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  2. finally preordered the Tamagotchi ON :"D 

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  4. These are my currently active Gotchi's. 1. Dinkie Dino 2. Toyowachi 3. V4 4. V3 5. V3 6. Mesutchi 7. Osutchi 8. 2018 Gen 1 9. Angel Gotch 10. Angel Gotch 11. Digimon V1 12. Digimon V1 13. Digimon V3, 14. Qpet Colour I'll try to keep this updated when I can.
  5. Forbidden Spells of the Black Candle
  6. It saves. It should allow you to choose to continue or just continue automatically. I have three of these. The earlier model that swears and the newer version.
  7. Todays arrivals are.... uhm.... well.... Animal Imaginado's. Now please believe me when I tell you that I support bootleg Tamagotchi's. I'm always frist to grab them when they come out but these are just.... not good. Don't buy these. They have every intention of being good, they put real effort into the V4/5 shell design and they designed a ton of creatures for it. Sprites are nice. Effort went into this. EXCEPT IN THE FIELD OF CHECKING IT WORKS. Seriously. I pulled the tab out on the green one, and all seemed well. With the exception of a very dark screen. It scrolled through the animals available. I chose the chicken. Then it reset. I thought... thats odd. So I tried again. Same thing. Eventually, the screen went completely blank. I thought the batteries may have been weak and thats probably why the screen was dark to begin with. So I went to change the batteries. An hour later, they were changed. It took this long because the old ones were stuck inside and I had to take the entire device apart (you really shouldn't have to do that). When I did, the infrared plastic at the top fell out and the reset button got lost under the chip board. Ages later, I was able to get it all back together. Put new batteries in and hooray, it was working again. For 1 minute. I realilsed whatever button I pressed, it either reset or didn't do anything at all. Then the screen would randomly go blank. Eventually. I realised it didn't matter what I pressed. The device was reseting just be touching it. I am serious, the buttons do nothing on this. It kept resetting because if you press down on the device at all, anywhere, it resets because of something inside not connecting properly. Batteries maybe I don[t know. It feels light as a feather and flimsy as hell and I feel it will never ever work right. Which is a shame. As I said, REAL EFFORT went into some of this, HUMAN BEINGS made this. They saw it doing this and said "HM, YES THATS OKAY RELEASE IT". Why? If you'er going to go to the effor of making one of these that looks SO MUCH like a real V4/5 then why not MAKE SURE IT WORKS BEFORE YOU SELL IT? Such a shame. Such a waste. And I still have three more of these on order. Oh well. At least it makes a nice display piece. EDIT: Also, the infrared plastic has no actual infrared underneath, so despite being advertised as a connecting device, it is not.
  8. I echo Eggiweg's question, here - I'd love to see pictures, too. Anyway; If they were involved with the marketing for the product, or its showings at trade-shows where they're trying to sell stock to retailers, it's possible that they could've gotten hold of it, or been given it as a freebie, that way. A fully-working device as described could possibly have this sort of origin - a display model that's not really supposed to go beyond the show-floor. I don't know anywhere near enough about how Bandai operates to know whether they allow staff or contractors to keep product-samples, though, so I have no idea if such a sale would technically be allowed many years down the line, or whether there's some statute of limitations for stuff like that. It's also possible for a unit with such markings to possibly have simply been a product-sample that was given out to prospective retail-buyers at some point. It's also possible for such a device to originate from a product test - something where members of the public who are involved with survey and product-testing panels can sometimes be sent items that aren't yet ready for widespread release because the company wants to collect feedback before doing so. Bandai did test-runs like this in Japan with the original Tamagotchi back in 1996, and this is probably how those prototypes were distributed. Without more information about and evidence of this unit and others like it, it's impossible to determine the origin, though - these are just some possibilities, and are ways that items like this can sometimes get out into the wild. If I had to guess, I would bet on the first one because it's the scenario that I've heard of the most in fields like this, or the last one because we know that Bandai has a track-record for running product-tests like that. But there's just no way of truly knowing, here.
  9. Hi 👋 I’ve just remembered something! It might not be 100% Accurated as it was 2 Years ago, but I’ll try my best. (It’s just popped into my head, and I’d like to see if anyone else has one like this!) Back In 2017, I got my first Tamagotchi; being a Pink Gem Friends. But some how, I remember seeing somewhere this message. ”Prototype, Not For Resale” I just do! I can’t remember where.. but it was definitely about that Tamagotchi. Does anyone know how the seller could have gotten a Prototype and sold it legally? It can still do everything, like Bumping and connecting to a computer so it’s really good! But my sister and BFF have one and there Tamagotchis are totally normal..
