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  2. its acturally really easy to patch the new flash versions to remove the timebomb i made a program to do it but if you dont trust me for some reason you can use your favourite hex editor on NPSWF.DLL or PepFlash.dll or Flash.OCX in C:\Windows\System32 (or SysWOW64)\Macromed\Flash, and just find and replace 000040463E6F7742 with 000000000000FF7F
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  4. Thanks, you're correct, it's 2.15pm here and the Tama has been awake since 9am and it's still pending and crying till now. As soon as I get home I'll name him and start the baby stage
  5. I knew it was gonna happen soon. . . she was reacting to all my posts. . . x_X 1!!!
  6. Thinking to start a Japanese group hatch, are you guys in? :D 

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  8. I actually haven't opened my Evatchi, since the US release is in a few months, but I think that one is really cool. For starters, I'm an Evangelion fan, and what I have seen based off pics and videos is that the animations are references from the series/movies. Those are really nice, especially because there are various animations and are pretty iconic, such as Shinji and Kaworu playing the piano. The creatures you raise are the angels, which are actually the antagonists of the series, so it gives a whole new spin to them. For a bad death screen, the Eva unit, who terminated that specific angel, will appear on the screen, and I think that's a really neat throwback to the series. I wish it could have let you raise the human cast like the demon slayer one, but it's okay since they appear in the animations. The device is just filled with references, the snack to feed are angels are watermelons, and one of the characters has a watermelon patch so I liked that. It's a must get if you are an Evangelion fan.
  9. Day 15 Devilgtochi: Since last Tuesday I managed to take a good care of my Devil Mametchi. I’ve been taking care of hime since Tuesday and finally today he asked to shakehands and suddenly evolved to Kuridebitchi and fell asleep! It was VERY hard to keep the DP down for 6 days but I managed to do that and got the tama I wanted for a first time I think I did a really good job I was trying my best to capture the random angel that keeps showing up while my devil chases him but I couldn’t because it happens very quickly. Something else I was wondering about is how exactly Kuridebitchi is suppose to act? is it an angel or a devil? I guess I will find out by myself... Magical Witches - Earthlin & Baluluna : My Earthling witch evolved on Wednesday surprisingly I remember that the air witch took about 4 days to evolve to Gen 4 but the earth witch evolved quicker, in fact it took her inly one day! I’m not sure if it has to do with the witch kind or element or there might be something wrong with the evolution timing in either one of them. I tried connecting them after few days because I’m not sure why they refuse to exchange items. When I connect them I notice they both either deflect or/and cancel each other curses. One time I gave it a try and the earth witch cursed the air witch by trapping her in a bottle She finally took her revenge I guess I of course healed the air witch and made sure she turns into her normal form. I was really wondering and thinking there must be something wrong that I’m doing or not aware of! I made a research trying to understand how connecting should be.. The surprise was even the magical witches have their favorite witch to connect it with. That means each two clans/elements has to be taken into consideration before buying any witch, but I guess it’s too late now! The connection I’m referring to is based on the elements and how chemically they can mix with each other therefore will be able to exchange items, create new cures, make curses and even influence the growth of the witch. Air (Baluluna) and Fire (Enruge) are compatible with each other. Earth (Earthlin) and Water (Aquary) are compatible with each other. That means the chances of them being friends are high. In my situation I have the air and earth witches and they are clearly not happy with each other, when I found out about this information it made sense. I will keep trying to get them to connect and be friendly but that is clearly not guaranteed. The End I’m so happy with how I progressed with the devil and managed to get the evolution I wanted. I was worried about the sudden reset but thankfully that didn’t happen. I’m a bit disappointed with the late discovery I found about the magical witches connection and how does it work considering how expensive and rare they are. Hopefully I will be able to get another witch and maybe some day finish the whole collection.
  10. I lost my hello kitty tamagotchi any suggestions?

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Any suggestions that could be made depend on where you think you lost it! ;)

      If you think that it's somewhere at home, then listening out for beeping is a good idea. However, if it's been lost elsewhere then you're probably out of luck, unfortunately. :(

  11. Hey-O, sorry for the big bother. But I've been snooping around on the forums a bit, and noticed a five year old post containing an expired download. It contained a program you made in Python, made to modify the ROM of Tamagotchi for GameBoy. It's exactly what I've been looking for, and I'm unsure if you still have it since five years is quite a while. Thanks!

    1. SA311


      Hey! This one?
      If this link isn't working either I'll try uploading it elsewhere.

  12. Does anyone else think that TamaPtchi from the anime could be a pedophile or is it just me?

    1. tamastar133


      It's been years since i saw the anime, but what makes you think that? It would be seriously gross if a children's anime intentionally made an adult character give off those kind of vibes.

    2. Timogotchi19


      ~Most of the shows he directs involves the main cast, which in the anime are written as 3rd-4th grade children.

