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    Happy new year to all of you! Make sure to give your loved ones (both real and digital) some extra love to celebrate a new decade!
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    I don't think its me being a Tama enthisuist that I noticed it. More like I'm a stickler for details and I notice this about anything really. 27 years of playing video games have trained me to be sensitive to color. You could take a screen colored completely light gray and make one pixel just barely a lighter or darker shade and I'd zero in on it the second I look at it. If something is wrong with my green magical at least my sister got in a purple magical for Christmas along with the pink fairy one.
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    she will appear if you put the magic mirror or the no g kit outside
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    thank you they've evolved! dorotchi body again, but that's okay, they are cute i have set the time back to look for another marriage partner, so i will go searching
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    There are a few options for pausing your tamagotchi ON: https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/187332957308/how-to-pause-tamagotchi-on You can also send it to the app and leave it there. Here are some more guides which might be helpful: https://fuzzy-n-chic.com/content/16-tamagotchi-meets-guides-downloads
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    i tend to receive many proposals while in the app, but i usually have specific goals for genetics in mind, so i usually do this to share the genetics i have with people that want them to make them happy while i continue searching, since i know it is frustrating when a proposal is rejected, and i want to help other people reach their goals, too as for story reasons, maybe my tamagotchi has just had children with multiple different partners, it happens, haha i also sort of doubt anyone who would do this with mymeets genes would be doing so maliciously to corrupt people's data, i figure if anything they probably like that they got a tamagotchi with rare and interesting genes, like the station-exclusive ones, and want to share them with others who might want them, and might be unaware of the data corruption, and i don't personally mind since it makes it easier for everyone to get the station genetics, and corruption is avoidable by looking for things like missing eyes in the family tree (although i personally wouldn't mind too much if i got one with corrupted genes myself, just because i've always liked playing around with glitches in games)
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    the bottom appears to be Mokumokutchi, i think usually the child stage has the ears/head part inherited from the parents and the body is from one of the normal child stages cute log so far by the way
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    After a long time of Tama ❤️ Party, I finally got a cute match! And she has fairy genes too. I named him Azulitchi.
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    Hehe, I just meant enthusiasts in the more general sense, there - this tells me that you most definitely meet the criteria that I was referring to. I really don't think that there's anything wrong. It honestly sounds just like when the DS Lite was released, and people were comparing the two or three display variants that those machines had, which were warmer or cooler than each other, colours-wise. It looked really stark in photographs, but most ordinary people never even knew about it.
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    I haven't experienced this with a Tamagotchi, but I do know that this happens with other electronics that're of the same model as each other, too. It's usually due to manufacturers using multiple different suppliers for displays, leading to minor variations between units that most people won't ever notice - and which enthusiasts will inevitably notice!
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    Link to image guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/tamagotchi/comments/a8kb9i/guide_stuck_in_meets_app_how_to_return_your/
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    Tamagotchi could not connect to internet
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    there IS a dub of the first 26 episodes, but 9Go! stopped airing it after that i think as far as the dub continuing (or being redone, because the voice acting honestly wasn't that good although it's a fun watch anyway,) it's more a matter of whether an english-speaking TV network becomes interested in picking it up than it is about the main producer of the products
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    Week 1, log no. 1 Just received the tama on device, it was the magic green. When I started I got a boy tama, it was a Shizukutchi. He is adorable. My Shizukutchi evolved into a Hoshipontchi. Used the app for the first time as well, it seems I got a hang of the catch game. But the restaurant game was mildly irritating on a iPhone 8+. My Hoshipontchi and I got the cloud room from the app. I changed his room to the cloud room, It was nice looking as it was a prize item from the app. Then later on in the day he evolved into Hanbunkotchi. I consider him a fave tama stage of mine.
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    Hey all, I have been collecting literally since I was like 7 so I've been around for every update and new thing that has come out. However I didn't try out any color tamas until I bought the Magic On. Super thrilled with the ability to visit other towns in game, use items, accessories, get pets, etc. However I'm pretty disappointed with the On app. Only two games, the park which is literally just a place to propose, and match place. There are lots of genetic variations obviously, and I guess Bandai's point was just to release lots of versions of the On and Meets to make more money since users are expected to have more than one, which I guess is why the On app is pretty lacking. What's really disappointing is that in the park you can see so many cool potential locations in the background, but w.e. My favorite feature ever was TamaTown, getting to play games and get rare non-cheat-code items and travel tickets, collecting the 30 souvenirs from TamaTown, being able to go to the bank and the food court and being able to shop in game. Rather than trying to manage a certain number of points in a game to try to get $150 instead of banana juice again lol. Anyway, am I the only one? I overall really adore the On and will probably get another one soon, I just kinda miss the nostalgia of the old Tamatown and wish Bandai would expand on the app more.
