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    idk if this has been posted yet but this has some actual gameplay footage of the tama. honestly I'm super hyped for it now after seeing it in action, the animation is so smooth!! and it seems like there's a BIG focus on interacting with your tama, from being able to apparently cook food for them and also bathe and pet them with the touch buttons... I think that's adorable and really wish I could buy one
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    The title could probably be worded better, and I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but with the pix's announcement I'm seeing this happen again. Like here in America, tamagotchi hasn't really hit the same popularity as it did in the 90's, so anytime there's a new release all of the news articles are like "tamagotchi is back from the 90's!!!" and completely forget about any of the connection tamas or any of the japanese releases since then. Though I'm not sure if this is just an america-exclusive kind of thing, just a pattern I've noticed with any big news outlet/social media site/etc talking about tamagotchi. When the mini released again in 2017, a lot of news articles were saying it was a remake of the original 90's one, which is technically true, though none of them mentioned that this was technically a rerelease of the 2005 version.... same with the On, too. A lot of articles were worded as if this was the first tamagotchi since the 90's to be released, just kinda completely forgetting all of the connection tamas or anything in japan for that matter. Though I kind of understand that, since it was the first color tama to come to america. But now with the pix's announcement, me and my friends have been seeing news articles acting as if this is AGAIN the first tamagotchi to be released since the 90's. It makes less sense to me now, since the On came out in america just 2 years ago, so seeing articles titled as "the 90's era tamagotchi is back -- this time with a camera" just kinda baffles me. another article title that made me laugh was "The New Tamagotchi's Camera Lets You Take Photos With Your Virtual Pet Before It Dies of Neglect"....... I'm just so lost lmao It's a bit annoying that no one seems to address the fact that tamagotchi has been consistently successful over the past decade, specifically in japan with all of those color tama releases. I was joking with my friends that like 100 years from now they'll still refer to tamagotchi as just a 90's-only thing, but I really do wonder how long they'll keep this up. anyone else have thoughts on this?
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    I'm more interested in the Tama Social part, wondering how that will work. Woah a (Main) Tamagotchi with no marriage? It's been a while since that, pre connection model, correct? So far it does seem rather neat ^^
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    I was able to look into @tamapalace blog and they did a Q&A with Bandai regarding Tamagotchi Pix: Q: Does the Tamagotchi Pix feature genetics that are introduced on the Tamagotchi M!X, and featured on the Tamagotchi Meets/On/Some? A: The core play pattern of Tamagotchi is about nurturing your Tamagotchi character from egg to adult. When we introduce a new product, we try to introduce new and fun ways to do this. The nurturing feature for the Tamagotchi On was about raising your character and building your family tree with babies having genes from their parents. Meanwhile, the nurturing feature of the play pattern of Tamagotchi Pix is focusing on interacting with your characters and you do this with the touch buttons and built-in camera. Q: Can the Tamagotchi Pix connect to the Tamagotchi Meets/On application? A: No, you can’t. The connection technologies are different. Q: Does the Tamagotchi Pix feature Bluetooth connectivity? A: Tamagotchi On had Bluetooth to connect to the Tamagotchi On application, the Tamagotchi Pix does not have Bluetooth technology. Q: Can you confirm the 24 raise-able characters and 17 games? Can you provide a full character list? Are these games mixed between mini games and professions? A: Yes, there are 24 adult characters you can raise the Tamagotchi characters into, and our website features 4 of the 24 characters at this time. What fun would it be to introduce all of them at once? Regarding the games, there are 17 games during your play. There are two games to keep your Tamagotchi