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    Language of the tama doesn't matter at all, people have had Japanese tamas for years without knowing the language and they are just as fun as English ones since the text isn't very important anyway. You will understand everything maybe except for what the characters are saying but honestly even in English they aren't making much sense. However I suggest you to go with the ON JUST for one reason - the ON doesn't have the glitches Meets has, at least the most game breaking ones. I don't know what about the newer versions but the older versions of Meets are almost unplayable with the glitches.
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    Yep, it's a lack of branding in this case, and very often (though not always) a lack of being able to determine the original manufacturer due to a lack of markings or declarations of such. Sometimes you'll also see factories using the term "OEM" ("Original Equipment Manufacturer") to refer to this, as well, but my understanding is that that's really more meant for computer/car parts, and it tends to be used oddly when referring to completed consumer items that it would be more accurate to call generic. I forgot this part before, but that aspect of these pets is a tricky one. Almost everything on them is original, content-wise (and the games are actually quite good, amazingly enough ), but several of the sprites are stolen. So they sort of walk this odd line where they're mostly generic but also have some infringing sprites. I'd love to know who wrote the infamous "Bunny ROM", honestly. I did pick up one of the penguin-shaped ones because I wanted something weird (you don't get too much weirder than a creature being born from a violent explosion, complete with a surprisingly meaty explosion noise) and I wanted to see what it was like on its own merits, and what I found was that even though they work badly as virtual pets, a chunk of what's in there had some genuine effort put into it. It reminded me of how some programmers of bootleg Famicom games used to basically use that stuff to gain experience and add to their CV, and that's a pretty interesting topic, by and large. Ohh! I see what you're getting at, now. Yeah, some countries are definitely (being charitable) very lax on this, and compounding this is the fact that sometimes it's due to them having (again, being charitable) very unusual takes on laws that other countries handle completely differently. They certainly shouldn't be doing it, but there unfortunately gets to be a point where things like this are so entrenched in some countries that they become too big for anyone to feasibly stop - and that's where it gets to be a problem for the inevitably undermanned customs authorities that goods get imported into. (I make note of their undermanned nature because it's why not even all imports for personal use will be examined and have fees applied in all cases, let alone crates upon crates of goods that are being commercially imported en-masse.) Oh my goodness, that is bad. I assume that whichever chain is offering these is actually well-established and really ought to know better? The price (I'm assuming that it's in Euros?) also appears to be severely jacked-up for something that's usually only sold for a few US Dollars at the most. Ick. I just have to say thankyou for this one - it's absolutely made my day by giving me a great laugh. I love the idea that, somewhere out there, lurking in the shadows, there's a Department of Bootleggery just waiting to ruin corporate's day, waste a bunch of everyday people's money, and irritate some legal teams. From now on, the Department of Bootleggery is the designated official point of origin for all of this stuff. Eh, no worries - these things happen! I get what you mean now. As for the handbags issue, gigantic luxury brands like Gucci put a lot into dealing with trademark-infringement (meaning that they may be able to provide intelligence to customs authorities), whereas other companies in other fields may not always be inclined to do the same, especially with how unbelievably common it is for consumer/pop-culture items to be faked. The sad reality is, it's just a bunch of unfortunate circumstances that have clashed - counterfeiting from China and thereabouts is currently too big for anyone to address (unfortunately, everything popular has this problem, not just the Tamagotchi line), customs authorities all over the world are understaffed (as mentioned above), and there's also the common human tendency to genericise brand-names (i.e., searching the internet is "Googling", all vacuum-cleaners are "a hoover", all flaked corn breakfast cereals are "corn flakes", all hook-and-loop tape is "velcro"*). πŸ˜• *This is also why some companies append additional terms to their brand-names. Sony does this with their games-consoles, for example - the official way of writing them nowadays is always "PlayStation [Number Here] computer entertainment system", and this is because a lot of people genericise their brand-name as "playstation"/"playstations" or "play station"/"play stations", or corrupt it into "gamestations"/"game stations", as a synonym for a games-console.
