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    My Tamagotchi Pix arrived today. Here are some pictures of the packaging and manual; Here's a look at the device itself, along with a size comparison with the Mini, Nano, Gen 1, Connexion, Friends, and Meets models; I haven't had the time to put batteries in and hatch it yet, so right now I can only share my impressions of the initial presentation. The box is pretty fancy, with far-too-nice screen-printing on the thin plastic bubble (which is a bit of a contrast to the device itself, where the faceplate is clearly a piece of paper under some clear plastic), and matte foil and glitter all over the place. The foil reminds me of the old Game Boy Colour game boxes, which was nice. However, even though it's nice, the packaging feels wasteful, as if the size of the box is being used to justify the £60 price of the device - it could be a third of the size, much like the boxes for the Japanese colour models, and do its job just fine. As it is, I've got a bunch of sorting to do in order to get all of this into the appropriate recycling containers! It's a bit unfortunate that the imagery on the box (and the glitter; The foil is fine) feels particularly girly - for the first time that I can remember, the packaging is focussed on showing the target-audience instead of the Tamagotchi characters themselves. I presume that this is due to the camera, but I can easily see this being off-putting to any fans who don't fall into the "girly-girl" category (I'm a lass that never has, personally). Still, it's nice to see from one of the side panels that the blue and green devices (which unfortunately aren't available at launch) seemingly haven't been outright cancelled - hopefully their packaging will be more appealing to the gents and tomboys out there, which is something that I feel that the Tamagotchi line needs if it's ever to hit the broadly-appealing heights that it reached in the late-1990s and early-2000s. Moreover, it feels strange to aim a nurturing-focussed toy/game at only one gender, when things like pets aren't gender-specific and in adulthood both the mother and the father are expected to raise their children. The device feels pretty much the same in the hand, build-quality-wise, as the Meets, to me. The faceplate does let it down a little bit because, as mentioned above, it's just printed paper under some plastic (complete with, in my view, slightly-tacky printed buttons, surrounded by printed button-wells, underneath the touch-dimples - I think that this would've stood out less if they'd just used regular circles with a little bit of shading on them), and the print-quality isn't as nice as that of the faceplate on the Meets. The camera button feels nice enough, though I expected its response to be a bit more clicky given its size. I might sound a little negative here, but really that's probably just my age showing - I can easily imagine that a kid getting this for their birthday or for Christmas would be absolutely thrilled to be greeted with this presentation once they open the gift, as it feels like something special. I'll follow up with some more thoughts once I actually get some time to use the device.
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    Not gonna lie, I really like this version of the packaging much more than the America version of the packaging. It reminds me a lot of the packaging for the plus color and iD... I really wish America got this version instead lol
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    So far, my first impressions are negative. If you have normal adult sized hands you're going to have a difficult time with the capacitive buttons. I happened to have a phone stylus that the tip fits perfectly in the little dimples and it makes operating the tama bearable. That said, they're very sensitive, just specific. I'm too scared to try removing the faceplate to mill it flat at work and make it easier for my adult thumbs to use- I'll let someone else give that a go. The device would be much easier to use if they had made the front smooth and flat as it's VERY receptive when contact is made in the dimples. This coupled with the bizarre text entry choices on the Tamagotchi on makes for an awful experience inputting the letters. The camera is also appears to be superbly low resolution, but maybe my home just isn't well lit enough. I'll know for sure tomorrow. And the menus- there's two sets of main menus and if you accidentally pop into the second one, ugh, there's no way to go back, only go all the way back through. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It does have a little loop to thread a cell phone charm strap on the side so you can still use a lanyard with it! My stylus came with a cell phone strap so I affixed it to that so I could access it easily.