happy (Hula Hoop & Matching). There are 6 games in the arcade - though only 2 at a time. The other 9 games are there to help train your Tamagotchi character. Q: Can you provide a list of the professions/jobs on the Tamagotchi Pix? A: Not at this time. Q: Can a Tamagotchi character get any profession/job or can only certain characters get select jobs? A: It’s all about training them, so some characters will go back to Tamagotchi Planet without a profession. I know my character was having more fun in other areas of the device then being trained for their profession. Q: Is there a reason for the delay in the “Blue Ocean” and “Green Nature” shells? Also, is there any timeline on these for pre-orders and/or launch? A: Based on our research and previous learnings, we decided to hold off. We’ll let all the fans know when pre-ordering begins. Q: Will the Tamagotchi Pix be sold alongside the Tamagotchi On? Will this merely be added to the existing Tamagotchi lineup, or is it replacing the Tamagotchi On? A: In today’s environment, does a product really ever go away? Our marketing focus will be moved from the Tamagotchi On to the Tamagotchi Pix, though the application and website will continue to be available! Q: Are there any plans to release the Tamagotchi Pix in Japan? A: Since I focus on North America, I cannot speak to Japan’s plans. Q: Will the Tamagotchi Pix be released in any other country other than the ones listed on the official Tamagotchi website? A: The Tamagotchi Pix will be available in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, and Portugal. There may be other territories as well, though my focus is on the North American market. Q: Does the Tamagotchi Pix support twins? A: It does not. Q: Does the Tamagotchi Pix support marriage? A: No, it does not. The play feature isn’t about raising and marrying your Tamagotchi character, its about raising and interacting with your character and training it so it goes back to Tamagotchi Planet with new skills and so that a new egg can be sent to you! Q: Can you transfer pictures from your Tamagotchi Pix to your computer or another storage device (via Bluetooth or USB connectivity)? A: No, due to childhood privacy, we wanted to keep the images on the device. Q: Can you confirm how many locations/lands will be featured on the Tamagotchi Pix? A: You don’t visit different locations/lands on the Tamagotchi Pix. You can go into town for shopping, eating at the restaurant, playing at the arcade, and visiting the photo studio. Though with the Tamagotchi Pix your character can now explore into the world and find 100 friends! Q: Can you name your Tamagotchi on the Tamagotchi Pix? A: No you cannot since you are raising a pure Tamagotchi that already has a name! Q: Can you provide more information about the built-in camera? A: The built-in camera will be used to take pictures, explore the real world, cook, and even customize items for your Tamagotchi. It is not possible to film video on the Tamagotchi Pix. You can personalize your photos with stickers, and can even get a picture with you and your Tamagotchi character together! Lastly, the built-in camera will be used to scan Tama-Codes for connecting, and even scheduling playdates! Blog can be found here
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    This was a good watch! It's a bit maddening that Bandai's staff are still mispronouncing their own product's name ("gotch" rhymes with "watch", guys - you should know this, as the Japanese spelling is its own pronunciation guide!), but at least the interviewer got it right at the start of the interview! Anyway, back when we saw the retail leaks I wasn't sold on the Tamagotchi Pix at all, and I saw a lot of potential for safety blunders due to the camera and the early information about online interactions (I'm VERY happy to see that Bandai was focussed on safety throughout the product's development - a lot of toy companies unfortunately treat that as an afterthought and release internet-connected toys with major security-holes), but I've got to admit that now that we've seen the official reveal and the close-up footage and gameplay from this interview, I'm a lot more interested. I'm also happy to see that they're not farming out features to an ephemeral app this time. I didn't think that the final reveal would change my mind, but I'm just waiting for UK pre-orders to open, now! Hopefully they'll actually happen, unlike with the On, which we just never got.