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    sorry forgot to upload this the other day enjoy,
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    In the past I've gotten confused because I didn't understand the distinction between "fakes" and "generics" that people make here. I think I understand it now: if a console's packaging explicitly claims to be Tamagotchi, it is a "fake", if it does not, it is a "generic virtual pet". This is naive and out of touch with reality. The companies and governments responsible for distributing fake Tamagotchi consoles successfully propagandised that "Tamagotchi" isn't a name, but a generic term. Today still, most people are surprised if they discover (or even refuse to believe) that Tamagotchi is an actual franchise made by Bandai Namco, and not a generic term for crappy LCD toys that beep and depict gravestones. If you ask for Tamagotchi in a store, large chance they'll hand you a fake ("generic") console, assuring you that it's what you're looking for despite it not saying "Tamagotchi" on the packaging (this happened to me as a kid, thank goodness I discovered the real thing later). Proving that a physical store does it would have required going undercover, but online stores have to do it in the open. Example from the largest Dutch retailer: Is this a "non-deceptive generic virtual pet" just because of the packaging? (Also, these things often have copies of Tamagotchi characters in them alongside all the generic animals. That alone makes them clearly qualify as fakes, even if these characters are not shown in advertising. Who even wrote these ROM's that you see reused all over the place?) This is what killed the Tamagotchi franchise in the west (granted, Bandai Namco not handling the situation as incompetently as possible would have likely averted it). Governments have a hand in this; distributing fake Gucci bags will get you fines and jail time, while no-one ever got arrested for distributing fake Tamagotchi consoles. They likely saw them as a threat to the school system, and basically made them exempt from intellectual property law. The term "generic virtual pet" should be reserved for products like VTech's KidiPet and Tiger Electronics' GigaPet.
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    No idea where to find one, but here's another picture of the pink shell.
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    Oh, "generic" just refers to being brandless. I get it now. I thought it referred to generic animals. Sorry, I tried wording that better but fumbled. I was referring to the cooperation between these companies and these governments. You can't transport obviously infringing fakes like this over the border without cooperation from customs. I didn't mean to say that there's a Department of Bootleggery. That was my guess as to why customs always allow it; they can't sympathize with Tamagotchi consoles, unlike with, say, handbags. I won't blame you for considering that out of touch with reality on my part. If you have a better idea how we got into this situation, I'd like to hear.
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    Hi there, and welcome to TamaTalk! I've moved this thread over to Virtual Pets - General, as the Chickpet is not a Tamagotchi (Tamagotchi is the brand-name of Bandai's line of virtual pets, which created the product-category), but rather a competing/generic virtual pet from back in the day. The Chickpet is part of the Gyaoppi family of virtual pets. According to this page from Tamenagerie (which is a large virtual pets resource), the Chickpet was also released under the names of Chickenoch, Chick Duck, GAAA Hippie, and Pi-Yo Bird. These do not all use the same shell designs, however. Searching for any of those names, or for a Gyaoppi chicken on eBay or in other places where used virtual pets are sold is what will most likely help you on your way. EDIT: The "Vintage Electronic Toy" section of the Japanese virtual pets-centric online store, Japan You Want, currently has a GAAA Hippie for sale, if the pet and the colour are more important than the specific shell design.
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    That's very suspicious, it does appear that someone else is listing the exact same item. Probably best to avoid these sellers.
