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    Welp, @KidRetro64 is absolutely correct. And I am 100000% sure that Bandai won't step in. Thanks for mentioning my work btw @iTamannadi!
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    I can help you with this The PC on the Tamagotchi Friends is used to “buy” items online and get them downloaded on your Tamagotchi. Like the 4U, you can get exclusive items that you couldn’t get in the normal shop. Sadly, the Original Bandai Tamagotchi Friends website has long gone, but Mr Blinky has done a pretty ace job at making a remake. For other versions, I’m not sure. Another thing I’d like to add onto @iTamannadi ‘s comment is that Alex cannot Find the flies that were on the original Tamatown, because those type of files aren’t cached. Which means that the Connection models are now most likely never going to be linked to the website (unless Bandai steps in- which they most likely will not). If you tell us what type of Tamagotchi you have, someone can tell you exactly what it means. Oh! And here’s Mr Blinkys Website- http://mrblinky.net/tama/friends/ezgotchi/ Hope This Helped
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    If anyone scans and uploads pages of the Tamagotchi ON instruction manual, I wouldn't argue
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    Entry 46 Last night the TS turned into Ichigotchi. It’s getting to the point where the TS will get sick even if all it is missing is one bowl (not heart) on the Health and Happiness meter. I need help with this, so if anyone has one and knows how it works or has an instruction guide, please help! I especially need help with what time it goes to sleep. Here’s something funny I forgot to show. Instead of the Happy meter, it’s the... wait for it... SCOK METER
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    Barnes and Noble has the Green Magical Tamagotchi ON for order, as in to buy not pre-ordering. They don't have the other three colors though. I ordered it yesterday and I'm just on the order tracking screen like...
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    I’m not familiar with tamagotchi 4U unfortunately, but I found this website, it provides tamagotchi 4U guides so it might help! please click here Hope you find what you’re looking for
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    I'm very happy that a color Tamagotchi is finally being released in English, but as for me, I don't think I'll buy one. Tamagotchis like the Meets Pastel, Meets Sanrio or Meets Fantasy seem more appealing to me. Perhaps the Tamagotchi On becomes the first step for more Tamagotchis like these (still?) Japan exclusives to come out from Japan in English in the future, and hopefully with good sales and increasing popularity in the whole world.
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    I think these would be a good adition to the database- Name: Rakuraku Dinokun Type: Fake Notes: Has the infamous 'Bunny ROM' and it's very common in physical stores. Basically if you go to a random market you'll see these. It has 5 buttons and transparent shell. It is currently available in 4 colors(?). It's a fake to Rakuraku Dinokun/Dinkie Dino.
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    If it’s just dirt on the screen I think wiping them is enough! I’m not sure if you will find screen protectors specifically made for P1 or P2, but you can buy a phone screen protector from any mobile shop and try to cut it so it can fit your tamas.
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    wAIT every1,,,, we shyld b frens,,,, enuff of dis war,,,, we all winner in the end!!!11!1! psyche its me im the winner, everyone get out
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    Got my ON yesterday (Canada)! Pink and purple. Loving them so far. Never had the Japanese ones of the Magic and Fairy so I'm very excited to have them grow up and see what I can what they become.
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    It wasn't there when I reviewed and approved the thread, so I'm guessing that something went wrong when the post was made (though what that is, I don't know). For additional clarity, here's an embed of the image, as well; I must say that I appreciate their honesty! Their department doesn't know for sure, and they don't mince words about it - that's far better than vague, non-committal answers that might get people's hopes up (as is the norm, on, say, a company's social-media channels).
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    Addiction sounds extreme. It seems like you are an avid collector with a large collection. Collecting is a hobby. Ask yourself: Does your hobby have negative consequences - on your relationships in real life - social, romantic, family? Do you spend more on tamas than you can afford? Do you have enough money for important living expenses? Do you find yourself buying more tamas than you actually want? For example, you see a tama you would like to buy as you're browsing online, then spot several other tamas that are also possible purchases but then can't decide which one you want the most... so instead of making a decision on which one, you just buy them all? Playing with tamas can be used to escape real life problems, relax, or reward yourself, but if you believe genuinely that you need them to enjoy life, or that you can’t cope without them, this is something that should ring alarm bells.
