TamaTalk Guidelines (aka - Rules of the House)


TamaTalk is growing as a community. Communities need rules. TamaTalk is no different. We find it is time to establish some guidelines to help keep this a friendly and informative place for everyone to enjoy. Our aim is to keep as open and free as possible. However, decency rules, filtering applications, an interest in maintaining site friendliness and a host of other potentially large issues are forcing us to establish some basic guidelines for everyone in order to keep things flowing and friendly. We do not wish to be overbearing, uncompromising or unfriendly on anything here at TamaTalk… This is a place for everyone to enjoy. We, as do you, wish to keep this a positive and fun place to visit and share amongst friends.


Please avoid the following actions and behaviors during your visit to TamaTalk:



-Flaming or arguing

-Use of offensive or derogatory language

-Spamming of the forums or members (via posts, sigs, PM or email)

-Post hogging (senseless use of repeated small off-topic posts)

-Avatar or username hijacking

-Intentional misuse of TamaTalk names, ranks, badges or likenesses with ill intention


In the most basic of forms, we ask that everyone be nice, be helpful, be respectful and please report concerns or questions to Admin or any of the TamaTalk Guides.


Failure to respect guidelines against these actions and behaviors will be brought to your attention privately. Continuation after warnings will result in official warnings. If necessary, warnings are followed by temporary account suspension and then banning. We have yet to reach these stages… Hopefully we never have to.


Enough of that! Remember that these are all in place in the hope of maintaining a fun place for everyone. Please feel free to PM the Admin if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these guidelines or if you wish to dispute any claims or warnings.