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    It arrived! I know other countries already have it, but my preorder arrived yesterday! I'm going to boot it up tonight, so feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding it!! I'll do my best to answer as soon as I figure it out
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    July 19th, 2021 Entry #001 Hello and welcome to KeroPyontchi's new-and-improved Tamagotchi log! This is Mochi. She is the third generation of three girls in a row on this v3 here. She is also the third Tamatchi I have gotten in a row! Nonetheless, I am determined to take good care of her because her grandmother was a Masktchi, and her mother a Warusotchi (pineapple looking gal), both considered "horrible" care adults. 13 year old me would be shaking right now! Maybe now that I know other Tamaparents are reading this it'll push me to take better care of mine. A log with only the worst care characters over and over would be way too repetitive and boring. (Please excuse any formatting issues as I get the hang of this again) I'm currently on the hunt for the next Tamagotchi or virtual pet to add to my collection rebuild. There's a lot to consider here in terms of budget, what version to get, where to buy from, ect. I'm not in a hurry to rebuild my collection too quickly since I know I'm an impulsive person. I also have some sort of color Tamagotchi back at my parent's house, I'll have to look back on my old logs to see what version it is, and maybe I can run that one too! Not really much else to say today, I'll update tomorrow when Mochi evolves. Until next time, thanks for reading ₍˶ˆ꒳ˆ˶₎✼:♡*゚✿
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    Hello! It's been quite some time since I last logged here or was even active at all but I've decided to resume logging with something I've been wanting to try again for a while. I'm not sure how many people remember my first log (it was back in 2016, after all), but quite a bit of it centered around a V3 I was raising as an oldie. I ended up keeping that V3 alive for well over a (human) year, and for quite a bit now have been wanting to try it again. I actually did do it last year with one of my V2s, an Ojitchi named Ricky who accidentally died at age 105. Well now, I'm ready to raise another oldie. I chose this tropical V2 to house it: I chose that tama because it is already pretty worn, and when I run oldies I take them everywhere with me. So I won't have to worry about this one getting scratched up or faded because it already is. I initially was going to reset it and start fresh, but I last left off with a Ginjirotchi on it and Ginjirotchi is one of my all time favourite characters. I couldn't possibly bear to reset one. So instead I married her off and her baby boy will be the future oldie: I'm thinking of naming him Ricky, which is also what my previous V2 oldie was named. Ricky the 1st lived to be 105, so maybe Ricky the 2nd can have even better luck! For now there's not much to be done with this tama, but I'll be back to update again once he is left on his own.
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    Hello! As promised, I'm back with some updates as my previous character has left and I now have Ricky, oldest tama to be, in my care. Before I begin with the main part of the log, I wanted to share a bit about my previous oldies that I've had - I love raising oldies, and Ricky will actually be my fourth long lived one. My first ever oldie run was my blue bubbles V3, Ilse, who to date remains the oldest tama I have ever raised and probably one of the oldest Connection era tamas to live - I don't know anyone else who has actually gotten as far. She lived to around 390 or so before I deactivated her because life was getting too busy at that point and I was worried about her dying. She never actually died, but has been in stasis ever since and probably will remain that way. I was digging through old photos and found this one that I had taken on her 365th birthday, or her first human year: I kept her going for about another month after I took that photo and then stopped. For the next two years after it, I didn't run any more oldies, but then early last year I had been running a pair of twin V2s and they both turned into Ojitchis accidentally after I kept missing the matchmaker. They were named Jazz and Ricky and this was them at age 50: Unfortunately, Jazz died the next day at age 51 after I'd changed his time while I was at work and forgot to change it back after I got home. Ricky, however, survived another 55 days and made it to age 105, only my second tama ever to surpass the age of 100. I took this on the day he turned 99: Amazing that he survived that long when he was never intended to be an oldie in the first place. His oldie-hood was accidental, but I still wanted to see how far he could go. 105 was a great run indeed and his death was equally as accidental - he died because I forgot to turn his light out one night and he'd already been sick a few times so he was already weakened by that point. Single most important thing if you are running oldies: turn that darn light off because they can only handle so many care misses before it's essentially game over. Now, onto the actual main focus of the log. Yesterday was a rather uneventful day as my previous generation Ginjirotchi, Agnes, was still sticking around. Here she is on a little UFO vacation with her son: At 11:59pm, however, it was finally time for her to depart. Here she is saying goodbye to baby Ricky before departing, and then Ricky in the morning after he realized he was all alone: At 9:05am, Ricky was named and ready to start his new life: Just like Ricky the 1st, Ricky the 2nd will not be a first generation oldie. He is actually the 6th generation; I believe the first Ricky was 3rd or 4th generation. Him being the 6th generation means that he got some good care/healthy genes passed down to him. He's the child of two good care parents, so when it was time for him to evolve into a toddler, he evolved into: Kuribotchi! One of the healthiest toddlers on the V2 and also one of the cutest. For now he's quite chill and not doing too much, not that tama toddlers ever are too eventful. I did get bored last night and made this case for his shell: Not perfect by any means but it's soft and provides the shell with a little extra protection so it's not being banged around. This is going to be a long-term run, so I figured I wanted at least some kind of case on it. I have some of the hard shell ones, but I wanted something soft. So this shall suffice. Anyway, this log entry is getting long enough so I think I shall end it here. Thank you everyone who liked my previous post, I'm excited to share Ricky with you all and I'm hoping he has it in him to stand up there with some of my previous oldest tama records. Until next time, bye for now!
