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  2. Unfortunately due to the nature of the generators in that topic, they stopped working when the Tamatown servers went down in 2013, and there's no way to fix them. Until someone creates a working generator, it's impossible to generate new passwords for the V3 (give me a couple weeks and maybe that'll change ). I don't think that's really relevant to this topic, did you mean to post somewhere else?
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  4. Oh boy Dream Town, this was a fun one first i would like to thank @Alex Grigoriou as he had downloaded all the Dream Town files before it went down, basically making this whole thing possible. But anyway you can play dream town @ Registering and Login saving stuff works, however codes for the actural Tamagotchi Friends dont (yet), If you have any problems please tell me so i can try fix it- im not entirely sure i rewrote every single script soo Technical notes (for nerds): This game might have not been developed by Bandai but rather outsourced to "Firma Studio" as all packages are marked "com.firmastudio" - interestingly seems to be an architexture company not a game development one, now granted it is Dream TOWN but i dont think it falls under *.CEBD file format - there is only 1 SWF file acturally loaded by this, which is the loader itself. which loads other binaries and config files in the .CEBD file, which is compressed (gZIP) & encrypted (ARC4) SWF or XML files the main config file is called "mmog.cebd" which is XML and defines stuff like the login server and stuff. and the main binary is "tam.cebd" which is a SWF, i wrote a CEBD decryptor in C# .NET which you can find the src and binaries for here: Cebd_Decrypt its also built with the Starling Engine, the login server is default over unsecured HTTP (infact, it pretty much HAS to be over HTTP since it expects a direct IP and not a domain name, i think SSL on IP's is possible but you cant do it with Let's Encrypt ..), oh and the original server stored passwords in plaintext, when you did a "i forgot my pass" thing it would just give you your password. i acturally set mine up to do SHA512(password)^salt the password reset merely creates a new password for you and tells you that instead. :-: It was totallllly possible to cheat dream town (even the original one,) basically whenever you do anything it sends a request to the auth server (defined in mmog.cebd) basically you can just POST to <authserver>/inventory/add with a JSON like {"itemId":1,"quantity":4,"authId":<token>} and it just adds it to your inventory. Anyway, you can find the CGI scripts code for the login server here: DreamTown Repository, and the Client Files
  5. That explains why the mechanics that you mentioned reminded me of the MGA Penguin. I reckon that you're right about this, as it seems to have been the case for other MGA pets, too. My MGA Penguin is from a different company and was renamed to Penguin Time, but as far as I know it's otherwise identical. And on that note, I have to ask, does the Pet Vet also have the very cruel discipline feature that seems to be common to all of the MGA pets, where you have to fill a bar by repeatedly disciplining it until it's full every day rather than by responding to misbehaviour over time? Since it's an MGA pet, it should be the adult stage, yes - they only seem to have three stages per growth-path, if memory serves. They're also very quick to run - if I'm remembering it right, their complete lifespan is only about a week or so.
  6. Okay, I did some research and it turns out the Pet Vet is a clone of MGA programming, not Nano. It’s almost the exact same, except the sprites on the scale menu are replaced with text. Here’s a video that shows MGA’s version: According to the box, this was released by Randtoy. I think this is another case like Scholastic’s V-Pets where both companies got the rights to use the same software made by someone else, which would explain why two different toy companies would release something so similar. Either that or Randtoy just copied MGA, but I doubt they’d do that when there were more popular vpets to clone. The instructions are almost exactly the same as that of the Nano Puppy, but with minor differences. It’s not exactly 1:1 with the actual gameplay, but here it is for anyone interested: As for today’s update- nothing really happened. I had to grind the minigame a bit, but that was it. It turns out I was wrong (yet again), and what happened yesterday was that I filled the other meters but forgot to play the minigame. I’m convinced this is the adult stage, so I’ll run it for a few more days. If it still doesn’t change, I’ll move on and either re-run one of the Color fakes or take another break until a new bootleg comes out.
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  9. I was surprised at how frequent they are too. I assumed twins were meant to be really rare. I also almost always get boys too. I think I got a girl once?
  10. This thread is awesome!! and I'll offer a contribuition here ❤️ Name: WASAKI eletronic pet Type: Fake (description) Generic (the ROM) Notes: it uses the fake 32 in 1 ROM (based in johnny pets), very knows for having a quicker clock, making the pet inpossible to raise. But THIS ONE have a surprisingly slower clock, that works almost normally with full batteries, and even more slowy with weaker ones. I have one, and can corfirm that's pretty playable and enjoyable, and the shell have nice quality with a very big screen. I think that this pet should have a johnny 8 in 1 programming instead, because of the layout and the quality of the buttons and shell.