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    β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… My twins turned into adults! I’m a little sad that Pumpkitchi’s body is no longer on there as I was hoping to have his spoopy body and the married Tamagotchi’s teacup head The eyes stayed though and the more that I look at it, the more that I just see a yellow crescent moon and the navy as the night sky. I think I will plan on marrying Pumpkitchi one more time before he disappears off of the app. I wanted to try to marry one of the Sanrio characters in the Tamagotchis. The Meets app is super awesome with tons of possibilities, but I have the Sanrio Meets, so I might as well try to mix with those characters too from time to time! I decided to get Pin and Pon closer to Kuromi, but I had a hard choice as to which twin I want to marry off. On one hand, Pin has the cuter eyes, and on the other hand Pon has cute little hearts around him. I wanted to take a chance and hope that the Pumpkitchi moon eyes would go away in the next generation and keep the heart decoration, so the marriage was between Pon and Kuromi. I’d like to imagine that Pin managed to marry My Melody since we bumped into her numerous times too. We got another baby boy, just one this time, who I named Taro. The usual happened and he quickly turned into a toddler with similar features to the past generation (the face and body). He inherited Kuromi’s headpiece so I hope this means that it will stay in his teenager and adult stage too. β˜… 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔡 β˜… Some more content on here for today. Walnut and Memetchi got married and had a baby girl (forgot to give her a name! I'll call her Mikan), who grew up into a toddler after an hour. I totally forgot that sometimes the Tamagotchi would beep because they would be dreaming so when I heard it I thought it somehow died even though I knew it must have been sleeping. Again I am sorry for the very short entries for the Mix. I’m starting on the 23rd generation and I’ve unlocked and visited everything so I’ve pretty much ran out of the new stuff to talk about. And with just the one Mix and the limited functionality that the Mix has on the Meets app, it’s quite hard and I’m only running it because I’m excited to see the mixes. Not to mention that the Mix and Meets can’t marry between each other, which is fair enough I suppose, but in a way it kind of cannibalised the Mix Tamagotchis. So just treat the Mix part of the logs as small growth updates (if you are interested in seeing the initial Mix log with the past generations, I do have one and it’s here) ~~~ Btw, if you see that the pictures that I took of the Meets screen looks like it has some streaky lines, it’s because I actually put cling wrap over the front and back of the Tamagotchi. I saw someone on Reddit did this and I thought it was a good way to protect the screen, since my Mix has unfortunately suffered some tiny scratches even when I tried to take care of it. And I am too lazy to try and get a small screen protector. It’s not all too noticeable once the screen is turned on but I also have to remove it to take some clearer images to post onto Instagram (and to change batteries), which will cause some creases to appear and not stick as well. I'm aware that I didn't upload yesterday, this was the entry that was supposed to be posted! What happened yesterday was quite bland anyways because they just grew into teens, so I think I will combine yesterday's with today's and upload it today as well? Until next time~!
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    Oh boy Dream Town, this was a fun one first i would like to thank @Alex Grigoriou as he had downloaded all the Dream Town files before it went down, basically making this whole thing possible. But anyway you can play dream town @ http://famita.ml/friends/index.html Registering and Login saving stuff works, however codes for the actural Tamagotchi Friends dont (yet), If you have any problems please tell me so i can try fix it- im not entirely sure i rewrote every single script soo Technical notes (for nerds): This game might have not been developed by Bandai but rather outsourced to "Firma Studio" as all packages are marked "com.firmastudio" - interestingly firmastudio.com seems to be an architexture company not a game development one, now granted it is Dream TOWN but i dont think it falls under *.CEBD file format - there is only 1 SWF file acturally loaded by this, which is the loader itself. which loads other binaries and config files in the .CEBD file, which is compressed (gZIP) & encrypted (ARC4) SWF or XML files the main config file is called "mmog.cebd" which is XML and defines stuff like the login server and stuff. and the main binary is "tam.cebd" which is a SWF, i wrote a CEBD decryptor in C# .NET which you can find the src and binaries for here: Cebd_Decrypt its also built with the Starling Engine, the login server is default over unsecured HTTP (infact, it pretty much HAS to be over HTTP since it expects a direct IP and not a domain name, i think SSL on IP's is possible but you cant do it with Let's Encrypt ..), oh and the original server stored passwords in plaintext, when you did a "i forgot my pass" thing it would just give you your password. i acturally set mine up to do SHA512(password)^salt the password reset merely creates a new password for you and tells you that instead. :-: It was totallllly possible to cheat dream town (even the original one,) basically whenever you do anything it sends a request to the auth server (defined in mmog.cebd) basically you can just POST to <authserver>/inventory/add with a JSON like {"itemId":1,"quantity":4,"authId":<token>} and it just adds it to your inventory. Anyway, you can find the CGI scripts code for the login server here: DreamTown Repository, and the Client Files
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    Okay, then. I wasn't sure since the vast majority of recent topics around the site are about the Tamagotchi On. Anyway, so far I haven't had any luck. I think I'm cursed to always get the same teens from the same children over and over again on the V4.5, none of which are from the Kuchi family But I just mated a Horoyotchi and a Celebtchi today, so hopefully that'll work! From my experience, mating two characters of two different family groups often results in at least one child evolving into the family that neither of the parents belonged to.
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    Lol i don't think anyone has, but I think I have seen the listing XD
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    Sorry, she has no idea. My area of specialisation is vintage virtual pets, really.