  10. Last week
  11. It's that time of year again! Come one come all to the Tama-thon!!! This group hatch will take place on the following days next week. I think we have had about 15-20 tamagotchis running at once in the previous Tama-thons. It doesn't matter how many we can hatch just as long as it is fun for everyone! Please pick a date and tell us what you will be hatching. May 27th May 28th May 29th
  12. I don't understand why would you even have a phone without a SIM card? Back when I got my phone on the for the holy communion (so I was like 10) mom got me my phone SPECIFICALLY so I could call her in an emergency or something. These were the days before internet data plans or even phones with wifi were a thing though. Why don't you just tell them that you would use it specifically for this reason- to be able to call them or someone else in an emergency. They can choose what plan would suit a young person like you best and all that (a limit on data and calls, all that). I see no reason why would they not allow you to have one.
  13. konnichiwa, minnasan~ mix: meiko became a teen! i turned her red to unlock Makakka Town. she later evolved into an adult! i turned her lavender with a milkshake. it matches her ears nicely! bye for now, tamadonut
  14. Hello guys! Umm... I don't know how to start. So... It has been a rather interesting week for this project. I discovered that my old laptop was still lying around in my attic. This laptop was from 2008. My cousin had formatted it a few years ago but I was certain that I had visited the old Tamagotchi Europe quite a few times before the format. Long story short, I contacted a recovery service and told them about the situation. Two days ago they told me they have found some files. Some of them were OK but some of them were corrupted. So I have to wait for their next reply when they have finished working on the hard drive. I am confident that this time it will be A FULL RESTORATION PROJECT! I AM SO HYPED! See ya in the next one!
  15. *blows off the dust* Well, it's sure been a while since I posted in here. I've still been running tamas but I've been too busy to actually log them. Not sure how consistent this will end up being but I thought I'd try keeping up with this log again. All of my current tamas are adults, so I'll spend the remainder of this post introducing them to you. V1 - Mila Yes, this is the same pink glitter V1 from my last post back in February. I gave it a pretty lengthy break but started it up again recently. This is Mila and she is my 8th generation. Though Tarakotchi isn't my favourite, this tama had a very long streak of continuous Masktchi/Gozarutchi so I'm very happy to see something different for once. I really like her closeup animation where she comes up and kisses the screen. V2 - Yulia As somewhat of a long-term commitment/goal of mine, my blue/pink bubble V2 is still running on its 25th generation. You may remember that when I originally started it back in October, I wanted to try running it for an entire alphabet, and, well, I'm now on the second last letter. This is Yulia and she just evolved into Hanatchi (she and Mila were born at exactly the same time and are running on the same schedule). Hanatchi is a personal favourite of mine, so I was very happy when she evolved. Though I've had Hanatchi on many of my other tamas, I've actually not had her on this particular V2 yet: it's nice that after 25 generations I'm still getting very few repeat characters. V3 - Ella I've been running this V3 for just over a week now. It is still on its first generation with a Billotchi named Ella. She got married yesterday and had a baby boy. If you cannot tell from the amount of girls in this post, I've been on a random girl streak lately so I'm happy that streak has finally been broken. Entama - ♥ Started this Entama almost two weeks ago with the aim of getting one of the secret characters. I currently have a Memetchi named "♥" (I usually don't name my Japanese tamas and prefer to use symbols), who got a job about two days ago and reached 999 style points yesterday. The Entama is fun but very slow growing. She's not actually 15, that's a result of time changing - I'd say she's probably closer to 12-13. She should be evolving either today or tomorrow.
  16. I'm going to be really old-fashioned and name the high/low game from the Gen 2. It's time-respectful and playing it is kind of like virtual bubble-wrap, in its way.
  17. Today's new arrivals. A factory sealed green Nano Baby and a sealed orange Goji Rapper.
  18. Hi! Does it automatically save progress? I replaced my qpet's batteries today and it restarted
  19. Heading and catching the Music notes - good fun. I loved playing Shape! You're right - it's tricky but once you learn it you can get high scores. Here's a link to an old topic (from Tips & Tricks) on how to play (and win) at Shape:
  20. I feel like I really need one, it's cool to see a color screen release in English. Even though it's just an America thing, I need one. Preferably the mint or purple one.
  21. Don't worry, I plan on making a log post that talks about how I'm going to document it and then proceed to be too busy to do so. XD
  22. Yep, it's either that or good service - there seems to be no in-between with companies who operate as these ones do. If something you've ordered is being delivered by Yodel and your e-mail address has been passed to them, you're likely to get an e-mail sometime soon that'll ask you to fill out a survey about the service that you've received. Keep an eye out for it.
  23. I want. Where to find. That s the question.
  24. Catching falling music notes from V3's and Friends is great. I also like the V4's manhole and Apple catching games. The Get on the Friends is nice. I honestly still have no idea how shapes works... At all.
  25. Medieval: Remake. Doom Eternal Crash Team Racing remake
  26. I have every console ever made since the 1970s so I don't miss it. But i do miss the days before DLC and Digital Download gaming killed videogames and those that love to collect them.
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