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    Canadian fans have theirs early so maybe if anything turns up before the release on the 28th they'll let us know. There's also the people Bandai sent Tamagotchi ON's to in order to review them and give their thoughts and they've had the ON's for a while now. So I think any bugs or glitches would have shown up by now if their still playing with them. And I haven't heard of any bugs or glitches from the reviewers.
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    There's suppose to be an image with the messages in it under my comment. I don't know if its going through review or something happened when I posted. So I uploaded the image on Imgur and put a link to the image here: Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
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    Definitely! It’s a great option to encourage young kids to be patient and responsible if they wanted to get pets
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    Yep, you can’t to anything apart from catching your Baby and/or Toddler when they look “Stinky” (by that, I mean lines coming up from there sprite and they look embarrassed, Seriosly) and giving them a bath or helping them go to the toilet. No matter how many times you do this you will always have to clean up the Poop after they do it on the ground (yeah, gross. But that’s what you gotta do!) even if you continue to “save the Poop” in a way. Yeah, it’s gross!
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    Due to the Meets and ON being found by several reviewers of the ON to be able to connect, after Bandai US stated they would not be able to, some in the community began to feel that if they were wrong about the two connecting that Bandai US was wrong about the bugs and glitches in the Meets being fixed in the ON was also not correct. I messaged Bandai US about this. Bellow is the message I sent them and their response. The blackout information is my name to protect my privacy. Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
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    Was your Tama's screen brightness turned up or at the lowest setting? Where are the spelling errors located?
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    Theres spelling errors. And the battery life kinda sucks. Mine lasted 3 days when I first bought it. So you have to play with your tama sparingly it seems to prolong its life. It also does lag. I'm sure it's all due to all the information in it and the bluetooth that is very draining. But it's something they may need to work on. However rechargeable batteries here are a must. Have a set on charge and in use and swap them out.
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    I have the on. It connects to the Japanese app but it's useless as you cannot take anything back with you
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    Cats are one of my favorite animals also. I have 3 of them. The Nekotcha I can't give an opinion on, since I don't own one, but it looks more like a bear than a cat. I have a My Kitten , a Bitty Kitty, and a CompuKitty for cat VPs. I have cats on other multi pets that I own. Welcome to TamaTalk.
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    you guessed correctly! Cats are my favorite animal penguins are pretty rad, too!
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    Maybe a lens cleaner that you use for electronics would work. I use per-moistened alcohol ones for electronics for my 3DS and Switch screens and I haven't had any issues.
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    I think you misunderstood what I meant. I've been to the Tama Hotel as a child, teen, and adult. There's just no option to leave my Tamagotchi there. EDIT: Never mind. The option is, in fact, there. The tranlation was just awful. They used the word "Leave," not "Drop Off" or "Rent Room." I had assumed "Leave" meant "Return Home..."
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    The PC option is for sending your tamagotchi pet to “tamatown” and be able to play with your tamagotchi on the website. You can also receive gotchi points, items and souvenirs the more you login to the website. There are a lot of tamagotchi releases that has PC option, each version is different than the other so it depends on what version you own. Unfortunately tamatown for the models V3,V4,V4.5, music star, tamago and dream town has shutdown and it seems like bandai is not planing to bring it back! However, @Alex Grigoriou did an amazing job! He tried and brought old tamatown back, check his thread here Not sure how to use PC with the newer tamagotchi versions (2013 onward), hopefully someone who knows better about them could help you
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    IMO when it comes to collecting fakes, it can be rewarding but you have to be prepared to be disappointed. Some can be actually kind of good (see: M&D’s vpets) while most are more basic than 90’s virtual pets. Still, if you’re really curious most are cheap enough to try out of curiosity.