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    Hey everyone! I also got my Tamagotchi Pix in the Mail today. I am soo excited!!! Here in Germany the release of the Pix was really confusing. There was no official date and apparently the only shop that offers the Pix here is Amazon. The really confusing part is the Amazon listing of the Pix here in Germany. I stumbled uppon a listing called "BANDAI 42911 Zubehör, Keine". Translated in English it is "BANDAI 42911 accessory, none". The title of that listing is soo confusing, but it still got a picture of the pix. I gave it a try and ordered it on monday, because it stated that it was sold directly and shipped by Amazon. They got a really good return policiy, so in case that it was just some expensive display or carton that I bought, I woud have just returned it. Luckily it really turned out to be a legit Tamagotchi Pix! I payed 69,09€ for it, roughly 81,37 Dollars. Really left a dent in my financial plan, so I will readjust my spending for the rest of the month What really rubbed me the wrong way is that Amazon Germany got an official listing for the Tamagotchi Pix and the cost in the official one is a whopping 89,99€ or 105,98 Dollars!!!!!! I could not believe it. I felt a little bit scamed on the price I payed, but the official listings one left me speechless. Here is the link for the Tamagotchi Pix listing I ordered from (it got a little bit more expensive, currenty at 73,96€). And here is the link for the official listing of the Pix. I am really disappointed how the realease of the Pix was handled here in Germany. Also I am happy that I got it for a somewhat reasonable price here. What really surprised me was the packaging (I guess it's the european packaging). It's far smaller than the american one and I think the european is more pleasing to my eyes at least. I am really looking forward to test this Tama later today out!
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    Found this one which is so funny and very true at the same time!
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    Yeah, I guess for me it 's nice because it gives you a way to transition to a new character when you're sorta done with your current one, but its hardly a dealbreaker. I guess they get around this by having the tama give you the option to return to Tama Planet after 4 days as an adult. Other things: I do have one dead pixel on my screen, but it's not usually noticeable. I know people have run into this with basically all the backlit tamas, so no news there. Overall, I'm having a very good time with it. It does feel very stripped down compared to the M!x or the On, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. In some ways, it feels like a connect, but more streamlined and more focused on the care aspects, which is great (though the wiki says what you get might also just be totally random, which... ehhhhh). The camera gimmick could be more important than it is, but I also don't mind it not being intrusive to gameplay. Also I got a Ginjirotchi, and it's super great seeing oldschool tama designs, though I know Kusatchi isn't among them (WHY NOT).
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    Mine's up to teen phase now, and here's a short rundown of pros and cons (I haven't really been keeping up on this tama prior to getting it, so sorry if I say anything super obvious) Pros: Smooth animation Swiping in games/activities can be fun Camera letting you color furniture and create food is a great way to avoid having to spend extra gotchi points More mellow sort of sound LOTS of things to do and places to see (but there's a caveat in the cons...) Care-based growth Games change daily (and looks like some items change seasonally?) and they're fun rather than just the sorta rote button mashing we've had recently. Cons: Touch buttons can be finnicky Sound is mellow but VERY quiet Lots of things to do and places to see... but can you unlock anything else? Seems like everywhere is pretty much available right at the start, so you don't have the 'towns' of the more recent tamas No marriage? I can't find anything about it in the manual. It would be cool if the camera mattered more for getting new characters Not as clear-cut as other tamas in terms of what does what (without a manual) I'm still really liking it so far. It feels more focused on the care aspect that the mix or the on. I don;t usually hit a wrong button, but it does happen. Thankfully haven't spent extra gotchi points because of it.
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    Ahh, these things are all unfortunate - and unfortunately they're what I was concerned about due to the removal of physical buttons. At least there's a passable workaround if you have a capacitive stylus handy - that's a top tip, and one that I'm sure we'll all be sharing around for years to come! (I have the official Nintendo Switch one handy, myself, so I might have to use it here, too.) It will probably be fine in that case, but as @cobratala~goddess of necrocy~ points out, Tamagotchi ownership isn't exclusive to that audience - keep in mind that Bandai often leans on nostalgic adults like us older fans to keep the brand alive and to pass it on to the younger people in our lives (and often to keep those younger people's Tamagotchis alive, now, too ). I have small hands myself, but that doesn't mean that poor interface design that excludes part of the audience (again as cobratala pointed out, a part of the audience that can much more easily afford them) is ok as long as it caters to some of the audience - the result is ultimately a device that's going to be somewhat divisive due to people's differing tolerances of the usability of capacitive touch-panels. It's rare for a Tamagotchi experience to be subjective due to the input method. Don't forget that, regardless of age, nobody has problems with the physical buttons on any model of Tamagotchi, from the original Gen 1, to the Nanos and Minis, to the colour models, and sometimes those buttons are tiny. Capacitive panels don't respond in the same way as physical buttons. "Inconsistent" seems to be the watchword for capacitive touch in general, I find - on some devices things are offset slightly to one side, on others the inputs are delayed, on others still they won't pick up touches at the edges of the screen but are fine closer to the middle, and so on. It is a pity that pressure-sensitive resistive multi-touch panels never really caught on, as resistive touch is much more accurate but is unfortunately strongly associated with only having one or two touch-points even though that's not actually true. Though perhaps that wouldn't have helped here, since it would have only applied to the screen anyway! Ok, that's hilarious. It sounds like they've implemented that well - a plus considering the input issues! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences so far - knowing about the touch issues going in will certainly be helpful for me, and I'm sure that it will be for others as well. And we can't forget that top tip about making ramen, either.
