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    Unfortunately, this theory is not possible, since the tamagotchi would register Lovelitchi (of the example) as the mother, making it impossible to marry her again. However, you can marry with her a generation yes, a generation no, a generation yes, a generation no ... although you would need male children (I think it is possible to restart before the end of the animation of the newborn to repeat the wedding until the desired gender is achieved).
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    Me again! I bundled my modest little collection together and I think they all look rather dashing! The two Jensei's turned up today Still pleasantly surprised about Japan -> UK shipping times! From top to bottom: 3x 20th Anniversary Tamas 1996 P1 • 1997 P2 V2 • V3 • V3 • V3 • V4 • V5 Jinsei Entama Hanerutch 2 • Home Deka v2 • Jinsei Entama
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    Yo! Total music star veteran here, hopefully I'll be able to help you Anyway, the V6/Music Star has a whole ton of growth charts that you can easily search up -- for most, if not all of them, Memetchi is required to have been taken "great care" of. Luckily, you're on an odd generation, as you noted in your post - so you're super close to getting her! So, if you want to know how to obtain Memetchi, you're gonna have to utilize something known as "care misses". Basically, if you let your tamagotchi's happy or hungry hearts drop to 0, every fifteen minutes they will call for your attention - signified by a little beep and the tenth icon on your screen lighting up. If you don't answer the call in these fifteen minutes, the icon will blank and you'll have obtained a care miss. This link here explains more about care misses, probably better than I did. Scroll down to the Connection Tamagotchis section and it'll be able to inform you! If you know what these are and how they work, great! All you need to know is that when your tama is a teenager, you'll have to miss 2-3 calls for attention (if I remember correctly) in order for it to evolve into Memetchi. Hope this helps!
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    Welp, @KidRetro64 is absolutely correct. And I am 100000% sure that Bandai won't step in. Thanks for mentioning my work btw @iTamannadi!
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    Due to the Meets and ON being found by several reviewers of the ON to be able to connect, after Bandai US stated they would not be able to, some in the community began to feel that if they were wrong about the two connecting that Bandai US was wrong about the bugs and glitches in the Meets being fixed in the ON was also not correct. I messaged Bandai US about this. Bellow is the message I sent them and their response. The blackout information is my name to protect my privacy. Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
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    I can help you with this The PC on the Tamagotchi Friends is used to “buy” items online and get them downloaded on your Tamagotchi. Like the 4U, you can get exclusive items that you couldn’t get in the normal shop. Sadly, the Original Bandai Tamagotchi Friends website has long gone, but Mr Blinky has done a pretty ace job at making a remake. For other versions, I’m not sure. Another thing I’d like to add onto @iTamannadi ‘s comment is that Alex cannot Find the flies that were on the original Tamatown, because those type of files aren’t cached. Which means that the Connection models are now most likely never going to be linked to the website (unless Bandai steps in- which they most likely will not). If you tell us what type of Tamagotchi you have, someone can tell you exactly what it means. Oh! And here’s Mr Blinkys Website- http://mrblinky.net/tama/friends/ezgotchi/ Hope This Helped
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    If anyone scans and uploads pages of the Tamagotchi ON instruction manual, I wouldn't argue
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    Entry 46 Last night the TS turned into Ichigotchi. It’s getting to the point where the TS will get sick even if all it is missing is one bowl (not heart) on the Health and Happiness meter. I need help with this, so if anyone has one and knows how it works or has an instruction guide, please help! I especially need help with what time it goes to sleep. Here’s something funny I forgot to show. Instead of the Happy meter, it’s the... wait for it... SCOK METER
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    Thanks for letting me know! I didn't want to get too attached if my device was defective. Canada got them early, and I think my EB Games was actually one of the first to get inventory... Anyhow, here she is:
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    The majority of Tamagotchi devices have a ROM test mode but the activation methods differ between versions. On vintage devices, a screen test can be activated by pressing A+Reset. This mode does not display a version number or test the ROM functionality, however. For most Japanese devices, B+C+Reset is used to activate ROM testing features. More recent releases (from the P's onwards) use a different method - first the device must be reset, and then on the ちょっとまってね screen the buttons A, C, A, B, C must be pressed in succession all within about 2.5 seconds. This method is also used for the Tamagotchi On Other international devices - like all the connection era devices - use A+B+C+Reset. I think the Plus does too but I'm not entirely sure. If it helps, you can use this diagram.