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    The glitches in the Meets include: Lagging Tama not getting older (Called the Peter Pan Glitch) Resetting on its own. The Resort Hotel is an unlockable location unlocked when you travel to any destination for the first time. Your Tamagotchi can't travel anywhere when its in the baby stage, it has to be a child, teen or adult to travel. Try unlocking Gourmet Street by eating Omurice at the restaurant 5 times and then travel to Gourmet Street and see if that doesn't unlock the hotel.
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    Sorry I'm late! The winner is now here!
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    taranza loves and supports you! also i win
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    Entry 47 Not much in terms of fake Tamagotchi happenings. Both should turn into adults tomorrow, assuming that they grow at the same rate as real Tamagotchis. With all the vast differences in functionality/quality, I’m not holding my breath. In the lot there was also an original puppy QPet. While neither a knockoff nor bootleg, its successor the QPet Quolor earns it a brief mention here. It is surprisingly easy and fun... at least, compared to the two others I’m currently dealing with.
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    That's a really good one. Thanks! As far as I know, "Qpet" was used as a brand for a set of (I think) three generic virtual pets, before the Qpet Qolor existed. It used the same logo, and I presume came from the same manufacturer.
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    it’s not because you posted it in the new last post wins
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    I just added one to your list---the Q-pet. The TMGC + Color fake. Unfortunately I didn't submit a picture.
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    No picture, but how about the Q-pet? The fake TMGC + Color.
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    This is not a fictional story, this is something I've just wanted to share for quite a while. If you know me, you'll know I've collected virtual pets in the hundreds since I was about 10 or so. (back in 1996-1997). One of those pets was called Bobby, and I made a whole thread about it here. People who know me even better will know I'm a paranormal investigator, full time psychic and demonologist/exorcist. (not a joke, this is how I earn my living). Back in late 1997, my grandad passed away. It was very sad, and I remember family was at the hospital with him, and while they were there, me and my mum went to get something to eat from Morley's Chicken. I had all my virtual pets with me, and one of those was Bobby. Upon returning to the hospital, I realized he had passed away and the whole day felt like a downer. I didn't expect him to pass away, I was just a kid I thought he'd get better. I remember my dad telling me just before he passed, he opened his eyes and looked up at him. As if to say, thank you for being here. (There was more to it but I won't go into that). He passed away looking at my dad like that. The doctors said it didn't mean anything, and that he probably didn't even know my dad was really there. But my dad was a paranormal investigator roo (which is where I picked it all up from) and understood that "death" isn't what people make it out to be. A few days later, me, my mum, my dad and my aunt were out somewhere and I was on my Bobby. I was playing a game or something with one of my other Tamagotchi's when I heard Bobby beeping. I had used Bobby a LOT so I knew it's growth chart pretty well back then. I looked at Bobby to see what was it was wanting and ... to my surprise, the usual happy smiley face that usually floats around the screen had been replaced with a sprite of my grandad who had passed just a few days prior. I even showed it to my family who were in shock to see my grandad's face on the screen. This was all in late 1997. I had played with Bobby TONS of times over the years since then with NO sign of it ever happening again. But. Yesterday, on the 1st May, which was also my Aunt's birthdau (the one who saw it back in 1997, who was incedently, his favourite daughter), I was celebrating Beltane with my most precious lady and my mum. I had brought Bobby to life afew days prior as I often do. I had woken up yesterday morning to incessant beeping and it was coming from Bobby. I looked at it and would you believe it. My grandad's face was on there. I quickly grabbed my phone and recorded it, took screenshots and film of it as proof... proof I have wanted for over 22 years. HE WAS ONLY ON THE SCREEN FOR A FEW HOURS. I saw it, my mum saw it again and so did my precious lady. Evidence was captured this time, and I will be sharing it soon on Youtube. My grandad has spoken through mediums many times before, but this was the first time since 1997 that my grandad actually visited me through a virtual pet. The same kind of pet, too. And it was most likely to celebrate Beltane with me. Within a matter of hours, the usual smiley face returned and he was gone. And has been gone ever since. Nothing I could do would bring him back. He just visits when he wants to. It was a wonderful experience, and I never thought it would happen again, considering the gap of 22 years between the times it happened. So what's the point of this thread? Nothing. I'm just sharing a story that I hope will bring people comfort in knowing that our loved ones are eternal. And we all will survive always. Blessings.