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    I do love the quirky ones when it comes to vintage devices! I've been interested in getting a chou jinsei enjoi plus, but is that where I should start with these? Not sure where it stands in similarity to the versions. With vintage Japanese, so far I've only had a tenshi in addition to my English angel so it's hard to have a preference there, being so similar and not a connection. My favorite connections are the V3 and V4 so far! I wish I'd liked the V5 but I prefer fawning over a single tama per device for some reason.
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    Evidently this is what our babies will look like without their straps on!! I'm so happy about how nice they look. As someone who's all-time favorite designs are the Korean Somes and fantasy Meets, I'm actually liking the modern minimalist look. I thought I only liked sparkly things, but who knew?
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    I just got my Pix on Sunday and I'm enjoying it for the most part but I think my complaints pretty much line up with everyone else's. I love the new features and the fluidity of the animations but yeah, the touch controls are gonna take some getting used to. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of them and constantly press the wrong things lol. Same thing with the battery life, I've already been spoiled by the other colour models easily lasting me 3-4 weeks on one battery so the fact that I've had the Pix for 4 days and have already changed the batteries once is really not great either lol, although I can kinda understand it since I'd imagine the camera takes up quite a bit of battery. Also, glad to know I'm not the only one who's horrible at the ping pong game. Most of the other games I eventually got the hang of but I just cannot get that one no matter how hard I try...
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    July 21, 2021 Entry #002 Helloooo and good morning~ I could not post my log update yesterday as promised because Miss Mochi decided she wasn't going to evolve until after my work day was over, and I leave my laptop in the office overnight. It's not really on her, though- at some point during that first day I logged about her, she got accidentally paused in my bag. I hadn't checked on her in a couple of hours and when I did, I saw she had been paused. I immediately unpaused her and she turned 1 on time the next morning, but did not evolve until sometime last night actually. While she was a Tamatchi I was getting annoyed because every time I checked on her, she was rolling around the screen as if she had nothing better to do . Like girl you don't need to evolve or anything? Mochi is now a Young Mametchi! This is probably one of my favorite of the teenager characters. It definitely feels nice to get her, it means I've been taking better care of Mochi than I did on the previous generations, their teenager stages being Nikatchi and Hashitamatchi. I'm curious to see what her adult stage evolution will be. I probably won't update for another couple of days. Mochi isn't due to evolve for another two, maybe three days since she's behind from being paused a little. When she does, though, I'll make sure to add an entry. Until then, thank you for reading!
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    I'm running an Angel right now, and actually, the growth times are shorter!! They run closer to the current models. Hatch: 5 min Baby⇒Child: 1 hour Child⇒Teen: 1 day Teen⇒Adult: 1 Day Adult⇒Secret: ~2 days, YMMV So, you can have a fully-grown angel in 3 days, and a secret character in less than a week!
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    Unfortunately, I don't think that they're faulty - this is just the nature of capacitive touch, especially when done to meet a particular cost. I also wonder if the touch-enabled casing being plastic, instead of glass like most such devices use, is contributing to this. I think that you're onto something here - after all, the upper part of the device is taken up by the camera and its associated button, so there's a bit less room in there than in the shells of the other colour models.
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    I felt this 100%!! The sports day actually makes me feel like playing sports is more torturous than I did when I was in school. The soccer isn't too bad but it's also plagued with slowness or unresponsiveness when you need to be quick. I feel like this is going to make a lot of kids frustrated and impatient too. I agree with something else you said among several things – that a person's tolerance for it will probably be a make-it or break-it thing for many fans. Probably the second one for those younger ages, which I fear means literally. I wonder if the faulty buttons are on a case by case basis, and some people have properly working devices, which might explain them being confused about these complaints? I failed to mention this in my impression as well, because it's pretty noticeable in my device. I worried I'd be nitpicking if I'd brought it up, but I feel a little better to hear your thoughts. It's something to note. Mine has a dark spot in the top middle edge between two very bright backlight spots on the right and left. It surprised me a bit I think. I haven't seen this in the other color models, so I wonder if it's the new internal components to blame? But it's true, there are some screens in more expensive devices that are much worse, so I can make peace with it. The capacitive touch is more an issue for me than anything. I find I have better luck with it responding if my hands are moisturized which makes sense. If they're dry, no response at all while I'm trying to glide, so I have my Kuromametchi staring at me intensely waiting. It's awkward.