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    I just started running my sweets and Sanrio after awhile and decided to start saving the photos. I chose no comments just because I want it to be more like a photo album. Thanks again to the mods for running this site and having a place for us to save this stuff. Well, its been awhile since I played the tamas and didn't remember the Japanese menus so well... After starting it up, I accidentally chose restart in Japanese instead of continue haha. So I'm starting off with generation one on both of them. Boy on the Sanrio and girl on the sweets Those two grew up into Mametchi and Lovelitchi, got married off and now there's a boy on the sweets and a girl on the sanrio
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    Surprised no one has posted about this here yet, so I figured I'd do the honors. In honor of Star Wars day, Bandai has announced an upcoming Tamagotchi virtual pet themed after R2-D2, and its releasing in both Japan & the west! This is a HUGE deal because according to Wikipedia's list of highest-grossing media franchises, particularly the section of franchises worth over $50 billion, Star Wars is #5. This means that Tamagotchi has now crossed paths with all but one of those top 5 franchises. With the numerous Sanrio crossovers involving Hello Kitty, the Mickey Mouse-themed Tama Deco Pierce, the Eevee Tamagotchi from early 2019, and now this, the only one missing is Winnie the Pooh. I can't think of any other franchise that has gotten that close to making such an extraordinary achievement! While I can definitely see Bandai Japan releasing a Star Wars-themed Tamagotchi with minimal legal difficulty, I am curious on how Bandai America was immediately able to follow suit in localization when its biggest international competitor, Hasbro, has the Star Wars master toy license. One year they release the Wonder Garden On instead of localizing the Fantasy Meets to avoid a conflict-of-interest with Hasbro's Disney Princess toy license (which includes Cinderella & Aladdin), and the next they're releasing a Tamagotchi directly themed after Star Wars. It's still a grand achievement, but it's kinda confusing to me.
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    OOH! Thanks for posting this! This is both really neat, and also interesting from a historical perspective, because it's yet another license that previously had a virtual pet from a competing line* which has now ended up with a licensed Tamagotchi. *There was a Giga Pets R2-D2 back in the 1990s. Additionally there were also Pokemon and Hello Kitty virtual pets from Nintendo (the latter being interesting on its own because Bandai also produced a different Hello Kitty virtual pet back in the day, too, so there wasn't exclusivity on that), just to provide examples of the others that sprang to mind. I'm not sure if this one will be for me, though - my favourite droid is C3PO! There's nothing to be confused about here - Disney doesn't own public-domain stories and the Fantasy Meets was not a Disney-based product, so there was never any conflict of interest. Copyright law doesn't protect ideas, but rather it protects the unique individual expressions of them (barring scenes-a-faire, which are not protected by copyright because they're basically a type of trope); This is also why Disney officially refers to their own versions as "Disney's [Title]" or "Disney [Title]". The Wonder Garden more likely existed as it was because there may have been a plan at some point to split the Fantasy Meets into two Western releases - the Wonder Garden, with half of the Fantasy's content, came along after a Bandai survey revealed that most Tamagotchi On buyers were willing to buy multiple devices, which is what suggests this possibility. We know now that they opted for a refresh with the Tamagotchi Pix instead, though. Moreover, a company having the master toy license doesn't rule out other companies from also getting toy licenses for the same properties - they just won't be the master/primary licensee, so they'll be licensed to make a narrower range of products (in this case, just one toy-category).
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    They also changed the shades on the pink device, as far as I can see! (Though maybe the prototype picture was just kind of washed-out.) Anyway, I agree, and this is my only major concern about the device so far - we've already seen for the last two years that there's an audience who wants to buy into the colour Tamagotchis, but finds the available casings to be off-putting (and that audience is not entirely male, either). The monochrome releases don't have this problem, so why do the colour ones? The franchise hit its heights when it offered a wider range of casings to suit all tastes - both gender-specific and gender-neutral. Maybe the research concerned was geared towards confirming existing biases, much like the minor controversy that sprung up around the product-research for the Lego Friends line, some years ago? I would hope that's not the case, though. Myself, I'm a lass who's not into girly-girl colourways, and I liked the look of the blue prototype with the 1990s-esque faceplate-art. I had to settle for the purple one here. These being the launch colours, I won't be inclined to buy a second device (it's different when we're talking about the low-price monochrome versions, but the Pix is £60!), but I do hope that they widen the scope of this later on. That's true, though after a rash of security issues regarding "connected" toys over the last several years, I can't blame them for naming that as a concern too - to be fair it probably was one, since some of the affected products in those cases included cameras (see the 2015 VTech breach, for example - no toy company wants something like that on their record). If they don't let you take the photos off of the device or connect that device to the internet, then they can't fall foul of anything like that. This reminds me of the Game Boy Camera, where it was never intended to let you transfer images off of the device, but which allowed you to use the Game Boy Printer to print them onto little stickers. Later on, people found out that the printer data could be captured and turned into an image, and it led to a revival of the device for novelty photography due to the Game Boy Camera's charmingly unique look. I wonder if we'll see any sort of hacks like this for the Pix?
