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    Found this article about using a Tamagotchi as a good measure of seeing how ready somebody is to take on the responsibility of having a pet… I have to say, I could not agree more! https://gametruth.com/editorials/dont-get-a-pet-get-a-tamagotchi/ Have you all seen any relationship between caring for a virtual pet and how that relates to caring for a real one?
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    My birthday was pretty great! Got myself a sweet new laptop, a Gudetama, a new pair of headphones, and a statue of Guido Mista from JJBA: Vento Aureo via GameStop's site. Best birthday I ever had!
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    I don’t even particularly care for tamagotchi and haven’t for ages but I still frequent this site it was just so influential for me in my younger years so it just kinda feels like a safe haven yknow
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    Tamagotchi +Color has no downloads functionality though. iD, iD L and P’s have IrDA while 4U and 4U+ has NFC.
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    A new version of the software running this site has been installed. Lots of little tweaks to speed and stuff but, overall, you will not see many differences... Well except maybe for the GIF button Please post here if you notice any little bugs (or big ones)!
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    Well, as you said it's not available since 2009, it's been already 10 years since then. We just moved on. There are some projects that are attempting to bring it back but it's a huge work in progress and might or might not work. It is a shame but the toys are still usable even without Tama Town, even if some experience has been lost.
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    Yay. I'm logging again (for now). At best, I'll be able to do it until I start my new job.
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    The connectors might be faulty. Try wiping the figure's connectors (I believe they are heart shaped) with some rubbing alcohol.
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    Oh ok I got it! It works now I wasn’t sure what button was which.
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    Finally got my hands on a Green Mothra and TamaOtch. 😃
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    Sadly it doesn't prove anything. We've been told to wait and see with wink faces for years now, though before that it was always through email. I don't think they will do a connection re-release at least until Japan does it, though Japanese connection are so different from English connections it would be more difficult. Except for the v1 since those are pretty much identical.
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    Came across another cool article on Twitter and thought it was worth sharing: The life and death of Tamagotchi and the virtual pet
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    I always feel so sad when I wake up and the next gen baby on my v4.5 is crying cus their parent left them It's ok buddy I'll take care of you, I promise!
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    That's a feature not a glitch! Right now in Japan they are preparing for the Hina Matsuri, or Doll Festival, and that pops up for a short time to celebrate You will see different seasonal items like that appear occasionally. They just stick around for a few days and then go away automatically.
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    I came across the following tweet and started to wonder what the current state of Tamagotchi is out in the world. I suppose virtual pet fans are in something of a bubble nowadays where it is easy to surround yourself (on forums, social media, etc) with people who like the same things. But what is it like out in real life? What do people around you think of your Tamagotchi? Do you all hide your Tamagotchi from others? There is no denying that it is not as popular as in the past... But there are still lots out there in use and still being sold... Or am I completely wrong?
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    I remember speaking with some of the Bandai USA folks many years ago regarding phones. This was around the time of explosive growth in smartphones and the decline of sales of Tamagotchi in stores. Back then they recognized that phones/apps were going to be eating into the attention spans of their customers. That being said, I think having apps integrated with the handheld devices is a natural thing to expect (though we kind of saw this kind of experimenting with Tamagotchi and web site codes years ago too). It is crazy to think about how much things have changed with Tamagotchi, the web, phones, social media, etc in just the (almost) 15 years that TamaTalk has been around... I hope Bandai is able to figure something compelling out.
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    When I have an active one I keep it on my belt loop and don't draw attention to it unless others notice first, but once one of my teachers got really excited and asked to see my tamagotchi, and when I got some in the mail once my stepdad said "Don't you have enough of those yet?" but he didn't seem to be upset, just teasing me. Most people don't seem to care about them for the most part, though. Actually, once during DnD my tamagotchi beeped and someone at the table said "We need to get you a hobby," but... Oh well, lol.
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    I think owning and caring for a tamagotchi taught my kids that virtual pets were a lot easier than real pets and they understood that if they could keep their tamagotchi alive it definitely didn't mean they were capable of looking after a real pet. They've both had tamas, hamsters, fish/aquarium and dogs (the dogs were family pets so they got to share carer responsibility). Now they're both adults but as far as dogs are concerned, both of them love and want their own one; but they know that it's just not practical if they're away from home at work or at university lectures during the day, so reluctantly they have to wait (and regularly try to persuade me that we need another dog in the house...) I'm not saying that owning a dog can't be done if you're out of the house for much of the day, but both of them know that a dog's quality of life and happiness is signifcant if they're around their humans for much of the day and they get enough exercise. On reflection, owning and running a clean, healthy aquarium for fish is pretty time consuming and does teach a reasonable level of responsibility about care and maintenance of living creatures.
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    I keep falling off of here haha! Good to see you guys again!
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    Raising a Magical Meets, Sanrio M!x, and a Gudetama is certainly a handful 😅
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    http://www.ginjirotchi.ca/entama.html this one works reliably for me!