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    No need to be rude, this thread is from MARCH, back then we had no idea about Tamagotchi On.
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    Nope, if you hit reset or the batteries run out it will give you the option to continue or reset
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    I took some collection pics this morning (because my neighbor was out yelling at her dog again). I laid all of them out on my desk and unsurprisingly, they took up every inch of space. I only have two tamas running at the moment and while I was taking these pictures, they woke up . First here they are all boxed: And then unboxed: My pink Angelgotchi doesn't work and I included those two Poke walkers because they are psedo-Vpets (one of them is my brother's). That light pink, oblong device at the bottom is actually an Angel Scope and technically not a virtual pet but some kind of fortune telling machine. I mistakenly bought it thinking it was a virtual pet and for that reason I included it in the group shot (it is also made by Bandai). My full collection list is in my profile if anyone wants to know their names.
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    The answer is simple - Tamagotchi ON has been released early in Hong Kong. Not only it but also the English version of the Digimon 20th as well. HK usually receives most English model releases.
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    As well as this Growth Chart which may help visually.
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    Some little additions to my modest collection 👏👏 3x 20th Anniversary 1x Deka
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    me looking at my bank balance after I spend 30 minutes on the Japan You Want website:
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    For me, it was the day I had finally saved up (almost) enough money buy my first tamagotchi. I used to get 50p every once in a while as pocket money, and I had saved up a grand total of £12.50 (tamas were around £13/14 at the time, I think). I was 9/10 years old, and had no real concept of what was expensive and what wasn't, so to see I was a pound short both terrified me and made me extremely impatient. I went to my mother and grovelled at her feet so she would give me the £1 I was missing. She conceded (in what I thought was the biggest act of generousity at the time), and drove me to Argos. It was here I got my very first tama, a red v2. I loved that little thing with all my heart. I took it to restaurants, on holidays, to school... until it was stolen from my desk during a lesson and I knew it was the boy who sat next to me. That evening I gathered my parents to go and knock on the boys door and got it back (screw you, Bradley!). My little Ichigotchi was barely hanging on, but I was triumphant Any memory of my little Version 2 is nostalgic to me! ♥
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    I shoved all the ones I have on hand onto the display to share, but I usually put my favorites on display. Usually on display: Gudetama, Eevee, Sanrio m!x, Angel, 4U, & V6. The rest go into Crayon boxes to keep them safe. In Picture: Mini Eevee x Tamagotchi 2 P2's P1 4U V6 Sanrio M!X 2 Gudetama Tamagotchi 2 Tamagotchi Angel (EN & JP) Not in picture/ In Storage for the time being: P2 V2 4 V3's v4 v4.5 v5 2 v6's You have no idea how eager I am to run one of my v3's when I get them out from storage.
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    Yes! It is the Korean version of the Meets
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    Barnes and Noble has the Green Magical Tamagotchi ON for order, as in to buy not pre-ordering. They don't have the other three colors though. I ordered it yesterday and I'm just on the order tracking screen like...
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    I really enjoyed reading about your concept, especially the IR and NFC feature! for some reason it reminded me of Mesutchi & Osutchi
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    Disclaimer: All of the following is not information about a new or upcoming product and is just my idea for a new vpet. Introducing the Tomodatchi! The Tomodatchi (coming from the Japanese word for friend, “tomodachi”) is a simple tama with a simple task: get as many friends as possible! There are two versions: Island and Nature. Depending on the version, there are different shells and a different character to befriend on both; Beatchi and Forestchi respectively. At the start of the game, you are introduced to the main/titular character, Tomodatchi. You can choose if they are a boy or girl, but the only real difference is the color (blue or pink). As you evolve into the adult stage, you can build relationships with other tamas- bringing their favorite food/item, playing with them, and the like to raise friend status. To move on to the next generation, you must get at least 5 tamas to the “Best Friend” stage. There are four stages: Stranger, Acquaintance, Friend, and Best Friend, similar to the ON/Meets’ friend levels. Once you’ve befriended five tamas, you can marry, and the process starts again. Depending on how well you did, the difficulty of building a friendship changes; the faster you befriended 5 tamas, the harder the next generation will be, and vice versa for the slower. However, on the next generation, you cannot befriend the same 5 tamas. You “beat” the vpet once you’ve befriended every tamagotchi character- but this is not an easy task, as there are a lot! Once you’ve beaten it, you can choose to start over at a harder difficulty with more characters, letting there be some replayability. Let’s look at the actual vpet and what you can do... This example is a Strawberry Nature shell, but the functions are the same for both versions. There are 5 buttons and a simple color screen, and the device itself is between the size of a Connection and a Tama-Go. The bottom three are for your usual menu scrolling, selecting, and cancelling, but the arrow buttons are for some of the games and to go to different parts of each world to find more tamas. There are two connection sensors- an IR and a NFC. The IR is for Connection-era models to connect, and the NFC is for other Tomodatchis. There is also a hole for a lanyard or keychain. The options are similar to a regular vpet: you have status, eating, bathroom, games, connection, exploring the town, items, and a friend list. There is also another icon, a generation viewer, that lets you see what every generation has befriended so you don’t get confused on if you’ve befriended a tama already. That’s about it for my vpet concept, hope you enjoyed!