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    Well, I've spent several days with the Tamagotchi Pix now - enough to have plenty of thoughts about how it runs and handles. Unfortunately, the biggest negative for me is the touch-only controls. I've encountered lots of misinputs (including impossible ones, because sometimes it will read the A or C buttons as the B button in spite of my finger being nowhere near the B button) and frequent unresponsiveness (which sometimes makes the games impossible; The ping pong game that appears in the arcade on sports-themed days is particularly nightmarish). Also, like all capacitive touch devices it's not quick or precise (which causes problems with some games that seem to expect faster inputs than are physically possible with capactive touch - it makes me wonder if there actually were physical buttons at some point during development). The dimples denoting where the non-existent buttons are make this worse because they can interfere with sliding gestures, and in the end I can't see why the device doesn't combine a touch-screen and physical buttons, as Japan's upcoming Tamagotchi Smart does. Regardless, there are plenty of fun and creative ideas here, but controls-wise it does feel to me like it's more negative than positive. As a side-note to my view on the controls, I find the Pix to be a bit of a chore to navigate, through a combination of the above-mentioned issues, some unusual interface choices (some actions that appear in the menu can also be performed with a touch-gesture from your Tamagotchi's room whilst others that happen more often require you to navigate through the menu in order to initiate a gesture, some items will start with the pointer on "No" by default and others don't - that sort of thing), and through expanding some actions from the single button-press that they've always been to requiring menu-navigation and a touch-gesture to perform them. This will probably be plenty of fun for a kid who hasn't owned a Tamagotchi before or for those who don't mind slower-paced versions, but for me, who's been into them ever since they left Japan in 1997, it often feels like busy-work that extends the time-investment that the device asks of me. Making this worse is that the Pix uses the Meets/On style of having six points on the hunger meter, coupled with a very long happiness bar - because the controls slow down my interactions with the device so much, it takes even longer to deal with these things than it did on the Meets, which already bordered on unreasonable by my standards. The sound is nice, and has a similar tone and feel to that of the Meets, but it's extremely quiet. If you're carrying it in a pocket or a bag it's not very likely that you'll hear it. The camera is considerably better than I expected for a device of this type, which was a nice surprise, and there are lots of fun ideas that use it. I particularly like how well the "Explore" option identifies colours and allows you to meet Tamagotchi characters that match the colour-scheme of what you're pointing the camera at. The screen is also nice enough - it's about what you'd expect if you've used a colour Tamagotchi before. Mine has a spot towards the top-right where it's obvious that the backlight is closer to the display panel, causing a bright blotch in that location, but this isn't unexpected in a device of this price, and I've seen worse screens in more expensive devices in the past. It is a pity, though, that there's no way to retrieve screenshots from the device - I can understand if it prevented you from copying photographs for safety reasons, but being able to grab the screenshots easily would be a boon for Tamagotchi loggers! And, last but not least, it's nice to see a modern colour Tamagotchi release that comes close to the smooth animations of the Game Boy games from which the colour models were descended! All in all, the Tamagotchi Pix takes a number of cues from the Tamagotchi Meets/On in how it plays out, and it re-uses some things from that version, though it doesn't have the genetics system. There are plenty of fun ideas to make this version unique and a great many of them are well-implemented, but what will make it or break it for most fans, old or new, is the capacitive touch controls and your tolerance for them and their issues, which unfortunately, for me, overshadows the entire experience. If you can try one out before you buy, I would suggest that you do so - it's certainly not without merits by any means, but I feel that, at £60, it's too expensive of a toy to take a gamble on.
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    Mine personally lasted for about a week – that's even with high contrast set, and the cooking function pretty much daily, but I don't use the camera for much else yet. I would absolutely recommend investing in those EBL rechargeable AAA batteries on Amazon that comes in a big pack, with charger included. Those have rescued my hobby from spending a fortune in batteries – and they usually last much longer than a week in other devices. Only a minor inconvenience to change the Pix's out more frequently, considering what some unhappy parents are discovering. They ought to put the recommendation on the box. Lol.
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    I really love the care of this one! I find that there's less mini game grinding required, and I frequently keep my Kuromametchi happy purely through training to cook, making deep dish pizza, hula hooping, toys, and many nice pets. He is cuter than ever to me! The biggest pro I think is that you can actually keep your Tama relatively happy without spending too much time on the mini games if you're tired –which pleasantly switch out daily – and there's more interaction than it seems before. I feel like you can get by with fewer gotchi points some days if you spend enough time doing at-home interactions. Things I'm actually indifferent to that gets noted includes the new frame rate (I have no clue why! I'd almost miss the 2 fps energetic bouncing they do if I didn't still have my others running around) and the menu scrolling. It doesn't bother me that it's a little longer to get through. In fact, it feels pretty close to the traditional way when I'm inclined to hit the C button to exit, then instantly slam A. I'm too impatient to pan all the way through. My only real criticism is that the packaging truly is a big waste and not worth keeping. Also the faceplate definitely looks less fancy (dare I say cheap..) compared to the superb M!x Meets era. The biggest downfall for me is the buttons! I have small hands and slim fingers so hypothetically, there shouldn't be any trouble, yet they sense all over the place. Including to the faceplate side of them where there's not even a button. Frequently I find that they activate the wrong button when I'm nowhere near the one it does, so I'm really curious as to why? The weirdest is, as I mentioned, that I can activate A by touching/rubbing around the cloud next to it, without going into the button. Anyone else have this issue? Lastly, no response sometimes when I'm trying to pet or hula hoop, which feels awful and mean. He's just standing there waiting.