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    The first UK pre-orders are now available from The Entertainer, priced at £59.99 each (so a bit more than the US is paying, but not by too much - most of it appears to be taxes rather than the markup that we typically experience here); Tamagotchi Pix - Purple Sky Tamagotchi Pix - Pink Floral We now also have a release-date for the UK, and that is August 2nd. I've just grabbed myself a pre-order for a purple one. Kudos to Bandai for not jacking the price up super-high (I looked into importing from the US, which resulted in a projected cost of over £80 - I'm glad that the UK price is lower!), and for actually releasing a colour device in the UK for the first time!
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    Personally I'm uninterested in the nanos (mostly bc I dont care much for the franchises they're crossing over to, and the simplicity of the device. just personal taste really) but I'm pretty interested in tamagotchi having a crossover with a franchise as big as star wars ^^^ I'm with you there, I'm genuinely surprised at how tamagotchi is able to keep pulling this off. crossover city babyyyy
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    I'm probably one of the only people here who views this as a major plus. (I never liked the feature because it effectively removed the concept of a lifecycle from the originator of the virtual pets category.)
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    INTRODUCTION hello, my name is deerboy and after a several decade-long break i have finally gotten back into tamagotchi. i no longer have my original tamagotchi (perhaps i'll make a new thread when/if i find it), but i recently - literally just today - got a turquoise tamagotchi on. turquoise isn't my favorite color, but that was the color Target had on sale so thats the one i got. CHAPTER 001 my daughter, a beautiful bouncing LOVEKOTCHI, hatched around 5:30PM my time (AM in her time, because I am somewhat nocturnal lol) today. she immediately developed a case of discontented anime facial lines, and because i chose not to read the directions, i struggled for a while to figure out how to clear them up. fortunately tamas are easy to please, so after enough feeding, playing and photography, they cleared up and i knew how to keep them at bay going forward. shortly after hatching she turned into a fluffy CUTEHEARTCHI. it was a good thing i took baby pictures, since they grow up so fast... however, now that she presumably has legs somewhere underneath all that fluff, its time for her to use them. after a trip to the in-device shop i realized that we didn't have very much GP and i figured it was time that she take responsibility and get a real job. its a good thing there are ample employment opportunities for children in the tamagotchi world, and i'm happy to report that she's a natural when it comes to picking up flowers in the in-app park and flipping pancakes in the restaurant. as of this writing, she has obtained: 2300GP, 2x FRUITS, CREAM SODA, CHICK HAT, RIBBON, CAT EARS, WIG & GLASSES and BUNNY EARS. not bad for someone whose 5 hours old!
