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  2. I bet, when he took the Universal vs. Nintendo case, he never could've imagined the impact that he would have on video gaming history, both because of how he handled the case, and because of how he was rewarded for that. No kidding - Taranza's great! He's one of my favourite characters aside from Dedede.
  3. i saw those! super happy taranza's finally getting more merch!!
  4. The late John Kirby, the one who inspired Kirby~
  5. I really really can NOT get enough of this:
  6. These awesome Kirby figures win the day! I've just pre-ordered a set. I absolutely couldn't resist.
  7. It's very in-keeping with how we used to look at bugs and glitches back in the day, though, so it's certainly fitting!
  8. Wow, that is creepy, and very dark for a kid's toy 😕 Sounds like a Tamagotchi horror movie. I'll DEFINITELY make sure to not let my poor Mimitchi succumb to a fate like that. . .
  9. This was nonsense. Actually I've now found out that I still don't understand fully how the TMP system works in this game. My knowledge on how the game works comes from here, but if you pay attention, you'll see that there's a lot of missing information. For example, what does the "Message" meter do on the status screen, and what's the point of the minigames? So this morning I was checking out the TMP screen (which as you can see isn't explained in the aforementioned link), and saw that my Hiratchi now has 3 lit-up crowns on the TMP meter but only 2 lit-up "dragon balls" (they do look like dragon balls from dragon ball Z, don't you think?) on the "Level" meter (the japanese letters mean "reberu" which means level). Now, upon starting this run, I first wondered what each meant, thinking "why are there 2 meters for just 1 piece of info (i.e. the TMP level)?". Then for some reason I assumed the top one was just for decoration and the bottom one was the real deal. The top one always showed 2 crowns, which didn't make any sense (I knew my first pets were of TMP level 3 by looking at the growth chart) and the bottom one was stuck on level 3. This made me assume that the top one didn't mean anything, but that's until this morning when I found out my Hiratchi has 3 crowns on the top meter and 2 balls on the bottom meter. I then came back here to have a second look at my Saturday post and indeed, Both of the parents had 2 TMP crowns despite having 3 "level balls". I'm pretty sure this is the reason why I ended up having a Tsubutchi instead of a Puchiteletchi when they mated. (Tsubutchi is TMP level 2). So here I am scratching my head over how this might work. At first I thought, the balls display the actual TMP level of the tamagotchi which could potentially be attained through good care, but if that was the case, my Hiratchi couldn't possibly have 3 crowns as you can see in my first screenshot above.This reinvigorates my interest in this game a little bit - there's something new here to be understood. That was wrong too. It only shows one potential mating partner at a time, BUT they seem to change every time you open the mating menu. And I just had the idea to use the mating menu to study how the crowns and "level balls" (what a weird combination of words!) behave. If the balls display the "absolute" TMP level, that should be pretty easy to verify by checking out on a number of proposed mating partners and checking whether the number of level balls is always the same as the TMP level displayed on the growth chart. And about the "Message" thing, I asked a weeb friend of mine and told her this should be very easy to figure out if we had a manual, and she said she'll be asking a japanese friend of hers. I'm not expecting too much out of this but, if I get back from her, I'll be sure to let you guys know. Thanks for reading!
  10. By forgetting it's there because it's such a quiet and low-maintenance Tamagotchi. That's what happened to me, anyway - it was how my first run with the device, which took place after having not run anything for an extended period of time, ended. As an aside, the kill-screen death is fairly "creepy", since you find your Tamagotchi having fallen before the bugs, then they're consumed by them when you try to call Pac-Man, and then the screen goes black. It sounds like something out of an edgelord-authored creepypasta.
  11. Thinking about picking up a Keitai Akai! It would be my first Japanese-language Plus/Connection model, plus I love the red pixels present on the aforementioned ver. :)

  12. Yesterday
  13. Or not! it evolved mere moments after this post! Is this game for real? This is a 2 yo adult: Anyway, this time I'm keeping Hiratchi for at least 24 hours before marrying it, just to slow things down a bit. I'm not really in a hurry to see Puchichocotchi again
  14. Hyurutchi evolved into a Hikotchi yesterday morning, I didn't have the time to log yesterday. This game's going a little too fast for its own sake. I don't think having a 1 yo teen makes any ounce of sense It should evolve into a Hiratchi tomorrow.
  15. Thanks for pitching in @iTamannadi. I've had it for 6 days so far and everything seems to be going well. It's a VERY low maintenance Tama, I reckon it could go around 4 hours not checking it before it starts calling for attention. Ghosts attacks are so infrequent, I really don't know how people end up getting the kill screen bug. It takes around 2 hours for a ghost to show up, and if the kill screen bug appears after having 4 ghosts on-screen, that's over 8 hours not looking at your Tama! Maybe it gets extremely needier with time? We'll see. . . . For now Mimitchi is just happily jumping around while riding on Pac Man! xD
  16. Yep, it should work since it's backwards compatible don't worry Haha, you'll be able to transfer custom themes to your Tama with MyMeets don't worry You can even draw your own if you're willing to invest some time into it!
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