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    I see where you're coming from, clearer than a crystal, but I'm kinda on the other side of the opinion fence. Crossovers can expand a person's interest horizon. Take me, for example. The whole reason why I got propelled into the Tamagotchi franchise in the first place was because of Mametchi's appearance in MKAGP2. Plus, its not like Nintendo will suddenly turn Mario Kart into Nintendo Kart or something, because that would cause the uniqueness of Super Smash Bros. to depreciate, and even if they were to have some guests from other franchises (Zelda, Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Pac-Man, Tamagotchi, Taiko no Tatsujin, etc.), at least 70% of the game would still be dedicated to Mario (although why Nintendo recently chose to make skins of existing Mario characters take up roster space instead of researching the franchise's RICH history of characters (including the Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Wario sub-series) is beyond me). Furthermore, Nintendo had $52 Billion in bank when the Wii U was out and about, and they definitely raked even more money through the Switch and their *clears throat* mobile tenures. Licensing royalties should be as complicated for Nintendo as reading a book, particularly if they're licensing from Bandai Namco, who seems to be eager to work with Nintendo anyway, being the head developers of Smash 4 & Ultimate (even though Sega, Capcom, Square Enix, and even Konami have more than 1 rep while they still only have Pac-Man as of this typing) and they've lent a hand for several Mario projects, including MK8 & Tour. Between you and me, I'd much rather have my kart slip on a banana peel than on a pixelated turd. I also won't deny that Tarakotchi would work well in a Double Dash environment, using the aforementioned feet for steering and/or managing items.
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    :To start first feed your TamaGotchi Sweets repeat that till it gets a toothache , Give it Medicne / AID , It will become happier cause you healed his toothache , Next Tip! Connect your tamagotchi to your iphone/ app keep it there for 1 hour otr more , then bring it back to your tamagotchi thing and it wil make his happy chart higher ! Hope That Helps ! Credit to : PandaBunny Toys :D
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    I stand corrected; @Lovetchi2862 is right. Coffretchi does in fact appear in On (both the Magic and Fairy versions)! She works at the Beauty Salon, and your tamagotchi can marry her. She also appears in the Pastel Meets, but not the other Meets versions.
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    Nice log! I like Azulitchi's cool afro ❤️
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    Happy New Year everyone!!! Back with some updates... So my teens grew up and we got a new tama pet, which is expected. Also, make sure to visit your parents on January 1st! This is because you get 1000 dollars from your parents and another 1000 dollars from your grandparents!
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    Welcome to the forums! I'm Deru-sama, and if you need anything, just lemme know.
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    "To return hit "C" button(center one)>select first option>then select first option again."
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    I have the same problem and this is my first Tamagotchi. Is this where Penguin-keeper put the question for the most visibility? Where else should I be looking? I apologize. Pressing C did work! Didn’t realize I had to say No first. Thank you!
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    Here is my first attempt...I am having a few issues tho... first i have no idea how to size down the pictures second i haven't touched my tablet for a few years so im no very happy with the outcome but i guess for now it will do 🤔 Anyway! Her name is Kittykitchy she is my gen 11 tama and she's actually pretty cute Edit: I decided to completely redesign her to a chibby character so added that version as well~ Edit 2: i have evolved further in the design and decided giving her some hair! just doing some experiments.
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    I feel you haha. My first gen Gozarutchi had the ninja hat that persisted for 3-4 generations.
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    I'm so confused with the verbage of this post. There are no victims (mymeets aside) and everyone is happy. I don't understand what's passive aggressive about it? They didn't want your genes? So what. This is literally a kids toy and is supposed to be fun, and what's more fun than getting the genes you want rather than being rejected because they don't want yours. It eliminates elitists and helps people with early stage genes. If they don't have my egg it doesn't affect me, I have my own egg. I'm so confused how beyond the mymeets issue (which is easily avoided) anyone could be upset about this.
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    And I would argue that the other person probably doesn't care whether you accepted it or not. People tend to be more focused on their own game than on what other people are doing. This is facilitated by the app itself: player interactions in the app are extremely limited, and when you accept a match on your own device you leave that part of the app entirely because the focus is now on your own device. There are people who propose to people accepting all proposals who then either lose connection for whatever reason or back out of it themselves. There is no egg produced in these circumstances. No data is exchanged on either device. Both players simply remain in the app and continue doing whatever they were doing. Nobody's saying anything about breeding with anyone without them noticing. If you're accepting the proposals, they're the ones who propose to you, not the other way around. If you're the one proposing, you're the one who wants the egg for your own game.
