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  2. Yeah, and I think that's why it seems to work better even though it shouldn't. AHAHAHAHA! That's made my day, thanks so much.
  3. Of course, that's also what I meant. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was the first non-bootleg game I had of either series, but I don't like it in retrospect, for that reason. But this seems like a more humouristic crossover. Literally.
  4. In the end, I chose to have Blobtchi marry Pizalinatchi, since @Joc posted the Pac-Man Tamagotchi ad over in News and Announcements yesterday, and we all know about the famous claim about Pac-Man having been inspired by a pizza that was missing a slice. Thanks for the inspiration, Joc! Blobtchi and Pizalinatchi had twin boys - a blue one named Slicetchi, and a forest-green one called Peppertchi. I'll post the next update when they're fully-grown.
  5. Heh, true, though I meant it more in terms of logistics - crossing the lore of the two franchises just doesn't work (to the point that they're not even trying to here - it's more like some Tamagotchis have taken up residence in an arcade-game, Wreck-It Ralph style). It's still cute, though. I find the Sanrio crossovers odd, too (cute, definitely, but also odd). Let's be honest, the Sanrio cast would go to the opening of an envelope, too!
  6. It doesn't really pretend to make sense, especially with that stupid 256 glitch. Yet I think this crossover still makes more sense than the Sanrio crossovers. How are Tamagotchi characters able to produce eggs together with Sanrio characters? Though maybe Pac-Man will be next month's special guest in the On/Meets Park and let him do that too. 😜 And this bootleg of Miffy (named "Cathy") might have been included if Sanrio didn't get sued to stop using it before. Not really what Bandai should try to associate themselves with. I think the sheer popularity of Sanrio in Japan is the only reason these crossovers were considered.
  7. Hi again! It's sooner than I thought, but I completed a draft of the spreadsheet! Here's the data I gathered so far (I hope you can read it): I sourced all the experiments from this thread, but I got additional details of some of the subjects from our logs. As you can see, I divided the table into four groups, representing each of the Child characters (I thought this would be the best way to present it, since the main purpose is to find the relationship between the Child and Teenager characters), and I gave each individual test a code number for easy identification. Each test has a prefix letter (H for Harutchi, P for Puchitchi, Z for MizuTamatchi and M for MohiTamatchi) followed by a number, which ensures that none of them get confused with each other. You don't have to use them for reference though; I just personally like classification numbers and organisation As we all post in this thread and do more experiments, I will add more entries to the spreadsheet accordingly. Hopefully, as we keep testing, the data will build up and we can begin to see some patterns, like in Maria&Co.'s graph! You may notice that some of the spaces are empty; that's simply because I couldn't find the information for these particular attributes. That said, it's not very important to add the other details for these early tests. I will try to add all attributes of each test as much as I can in the future though. I also added a second page that contains mysteries or theories for us to test out. This isn't as well-developed as the first, and there are probably a lot more questions to add, but this will happen over time. I'll be sure to put a question/theory in if it comes up for discussion in the thread, and if any of these are more or less proven I will update their status to "Confirmed" or something. If there are any questions that are in your mind that I've missed (I'm sure I have missed some), you are free to suggest one. What do you think? If there are any features you'd like me to add or change, I will be happy to take that on board. Also, I am happy to post the file if you want it (in either .docx or .ods format), and in the future I can also post updates to this sheet on request.
  8. No problem! The graph was very interesting, and having this information in the one post will be very handy. It can give us an idea on what to test next. I think your data on Puchitchi explains Amber's situation very well. The one care mistake seemed to put her into the Meme slot instead of the Mame family. Perhaps, as you suggested, there is a fair bit of randomness, especially at certain numbers of care mistakes. For example, Puchitchi at one care mistake may either evolve into the Y. Androtchi/Ringotchi tier or the Gourmetchi/Y. Memetchi tier. Perhaps I can test this out next time I get Puchitchi. I'm sure your attempt at Young Mimitchi will still be handy for the data, even if you aren't experimenting. It's interesting that you haven't had Young Mimitchi nearly as much as Young Mametchi. I don't think I've had Young Mimitchi all that much on the V4 either. Could it be that evolutions aren't identical between genders? Anyway, good luck with it, and I'll be interested to see if you achieve it! Good luck with Nikatchi as well! Awesome! I'll start right away, though it might take some time. I think it will complement your graph by recording some specific details about each experiment for future reference; perhaps they can be added to your graph some time in the future. With the spreadsheet, I think I'll limit the data to the experiments that are mentioned in this thread; if I expand too much beyond this it could get overwhelming and inconsistent. But nonetheless, I'm positive it can come in useful!