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    Unfortunately, I have Sanrio Meets and this particular issue happened to me! I think the issue still there for the units they sold already, not sure if the english/ON is having troubles thought!
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    I saw that video. Best part is interviewer thinking Marutchi is an adult.
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    Hi can someone identify this version of chickpet where can i find the Chickpet tamagotchi pink design i'v been looking on internet can't find the one i want... where Can I purchase one like this pleaseπŸ€” any suggestions? Xx
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    I'm aware that that topic spans more bootlegs than just the Tamagotchi ones; the "9999-in-1 Brick Game" ROM is very old and even more infamous. How old is the "Bunny" ROM, anyway? It's completely different from the (also endlessly reused) ROM my fake/generic had. It's not "some" countries though. As far as I'm aware, these fakes are basically everywhere except maybe Japan, and that's probably more to avoid incurring Bandai Namco's wrath than the Japanese government's. Same retailer as the other screenshot. It's Bol.com, the largest online store in the Netherlands. The company behind it owns the largest supermarket chain too. You don't get to be any more established than that. To be fair, both of these are from third-party sellers. But I placed a warning review for the top "Tamagotchi" search result and it just vanished into the moderation queue... (Though I did see a negative review for one of the fakes, so maybe it's just because I didn't buy it) And yes, that is 20 euro's. Same price I paid for my legitimate Tamagotchi Friends. That's probably why for a while Bandai Namco referred to every Tamagotchi product as Tamagotchi Connection despite having little to do with the Connection series, such as "Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop". Didn't stop the fakes from calling themselves Tamagotchi Connection too, which is probably why they renamed the Tamagotchi Connection v7 to the rather questionable name "TamaTown Tama-Go" in the last minute before release. Getting off-topic, but (aside from the time Microsoft paid two TV shows to make a character say they "binged" something) people refer to Bing as Google mostly because they didn't consciously chose to use Bing; it's hard to find anyone who uses Bing for any reason other than it being the default in Microsoft Edge. I don't think you'll hear a Yandex or DuckDuckGo user say "googling".
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    It really is as simple as what has been said in past topics: If a virtual pet is attempting to deceive you into believing that it is a Tamagotchi, then it is a counterfeit, and if it is not, then it is generic. Other brands, like Giga Pets, are simply competing brands, not generic items. It seems unusual to call basic facts and common-sense "naive and out of touch with reality", only to then immediately claim that there are governments who have distributed fake goods and created propaganda to convince people that Tamagotchi is not a brand-name, and exempted the Tamagotchi brand from intellectual-property law because they saw the genuine items as a threat to the educational system.
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    β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Hello hello Gumi turned into a teen in the night (I think) He was mainly white with some light matching colours And yesterday, he turned into an adult first thing in the morning, which also woke me up too. And are the eyes finally different this time? ...Nope But it doesn't look too bad on Gumi. Perhaps the big headpiece and the blue colour kind of takes it away a bit, but oh my god get those eyes out please!! I'll hang out in the Meets Park to see if anyone wants to propose, and for me to find any potential partners for Gumi β˜… 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔡 β˜… Another slow day here. I've been too lazy to try and get Mikan with another character and I also don't know who to choose Mikan has also been getting nightmares, maybe because I'm neglecting him most of the time? She's been sulking in the corner whenever she comes back from her parent's house ~~~ I'm also getting a bit busy irl with exams and with the same routine repeating itself over and over now, expect posts to cover two days as opposed to one post per day Until next time~!
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    btw this is really cute ! can't you size it up abit? :)
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    After about 4 months later I'm back in here and I see the replies...... Like how this person posted how the anime is gonna be on "emby" when I don't believe that and it's pretty clear nothing's happening to the anime I don't think your right because if it was on "emby" it would be announced I ment the full anime not the Tamagotchi friends cilps
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    Also, right now bidding is at $2 for all of them... So I might go for it just to see what they are.
