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  2. Ugh, YES! I really want to document the bachelorettes in the TaMatching app but I'll need to wait at LEAST another 4 days to raise the next generation. Please don't be Milktchi again...
  3. Got the first Puyo Puyo Tetris game a couple of days ago and I've been enjoying that one too! I finished the main story last night but I still have the three post-game acts to do I'm still not great at Tetris but I'm getting better with practice!
  4. They will also go to sleep on their own if you ignore their request to help them. I left mine upstairs and found he went to sleep on his own. Are you also getting the same gender over and over with your Tama? Are you on your third girl?
  5. sorry weird the photos didnt post here is a link to it
  6. I want to protect it if it is, i will still hold onto it probably but i cant find anything online that has the same design. It's v5 i think and it was purchased in Australia! Thanks so much for your help. Ps i hope it's okay to post this question here i was reading through all the sub forums to see where was best and i came here.
  7. Yeah, it's become the absolute last-resort for online shopping for me, too. I would've gone elsewhere in this specific case too, but nobody is listing those new shells at all, for some reason, and I had some store-credit to use.
  8. Happy friday funday tama fans and happy Constitution day so my tama died but I am getting married today

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  10. Just because they beep at you at 7 in the morning doesn't mean you have to wake them right away, I've discovered. I let my Kurumaritchi sleep in until nearly 8 before I woke her! Thank goodness, I'm really not a morning person.
  11. Just stab one of the guards and say "did he just get stabbed?" to the other guard
  12. it is! consider this: 2 gates, 2 guards, one in front of each gate. One gate leads to heaven, one leads to hell. The guards know what's behind each gate. One guard always lies, one guard never does. You can only ask one question to only one of them. What question should you ask to be certain to go to heaven, given that googling the answer is no fun.
  13. I walked away from Amazon a few years ago and haven't looked back, anything I could want from there I can find somewhere else for half the price and free delivery. Life's just better without Amazon these days, which is weird since it was like the first big online store I really used.
  14. I ended up with Oyajitchi again this morning. I married him off and got... ANOTHER BOY! That's four in a row. For this one I will not be using any Sma Card items or items Mametchi liked. I hope I don't get Mametchi again.
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  16. I was checking Amazon UK since there are a couple of new Tamagotchi Original shells due out in November and I wanted to pre-order one of them, and at the bottom of my search-results I was greeted with this; I don't think that I've ever seen such a brazen slogan used for Amazon UK's promotions of these knock-off "brands"! For those who don't know, Amazon UK is almost like a reskinned Wish or AliExpress these days - it's often tricky to find legitimate products that you actually want to buy, and they usually prioritise junk and counterfeits (which are often overpriced), pushing legitimate items some way down in your search-results. (Or maybe I'm wrong, and everybody absolutely wants to buy from totally famous household names like "Pantyshka", "MANGOO", "FAIRZOO", "EQUASIS", and "CreepyParty". ) At any rate, I don't think that anybody here would agree that this particular product comparison is "Better with Zerodis"!
  17. This is a great idea; I love crafting, and also I've been wanting to try customizing shells! I hope this club will get more members who are also interested in sharing their projects.
  18. I'm not really sure how, but I've raised Milktchi twice in a row. WITH DIFFERENT GROWTH STAGES. This was the first try: Basically perfect care, lots of Communication, wide variety of food, toys, and accessories, lots of games. HouseSitter during the day. This was the second try: Very poor care, no items aside from the robot vacuum, no accessories, only the default foods. HouseSitter during the day. This doesn't really make any sense. The third generation is ALSO a girl...maybe the key is not using the HouseSitter?
  19. I've been trying to get my Morino to become Chobitamatchi, but I'm not clear how to get him. Does anyone know?

  20. Hi guys I just found my childhood virtual pet puppy after 20 years. However I cannot for the life of me understand the game on the right. It’s a rock game. A button makes it jump up and b supposedly makes it come down. There’s no way to win the game though. Here’s how many ways to lose: 1. Rock touches you 2. You jump and rock doesn’t touch you 3. you jump and rock touches you when you come down I totally don’t get it. Can anyone give me some ideas?
  21. This is so cool!! Thank you for doing this! Hopefully we will be able to see some cool ideas over time, and I might get myself a bit more motivated and inspired. I'm pretty into perler bead tama sprites at the moment. It's something simple and and easy to do depending on someone's hands, but still very fun. I like the shapes themselves but also the keychain element for some.
  22. Finally added the background and icons. Not perfect, but we're getting there.
  23. Hello! I’m new to the Tamagotchi P’s and trying to get the puzzle pieces for Gotchimotchi. One of his favorites is the star costume but can’t seem to find it in the Tama Mori. Any help would be great! Thanks ☺️
  24. A comedian, huh?
  25. I'm instantly suspicious of any article that makes such claims (the video that I linked to before explains why in detail), especially about the Gen 1/P1 devices. This news-article from January of 1998 mentions that, at the time of publishing, over 40 million Tamagotchis had already been sold - the Tamagotchi launched at the end of 1996 in Japan, and in mid-1997 everywhere else, so, even accounting for different colourways being produced in different numbers, those early devices are by no means rare. Expensive does not equal rare, and rare does not necessarily equal expensive. That goes double for items that sold many multiple millions. Thin air, I would imagine. Again, the video that I linked to before explains why listings like these can happen. Though of course, sometimes it's just as simple as a seller thinking that something is worth more than it is.
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