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    I’m not familiar with tamagotchi 4U unfortunately, but I found this website, it provides tamagotchi 4U guides so it might help! please click here Hope you find what you’re looking for
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    I think these would be a good adition to the database- Name: Rakuraku Dinokun Type: Fake Notes: Has the infamous 'Bunny ROM' and it's very common in physical stores. Basically if you go to a random market you'll see these. It has 5 buttons and transparent shell. It is currently available in 4 colors(?). It's a fake to Rakuraku Dinokun/Dinkie Dino.
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    If it’s just dirt on the screen I think wiping them is enough! I’m not sure if you will find screen protectors specifically made for P1 or P2, but you can buy a phone screen protector from any mobile shop and try to cut it so it can fit your tamas.
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    wAIT every1,,,, we shyld b frens,,,, enuff of dis war,,,, we all winner in the end!!!11!1! psyche its me im the winner, everyone get out
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    Hi all! My parents brought three tamagotchis online, bless their hearts. They are fake but I appreciate it a lot so was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this particular one. You can choose out of two pets, a human or a dinosaur. It has twelve menu options to go through, the first one is food and I can feed the pet no problem but most of the other options (excluding the stats and food ones) the pet will just shake its head no. The stats option also shows a code S006YR00 https://imgur.com/gallery/Hv7Qpyt Sorry about the image quality, my camera is awful.
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    I am so happy to announce that @Penguin-keeper has accepted our invitation to join the TamaTalk Guides Team! Congratulations, Penguin-keeper! We are very happy to have you helping out!
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    Canadian fans have theirs early so maybe if anything turns up before the release on the 28th they'll let us know. There's also the people Bandai sent Tamagotchi ON's to in order to review them and give their thoughts and they've had the ON's for a while now. So I think any bugs or glitches would have shown up by now if their still playing with them. And I haven't heard of any bugs or glitches from the reviewers.
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    There's suppose to be an image with the messages in it under my comment. I don't know if its going through review or something happened when I posted. So I uploaded the image on Imgur and put a link to the image here: Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
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    They’re currently being sold NIB on eBay as Tamaguchi. If anyone wants to see one logged, I’m working on that right now
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    I highly doubt that. See my post in the other topic.
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    I’m not sure if this would fit in any of the other forums, but I came up with some kind of breeding “theory” for the Meets. It could probably work with the M!x as well. My theory is, you repeatedly breed your tama with the same character over and over until the resulting pet has all of the married character’s genes. So essentially you create a “clone” tama that is (virtually) identical to the character you were repeatedly breeding with. (same genes and colors, possibly gender) I’m not sure if this is actually possible, considering I don’t have a Meets/M!x to test the theory on, but it’s still something to discuss. If anyone is willing to try this out, they can, but of course they don’t have to.
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    still there is the possibility your brain is just making up ways to cope with the death of your grandfather (and i quote hopper from stranger things 3)... or this could be lies.. you see some weird stuff on the internet and not all of it's true (see: the entire internet)
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    A polite reminder, Kurb, TamaTalk isn't a chat-room or Twitter, and single-word/single-abbreviation posts don't add anything to discussions. You can use the "Like" function (the little heart-symbol found at the bottom-right corner of a post) to express the same sentiment without actually posting about it. Don't worry too much about it as it's by no means a new phenomenon*, just please keep it in check. *See: "Me, too!", and "The September that never ended". I must echo this sentiment. I've kept an eye out for follow-ups after @InCyberspace posted this thread, since I was interested in seeing the mentioned footage and maybe some stills get a mention. The story is fascinating!