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    yeah yeah i definitely agree, i feel like its mostly clickbaity words used to catch the attention of 90s tamagotchi fans. I wish they would focus more on everything else tamagotchi has had to offer over the past decade, at this point every time i see an article about the pix written in that kind of way i just die inside also im surprised to hear that nintendo has gone thru that kind of thing before, i feel like if i were to start talking like "your favorite plumber from the 80's is finally back!!!" i'd be getting death stares LMAO
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    At this point, it just feels like a whole bunch of laziness - the general feel that I always get from these articles is "1990s toy that poops and dies", and since there's been a fairly constant stream of Western releases for the last three-and-a-half years, it ends up feeling more jarring to a fan, and quite possibly also to anyone who's seen them still offered for sale in local shops. Of course, Tamagotchis won't have remained a constant for most or all of these writers, but it only takes two minutes to do the necessary research to find that out - even the Wikipedia article will do the job (it's surprisingly comprehensive). That said, these sorts of articles are generally just regurgitations of official press-releases, so there's usually not very much real writing involved - they're just cheap clickbait articles that don't take much time to create, and which bring easy revenue to the sites that run them. Of course, it never helps when official documentation includes that sort of phraseology to latch onto - though I can fully understand why a copy-writer would want to include a reference to the brand's highest point (and this will probably go on for as long as press-releases include this). There are other toy brands that occasionally experience this (Teddy Ruxpin, Furby, Polly Pocket, Care Bears, and My Little Pony all spring to mind, and I know that I must be forgetting a bunch), and even some very major brands get affected every now and then - I even remember being shown an article from a foreign newspaper that acted like the 2017 Nintendo Switch was Nintendo's first console since the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System, for example (though quite how they thought that had happened when Pokemon is the world's biggest media-franchise, I don't know). That one was a good example of the sort of laziness and press-release-regurgitation that plagues articles about new Tamagotchi releases.
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    I like the top part of the box, where the tamagotchi is displayed in that plastic dome, but the rest of the box feels unecessary (especially if its gonna be like the on again where 90% of the box is empty lol), I kinda prefer the leaked version of the box, that one looks nearly identical to the iD's box so maybe it's just nostalgia speaking, but its much more appealing to me. About the designs of the tama themselves, I guess it's up to personal taste but I prefer the leaked designs bc I think the gradients look pretty LOL. also, im so glad that everyone who predicted that the top part of the tama is a button ended up being right, because it would be pretty bad if it was just a design thing. I couldnt imagine all the dirt and dust getting caught in that little crevice, it wouldve drove me crazy
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    I admit I'm a much bigger fan of the redesigns than the first leaked images. Still feeling the purple, but I suddenly have a soft spot for the green that wasn't there before! Personally, the shell's shade is much more attractive than the green that was leaked. Plus the faceplates don't have all that much orange or a strong, contrasting gradient hue. They had those color strip things before the sample leaks were taken down from Amazon too. Huh... weird. Is it just me, or did the shape of the clouds also change to cute, puffy ones on the purple?
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    The trailer is definitely lacking. The only thing we saw was taking pictures feature, which is honestly in my opinion is not impressive! Hopefully tomorrow we will have everything we need to know.
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    I hope more information is revealed such as whether the MIX feature has finally been removed or not. Lmao if this thing is like 100$ then i really dont see myself buying it. Pink is my favorite color but I can already see the blue and green ones being online exclusives/harder to obtain.
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    I know i definitely won't have the funds for the tama anytime soon, but personally I'm pretty hyped for it. being able to pet tama is so cute, im really hoping this one will be more focused on interacting with your tama (unlike the mix/meets/on which were all more focused on genetics). and i definitely feel as if the picture taking isn't gonna be as good as in the ads, i'm ready to become a 100x100 pixel jpeg though. Though hopefully more will be shown in the official announcement tomorrow!
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    The commercial (in my opinion) looks really bad. The whole concept of the device isin’t explained here and they just did a really bad job at the Pix as a whole. I can imagine the camera will be pretty dire, the the price It’s going to be at least £80. Honestly, I might pick one up if they become cheaper.
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    Update: A new trailer for the Pix is here, doesn’t really give information on the new device except that you can take pictures with it. I believe we are not meant to see the trailer yet as it was announced on Tamagotchi USA twitter page, that on 21st of this month we will have a surprise/announcement. People speculating that this might be the Tamagotchi Pix official reveal. Cant’t wait to find out more tomorrow!
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    Hi its me cyac!! my p1 Hey little guy what shoud i call you? Garble!! ok Garble will be your name. Garble? I will be doing chats whith my tamagotchi! bye!!!garble!!