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    That's a P2 and it's a legit shell. http://www.tamashell.com/p2.php
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    Honestly it's still impressive you can find a Tama Go, considering how long it has been off the market. But in all honesty it is not weird at all that you can't buy any tamas in stores. People on this forum are collectors, we pretty much -exclusively- get tamas from second-hand online deals, not stores. The exception are places that sell the new Mini, P1 and P2 re-releases as well as the new Gudetama Nano, but that's only a few places compared to other countries that used to sell tamas. Here in Poland we didn't actually get the Tama Go at all - only Tamagotchi Friends but it was short lived. After a few years things just stop being sold anymore, sometimes stores even send back the unsold pieces, though some smaller shops sometimes don't do that and you can get very, very, very lucky from time to time.
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    It's a bit embarrassing to expose this but it's difficult for me to dedicate myself towards collecting one category of products so instead I've been gathering all sorts of misc. stuff over the years. My primary focus right now is stuffed animals, I love them. They're my friends. I attached a quick, small glimpse of my collection here: I can't decide whether I should get a giant Loch Ness monster or another bunnie for my next stuffed animal addition! I'm crossing my fingers that sometime in the near future I'll be able to collect old tech from the 80's or just vintage electronics as they tend to run for a high price and at my age I don't have much room to spend money on those items even though I admire the appearance/functionality immensely. I'm a sucker for bulky devices. Anyways, I'm glad for the existence of this thread. Thank you for making me feel less alone with my collecting habits and inspired to continue. Observing the hobbies/passions of others makes me happy.
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    That's not just Brazil, most countries don't sell tamagotchis anymore. The new 20th anniversary re-releases are mostly Japan, US & SOME parts of Europe (+UK) exclusive. And even then they are hard to find outside of Japan and US. As crazy as it might sound, there is just not big enough demand for them anywhere else. Even for the West they have been brought back just because of the whole nostalgia craze going on now. I'm from Poland and there have been no tamas being sold ever since the original Friends came off the shelves.
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    Yeah I don't understand a single word of Japanese, but I've just remembered where all the options I want are on my ID L. I started out using a guide though
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    So.. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Bandai VPet so you know what that means! The trouble with asking my Dad is that he gets bothered very easily when I ask him about new VPets, so I’m not sure he will be very happy if I come up to him asking about one. (I’m only a kid, so I don’t have a bank acc or anything :P) I also think I want a P1, because they’re a lot of good priced ones on EBay rn. So I don’t know how to ask him at all! Sese xxx
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    I'm not sure I support the message of this article. It doesn't address one of the biggest issues with children receiving pets: getting bored of them. By recommending kids take ownership of a Tamagotchi (a literal toy designed not to get boring), it feeds into the commoditization of pets, which is the very issue many kids face.
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    That's so cute! It's like they're snuggled up in their little beds ❤️
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    There’s a guide (here) on what each icon does and gives you a bit more information about it. It might be worth a read and will further help with any questions you might have.
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    Yes I mean legitimate I was confused, because on the Package stand Giochi Preziosi and I dont‘t wanz to buy a Fake Connexion 😅 So you think, it‘s a original Tamagotchi Connextion? 98mametchi98
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    What’s on the Back? Any dates or Sereal Codes? If we search them.. then we might get a straight answer.
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    These test kits are kind of dangerous since they are automatically put into a crime database... It's safer to go to the city hall of your birthplace and ask for a genealogy tree there honestly. Genealogy is indeed interesting but I'm not that interested in mine, even though my immediate family is very, very small, since I don't know my father or my father's family side.
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    It doesn't look like it's trying to fool anyone into thinking that it's a Tamagotchi. Similar functionality doesn't mean that something is infringing on copyrights.
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    You need to change the battery when it tells you to. How long the battery lasts depends on what brand it is.
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    Most, if not all Wolf Spider Species have the exact same layout on their face for their eyes making them easy to identify as a wolf spider globally. Well. If you're willing to look closely at a spider's face that is. Show/Hide Spider's face
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    Assuming you put in brand new batteries when you started, three weeks or so sounds rather short. That being said it doesn't surprise me if the battery is dying you're running into that problem. It's like any electronic, you can get a little more juice out of it by turning it on/off, but at some point it's going to just be a dead battery. If you've been putting in new batteries and it lasts a couple of hours then I'd say there's definitely a hardware issue.