      ~He sometimes gives off fawny vibes over Lovelitchi/Lovelin especially.

      ~And his appearance is kind of a stereotypical pedo depiction, especially with the sunglasses.

    3. tamastar133


      Oh yeah, that's just the writers finding an excuse to have the main cast appear in drama episodes lol. Lovelin has her connections and probably suggested her friends to be in those dramas/specials directed by him.

      I wont defend the fawning part tho, but i do remember seeing various cast members fawning over her. Still that is rather creepy now that I remember. 

  13. That would explain why I seem to get Mini-like run-times from mine (which also has a similar set lifespan), regardless of the care-mistakes situation. Great research, there - thankyou!
  14. Here's hoping, since the anniversary next year feels like a good time for it. (And thankyou! ) I guess that's an advantage of the Nanos being the supplementary and simple side-releases - they can afford to be a bit more experimental with the content (though not necessarily always the actual gameplay - for example, the Pac-Man and Hello Kitty versions sound like they're just re-skins of the same thing), since they're not the front-and-centre main offerings.
  15. You can leave it in the name stage or crying screen forever really. On V3 and older the baby would even age still. If you left it on the naming screen for 15 days, the baby's age would be 15. Made little difference in play though as 15 basically became the "zero" and it continued to go through the life stages at a normal rate This didn't work for the V4 or higher that I recall of.
  16. Hello my fellow Tama carers! I started up my V4 again today, and I had left off with a wonderful Maidtchi with a baby boy next to her. I know she has to spend 2 midnights with the baby before she leaves and I could start taking care of the baby alone myself. Problem is, the 2nd midnight will be Sunday going to Monday, so Monday morning the baby will be left alone crying waiting for me to name it. I have work from the office on Monday, so I can't do the 1 hour baby stage at that time when the Tama wakes up. Will it be ok to leave it waiting to be named till I finish work, or should I quickly give it a name and Pause it? What would be the best and safest option? Thanks in advance for any help!
  17. Yep, I've also got one for my ON Does anyone know if there are any faceplate protectors for older models like the V4, Music Star, etc? Would be really cool if so!
  18. Well, I just finished my 2nd run of my Pac Man Nano, and I've found the answer to the question I originally asked at the beginning of this thread. Just posting again here in case it helps others. From my findings, the Pac Man Nano DOES have a set lifespan of 15 days. The first time I ran the Pac Man Nano, she left on the 15 day mark exactly, and I had made 5 care misses on happiness (on purpose to try getting the Tama to depart so I can run something else) on that day. A few minutes (maybe 20 minutes) after the 5th care miss, she left and I got the Departure (Good) ending. But the time was also 1pm, which was the exact same time I had started the Tama 15 days prior. I was still wondering if it was the care misses or the 15 day mark that made her leave. I wanted to test this theory further in this run, and 2 days ago (my Tama was 13, easy to keep track of the age cause I started him up on New Year's Day) I gave him 10 care misses on happiness, and he still wouldn't depart! After that I just decided to take care of him properly again and keep his needs fulfilled for these past 2 days to test the 15 day theory. Just 30 mins ago, he started beeping for no reason, all his hearts were definitely full cause I had filled them up like an hour ago, and there he was besides Pac Man waiting for me to see his goodbye, and I got the Good Departure Ending again, and the time matches up with when I started him up again on New Year's. So, conclusion, a Pac Man Nano lives for 15 days, and we don't have to stay purposely making care mistakes to make them depart! One thing I'm not sure about is, if my care mistakes were counting. What I was doing was letting his happiness drop till he beeps for attention, as soon as he does (literally that minute, I didn't want him to end up in the Sulking stage), I play a game with him or feed him the cherries, then just wait for the heart to drop again and he'll call out again, rinse and repeat. Maybe I had to leave the heart emptier for longer for it to count as a care miss and he would have departed earlier? Anyway, no need for that, cause we don't have to force them to depart since they'll leave on their own on the 15 day mark Hope this helps someone or some others find these findings interesting!
  19. How in the world have they not done a Kirby?? That's genius. It really gets me so excited and sad at the same time that it's not happened. They aren't strangers to Nintendo so we may actually see that one someday~ It would bring a huge new wave of fans from worldwide, wouldn't it? All my love for regular Tama, but I do love the idea of the franchise having another foreign market boost, if it promises new color types and nostalgic second releases. It sure seems to be the main tactic of Nanos.
  20. Hello, and welcome to the forums! You need to be on the 3rd Generation or above for Magic Land to unlock
  21. Thanks for replying ! Useful for sure For someone who's having the same issue, I've kept it without batteries for some months and somehow the screen is perfectly okay, only some very very small dots are visible. I didn't do anything to it, but keep it without using in a safe place. The screen damage was caused by falling from a pretty high desk. Screen works good and has no delay. Thanks to everyone for helping & visiting the thread If ur visiting this for help, I hope you can fix it ♡
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