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    Oh man... I've missed this game
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    β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Hey! I'm back for another update, which will make the log pretty much up to date at this point. Here is Taro as a teenager. It's the same character again which is kinda boring so not much except for this one picture of him and his pet It was in the evening that Taro grew up. I waited with anticipation to see how he would turn out with his parent's genes. Um...not the combination that I wanted πŸ˜• I made him try on a few accessories to try and make him look a bit more cute with the eyes. I feel like the eyes just don't match the rest of his appearance, i.e. small body I sent him to the Meets app because unlike the previous generations, I was willing to start the next one asap Taro got rejected once but was successful on his second go. Thank you, kind stranger! And here is their little baby. Another boy, no twins this time. As you can see, I named him Gumi. I also tried to see how many poops I could stack and it's taller than him Think he wasn't too happy about it I promise I still raised Gumi well, making sure he was full and happy (I really should try to neglect him so I get a different toddler/teen but I am so afraid I'll accidentally kill it) And that is where we are for the Meets! Gumi went to sleep straight after as it was past 9pm when he finally turned into his toddler form β˜… 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔡 β˜… Bad news first, I accidentally deleted the pictures of Mikan as a teenager I thought I had the pictures ready but nope, and hence it got deleted. It looked like Kilalatchi, but orange and with Gozarutchi's headpiece. Good news is that I do have pictures of Mikan as an adult. I think Gozarutchi's headpiece covers up Memetchi's light bulb like head so it looks okayish (and sorry for the weird glare thing at the top left of each pic, I don't know what that is, and the weird streaky lines is again cling wrap that I use to protect the screen) I'll be keeping Mikan for a day or so before she gets married off to a male character ~~~ Until next time~!
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    So I bought a Japanese Tamagotchi Angel earlier and thought it was legit, I used Project Tamashell and the shell checked out, or so I thought. Since I bought it, ill post the pictures directly instead of linking to the item. So, the icons look like the P1/P2 icons, but after googling it, the Angel should have different looking icons and im stumped. Any help would be appreciated!!!!
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    Oh thank god. The icons really threw me off and I was scared that I had bought a fake and that there was nothing I could do about it. Thank you so much!!!!
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    Thanks for the heads up I appreciate it. Well today my tama evolve to his adult form. Im so happy im trying to raise enough money for a ring so he can propose to a girl.
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    Okay guys Its Monday which means I didn't study well enough for my exam and focused on my kids too much. Onwards!!! These past two days Ruby and Quartz needed a lot more love, in fact the higher the meter- the more they summoned me oddly. In fact they haven't even gone to bed. It's one a.m and the clock is only 3- Never mind did my math. Ignore my 5th grade level math. Point is they have done a few more things that have I haven't seen before like this: She's so mad here, its my first time seeing this animation! Just look at them playing, its actually kind of cute. Not sure what I was supposed to do about this since their meters were full. Just look at that sass. Look. at. It. After the ducks would fall over.. every time. Or this one. Again, they were full and the only thing i could think of was sticking on a flower crown. Btw I'll do that tomorrow, their reaction was priceless. And not what I expected. at the moment this was their happy meter. Pretty high, but after observing the great power of the official app, its always going to be full. To my surprise though even though I named them off their colors by birth (i.e quartz in the baby picture was the white one and ruby the red) They stayed the same colors, even in the current picture they stayed in the same placement too. Except when I named them, for whatever reason Quartz was first born and Ruby second, after the family photo, BOOM! Quartz and Ruby switch sides and I had to keep track. But they never changed their colors, and even as teens had different features. Maybe the shades but its been easy seeing who is who. Moreover Quartz has been proposed to about 3 times now. Poor Ruby. Hopefully I can marry off Ruby in the future since Quartz already has technically 3 sets of offspring. Quartz recent proposal. Anyways I need to cram before bed, after all medical school literally does not pay for itself. Show me pictures of your current tama or let me know what kind of stuff you'd like me to post about, maybe crafts made around my tamas or things like recording the animations such as the ones I mentioned earlier. See you guys tomorrow!
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    Thank you! i Will create it Tommorrow. OR When i have time.
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    If it's still not resolved, there is a difference between uploading through that method and from a link. The link method doesn't have a 0.12MB limit, which was something that I had an issue with when I was trying to upload images for my Tamagotchi log (I haven't been on here for a year so I was a bit rusty). You can just right click on an image, click on 'copy image address' and paste it here. The link should end with a .jpg or a .png and after a second or so it'll automatically turn into an image. Alternatively you can click on 'Insert other media' and 'Insert image from URL' and paste it there.