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    Someone in a discord server found one on Mercari, listed shortly after I mentioned wanting to find one! I bought it today. Now I just gotta wait for it to ship to me. Fingers crossed it's legit and works! From the pictures and description, it does work and comes with the keychain hamster pet, but the keychain will need batteries
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    some nyatchi art i drew a while ago that i wanted to share!
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    I'm a six-foot-five mutant, and while I think that the touch buttons are a little close together, they still work just fine for me, though I do accidentally hit B from time to time. But, I DO actually sometimes accidentally press multiple buttons on physical button tamas, so there's that. The 'inconsistency' does crop up in certain menus. Most respond to your finger pressing the button area, but a few menus respond more to when you lift your finger up after pressing. I've only encountered that in the original name and quiz setup menus tho. I think the camera is fine. The resolution is a bit low, and the pics are pretty dark. I'll try to post a comparison later. That said, I don't mind it. I'm not really here for the camera. I'm still on infant stage, so I can't speak a TON to the gameplay. Having 2 menus is a little odd, but the screen looks really crisp and it's nice having a tama that doesn't run at 2fps. The sound is a bit more mellow as well, though it might be kinda quiet. I like that swiping across the buttons is used in gameplay as well. The one odd thing for me--but also kinda good--is how you unlock the screen - you click the camera, rather than pressing the buttons. I think that's smart, so you're not constantly unlocking it if you keep it in a shirt pocket like I do. The weird part is that there's about a second of boot-up when that happens, which isn't my favorite, but if you're responding to a poop or a call, that animation unlocks it anyway... which... we'll see how that goes when it's in a pocket. XD Overall, I feel like it shows promise, but we'll have to see how I feel after a gen or two. As long as it doesn't randomly delete all my data like the last one. XD
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    Yes, but not all of us on here are children. If you're an adult buying it for a child or a child wanting one, then odds are the child might not have an issue with that, but I know a lot of us on here are adults(like myself) who also enjoy these vpets, and also have the disposable income to drop $60+ on a toy. Bandai might be shooting themselves in the foot with this one. That said, this wouldn't be the first time Bandai has experimented with new features on the western market before bringing them back to Japan. And as Japanese tamagotchi aren't targeted towards just a younger audience, they might decide to tweak the feature in future Japanese releases. That said, I'm finding a mixture of the capacitive stylus and finger works pretty well. IDK why but for swiping using my fingers with things like the toiler and the hula-hoop game, easy. Navigating the menus and entering text- pure suffering. Those same tasks with the stylus, completely opposite experience. Also, it seems to sense pressure differently. I'm not sure what is going on but it doesn't feel consistent. Sometimes the lightest of brushes registers sometimes not, and same goes for more intentional touches. But it doesn't feel like it's faulty- I think it's intentional- when I figure out what's going on I'll share. That noted, I'm loving the camera feature. I used a rusty washer and a coworker's earring to make my tamagotchi a bowl of ramen xD
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    Which do you prefer, the English connections or their Japanese counterparts? I grew up with the English connections, but now that I've tried a couple of the Japanese counterparts I have to say that they have a certain charm to them that I actually find myself preferring--like the weird characters, regional Japanese things and different colored pixels in some versions.
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    I recently got an entama (chou jinsei enjoi plus), and I'm up to gen 2 now on it, I definitely recommend the version! There are two types of entama, the normal one and the CYOI entama (the difference, as far as I know, is only that the games are different. I don't have a CYOI). The v4 is *supposed* to be the English version of the entama, and they do share a lot of similarities, so I think if you really enjoy the v4 you'd find yourself liking this one as well. It is a bit heavy with the Japanese text (mostly with the letters your tama receives), but even if you don't know Japanese it shouldn't be a problem. There are guides online that have the menu/job options translated which I find handy to use. Some differences between the entama and v4: there is a 'secret' set of hatena characters in the entama that takes a hatena dating card to unlock (which you can get with binary's free program, Enwarehouse, I believe), there is a cooking option where you can combine certain foods to make new foods (I honestly don't know why they didn't put this option into the v4), there are seasonal animations for Japanese holidays, and instead of being a shopkeeper a traveling salesman comes twice a day and brings you one item which you can buy or decline.