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    I actually thought this was a very good idea- the trick doesn't harm other devices and both parties are happy! The other person got the genes they wanted and the person who didn't go through with the connection can keep searching for the genes they want while making other people happy. I don't really see any reason to stop this? Unless of course they're a mymeets user, but majority of them have been kicked off the app and you can check for corrupted data by looking through the family trees (eg tamas without eyes, black blobs etc)
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    I've been making some cases for my tamas and there aren't a lot of free patterns out there so I thought I'd share. Basic principle, crochet a circle until if fits the back, make the sides, then finish off with a slip stitch. You may want to randomise your increases to get more of a circle shape or stagger them i.e. instead of starting with a 2sc followed by 4 x sc, do 2 x sc first, then continue the (2sc, sc, sc, sc, sc) pattern because if you increase in the same spot, you’ll get a hexagon shape. I recommend using a cotton type wool and I used a 3.25 mm hook. Connection models (half double crochet) (Pictured on the left) Magic loop with 10 starting sc (10) 2hdc in every stitch (20) (2hc, hdc) repeat (30) (2hdc, hdc, hdc) repeat (40) Hdc around (36) You want to work 4 decreases in at the points marked in the diagram For a keychain hole - ch 2, skip one stich and hdc in the next stitch For an antenna hole just chain 3 (or more) and skip 2 Slip stitch around to finish (36) Bunny ears Magic circle (6) 2sc in every stitch (12) 2sc, sc (18) Sc (18) for 6 rounds Dec, 4 x sc and repeat until there are 6 stitches left Bind off leaving a long tail for sewing. You'll have to join with a couple of stitches to support the weight of the ears. Vintage models (single crochet) (Pictured in the centre) Magic loop (6) 2sc in every stitch (12) (2sc, sc) repeat (18) (2sc, sc, sc) repeat (24) (2sc, sc, sc, sc) repeat (30) (2sc, sc, sc, sc, sc) repeat (36) (2sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc) repeat (42) 4 hdc, dc, 4 hdc, dc, 2 hdc, dc, 4 hdc, dc, hdc to finish the row (38) 6sc, dc, 4 sc, ch 3, skip 1, 4 sc, dc, 6 sc, dc, sc to finish the row Slip stitch around to finish
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    So I managed to pick this up yesterday at The Havering 2019 Festival. What do yall think?
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    authority suits you. *fans self*
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    So many good collections in here I’m impressed I would like to share mine too as you can see I separated the english models from the japanese ones. will definitely come back to update the collection
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    They are. I'm trying to get pictures of them all but I'm having a very hard time keeping it alive for more than one day. It's very hard to keep alive it seems.
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    Actually I heard that on discord, but I know video you mean, pretty sure it's the same person. I don't think it's completely impossible, there have been some insane thrift store finds people have had over the years and tamas are relatively hard to do research for. The original owner might have had their collection taken from them involuntarily for some reason. Considering how people who recall original vintage tamas from their childhood often don't want to pay the "insane" price of a little over 20$ for one because they genuinely don't think it's worth that much speaks for itself.
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    I hate to say this, but I have never seen them go for £50. The only chances of finding one at that price is the seller not knowing the value of the pet and wanting to quickly get rid of it. Have you checked on Yahoo Auctions? You might get something of a price break there.
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    My Tamagotchi Meers finally reached friend stage and I got a Mametchi, but he seems very needy! Even after playing some games, using his favorite toy, and eating snacks he doesn't seem to have gained much happiness. Is there some secret to boosting happiness quickly? Also, I don't see weight in its stats... Is that no longer a thing? Is there any repercussions to feeding it (or toddler, teen) snacks?
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    Weight wasn't in the tamagotchi m!x either, so there aren't any repercussions. The happiness bars also take longer to fill compared to the black and white versions.
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    Hi everyone! I started collecting and playing with tamas just a bit ago, after I got a mini and noticed it taking care of them helped with my depression and anxiety issues. I was wondering if anyone else here had a similar experience.
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    Thank you so much for this guide! I use it every day.
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    Been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Cookie Run lately.
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    I know exactly what you mean with the suffering tamas... I do feel some tinge of guilt the days when I can't get myself out of bed early and my tama is starving (or already dead, the vintage ones die so easily ) but I'd say overall the influence is positive. I also have OCD so the collecting can easily get a little, well, obsessive. But I see it as kind of exposure therapy too. The fact that I have to resist throwing a tama away just because it got a little scratch, or resist buying a particular shell if I don't really like it, even if I don't own that model yet.
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    Thank you a lot for this helpful guide. I just bought a white Tamagotchi 4U and I don't intend to spend extra money on an android phone to patch mine (but i am thinking about purchasing a Nexus 7 tablet...). So, thanks again for your help !
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    Hello, I also used WayBack Machine to find TamaTown's source files, but only found the main, non-functional ones from the american pages. However, I did find the flash files for most of the games on the Japanese pages, and some are really similar to the ones on the american pages. e-Tamago Ura-TamaTown Tamagotchi School Tama & Earth EXPO I hope you find these useful... Bye!
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    Binary=Always right.
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    O_O ?!?!?!?!? I poke your arm
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    Name: Katsu Age: 16 B-day: July 7 Date of death: July 20 Generation: ??? Goodbye Katsu! We miss you so much
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    I'm actually just randomly popping in here after reading your comment because the parents of a tama I just married has no eyes...am I, like, screwed now? What even is mymeets anyway?
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    Tamenagerie gives the Nekotcha a mention a couple of times on its pages, and those mentions should shed a bit of light on people's reactions to the Nekotcha. This page contains the following write-up; And this one reiterates the above; I don't own a Nekotcha or an Inutcha myself, but these summaries seem to give the gist of what people's complaints with them are. With that said, I'd like to welcome you to TamaTalk. I love the older Tamagotchis but I also have an interest in non-Bandai virtual pets, too, and it's always nice to meet someone else who also does! Would I be right in guessing that, where my collecting focus for non-Bandai pets is penguins, yours is cats?