  9. Hmm...I might have just been really lucky to have Puchitchi evolve into the Mame family most of the time. I believe I've had Puchitchi evolve into Gourmetchi and Young Memetchi with barely under perfect care, though, so it's very possible it's more random than I thought. It definitely seems to always evolve into Young Androtchi and Ringotchi with no care mistakes and good overall care, though. I checked my growth log I've been keeping since Spring of 2017, and based on the data I've collected since then, Puchitchi's evolution may or may not be influenced by genetics. Every time it evolved into the Meme teens, one or both of the parents were Meme adults, but I've seen it evolve into the Mame teens even if neither of its parents was a Mame adult (and, in fact, sometimes both of the parents were Meme adults). I suspect it's more random than anything. But I have a feeling that filling the happy hearts when they drop too low, but before the Tama makes an attention call, may have a part in it, because that alone has gotten me the "bad care" teens from the other three children on many occasions. Absolutely! I've been trying different theories recently, but I also try to test theories I've already tested from time to time, to see if they're definite or random. I think compiling a spreadsheet based on information we've collected thus far would be a good idea! While not quite the same thing, I've been keeping a graph of all the child-to-teen evolutions I've seen since I've logged my Tamas' growths. If you're interested, here it is... I just noticed I forgot to note the teens I've had the children evolve into most often, so... Harutchi: Young Mametchi and Ringotchi Puchitchi: Ringotchi and Young Androtchi MizuTamatchi: Gourmetchi and Ichigotchi MohiTamatchi: Young Kuchipatchi, HinoTamatchi, and Young Dorotchi I didn't provide any specifics in this chart, so I'll write them here instead (please note that this is my own experience, so it may or may not be in line with anyone else's): HARUTCHI Evolves into Young Mametchi (and most likely Young Mimitchi) with 0-4 care mistakes. Evolves into Ringotchi (and most likely Young Androtchi) if its happy hearts drop to 1 heart at any point, but are filled before it makes an attention call. PUCHITCHI Evolves into Young Androtchi and Ringotchi with perfect care. Might evolve into Gourmetchi and Young Memetchi with very good, but not quite perfect, care. I'll have to try this next time I get Puchitchi. I don't know the requirements for it to evolve into HinoTamatchi and Ichigotchi. I didn't write any specifics the one time I've had Puchitchi evolve into Ichigotchi. MIZUTAMATCHI Evolves into Gourmetchi and Young Memetchi with 0-1 care mistakes. Evolves into HinoTamatchi and Ichigotchi with around 2 or more care mistakes (I'm estimating, I don't know the exact minimum required amount of care mistakes; the least I've obtained them with is 3). It can also evolve into them under the same circumstances Harutchi evolves into Ringotchi and (likely) Young Androtchi. May evolve into Young Dorotchi and Young Kuchipatchi with 4 care mistakes, and possibly one missed training call in addition. I'll have to try this again, next time I get MizuTamatchi. MOHITAMATCHI Evolves into Young Kuchipatchi and Young Dorotchi with 0-4 care mistakes. Evolves into HinoTamatchi and Ichigotchi under the same circumstances Harutchi evolves into Ringotchi and (likely) Young Androtchi. Obviously, I still have quite a bit of information to gather. It takes some time, but I try the best I can! I've also obtained Oniontchi once and possibly obtained Young Mimitchi once or twice, but not since I've logged my Tamas' growths. Cal the Androtchi from my log married Violetchi through the matchmaker today, and had a girl. She should evolve into either MohiTamatchi or MizuTamatchi, if my previous experience with marrying a Mame adult to a Meme adult is any indication. If she evolves into the former, I'll try five care mistakes to try for Nikatchi (the only Kuchi teen I've never obtained before). If she evolves into the latter, I'll try four care mistakes and a missed training call to see if she evolves into Ichigotchi or Young Dorotchi. Jim the Mametchi married Mimitchi through the matchmaker today and had a girl, and I'm positive his child will evolve into Harutchi. I really want to get Young Mimitchi, though, so I'm not willing to experiment this time around, sorry Sorry for such a long post, I had a lot on my mind. I would have posted it sooner, but I've had to take breaks between paragraphs
  10. It seems that a lot of strange things are going on lately! I have something a little strange to report too - last night, Amber evolved into a Young Memetchi with just one care mistake! It makes me wonder whether teen evolutions really do have more randomness or genetics involved than we thought. What I think I'll do is marry Amber and Mewtwo when they're adults so that both their babies will have Mame and Meme genes - it will be interesting to see where they go from there. It seems that the only true way to see the extent of randomness and genetics in these evolutions is to do repeated testing under the same conditions (both Child characters and care mistakes). If the result differs each time, then we'll know for sure that there are other factors at play other than care mistakes. Much like a scientific experiment - continued repeats of a given experiment are used to more accurately validate or disprove a theory, after all. So while it's important to test new possibilities, it's also good to sometimes make repeats of past experiments whenever possible. And I'm glad that this balance is already happening, so let's keep up the good work! I also have an idea - Do you think it's viable if I took some time to compile all the information we found so far into a spreadsheet? That way we can more easily reference what we've already tested without having to dig through this thread aimlessly. Perhaps I can also record certain theories that we more or less prove to be "certain" (If one arises, that is ).
