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    Has anyone ever made their own custom shells? How did they turn out? I drew up these designs for shells I'd like to make one day! Im actually currently working on making the middle one right now, but its nowhere near done yet! :3
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    Haven't been here in a couple months but I'm back! The holidays always have me thinking of tamagotchi... it's the time of year that I first discovered them and collecting and every year something about the snow and staying cozy inside my house makes me want to pop a battery in a connection and reminisce lol
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    My Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town just arrived! There was a bit of a scare - the previous owner had left batteries in, and it was refusing to activate with a new pair, but one battery test with my good ol' Tamatown Tama-Go and it decided to play nice! Log post coming soon... hopefully. XD
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    Hey guys! The long-anticipated moment has arrived.. I got my very first Tamagotchi! It is the Magic White version of the Tamagotchi ON. So in this log, I won't be posting pics, sadly. LET THE LOG COMMENCE! Friday, 27/11/2020. I started up my new Tama, filled in everything, and got ready for my egg to hatch! It hatched into.. a girl, which my dad named Daisy. I took care of it, then it took a nap for, like 3 minutes. I woke up the screen to see that it had pooped on the spot. Not long after, it had evolved into Chiroritchi, a good care character! So I immediately got to getting out and earning gotchi points. That's it for now, see ya next time! >w<
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    i got really into watching doraemon this year, its such a nice n funny anime. tho it made me REALLY want to buy the doraemon tamagotchi from the 90s, unfortunately its out of my budget but one day i hope i can buy it. also since tamagotchi is doing a bunch of crossover versions now, why dont they make a remake of the doraemon tamagotchi??? i'd be so down for that
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    Happy 24th anniversary Tamagotchi!!! I remember when it was only it's 17th, time flies by so quickly!! ;A;
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    11/17/20 is when I found my 2 tamagotchis while I was cleaning my closet. I'm currently in college but no one's too old to start playing with these again 😂 Their names are Emily and Jane, still pretty young as they only hatched yesterday. I'm hoping I don't get busy and forget. Although I have lots of real pets, I'm sure I have time to look after Emily and Jane 😅 I had these since I was around 8-9 yrs old. Had no batteries so I bought 2 of them yesterday. Luckily they're past their 'new born stage' before I slept so they don't end up starving overnight. I remember just going to sleep after they hatched and fed them and they started making noises. Kept me up at night as a kid lmao. I planned on getting the Tamagotchi ON but those could wait. Just so much nostalgia playing with the old version I had since I was a kid. https://imgur.com/a/WCxt8bu https://imgur.com/a/kUWIVPq
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    Im assuming a Tamagotchi angel (english) in the original box for 49 dollars is decent right? Thats another thing I purchased. box was a little dented on side but I think its still a good deal english silver and never openedddddd 💖
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    I would be crazy for days if that happened.
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    I get out of school. DPD truck is going down the street. Huh that must be for me, DPD never comes here. Then, when I get to the crossing, the truck is coming from the direction of our house. And yep, there it is, my new ON!
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    Oh my gosh I have the exact same dreams as you, they're occasionally reoccurring (every few months) and there's always either so many (usually free) or so little (usually costs money, weirdly). I once had a dream about going to a thrift store (it looked more like a grocery store with its shelves and layout tbh), and I saw a weird flip-phone Tamagotchi with a transparent background (no paper sheet inside)! Starting this year I've had around two dreams about going to this mall and seeing this store - in the first dream it was a huge store going out of business and it was selling all of it's NIB color tamas for $1 each, then a dream I had way later involved the store back in business, where you could play luck-based games (like the ticket-earning machines you can find in arcades) to win tamas. I won two pink iD Ls (also new in box)! Amazing. I never fail to wake up in a sad state after these dreams. They always vary in location too (similar to yours) - I once had this dream where I was at this country fair of sorts and there was this massive building-sized crate full of Tamagotchis. That was a few years ago now iirc? It was super weird, but pretty cool either way!
