Tamagotchi m!x 20th anniversary and start playing with it! I’ve had it for over a year now and didn’t really get the chance to run it, but today is the day After putting the batteries on and waiting for few minutes, the egg hatches and a beautiful baby boy: Will take care of him for the next hour because we all know how Tamagotchi babies are needy and they need extra attention Meanwhile, on my other Tamagotchi Sanrio Meets, Meet “Mello” he is 4 years old, 5th gen. He is meeting and playing with other tamas: At 11:13am the m!x anniversary evolved into: Taking care of him wasn’t that hard as I thought, look at him Isn’t he cute? But now.. we both have a lot to do to unlock the locations! After I had lunch, At 2pm I played some games on both of them, got some gotchi points and I unlocked Rainbow Hills on the mix yay! After a while I sent Mello to various locations meeting his friends and maybe finding his new ehm ehm.. love!? At 4:20 pm I sent Mello to the app so he can marry a beautiful character like him. I'm so excited to mix him with another character to see what they could produce, but unfortunately the dating show was unavailable! He came back to his home, maybe we should look for his partner.. tomorrow!? After a while I checked on them, I had to feed them to fill their hunger & happy meters: And oops! I didn’t take pics for this part but the little baby ate a lot of sweets which is not good, it’s ok we will make the pain go away! And now he’s a happy healthy boy For Mello, I’m really not sure should I wait for the App dating show or marry him with Violetchi? Do you guys think that her and Mello will produce a beautiful baby/babies? Help Mello by commenting below At 9:03pm I checked their stats, for the final update of the day they seem healthy and happy: Good night to the both of you 💜 So far I’m enjoying my Tamagotchi mix 20th anniversary and I can’t wait for tomorrow to share with you guys what happens with both of them! tomorrow is a new day, it’s a new adventure and I will make sure to update you all Until next time, take care .. 💜
  6. Hello everyone And welcome to my first log! I’ve been reading some amazing logs of the members and that got me excited to start one for my Tamas and show you all how I take care of them. This log will include the Tamas I'm running, not necessarily one just so no one get confused I will try and post daily, if not it’s going to be every two or three days. I hope you guys enjoy and if there’s anything you would like to add or say please leave a comment
  7. 23rd is today what are the coincidnces
  8. i swear once i get a switch im gonna rub it in all of your faces...
  9. 3ds has been found and everything is ok
  10. shhhh.... only five more days....

  11. epic ness do you play fortnitye 2029 leaked not clickbait oh, the things I’ll type to win this game
  12. Quick little log while I'm eating before heading out to work. I unlocked the hotel so I can leave my Tama there while I'm out, thankfully I'm off tomorrow so I have all day to play with it. I'm working on two things right now, unlocking Gourmet Street and getting my Tama's relationship up with Lovelitchi. She ended up being the last of the Tama's at the hotel my Tama met and so far I've run into Mametchi, Kikitchi and Nijifuwatchi so much their at green relationship. Oh! By the way the relationship bars look a bit different from what I've seen of it on videos of the Meets. On the ON the colored bar for the relation ship is at the top of the screen instead of the left of the screen and has stars as well as the color to indicate relationship level. I also fed him his first restaurant meal of rice omelet, so four more to go before Gourmet Street opens. I also tried out the games. There's the surfing game where you tap the A button to fill the bar at the top of the screen to surf, the more the bar is filled the more gotchi points you win. Then there's the dolphin game where you have to avoid sharks and get gifts from dolphins by pressing A to move up and B to move down with the better you play earning you more points. Before I forget for the hotel select "Leave" to leave your Tama there for 10 gotchi points an hour. I only mention this because someone posted thinking it meant leave the hotel instead of leaving your Tama there. I think they should have put "Drop Off" instead to make it more clear. I'll also be seeing how the batteries last. I'm playing with the brightness down to its lowest level and I'm using Duracell AAA batteries.
  13. Do keep us updated on what you find.
  14. So many good collections in here I’m impressed I would like to share mine too as you can see I separated the english models from the japanese ones. will definitely come back to update the collection
  15. I got my Tamagotchi ON today. The Green Magical. The Tama was a boy. So far there is a slight bit of lag with the buttons but nothing to hair pulling levels. The screw was really wedged in there, by the way you need a small flat head screw driver to remove the back to put batteries in and you need to pull down on the backing to slide it out. I fed him, he pooped twice so far and got a tooth ache from me trying to max is happiness out with snacks as I don't think games are available at the baby stage. Update: He pooped a few more times and I fed him some more before he grew up into a toddler, Hoshipontchi, the good care toddler so it looks like he's off to a good start! He went to sleep after that. Sadly because my Tama was delivered late in the evening I couldn't do much except the usual care for a baby before growth to a toddler. I'm sure if it was delivered earlier I could have played with him more. Also stinks because I have work tomorrow so now I have to unlock the hotel before I leave to make sure he's paused before I go. At least him becoming a toddler got me 300 gotchi points so that's enough for my work day plus travel time to and from work.
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