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    Hello there, finally the first day for the vintage run! So excited to do this hatch because I’m here with my new Yuki Penguin Vpet and Angelgotchi. This is my first time trying them both and I would love to see how things turn out at the end of the hatch! Angelgotchi: Right after I inserted the batteries I immediately say this picture: I freaked out because this is my first time with an Angelgotchi, I thought vintage tamas don’t save the previous data so I was very confused! I waited a long time and nothing happened. (See what happens when you don’t play that much with your tamas kids ). When I checked YouTube and did some research turned out that this is an afterlife of a tamagotchi and now you are taking care of it as an angel. Completely forgot that I need to change the time first to be able to play. What a rough start I waited roughly for five minutes until the angel finally showed up. Of course as everyone knows taking care of the baby in the first hour is tough so I made sure that it was happy and not hungry. it evolved after one hour (left is the baby and right side is when it became a toddler) One time it called me to feed it, I was giving it a snack and suddenly a bat came quickly and snatched the sweets from it! That unfortunately decreased the “Good deeds” bar! I didn’t react fast and actually didn’t know that I needed to tap quickly on the shell to scare away the bat. The Angelgotchi unlike its counterpart the Devilgotchi tend to be sensitive, so any care mistakes will affect its health as well as its growth. I’m going to keep an eye on it during the first couple of days! Time to play a game! The game of this one is really difficult! It’s basically about avoiding a shooting star as quickly as you can! At first I was loosing a lot until I figured I need to be quicker to avoid it. And it worked out for me which also filled the happy meter for my angel. And now my angel is sleeping hopefully tomorrow we will get to play and see to what character it will evolve as that will help me decide in what character I would like to get. Yuki Penguin: The very first thing I did was change the batteries it came with it as I wasn’t sure if they are old or new. I changed the time and saw the screen on top: It took a while until that little cute penguin finally hatched I guess? Wasn’t sure about the first screen because that doesn’t look like an egg! Anyhow, I was trying to see how this device worked and what kind of options it has. I was so impressed when I scrolled over the menu to find out that you can pet, teach, turn the heater on/off, play and give your penguin a shower! I really love a vpet that has these elements that focuses on properly raising it! The health meter was nice and simple. This icon represents your penguin mood and at the time clearly he wasn’t happy lol The typical weight, hunger and drinking meters are also included. There’s a stats for the temperature so you can either turn the heater on or off and an icon to show school grade or performance when studying. Couple hours of me exploring the yuki penguin. I finally decided to play a game but it’s not a game where you play in behalf of your penguin, instead you both will go against each other doing “rocket, paper, scissors” and you must let your penguin win! That’s is so funny I made sure that my penguin study hard to be just like his dad, a smart boy Thanks to @Penguin-keeper who made a growth chart that will definitely help me decide which character I want to get next. This can be achieved by feeding the baby a certain foods to be able to evolve into the desired character. I will make sure to feed him certain food and keep him healthy. That’s it for today, I hatched them late and definitely will be back tomorrow with both my angel and penguin and will surly have some new updates.
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    *Waves* Hello, everyone! I'm going to be running my Tako Seijin for this hatch. It's a dinkie-style alien Vpet which is quite fitting considering the group hatch theme. From what I've seen of early virtual pet discussions, the original Tamagotchi and Dinkie Dino were considered quintessential virtual pets back in the day. Unlike the P1 and P2, dinkie programming relies on food to determine growth. It also seems to be that these pets have only a few growth lines compared to the original tamas, but this is made up for by extensive evolutions. I've been running my Tako Seijin this past week but I've discovered that moderate bumps to the back cover cause it to turn off - even though the batteries are sandwiched between prongs on the back cover and contacts on the circuit board. Hopefully, all will go well this run and perhaps I'll develop a solution down the road. Anyway, time to hatch this little alien whom I'm going to name ZigZag (following the z-theme of the earlier aliens whom I called Zipporah and Zebulun). I've decided to push the time back an hour from real time since I think my past aliens rose at 9 and slept at 8. Zigzag was born from a swirl of DNA a minute after the clock was set. I fed her batteries like her predecessors as I was aiming for the same growth line I never got to see the end of. I took care of her thirst with a couple soda-looking beverages, her happiness with a couple rounds of rock-paper-scissors, and her education with a couple book pages. I'll be fiddling with her air conditioner throughout the day to keep it at the perfect 25 Celsius and hopefully prevent heatwave rage, coldness chills, and sickness (this is the most difficult thing about the device). I expect she'll need a few baths throughout the day (she had one around 3) and the usual feeding and playing. Her beeps are a pleasant, musical scale which is a nice change from the sharp watch beeps. Thus concludes this post and ZigZag and I will see you guys tomorrow :^)
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    It totally does! Hell, even the name Jedi was inspired by jidai-geki (literally "period-drama"), which is basically the samurai equivalent to Wild West movies.