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    https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Jordy_Tamagotchi Omg!!!! I'm definitely going to try to get this! Edit: For those that are interested in it as well, I'd keep an eye on the following website to pre-order!! = https://store.kakaofriends.com/en/products/category/character?categorySeq=131&sort=createDatetime,desc
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    Osu Mesu Book here as well, only have the PDF the scanner gave me though. To excited not to share! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O4y7KGRqAPmvP9dd5DcrnFgo05CdrcSW?usp=sharing
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    My mom just bought a 20th anniv mini for her friend's son... he saw mine while I was visiting and had to have one. I got to help find one and pick it out! That was fun. His favorite color is yellow, so I got the yellow w/ orange buttons.
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    Oh, duh! Why didn't I think to look for that? Answered all my questions. It seems it runs on a real-time clock, and approx 24 hrs = a year as usual. I was able to find a growth chart on the last page. Looks like you get the baby from either generation at random. I'll just drop the link here for anyone that comes in the thread looking for it: https://archive.org/details/manual-tamagotchi-win95/mode/1up
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    I think it's pretty well documented actually, between this: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_CD-ROM?mobile-app=false and the manual pdf which you can find online (I think I got it from archive.org).
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    I've got some V2 bootleg shells I'm thinking of painting. If they turn out nice I might swap in the guts of another tama.
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    hi yall, its been a long time! i really miss using this site, the layouts changed a lot since i was last here. idk if anyone i was friends with is still around on this site, but happy 24th anniversary to tamagotchi! (i think im a little late now tho oops) I'm in the middle of my 2nd year of college as an animation major right now, which is funny thinking about now because i remember being on this site a LOT when i was in just middle school. currently working on a lot of projects, i got some comic series going and many MANY little animations done. ive been kind of on-and-off playing my tamagotchi mix and tamagotchi on, still love tamagotchi to death after all these years!
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    23/11/20 - Cont. Today marks the start of the second generation! I was left a baby Kuroteletchi. I decided to name him Mouse. After the usual hour of care, Mouse expectedly evolved into a Mizutamatchi as Jal was a bad care character. We played bump to exploit the points he could earn at his low weight class. My best game got us all the way to the 8th round! Unfortunately, we came just short of the overall victory. That being said, coming in 2nd place overall still gave us a handsome sum: 24/11/20 Today was bittersweet. We started the day off normally, I caught Mouse rolling around on the floor. Despite taking near perfect care of him (or what I thought was perfect care?) he evolved later on in the day to a Hashitamatchi. I adore this character, but according to my growth chart, he's 'horrible care'. Going back over my care in the past 24 hours, his hearts never got below 3, and his poo never stacked multiples. I did take an extra hour or so to turn off his light - but I didn't think that would affect care that drastically? There must be more to care than I remember... Anyway, here's Mouse! I caught him taking a bath this evening. Time to look at some new growth charts perhaps!
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    Hi ya'll, just a quick-ish update for the past two days. 18/11/20 Today I took Jal to work with me. Nothing notable happened really, just the usual care. Expecting a matchmaker arrival either tomorrow or the day after. 19/11/20 Slightly more eventful day today, as I was home. We kicked off the day with a glass of juice, which may be from a pervious generation? I didn't remember buying it. I then broke out my old notebook with all my growth charts and codes that I made when I was younger. I decided to enter in some of the shop codes. I was a little disappointed they didn't continue this feature in future versions, it feels almost like an easter egg! In particular, we played with the 'RC CAR 2', which makes some funny sounds. Jal was not impressed when it tipped over. Maybe he shouldn't be driving it so fast then. ...and then, just as I was writing this, we were visited (or rudely approached by) the thanksgiving turkey! Jal was chased all over the screen as I watched on and took photos.
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    Okay, so we've seen the re-release of P1 and P2 Tamagotchis, the Tamagotchi mini's, Digimon, the Tamagotchi Nano's are doing well, and the On/Meets/Some are also doing good. This is purely speculation at this point, but perhaps we may see a new wave of the Angel, Forest, and Ocean? I would seriously flip my lip if that happened! And don't even get me started on the Devilgotchi, if that got re-released it would be amazing. Though that one is probably the least likely to be re-released out of the bunch. I hope that if Bandai goes down this path and Tamagotchi continues to be successful again, maybe they'll re-release the connections as well? Sigh, one can dream. What does everyone else think? Do you think a re-release of the Angel/Forest/Ocean is feasible? Would you also flip your lid? I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts!