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    I’ve found this topic where someone asked the same question regarding the SMS feature: After a quick research, I found this very useful topic talking about Tamagotchi Friends growth chart thought it might help you
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    Enwarehouse has been working fine for me. I've had it installed for years. I just used it the other day for some items for my CYOI Entama and had no issues.
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    @Penguin-keeperI sent a second message to Bandai with the same message above when I sent the first (I was worried at the time I misspelled my email address so I sent another message right after the first) so I might be getting another message relating to this issue. Most likely from a different Costumer Service person who might be able to give us different information. I'll post it if I receive another message.
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    Now move aside, @TamaMum, because now my post is the winner!
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    Entry 43 This one is kind of special so I have to break my new rule. July 10, 2019 Grail get!!!! The first is a weird JiDan-like toy by TS that copies the V1, except obviously way worse. I think this might be one of the Tamaguchis linked in the Tamagotchi Warnings section. The only thing apparently different is that the memory game is actually just a “randomly press buttons as fast as possible” thing. The sound effects are also different and not really Tamagotchi-like. The closest similarity I can think of is Devilgotchi, and you know how those can be... There are also different meters that are not present on any Tamagotchi, like physical activity. Ironically, I have more questions after getting this than answers. The next is a JiDan. Yay! It is basketball themed and the intro screen says it is V3... in a V4 styled shell... seems legit. Despite being a female baby, the eating sprite is always Bill. It also has less features than other JiDan toys, lacking the running minigame and the different options under Connect. Compared to others like the fake Yasashii, it doesn’t do much. You know that stereotype about Tamagotchis always demanding attention every few seconds? Well, this one gets very close to making that a reality. I can’t recall how many times even on day 1 that this thing would need two things in a 2 minute timespan AFTER the baby stage. If there’s one good thing I can say outside owning one of the rarest fake Tamagotchis, is that I’ve noticed how similar it is to the “bunny ROM” in those Jia Yuans. Could this mean JiDan is still in business making things under a different name, or that people from JD went on to work at other companies? Also, change of plans for the pen. One of the others that came in this lot has similar characters, so I swapped the batteries. It is similar programming to this rare prototype from one of Erica Griffin’s videos. It’s like this but a doghouse. I saw a few on eBay a while ago and it’s literally just called Virtual Pets. This was made by an Australian company, but the one I have was distributed by Scholastic, bundled with a joke book. Entry 44 July 11, 2019 In the end I had to take the batteries out of the multipet. It would not go to sleep, even at midnight! The strangest thing is that it would randomly age. Sometimes I would go to check it, and there would be a birthday cake on screen. Pressing a button when this happens causes the device to play Happy Birthday. In the time I ran it, I was going to say that this was the best of the three fakes, but even the REALLY bad TS Tama at least eventually would stay asleep more than 5 minutes. It doesn’t help that none of these came with manuals. Worse yet, I found some JiDan instructions a while ago but deleted them off my phone because I figured I’d never own one. If anyone has a copy of it or knows how JiDans work, I would really appreciate some help. The JD I have lacks many features of the normal ones, but there is one interesting thing: items are not bought from the store. Rather, you have to win a mini game and then a code is flashed on screen. Then, you have to press the C button on the home screen and enter the code. The only one I have so far is a mic. The items don’t do anything, but I assume they can be transferred to a legit and compatible Tamagotchi. I tried V1 and that didn’t work, but there are still a few more to try. I also tried connecting the TS , and that did not work. The text on the TS connecting screen is in Japanese, so maybe it works with Japanese Tamagotchis? Btw I was originally going to buy a Tamaguchi, which it turns out is the same thing as this. I’m not too desperate to find out what happens when they connect, but for those who might want one, one seller has a few NIB on eBay. Just keep in mind that $20 is a stretch for what these can do. Also, I just found out that this is the original version of TS. There’s a thread in Tamagotchi Cousins that shows a later version. 