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    That still doesn't account for the Twitter posting concerned having been made roughly two months after the product was already revealed and almost two months after pre-orders for it had already taken place. The Twitter posting was made just sixteen days before the product's release - it takes at least six months to manufacture a run of a toy like this once the design phase is complete. The licensing legalities alone would have taken months to sort out before the device was revealed and manufactured. Unless the Twitter poster somehow time-travelled to early 2018 at the earliest, got a job with Bandai's Japanese arm, and was involved with the product before returning to early 2019 whereupon they commented on it months after it had been announced, then they simply aren't anything to do with the existence of the Eevee X Tamagotchi.
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    I've stuck around for almost 10 years. Definitely a lot longer than I ever thought I'd be here for
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    Both look legit. The signs of a bootleg Dinkie Dino are transparent shells and anything other than yellow, red, white, and teal. The best way to tell is to compare the graphics to a real Dinkie Dino, which in that case the the first one matches. Be care though because some that do have correct-looking shells are actually Hitorikko.
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    Send your tama to the Tama resort hotel
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    I don't own one of these, but I believe that I know the one that you're looking for, as I've seen them come up on eBay from time to time. Your description sounds like "Penguin Palz", by MGA. I've included a photograph of it above, which I sourced from a completed eBay listing that came up in an image-search. Though it's from the same company, Penguin Palz is distinct from the earlier MGA Penguin/Penguin Time keychain virtual pet from the 1990s.
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    I'm really looking forward to reading this. My favourite virtual pets are 1990s ones (Bandai or not) and oddball generics and bootlegs from all eras*, so this is my favourite sort of content with this hobby. *If you've ever heard of the "Tamagochan", which was one of the first virtual pets that tried to fool the unwary into thinking that it was related to the real deal whilst not actually stealing any logos or artwork, that's where that particular interest comes from. Thanks very, very much for the kind offer, but that's ok. Also, we don't allow for trading and similar here anyway (there was formerly a section for this, before I was here, but I gather that it was closed due to problems that occurred), and I'm pretty sure that this would fall under that. Many thanks again, though!
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    For those thinking of getting one, there’s now a new version of the QPet Quolor with spec upgrades and a charging feature. Look at all those bootleg Tamagotchi characters
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    I have these coming in the mail too. I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, Penguin-keeper has a thread cataloguing fake tamas that you might be interested in. https://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/196963-the-database-of-fake-and-generic-virtual-pets/
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    M!X can connect with Meets. These two can't connect to the older versions like P's though because of the completely different programming they have. But a P's can connect to iD L and so forth, so yes connecting between versions is usually a standard unless the programming differs a lot.
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    As far as I know, snacks only cause problems on the recent remakes of the Gen 1 and Gen 2, where they have a consequence of causing early death if overdone, and seem to negatively influence evolutions as well. I don't recall them making much of a difference on the originals. I'm pretty sure that perfect care comes from monitoring and tending to the Tamagotchi quickly enough that it doesn't have to call you when it's hungry or unhappy, and average care would be when it has to call but it's tended to before the attention icon goes out (if memory serves, it going out counts as a care mistake), and so on.
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    Thanks so much, Admin - it's an honour!
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    I've taken an updated collection photo, because I realised that I forgot to include Tamagotchi for the Game Boy in my previous one, even though I had bought it before then. Top Row: 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini, Tamagotchi Gen 1, Tamagotchi Connexion V2, Tamagotchi Connexion V4, Dinkie Penguin, Cyber Pet 168-in-1, Chuppi, Penguin Watch Middle Row: Virtual PETs (32-in-1), Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi Gen 2, Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1, Digimon Gen 1, Toy Story Virtual Friends Space Explorer, Penpy, MGA Penguin (Penguin Time) Bottom Row: Digi Pets Jia Yuan 168-in-1, Tamagotchi Original Gen 1, Tamagotchi (Game Boy), Tamagotchi Meets Fairy Version As you can see, Tarakotchi decided to photobomb this one.