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    Hello! the versions you have are V4 (ball antenna) & V4.5 (star antenna) These two versions have some issues when you connect them, the best solution is to reset one of them and download your character again. I found this useful tip from Tamagotchi ultimate connecting guide Let us know if it works
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    I would scream if they announced a set!! It'd make getting your hands on these (hypothetical) re-releases so much easier, though separately-sold versions would also be cool alongside the set! Maybe there could be multiple sets, like what they used to do with the Connections (those 'best friends' sets come to mind!) - they could have new shell designs to celebrate the occasion. It makes me excited just thinking about the possibilities! >w<
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    Oh man, if I honestly heard they were re-releasing both vintages and connections I would be squeeing with delight and clapping (sounds odd in text but that's just how I am). If somebody just told me that out of nowhere, I'd be screaming and jumping like a sports fan XD Then both of my parents would probably yell at me to stop since my complete lack of reserve can be loud and then I would realize how much money that would cost me and what my mother would think of the price... and then I'd buy a few because my mother thinks I'm nuts anyway. I started out with the Connection models - the V3 was my first - but I still have a fondness for the vintages because those were the first models I was introduced to back when I was getting into the hobby (through Mimitchi.com). Additionally, the themed vintages have a much more interesting concept than a standard Tamagotchi because they attempt to incorporate the unique aspects of raising a particular animal. Other virtual pets of that era follow the same premise and I quite enjoy running those for the novelty. Another plus with the pre-colour models is that they certainly don't run through quite as much batteries as the colour models (I doubt anyone runs a colour longterm for that reason). It would be a joy to see shelves once again lined with vintage and connection tamas. One of my favourite, old Tamagotchi memories is standing in a Walmart in front of a white mesh wall hung with a multitude of packages encasing colourful connections. At least, I think the whole wall was hung with them since I only remember seeing the bottom quarter of the display because I was a little kid I remember taking a random V5 off of the wall and deciding to buy that - I was not an attentive child. Most of the displays I see of tamas now are little boxed stands and while I understand they don't have much of them because people don't buy them in droves - especially not the colours - they don't have the same impact as a wall of tamas. Imagine if they re-released the Yasashii! Scalpers would abound but the frenzy would probably be answered by a new wave of shells, just like for the rereleased originals. A rerelease - especially if things stayed well stocked - would allow us practical collectors to easily enjoy trying new versions without having to pay a bumped up amount for a pristine virtual pet for the in-box-and-locked-away enthusiast. Although, I imagine that would also be accompanied by those kinds of collectors journeying from store to store in search of the perfect shell. A re-release would probably give the original models a special collectors status, especially if there were further changes. Ahh, the Morino got so close to being released and then it was shelved. In a way, it was a very Japanese-y version since based on what I have seen from a few things, it looks like bug collecting is much more common there. I had a butterfly net and a special bug container when I was a kid, but I haven't seen them since. I'm sure there are some kids who go as crazy as I did catching grasshoppers way back when, but I still wonder if most people find bugs gross and disturbing (there was a kid in my childhood who freaked out over a woodlouse in her Bible which in turn got me nervous, but they really are cool and harmless).
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    This is my biggest want from the Tamagotchi brand at this time, honestly - especially if it meant that we would finally see an official English release of the Forest and Devil.
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    Getting my On soon!!
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    After the agony I went through trying to remove my On's faceplate following a tutorial that suggested prying from the front, I found a much better tutorial here. Instead of prying from the front, the Tamagotchi just need to be disassembled and the front half of the shell squeezed, as the link details. It's damage-free and I wish I had this earlier as my On's faceplate is damaged (thankfully, washi tape can hide that).