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    It's a decoration, not sure what holiday it is from Japan, but usually around holidays, there will be a decoration in the living room. It will eventually go away, so it's nothing concerning.
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    Finally obtained Pyonkotchi on my V3!!! I've been wanting to raise one forever. He's so cute! >v<
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    My takeaway from the excellent video-interview was that you can't - the lovely lady from Bandai mentioned wanting to keep one of hers for longer but being unable to, if I'm remembering right. They sugar-coat it so much these days that they don't even seem to have said anything about it this time, so far. Usually I'd be surprised if it wasn't present, but on the other hand this appears to be a Western-specific version, and the sugar-coating of the subject of death has usually been aimed at Western audiences.
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    It's pretty strange to have marriage go away after all these years, it felt like a staple to the gameplay, but i don't really mind seeing it go either. I'm guessing they couldn't do much with the marriage concept after mixing and whatnot. though I like the idea of just raising a tama until you send it back to it's planet so i'm excited for it though I wonder if we're gonna have a choice on when to send them back or not? like with other tamas you can just ignore marriage and just raise your tama for as long as you want, so i wonder if we'll still be able to raise characters indefinitely when it's set up like this. also i'm not sure if it's been said or not, but I wonder if death is still a thing in this version too 🤔
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    CHAPTER 003 while writing up the last chapter, my tama transformed into her adult stage, a MEMETCHI! since she seemed to have a pink thing going on, turning into an orange tama surprised me a little. however the blonde wig she got earlier really complements her complexion. because she's now of-age, it was time for her to look for love. and she really struggled... she went through the tama party speed dating thing like 7 times, turning down top-tier boys each time. until finally, she settled on a man wearing a dress and roller skates. good taste, just like her ol' man! what a happy family... so imagine my surprise that when YELOTCHI and ORONGTCHI became CUTEHEARTCHIs, MEMETCHI just walked out! sure, she left them a toy, but it was one they already had. i thought i raised her better than that...
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    Articles usually have clickbait titles, so that the reader feels interested to read the article. I agree, it's rather annoying that they completely skip nearly two decades worth of content. It might also be because the writer doesn't really do any research, so they rely on using infamous features from the device. It's so overused that it just gets annoying to read imo. I think the media will forever see Tamagotchi as "the toy from the 90s" sadly, it's really quite a shame.
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    Lol absolutely. The child would feel a bit creepy to keep around, qualms about the bulkiness set aside. Even though throwing out packaging is something I hate to do, I don't feel too bad about pitching this one for those main reasons. Yes, I can also understand your preference to the leaks which were actually more eye-catching. I like it for its color coordinated feeling, and a nostalgic simplicity. I couldn't describe it as "beautiful" like color models before Pix, but "soothing" is what I think. Although, it's not as simple as the Plus Color, which worked that minimalist aesthetic some people liked.
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    I just realized that the first leaked/prototype pics look different to the new ones. Honestly I think i prefer the first design over the new one. The faceplate design seems a bit too simplistic now. I don't really like the box either, I'm gonna throw it away since i feel a bit too creeped out that there's a child on the front of the box. I know im not the demographic, but I wonder if children would be interested with the camera feature.