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    Uhh let’s see I guess. I have an Aisha collection?? Like I don’t actively collect them but when I was Depressed™ senior year I kinda ended up accumulating any that I didn’t already own/had lost oops. Neopets was kinda like rly influential for me and still is kinda special so like. Idk I like it a lot. Anyways here’s a pic it sucks bc like three of my favourites aren’t here and I have no clue where they’re at, but one was a gold aisha that was super duper important to me as a kid, one was rainbow which was my first neopets plushie I bought, and one was a white aisha and it was one of those sweepstakes 1/1000 plushes they did a while back, they’re all so special but I truly have not been able to find them for years oof Aside from that I Lowkey have a figure/small cardcaptor sakura collection (ok it’s not all that lowkey bc one of them is a $270 figure but I deserved it lmao I worked my butt off for that figure) that sits above my bed and idk I think it’s really cute here’s a pic So it’s more like half love live half ccs and one confused rin kagamine but I love it and I have space for maybe one more prize figure so idk maybe if I find a good persona or bang dream one at the next con I’ll treat myself bc life is garbage and I still deserve it lol
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    The only mobile game I play really is Fire Emblem Heroes! Even if it does have some problems with it, I don't see myself dropping it any time soon, since I'm rather invested in the Fire Emblem series as a whole
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    I've been curious to know if a bit of Bandai's thinking with the re-releases and such... I've been left wondering if part of this is related to the fact that many of the people that had Tamagotchi as kids are now getting to the age of having their own kids. Will there be some generational sharing thing?
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    I mean, I want to get a dog in the next few years after I graduate college and all I have right now is Tamagotchi, so can I let you know my thoughts in a few years? lol
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    Came across a cool project called Tamagotchi Together. Hope to see some cool animation coming from them!
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    I want to thank you for all the effort you are making, I'm really excited for everything you've done, please don't give up and move on! Do your best!
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    Got a few more ROM versions! Thanks again to the two people from the Tamagotchi Discord group who helped supply me with this information: Oden-Kun: 0.2 Akai: 12.0 V5 (US): 32.1 one of those V3-looking Deka Tamagotchis: 11.1 one of those V4-looking Deka Tamagotchis: 1.0 Yeah, I don't know all that much about Deka Tamagotchis; I don't even know what these ones are called, lmao. But this was really cool to find out!
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    While we're on the subject of prototype Tamagotchis I thought I'd talk a little bit about the cancelled version that was to be released in 2009. The Music Star World Tour Edition was revealed early in the year and was said to be the next iteration upon the Music Star. Planned to be released in the summer of 2009, it was assumed that the World Tour Edition would be like a "V6.5", which everyone sort of expected after the V4.5 and the V5 Celebrity. Nothing ever came of the announcement. After the press release, Bandai went completely silent on the project's progress. It wasn't until around July that emails to Bandai were being answered with the phrase "Unfortunately, the Music Star: World Tour Edition was never produced". We never found out anything more about what this version would've included - new music genres? New characters? More online features? New items? We do at least have some idea of what might been planned. Firstly, Music City had featured an "under construction" area since it first released. All that was known about the area was that supposedly if you donated enough gotchi points to Prince Tamahiko, you might have the area named after you. The area was eventually released in the summer of 2010 as the immensely underwhelming "Flower Hills Park". There wasn't really anything special about the area and the donation incentive was never mentioned again. I mean, you could still donate, apparently, but it's not like it was going towards anything. It seems like a reasonable assumption to me that their original plans were more closely tied to the then-upcoming World Tour Edition, so when the version was cancelled a more generic location associated with the Tama-Go took its place. Curiously the Music Star itself provides us with additional evidence of potential features of the World Tour Edition - world tours! The Music Star has a bunch of unused ticket items - specifically an NY Ticket, a Tokyo Ticket, a London Ticket and a Sydney Ticket. Here's the sprite for the Tokyo Ticket. You can actually still obtain these items by getting lucky on the item password screen (it's a lot easier than it sounds, trust me!) but there was never any method to obtain the items using the website. The items themselves aren't that exciting - they function identically to the concerts that play out during the day (so I guess it's an extra opportunity at getting trophies). It's not really very clear why these items were never intentionally made obtainable, but it seems like an obvious choice that they'd be included on WTE. It's still a mystery just how much of the version was developed, so I can only hope we'll find out more about this elusive Tamagotchi, some day.
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    But if people buy the fakes thinking they're actual bandai's and see how bad they are, isn't that stopping bandai from doing as well as they could? Put it this way: people try the fakes and just 'eh', but if people tried the actual p1's or something maybe - I don't even know how to word this. You get what I'm trying (and failing) to say, right?
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    Honestly, even if Bandai did have a full range of older models on offer for the nostalgia market, the counterfeit problem would still exist, and it would still be in no way influenced by them. The sad fact is, counterfeits (of everything, not just Tamagotchis) are extremely commonplace and education about how to identify them is poor, and that is why they persist. It's nothing to do with the companies who produce the genuine products, and due to the handling of copyright laws in some countries, there's very often little that the legitimate rights-holders can do to stop it. To cite a non-entertainment-related example, that's why we see people who are shocked by what's actually contained in fake cosmetics once they have a bad reaction to them, because the common, incorrect assumption is that it's only the packaging that's fake, not the ingredients of the make-up itself. And, worse, there are the sad cases where people aren't aware of fake electrical products until there's a tragic outcome. But that's getting a bit off-track, admittedly. My point is, the only thing that will make a difference is better education about counterfeit products and how to avoid them.
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    Every time someone buys one of these my soul dies a little bit.
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    that doesn't work I had a boy who had a girl who had girl who had a girl. all of this was by the matchmaker