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    Haha, this is a bit of a random post, but I thought I'd share. Has anyone else had any dreams specifically about Tamagotchi's? I haven't had any recently but MANY MANY times I've had dreams where I've gone into a store or somewhere and there were Tamagotchi's lining the walls, and I'd grab as many as I could and put them in my cart or even in my shirt holding it like a sack to collect them all, lol! One time I even had a dream I went outside to take the trash bin to the curb, but when I opened the bin to put a trash bag inside it was over-flowing with tamas! I grabbed as many as I could and ran to my room, shoving them under my pillows for some reason?? And then when I woke up I looked under my pillows and the Tamagotchi's weren't there. I was heartbroken. 😆 I don't think i've had any dreams about characters specifically, but I definitely have frequent dreams about collecting Tamagotchi's. What about everyone else? Any interesting Tama-related dreams?
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    I received the Purple w/ black Digimon a couple days ago and the Sprinkles P1 today!!! I now have all 5 Versions of the Digimon 20th
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    Aww, your dad named your first tama I sometimes let my family do that, mostly my brother. Are you going to let your dad name any more tamas?
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    First set of scans up. this is for the angel Tamagotchi encyclopedia. Its missing one cut out page. I will be making a archival website for these soon, but please take a look at these and enjoy! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yxFCf0lCRCY2QUw1YpZTA4v7sLedsuBP?usp=sharing
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    you're welcome you should check out if your save file remains when you close the app and reboot your computer before putting too much effort and heart into it. On my computer the game would save alright but the save file would be gone if I shut off my laptop
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    Finally raised a Pochitchi for the first time! It's on the Pac-Man Nano, which is pretty sweet.
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    Agree with the other posters here about the Digimon 20th anniversary version. I just finished running my first gen of this a week ago and it's mega fun! The battle tournaments are cool too and give you something to work towards Here's an evolution guide to get you started: https://humulos.com/digimon/dm20/
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    Just dropping by to do some more destroying.
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    20th anniversary digimon re-release hands down.
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    I just recently got into Digimon, and i'm LOVING the 20th Anniversary version!!! It's only $19.99 on Amazon currently and it has all five versions on ONE device?! (Tbh im kinda disappointed that they didn't do something like that for the tamagotchi 20th Anniversary? Like at least both the P1 and P2 on one device, cmon.) In total it has 114 characters I believe, and you can raise two at once on one device, as well as connect it to another device! https://www.jtoys.com.au/2017/12/07/digimon-digivice-ver20th-exclusives-growth-charts/ I definitely recommend checking it out
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    Three chickens 🐓🐓🐓 because Chicken-Keeper hasn't shown up
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    Don't forget about the Chibi/Mini tamagotchi re-release that happened! As well as Digimon! Bandai is doing surprisingly well with their nostalgia marketing currently, I'm no business major but if I were them I'd continue riding the nostalgia train for as long as it stays successful!
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    @Knighttchi's Ballad >:D Mwuahaha! Haha but really this was just speculation! Let me make a quick list of recent releases: **Only counting Tamas that have come out/scheduled to come out in both Japan & North America or Exclusively Overseas!** Tamagotchi Mini Re-Release: April 2017 (JPN) November 2017 (NA) Digimon Ver. 20th: June 2017 (JPN) July 2019 (NA) Gudetama Tamagotchi Nano: Dec 2017 (JPN) Dec 2018 (NA) Tamagotchi P1/P2 Re-Release: Mid 2017 (JPN) Fall 2018 (NA) TMGC ON (Fairy/Magic): Nov 2018 (JPN) July 2019 (NA) TMGC ON (Fantasy/Wonder Garden): July 2019 (JPN) July 2020 (NA) Pacman Tamagotchi Nano: March 2020 (NA) Hello Kitty Tamagotchi Nano: Dec 2020 (NA) Demon Slayer Tamagotchi Nano: Oct 2020 (JPN) Jan 2021 (NA) Evangelion Tamagotchi Nano: June 2020 (JPN) June 2021 (NA) Three New Tamagotchi P1/P2 Shells: Jan 2021 (NA) Fate Tamagotchi Nano: Feb 2021 (JPN) (Im assuming this will also come out overseas, probably Feb 2022) Just judging by the way things are going, I personally believe there's a very good possibility of other vintage Tamagotchi's seeing a release date. Though I think if it were to be an Angel/Forest/Ocean tama, Japan would see it first. The earliest we may see something like that in Japan would probably be Summer/Fall 2021, probably meaning Summer/Fall 2022 for North America. We'll just have to wait and see but dang, it would be such a good opportunity for Bandai. *Edit: The dates were quickly brought together so some may be a little off!