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    The animation looks great! I’m glad we get to see this video to see how the interaction with the camera is like. I guess all I need to be convinced is a full gameplay so we can see the other features. Oh god this really reminded me of the V4/V4.5 with the career system!
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    Ah! That makes perfect sense! The Tama-Go and the Friends passed me by, so I didn't put two and two together here.
  39. 4 points
    i!! wasn't really sure how to feel about the device when i just saw stuff about the camera feature and commercial but!! a lot of the new features are actually kind of exciting to me like the tamagotchi.com missions that sounds really cool!! im still not sure if ill pick it up immediately but it does seem cool!!!
  40. 4 points
    Tamagotchi Pix has been officially announced! Here’s Amazon pre-order link. The new device will cost $59.99 and will be released July 2021. Purple and pink will be released as a first wave and then the blue and green will be available later this year. The Tamagotchi Pix new features are listed below: • Camera that allows the player to take a picture of them with their character. • You’re are now able to cook meals. • Your character can meet other characters and go on playdates. • There are 17 new games. • Can connect with another device by using the camera to scan a QR code to go on playdates and exchange gifts. • Your character can now have a job. • Touch buttons will allow you to interact with your character by petting them, bathing them or customize your items. • The device is available in 6 different languages, and they are: English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish German and French. • You are able to connect your device to Tamagotchi.com to complete the missions and download items to your device. You can check Tamagotchi website for more in depth information by clicking here If there are any information that wasn’t listed here please feel free to add them. Let me know what you guys think of the new version.
  41. 4 points
    I did notice that the walking animation was a lot smoother though! The petting feature is cute too. Yes I agree, they didn't show enough features to get most people's attention. I noticed Momotchi has returned as a raisable character, but it definitely looks like the mix feature is gone for those interested. I didn't see any evidence of a mix character but who knows? I like seeing the packaging so soon before I've even seem it on store shelves. It's kind of cute, but regrettably bulky, empty, and hard to store. I'm also not a fan of clear packages for how plastic ages and the risk of sun damage to a device. If I have anything to knit pick about given what little preview we just saw, it's probably that.
  42. 4 points
    I'm sooo disappointed... The buttons aren't real buttons that you can press, the designs are very bland and girly, it still needs batteries, the packaging is very big and will probably be very empty + It must be hard to take clear photos if you have to press a button that's 1/4 of the device itself. I'm just curious to see how the back will look like and I really hope the price won't be over 50$ otherwise I can already see it flopping. Edit: i'm quite happy with the new cooking and customizing furniture options tho
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    Hi there people of TamaTalk! It's been a while. I hope that you are doing well! As you can tell, there hasn't been any significant update since the flash player EOL, aside from the post about the standalone Flash Projector. So, feel free to report any bugs or point out anything about the sites to me or @SilicaAndPina. That's it for today. Cheers.
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    that sounds like fun, I look forward to reading the logs. vintages are always fun
  45. 3 points
    It sounds like OP has either a v4 or a v4.5, I know the the v4 is infamous for it's glitches. So it could be that your tamagotchi is glitching a bit. Sadly I don't know how to fix that glitch, maybe press the reset button, and then press download and it might go back to normal.
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    id love to join! i will use a tamagotchi p1 and or p2
  47. 3 points
    Oh woah! Thank you! Coincidentally my bday is may 5 ( ╹▽╹ )
  48. 3 points
    No worries, I've moved it to the right place. As for this particular phenomenon, as @tamastar133 notes, there's supposed to be an equal chance of getting each gender - so, of course, mathematics being what it is, sometimes you might find that you get a lot of one or the other in a row. It'll change eventually!
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    Welcome to journalism. They don't care at all, especially when the subject involves technology or children. It's only obvious when it's about a subject you happen to know about, so always keep it in mind when reading/watching news.
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    The most that we've got right now is the gameplay that's described and shown in a video interview that was posted here. It sounds like the camera can be used as part of the new cooking feature, but they didn't show it or talk about how that works. That's all that I'm aware of at the moment.