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    I can understand how you feel! Though, I'm personally relieved it's touch screen instead of sensitive buttons, as I've never had trouble with any general touch screen device recognizing my input. Still, I just hope that Bandai puts more effort into this Japan exclusive than they did the Pix, which honestly felt rushed. Those oddities could have been noticed before launch. Bad Bandai bad. *squirts bottle* I managed a soft spot for the purple guy, while grateful for a full refund without return hassle. He's a reminder of a misadventure, but I can't hold a grudge after that generous gesture on Amazon's part. I had the option to exchange it, but... I obviously passed. Not an awful device, but not affordable for fans expecting reliable touch responses at minimum, being the only form of input. I hope others are as lucky as I was getting that sort of customer support. Maybe it suggests enough people have expressed their feelings? As for the Smart, I was also refunded my first order and went through White Rabbit Express to get ahold of an anniversary set elsewhere by proxy. $180+ less than what many eBay sellers are asking, even with shipping and proxy fees. Basically, I feel less burned lately! Apologies for rambling – my intent was to help recommend some less expensive options to those interested, but also concerned about the cost vs potential issues. Most of us feel a bit burned right now.
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    I just realized why the shell pattern looked familiar, and found out it's one of the V1 patterns!! So it's an entire mixture of V1, V2, and V3 looks-wise in highly convincing packaging... they're evolving guys. 😨
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    Name: Tamaguchi Connection V5 Type: Fake Notes: I have no idea how this runs, I just came across it on a thrift shopping app and laughed. The packaging and shape is so convincing! It has the V2 background and a V3 shape though. Wat made me laugh was how the name sounds like Tamaguchi. 🤭
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    Back again with another update. Yesterday was rather uneventful as Ricky was in the toddler stage and didn't do a whole lot. I did take advantage of the nice weather, went out for a walk, and brought him along: Unfortunately, one kinda bad thing happened. I dropped my V2 and the battery became dislodged, which meant I had to reset and download Ricky. The last save point had been nearly 5 hours prior when he'd first evolved into a toddler, so he lost almost 5 hours of growth time. He didn't evolve into a teen until 2:30pm today, even though he would've normally evolved at 10am. He also won't age up now until nearly 5 hours after he's supposed to. For some reason, it's STILL saying he's 0 years now even after he's evolved into a teen. Weird glitch and I suppose a lesson that I should probably be more careful. Anyway, as I just said, Ricky is now a teen. He evolved about 15 minutes ago into... Young Mimitchi! Continuing along with the good care pattern. I'd been hoping for Ichigotchi, my favourite character, but Young Mimitchi will suffice. We checked the shop and there was an action figure in it - I'd previously only had the bear on this tama, which Ricky didn't like playing with as it is meant for girls. The action figure made him much happier: Not sure which adult I'm aiming for - a full sized Mimitchi would be cool, but I'm not quite so sure I have it in me to go for perfect care. I may just give the care I'd normally give and let Ricky surprise me. V2s can definitely be pretty unpredictable at times and sometimes it's fun to just sit back and let it surprise me.
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    I'm feeling called out by that one 😂 🔟/🔟 I decided to look up pictures of MEMEtchi, and she has so many hilarious expressions! But with this car pic I couldn't help but make the initial d edit 😂
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    Last night I was looking for the dumbest tamagotchi memes I could find to send to my partner. I found a few winners, but would love to see what other silly ones you've come across! Sadly, my online image search gave me a lot of stuff from pinterest and the likes with no real artist credit- so if you know a meme's source, please share!
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    This is an excellent question! I do a lot of reading on this as yellowing is an issue that plagues all plastic... Unfortunately flame retardants/bromides aren't the issue here...it appears to be the degradation of the ABS plastic itself. This is thermal degradation, so while UV light speeds up the process, storage in high heat can cause the discoloration as well. The lower quality/cheaper the plastic, the less counteracting additives are likely to be included, which results in the degradation occurring faster. Unfortunately our dear Tamas, while precious to us, aren't exactly luxury items. (I mean, I've seen more yellow/gray 15th Anniversary iDLs than pink/purple at this point, and it's only been 10 years!) Back to your question, a Tamagotchi in a sealed lightfast box has a much better chance of retaining its original color so long as it has been stored in cool conditions, but there is no guarantee as ABS plastic will eventually degrade. Sorry there's not a better answer to this...!