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    Tears For Fears. It's a pretty old band. It's very 80's.
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    I keep seeing these online and it makes me upset. You can get these fakes for a cheap price, but the Tamagotchi Connections of my childhood cost $35 or more now! And I did see a YouTube video of the fake Color from Wish. I was laughing when Patrick came on because a Nickelodeon character does not belong the Tamagotchi world. I have seen these in public. I saw the heart variant of the Jia-Yun pet at both Hot Topic and Marshall's. Hot Topic also had a variant of the same pet that fooled you into thinking it was a Color, and to make matters worse, it was next to some real Tamagotchis. The heart variant of the Jia-Yun pet also appeared in the Schooled episode "Tamagotchis and Bells" alongside some real ones. Coincidentally, this aired the same day I saw the same pet at Marshall's.
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    Considering they're selling it as if it were a Tamagotchi, I doubt they know or even care if it works.
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    Only the 2 figurines that were included with the device trigger content that's already in the device itself. The other figurines that you had to purchase separately, carry their own data. They only released 12 figurines because of the v7/Tama-Go's commercial failure, but they originally planned to release over 50 of them, and that would probably not have fitted in the ROM.
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    Only the English version? Aww, now I wish I had saved the file of the Dutch translation. At one point in it, Mametchi literally said "Kiramotchi can be a bit of an idiot sometimes!".
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    Today... Virtual Mickey Mouse stopped selling. Only this! From takara tomy! https://lavitsfigure.com/products/takara-tomy-disney-mickey-mouse-magical-transfiguration-handheld-digital-virtual-pet-game-play-key-chain And Not this! https://japanyouwant.com/product/new-mickey-life-game-yellow-vintage-mini-game And this! https://www.ebay.com/itm/VIRTUAL-Mickey-Mouse-Yellow-Interactive-Cyber-Tamagotchi-NEW-SEALED-Disney-/283355936782
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    I can't believe this place is still up.. I haven't been on here in almost 7 years
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    The tamagotchi on must be doing well for bandai to consider this release,, hoping we get more English releases in the future https://imgur.com/aHgmwY8
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    Sorry about that! I must have waited just a little too long before I added that. But here is a pic of that very similar dinosaur pet:
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    Sorry guys, I'm going to have to be a bit of a grumpy git and say: Anything Connection and beyond, barring the Minis/Nanos/re-releases. I don't enjoy the excessive complexity (why are these guys training for specific jobs and going to work and raising families but still pooping all over the floor?) or the lack of a complete life-cycle; They shifted into being nigh-invincible virtual friends at some point, and that's not what interests me about these devices - I'm interested in the raising and the evolutions.
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    While I might have seen some templates, I don't think I can find them for you now. However, there's some options for you to try: 1. Take out the P's faceplate and scan it with a piece of plain white paper on top of it. The scan should be more or less accurate when it comes to size once you print out your ready template 2. Just make a looping pattern of sorts on paper and then trace the faceplate on it before cutting it out (or even use scrapbook paper and stuff for it). It won't be ideal but it works.
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    In japan they will, outside japan they probably won't, Tamagotchi Friends and Tamgotchi Life werew the only things we currently had outside japan, and now that we don't have Life and that the TFs is not really selling well, they probably won't want to release new versions overseas xD I think the problem is mainly that Bandai US/UK's marketing is terrible, lots of worse (and expensive) toys sell a lot better because of their marketing, Bandai just didn't do it right with Tamagotchi, the Tamagotchi Life website and facebook had more non-tamagotchi girly stuff related than actual Tamagotchi stuff, if you saw the website you wouldn't think is a virtual pet project, And the TFs add is overall really creepy xD
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    I have heard of a kind of tamagotchi Pedometer, is there one?
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    It’s really hard taking care of tamas while studying engineering!
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    Name: Katsu Age: 16 B-day: July 7 Date of death: July 20 Generation: ??? Goodbye Katsu! We miss you so much
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    This is the Kids React to Tamagotchi. You wanna Watch? Check out!
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    I don't have a Mini yet (I definitely plan to get one at some point though) but in a Digimon case two weeks isn't a lot of time at all, I'd suspect it to live a bit more. But I doubt it lives forever, it has to die at some point. Minis are just harder to kill overall since they're supposed to be low maintenance pets.