11 AM- Somehow in the process of trying to connect I ended up running 4 Tamas in total, 2 legit, 2 fake. Way too late- The TS is giving me a lot of pain. It did not go to sleep until 2 AM according to the Tama. I honestly don’t even know what time it made me put it to sleep, but definitely way too late. Like any other cheap bootleg, the clock is software based, not quartz, so it is either too slow or too fast. Often, it is the latter. Hearing that awful beeping in the wee hours of the night was infuriating, especially because all my attempts to make it go to sleep earlier resulted in it waking itself up and pooing. * If anyone knows if/how the TS time can be changed, please tell me x( The JiDan one isn’t really good either, but at least I’m not losing sleep to it!!! Entry 45 10:30 AM- So far nothing. I can’t get over how demanding the two fakes are. I’m running two legit Connections on the side and the difference is astounding. 10:43 AM- Have you ever wanted to raise Nazotchi? No? Well, JiDan says otherwise. This is a bad care female teenager, possibly the worse. What can I say? It’s hard having to care for it every 15 minutes. I now appreciate how flexible the real Tamas are. Bonus: group shot Sorry, I don’t know what is wrong with IG. The post is public tho
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    Thanks for letting me know! I didn't want to get too attached if my device was defective. Canada got them early, and I think my EB Games was actually one of the first to get inventory... Anyhow, here she is:
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    The majority of Tamagotchi devices have a ROM test mode but the activation methods differ between versions. On vintage devices, a screen test can be activated by pressing A+Reset. This mode does not display a version number or test the ROM functionality, however. For most Japanese devices, B+C+Reset is used to activate ROM testing features. More recent releases (from the P's onwards) use a different method - first the device must be reset, and then on the ちょっとまってね screen the buttons A, C, A, B, C must be pressed in succession all within about 2.5 seconds. This method is also used for the Tamagotchi On Other international devices - like all the connection era devices - use A+B+C+Reset. I think the Plus does too but I'm not entirely sure. If it helps, you can use this diagram.
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    still there is the possibility your brain is just making up ways to cope with the death of your grandfather (and i quote hopper from stranger things 3)... or this could be lies.. you see some weird stuff on the internet and not all of it's true (see: the entire internet)
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    No need to be rude, this thread is from MARCH, back then we had no idea about Tamagotchi On.
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    I'm really looking forward to reading this. My favourite virtual pets are 1990s ones (Bandai or not) and oddball generics and bootlegs from all eras*, so this is my favourite sort of content with this hobby. *If you've ever heard of the "Tamagochan", which was one of the first virtual pets that tried to fool the unwary into thinking that it was related to the real deal whilst not actually stealing any logos or artwork, that's where that particular interest comes from. Thanks very, very much for the kind offer, but that's ok. Also, we don't allow for trading and similar here anyway (there was formerly a section for this, before I was here, but I gather that it was closed due to problems that occurred), and I'm pretty sure that this would fall under that. Many thanks again, though!
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    @Eggiweg Thank you!! I checked out that thread and it was super interesting to read! Thanks for your help! @Penguin-keeper Thank you for that! Currently trying to run one now and am documenting things thus far and will update it in a few days. Its got a cute name! If you were interested, I've got three of them and I'm more than happy to send one your way as thanks. Just send me a dm if you'd like!
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    Thankyou very much, everybody. I'm really glad to be able to help out around here.
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    Thanks so much, Admin - it's an honour!