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  2. Geez I want to buy the pink Evatchi, but the Evatchis seem to be amazon exclusive only. I don't have prime, but it sucks that shipping is an additional 6 dollars, and I don't wanna spend 30+ dollars on a nano.    

  3. 8th Day I am raising the twins! I've been sick still, so they've been left in the Tama Hotel the last three days. They're midway through their bar. I make sure to take them to the app and take care of them at night. I will admit, I was surprised when I suddenly was able to take care of two Tamas, together! I still have yet to get the Rocket from the Flower Catching game on the app; anyone got any tips for it? I can get to 850, but never higher.. I got the Limousine today, and some other items. Getting items and then downloading them to the On seems to be the easiest way to keep the Tamas happy. I just figured out how to get my Tama code, if anyone wants to add... TWC322226. AND I JUST GOT THE ROCKET! Luck, really.
  4. I play everything on that list except Just Dance and Gacha Life. .3.
  5. Have you tried praising your tamagotchi each time it plays its instrument? I remember doing that recently and i passed pro debut regardless of having high stats. The music star is so difficult to enjoy lol.
  6. I have played Puyo Puyo games in the past, and I own Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 but I have yet to play that
  7. No problem at all! Ahh! That makes more sense! I presume that they skipped 4 for superstitious reasons, here?
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  9. Ah apologies, my mistake. The numbers I put in for Ver 1 and 3 should’ve been switched
  10. No problem at all! Here are some pictures of my Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 Sunset, and my Tamagotchi Original Gen 2 Sky devices (so, also the modern re-issues), after the LCD-test part of the ROM-test; I did not get a screen displaying the frequency - pressing a button after the checksum was verified sent both of the English devices straight to the standard egg screen. As a bonus, though I don't have a Japanese Gen 1 remake to show alongside it, here's a picture of my Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi Gen 2 Hiragana; The Japanese device did not show or verify a checksum, and it also didn't show the frequency - pressing a button on the version-number screen sent it straight to the standard egg screen. As you can see, the odd thing is that the version numbers don't match up with @hwd45's list! As far as that goes, I have two more English Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 devices (the Purple and Neon ones, which are both plain colours), and I can test those too if anybody would like me to.
  11. From my experience, the music star is just a bit buggy with that. After failing the first or 2nd attempts, I could never get that third judge to give me the OK, no matter what else I did. Did you max out your stats while your tama was still a teen, or did you do it after failing the debut as an adult? The only way I could ever get it to work was to gets my stats super high as a teen and also do a lot of band practice while still in the teen phase, basically working like crazy as a teen to ace the debut on the first try as an adult. It's been years since I've played the music star so I'm not entirely sure on the specifics, but I ran into that issue a lot too so I feel your pain
  12. Hello! I'm having heaps of trouble trying to debut in my V6 Music Star. This is gen 1, all my stats are at 999, everyone's got a ton of practice on their instruments (piano and headphones), and the genre is Classical Music. I've tried just about every instrument combination spread across the 3 musicians, but currently I'm at 1. Piano, 2. Headphones, 3. Piano. I still get a "x" for the 3rd judge ugh. Anything I can do better? What's the perfect genre for these instruments?
  13. My generation 2 tamagotchi isn't evolving and its age 27 due to it not evolving to teen and its still a toddler, its weight is 16 lb and its discipline is over 7 and its hunger and happiness is full so i need help
  14. OMG! I just realized we share a birthday! 🤩

  15. Oh, sorry. I did not see the description I should of looked. Thx for letting me know I won’t post here again. 😅
  16. Hi there @PandaCatQueen01! Unfortunately, the News and Announcements section, as its description states, is for official Tamagotchi news and official TamaTalk news - it's not for users' news about their personal Tamagotchis. I've moved this to the What's On Your Mind? section, accordingly. However, if you would prefer to use this thread as a Tamagotchi log (basically, a Tamagotchi diary), I could move it to the Tamagotchi Logs section instead - please let me know.
  17. Thx for joining my group!  :wub:

  18. *theme song plays* Welcome, to “Pandas Tama Update”, today we get an update on my current tama. Gen 3 just got married, we come out with a new tama, not any twins. Appearance: small light pink blob with a heart on top. Name: Angeltchi (or Angel) Gen 3 married using TAMAGOTCHI ON. Type: garden tama. Wallpaper: Kawaii Bedroom. Gen: 4. Age: 0Y/0. Money: 7210. Family picture: (unable to upload photo ) *theme song plays again* Well, Pandas Tama Update has come to an end. See you in episode 2 season 1!
  19. Hi!! I recently got the king of games home deka, and I might just be being dumb, but three of the games are really hard for me to understand, and I was hoping somebody would be able to explain them? Firstly, the fishing game makes no sense at all. I’ve tried everything like spamming the button, moving the hook but I either get nothing or get a boot which results in a loss? The game which has you run across a field with clouds and rocks with a timer in the bottom confused me too. I initially thought you had to dodge the rocks until the time ran out, but doing so ended in a loss? The cover for the game seems to be a tama jumping across rocks, but jumping on the rocks does nothing but hurt your character? I’m especially confused with this one lastly is the card game, I’m pretty sure it’s just a higher or lower game, but it seems endless? this is my first post here, I really hope I did it right ;W; <33 tysm for reading!! I can provide more info if needed!
  20. Last week
  21. This week has been pretty slow for Kitty... actually pretty boring in all honesty. 😅 On Saturday she turned 10 and got the jasper appearance, like my previous panda. I'm not sure if this is like the most common or default adult appearance, but you'd think it'd be Nini since that looks the most like a typical panda (with tiny and jumbo being the different sizes). On top of that, she hasn't changed at all again since then, almost a week later... hoping maybe she'll change soon, she's going to be 17 tomorrow. We did finally get some rain, it's rained three times since my last post! I have a few pictures, but unfortunately I'm not having much luck uploading them to Imgur now that they make you watch ads if you're not a paying member. 😑 Usually I just refresh the page a few times and it'll finally play the ad and let me upload, but today they just keep spinning and not doing anything, so there may not even be any pictures with this post... Other than finally getting some rain, I just feed her, make her exercise/read/whatever else regularly and when she beeps, and she hasn't been sick at all. I also haven't let her watch tv at since she turned 5, except for a little bit last Sunday while we were out of the house for a few hours and I didn't want to risk having her starve or go to the bathroom and get sick. She's still not letting me bathe her or wash her face, or having friends over either... I had my previous panda watch tv somewhat often when I was busy, and I don't know if doing that makes a difference, but poor Kitty almost kind of seems like a dud so far. 😔 I have her exercise pretty often so I figured maybe she'd be having visitors regularly and maybe they'd take interest in her, haha. Maybe I should let her watch some tv just to see if it makes a difference. We've been getting a decent bit of weather interaction, but not much else. I'm also sort of considering maybe starting another panda after Kitty leaves us, and if anyone who reads this is interested, maybe doing some sort of interaction-based thing where you guys tell me what to feed her, how to interact with her, when and how often, and stuff like that. I think it sounds kind of fun anyways, so maybe we'll see. 🙂 Anyways, I keep trying to upload my few pictures to Imgur but it's not doing anything, so I'll either try again later and make a separate post with them, or just try including them in my next one if it happens to work then. Sorry. 😕 Edit: Nevermind, I tried again right after submitting this and it finally worked, lol. There are two pictures of the rain cloud, one is just at a regular time, and the other is right as she woke up, before I could even turn the light on!
  22. Honestly I didnt even know there were different language releases but it makes sense! Do you guys no anything about the glitch letters that show up now and then? Ive heard some are japanese letters but no way to confirm. Id also love to have the glitch happen where the tama is made up of items lol. That one is my favorite but Ive had it happen just twice. and the second time I got battery kill screened
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