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    Hi KittyFlee! To take perfect care of Cannolie, make sure you don't let the hearts drop at all. When you notice they do drop, fill them as soon as possible to not get any care misses. I'm not sure what version you are playing, but if it has the training feature make sure not to miss any attention calls on that either. Basically just be at your Tamagotchi's side when it calls at all times. Besides the "right" way, something I used to do when running Tamagotchis and I wanted to get the perfect care character, is change the time twice a day and constantly have it sleeping. That way, the unit does not count any care misses and you get 0 care mistakes which gives you the best character outcomes for adults. However, that's if you don't mind about the experience of really "earning" a perfect care character. I have done this a couple of times though and it works! Good luck
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    one of my friends has a pix, they said that the batteries have run low super fast. in only 3 days the batteries were too low to use the camera function... has anyone else had something like this happen? do the batteries run out super fast on the pix for anyone else? I'm really considering getting one, but i dont know if i'd be able to keep up with it like that if the batteries run out so quick
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    Update: It arrived and it works! Half the screen is dim the first few minutes it boots up, and needs to "warm up" before it flickers and displays normally. I don't know why it does this. The wire is frayed a little near where it connects to the console. But I'll take it. Worst-case scenario, the old wires give out on me completely and I'll have to find someone with the knowledge and confidence to re-wire it for me. I am struggling to keep the hamster pet-pet cared for. I don't know what I am doing wrong. But keeping it fed is a chore. The food barely fills it up at all, and it is expensive and hard to come by. I don't know how to get more money besides finding it on walks from digging I am considering making a guide for the Giga Pets Explorer, but I'd want to find a way to hook it up to my computer so I can capture screenshots for visuals. If I do figure it out, I'll post it somewhere in these forums!
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    I just got an e-mail notifying me that my Tamagotchi Pix has shipped! This means that the Pix is now available from stock in the UK from The Entertainer, though this is not yet the case for Smyths Toys or Amazon UK.
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    I found a video on YouTube of some of the gameplay! There's some discussion in Japanese first, and I was happy to see adults wearing it for a better idea of its size. Lol. Then some gameplay going through most of the functions, which makes me less worried, seeing that it holds the tradition of being easy to learn. I love the white I was fortunate to have coming, but sadly can't get past my desire to keep it NIB, so I'm at an impasse with myself. It looks so fun to play with! I'm not intimidated by it's functions now thanks to this video. I also heard a rumour somewhere that it can be played with outside of the rubber band? Can't wait to see more!
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    not a big deal to most, but when i was a kid i just could never manage to keep my tamagotchis alive long enough to get them married, not to mention i only found out what 'bonding' was halfway through the first generations teenage hood; so on the first day of the second generation i spent hours getting the bonding to 100%!
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    Oooh so I can keep Mimitchi around even longer? Yesssss! I was dreading her heading back, she's my buddy. I think the wiki might be right, as Mimitchi was one of the perfect care tamas(old-school versions) but I most certainly did not take anywhere near perfect care of her growing up. I wonder if the quiz at the beginning has more bearing on which adult we get than it implies 🤔 I agree. I'm enjoying the collectible nature of it, but I doubt my coworkers would appreciate it if I was snapping a ton of photos during break times to just feed my tama. I think it's a good healthy balance that recognizes the impracticality of using the camera all the time. Also, idk if I noted it on here or just the vlog, but I figured out the buttons! They designed it to literally force you to play it with two hands. As a one handed tamagotchi user since my childhood(with the exception of specific games) it's still a bit frustrating, but I'm slowly getting used to it. As I mentioned above, I might keep Mimitchi until she passes on- we will also get a nice gauge of how long their full lifespan might be- but I'll put it away for a while after so I can play with tamas that are easier for me to use.
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    As a Tarakotchi fan, I know that feeling all too well.
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    Added new collection photo on my gram, here! (link in profile too)
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    Yeah, it isn't in the Pix. It's always been my least-favourite feature, so I see this as a big pro, personally.
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    Yeah, sometimes on the mini and nanos I double press, but its not as high risk of spending all one's gotchi points on something they might not want to buy their tama. On the connections, however, I can see how it'd be an issue. The On and other color releases had a great size for larger hands with a good tactile feel, however. To that other bit, hmmm- maybe it signals at just how relaxed their QA standards might be. 😳 I'm still having a lot of issues, and like Penguin-keeper noted, sometimes those things can be offset. I'm going to try playing with just my fingers for the rest of the evening(provided I don't get too aggravated) to see if there's a certain way the sensors skew. As for the responding better when lifting your finger up- that's why I think it can sense pressure to some degree. I noticed it with the stylus too. It also seems like the games in the arcade vary by day! I've only gone into it today, but the arcade-tchi(?) that hosts it said the theme of today was nature. For the jetpack game, rubbing my fingers/thumbs(tried both) so fast felt uncomfortable because of the dimples, but maybe I pamper my hands too much- but it's not so uncomfortable at the slower pace of the hula-hoop game.
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    Ooh, I'd be super interested in how raising a tamagotchi works, since I read an interview with a bandai rep a little while ago that implied there was going to be less emphasis on raising the little guys in the pix
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    Congratulations! The Pix won't be available in the UK until early August, but I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on it in the meantime.
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    For me it's got to be v3. It was my first so it's probably just nostalgia bias, but the disapline and light switch are really iconic to me.