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    Just ordered a gigapet pixie!! It looks soooo cute ❤️
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    Hey- what if it was a set? It would probably be called the set of vintage Tamagotchis!
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    I'm just like Knighttchi's Ballad, I'd scream in delight as well!!! I've been looking out for those vintage versions for a while now, it'd make me so happy just to see them on store shelves! Even if it was Japan-exclusive, I'd love to pick one up - though I'd still be the kind to look out for the 1990's originals, I'm that kind of gremlin who chose a 1997 P2 over the more readily-available 2019/20 releases. It seems so far-fetched yet plausible at the same time. Imagine the Santaclaustchi getting a rerelease - the entire forum would pretty much explode. XD
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    I would love to see them re-released all especially the Devilgotchi, they will definitely bring back old tama lovers! 💙
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    Definitely! I'd easily purchase all 3 of those without any hesitation if they get re-released!
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    Thanks! I was just telling my wife about an idea I just had to create not a "Tamagotchi P2" but an actual "Tamagotchi Creator". It would be a program to which you provide a configuration file with rules and characteristics and draw your own custom sprites and it lets you play that specific Tamagotchi. And then the users could create their own presets and share them, e.g. someone would create their version of the P2, someone would create their own completely new tamagotchi etc. Obviously this would take a tremendous effort to program and I don't think I'm ever going to do it, but if someone wants to take my idea and implement it, go ahead!
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    Flash update: *All characters have been added. *The logic for evolutions has been implemented *I'm thinking about adding my very own secret character just to leave my fingerprint hidden somewhere in the game.
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    Hey! Thanks very much for the quick feedback. I was so eager to hear from any of you guys and girls as soon as possible, and I'm very happy that I did not have to wait for too long for a first feedback. Actually I did not know it but I could have provided an exe package file that the user would just have to double click and it would do all the work of extracting the files and installing the MCR. I think that's a better option for next versions. (For people who haven't installed the MCR anyways, since you only have to install it once). Wow! that's lightning fast to me! I'm still using my 2010 Dell Vostro with a Core2Duo that just won't break, so I don't know what current PCs are capable of. Do you have a particularly powerful PC or just something common? It would be cool if most people could just run the app as fast as you did! I forgot to tell you to just ignore that README file. I've now edited my last post to warn users that they don't have to do anything besides following my instructions. I should have omitted that readme file from the archive altogether, my bad! (Matlab users are not used to deploy their programs often I guess ). That Readme file was not written by me but FOR me, to understand what end users would have to do. I'm not sure I get that. Did the program take a long time to start the first time? Less than 10 secs? or more like less than a minute? Yep! I keep telling myself I have to fix that but for some reason I keep on delaying it further and further. (Might be because I usually code the thing that excites me the most at any given moment). Same here! The P2 game at least requires a little strategy. I don't know why I started programming the P1 game really, it wasn't really a deeply thought out choice. I was so excited I started coding without thinking and later realised that wasn't the P2 game and that I would eventually have to reprogram the entire game. Oh well! For now I'm eager to be able to say that every character has been implemented as well as their evolutions (I want to play this too!). But there are so many more options to implement it's making my head spin: -Implementing the P2 game as we just said -Adding the P1 characters and giving the player the option to choose a version at the beginning -Giving the player the option to simulate what happened when the app was closed. Some people might not like that "catching up" mechanic. -Option to turn off the sound -Letting the player define his/her own characters -Speeding up the "catching up" process -Improving animations and refresh rate. - and many more... I don't know if I'm ever going to do all of the above because I'm planning to shift my focus to transferring this project to Android (I'm planning on becoming an Android developer) and all of this Matlab stuff is going to slow down the process. I AM already looking at the Mothra Tamagotchi with an itch to start working on it in Matlab as well but... Decisions decisions!