  11. so i recently started up my entama again, and i have been trying to get the special smart tamagotchi "Tensaitchi". In order to do that you need 999 intelligence points, so i am going to enter in the pc codes.. i was just wondering if their is a code for 100 intelligence points? as in binary's code system. as you may know the highest amount of points you can get from the entama shop online is 20 points, so its going to be a pain to enter the code for 20 intelligence points 45 times.... Anyway, if their isn't, i don't mind! thanks for you time :3
  12. I wouldn't worry about being banned either (you'd hope they only ban the MyMeets users themselves), but that's not the problem. The problem is your data being corrupt, which means you need to reset.
  13. Wow 50% is actually a lot too. Lol now I wonder if I go with these twins how long this line of twins will continue maybe one day it will just stop? goal is actually to try and reach gen 100 xD maybe I will become the famous 100 generation of twins tamas
  14. The Pet Vet has been an adult (maybe only teen) for almost 2 days now. I still don’t know how the growth stages work on this thing yet, but we’ll find out. I had to stop running the “Game machine” Gyaoppi clone because it kept resetting itself. It’s a shame that one is broken now, because it has been my favorite retro-style modern multipet. I have some ideas on how to at least temporarily fix it, but in the meantime it’s game over for that one. One thing worth noting is that the health meter depletion on the Pet Vet is starting to change. Not only does it feel like it’s getting faster overall, but happiness drains twice as fast as the other bars. Oh, and about the JD... It’s still the same character as before. I’m guessing that its growth is based off of how long it’s healthy rather than how old it is like on a real Tamagotchi, if that makes any sense. @Eggiweg Thanks! I probably should have just done some research beforehand, but I’m happy the Pet Vet’s inclusion isn’t too annoying lol.
  15. I would love to help out when I get access to my V3 again. Thankyou for all the hard work you've done ^^
  16. In a post here, Ra didn't have any success transferring items between the meets and ON either.
  17. I think it is unlikely bandai will do anything to your device, considering mymeets genes are so prevalent within the app.
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  19. MyMeets is an application that spoofs the official app and lets you send fake data to your device. If you marry a fake character created with it, your data becomes corrupted as well. I hope you ran into an innocuous glitch, otherwise you'd need to reset 😢 I meant that in the system I described people wouldn't even need to notice. Are there superior late stage genes? Now that sounds elitist...
  20. The instruction manual for the Tamagotchi ON claims that twins appear "every once in a while, " implying that it is a rare occurrence. I am challenging this claim with circumstantial evidence that points towards it actually being based on genetics in a similar way to how physical traits are determined. I am currently in the 15th generation of my Tamagotchi family. After tallying up which generations included twins and which didn't, I found that there were 10 out of 15 instances in which twins occurred. You could even take the first generation out of that, since it is impossible to have twins on the first generation, which would make it 10 out of 14 instances. This means that over 70% of the time, I have received twins, which is way too likely to be, "every once in a while." This could be chalked up to really good luck, but it's not as fun that way, is it? I honestly believe, based on my results, that my Tamagotchi bloodline is somehow predisposed to twins. My first set of twins happened immediately in my second generation, which sparked the long line of twins to come. I think Bandai knew what they were doing with this, as in they intentionally made it this way just to add depth to the genetics mechanic as a whole. Let me know what y'all think.
  21. I'm actually just randomly popping in here after reading your comment because the parents of a tama I just married has no I, like, screwed now? What even is mymeets anyway?
  22. Alright then lets get this update going! I found a bot that was one of the main characters you can raise (bots don't have friend codes or a greeting phrase) and married her. I was hoping to breed out Paintitchi and Kurobatchi's genes. I want Kurobatchi's wings but it didn't turn out how I was hoping. The reason I marry my Tama to bots or in unit Tama's is because so many users have MyMeets app genes that are known to cause glitches and problems. I'm not willing to take the risk not to mention Bandai is soft banning user profiles found with these genes. As a toddler he kinda reminded me of coffee grounds with the light brow color and the brown pom poms on his head. I get the weirdest colors I swear. I changed his color to purple. Now I'm raising his daughter, no idea why she has dark blue Mametchi ears and a cheeto orange body.
  23. Hello everyone! I have really good news for us tamagotchi lovers, especially for those who are outside Japan! Yesterday, @tamapalace made an article that can be found here and it’s talking about Mr.Blinky’s upcoming project. He is working on the Tamagotchi Meets Station downloads/content, and according to him it will be soon available for everyone, that means we don’t need to be in japan to have them! This is a screenshot I took from his twitter account: I can’t wait to see the finished project and try it out myself!
  24. Is the English app available for you? I am able to connect my meets to the tamagotchi on app!
  25. I haven’t gotten to generation 6, but I do quite frequently get twins. I have an on and a meets, and have played each one 4 generations (one died and now I started over, but 4th Tama) and I’ve gotten twins at least 50% of the time or more.
  26. You're right, that was pointless use of the word. And I should have quoted you both.
  27. Something similar happend to me, when I first tried to connect via play date I didnt realize after you press "connect" you need to press the middle button again on both tamas for it to actually connect. It sounds silly but a huge problem at start actually turned to a misunderstanding, hope I could help.
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