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  12. Tekelitchi had the flying dream last night, looks like he had fun Maymotchi is red again hopefully he can make up his mind, but i'll be good either way
  13. Oh my god, that is not the result that I was expecting! Not only did Blobtchi live up to his unfortunate name with unfortunate looks (he looks like a puffball from the Kirby series, given a hideous beak and stuck onto a tiny body), but he also completely washed out the gene-pool! I was expecting at least some cute ears to make it through from somewhere in the family-tree (especially since his teen stage inexplicably had small horns), but nope! He's such a blank slate that I literally have no idea who to have him marry, because he barely has any traits of his own to pass on, and I just can't imagine how the next generation might look. I don't imagine that it'd be as much of a shock as this one, though!
  14. @Joc - That was a really fun little ad! I really can't wait for this one. The crossover makes zero sense (and I love Pac-Man and appreciate his legacy, but these days he'd go to the opening of an envelope ), but it's such a nicely-executed little oddity that I can't help but like it. It's definitely going to be the weirdest piece of Pac-Man 40th Anniversary memorabilia that I end up picking up.
  15. Well i ended up getting the camo keitai akai, right now im also having fun with my music star so i think something simpler like the keitai is great to change things up a little. But thanks for the links, ill make sure to bookmark them!
  16. Trailer released! And it actually shows the game, unlike most Tamagotchi ads.
  17. Sweets Meets on the left, European version of the Friends on the right Yes, the Meets is actually thinner...
  18. I was still at generation 1 until a few weeks ago because I was too scared of anything happening to me, but I decided to use it anyway. At first it seemed okay, but then, at generation 3, it happened to me, I think. So, this doesn't even seem to be the case. I received a proposal, accepted it, and then when I visited the park with the baby afterwards, the father was still there, unmarried! At first I thought, maybe it's a bug that he still appears there, but no, he then gave my baby a Like, meaning he was actually online with that character. That shouldn't normally be possible, right? I really hope it's just that this guy's device crashed at the most unfortunate moment, because otherwise it means that some people are spending all their time baiting people into accepting fake proposals... I guess it technically doesn't matter (doesn't seem like MyMeets was used), but still, I'm currently leaving my Meets in a drawer while I think about what to do. 😢 When I searched for my own thread to make this comment, I discovered that Reddit actually responded to this thread. My favorite comment is the one that called me a "gene hoarder" despite me still being at generation 1 at the time... I had my username changed as a precaution.
  19. No, the 1996 and 1997 Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices do not marry or breed, and nor do their modern remakes. That feature was added later on, first with the Japan-only Osutchi & Mesutchi pairs in late 1997, but more famously with the Tamagotchi Connection in 2004.
  20. Very well, but I only stated a fact. I will elucidate, instead of summarising as I did before; The service started in 2010 at the end of the life of the Nintendo DS (which originally launched in 2004), and ran across part of that system's life and also the life of its successor, the Nintendo 3DS (which launched in 2011). Both systems' provisions of the Pokemon Global Link services overlapped with the hardwares' respective successors, and both of those systems have now themselves been superseded by the Nintendo Switch (which launched in 2017). Pokemon Global Link is technically a decade-old service, but it has already had multiple iterations that already ended before this one, each lasting only three to four years each. People only seem to be focussing on the 2016 iteration ending, though - presumably because it marks the end of an era, even though the vast majority of customers have long since moved on, and even though a provision has been put in place (a temporary free trial period for Pokemon Bank, if memory serves - a 2013 service that itself has now been superseded by 2020's Pokemon Home) to assist those who wish to move over to the current products and services. Technology has very much marched on. The purpose of a business is to make and keep customers, and also to turn a profit - and there is nothing wrong with that as long as the correct balance of customer satisfaction, customer-service, and profit is achieved, which is what makes a business sustainable. Loaded terms like "care about" don't apply here, as companies aren't people's friends - the company needs to make compelling current offerings that are worthwhile for retaining customers and attracting new ones, and to keep turning a profit. Pokemon Global Link was offered at no charge across two older hardware families that have both since been superseded. It was a value-add (that is, something of value to customers, which also helped to provide a selling-point for the products) back when these hardware-families and their associated software were current and were still selling, but they no longer are*. Therefore, because most customers have moved on, it is no longer profitable to keep running a free-of-charge service which costs money and resources to run and maintain. *Note that, whilst a handful of copies probably are still being sold because these games are long-tail sellers, when we discuss markets we talk in absolutes, and ignore that which is statistically-insignificant. An example of this is mentioned in part 9 of the memoirs of a former Nintendo employee, wherein the failure of a third-party NES submarine simulation game is mentioned, along with information about late-1980s demographic spreads for the company. And, again, in spite of most customers having moved on and technology having marched on, an upgrade path is available for those who wish to move up to the current products and services - something which strikes a good balance of treating customers well whilst continuing to further the business. It's almost like they care about their customers, one might say? The option to migrate is there for the time being, at least.
  21. Does Tamagotchi P1 marriage? Because I played to them 12yr old but I didn’t see any Matchmaker!
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