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    I managed to get my scanner to work so this time I didn't have to take a picture of a picture! For those who don't get it, allow me to explain, though it'll contain minor spoilers. Mallow is a character from the SNES game Super Mario RPG. Separated from his parents as a baby, he was raised by frogs and so grew up believing he was a frog. Eventually he learns he's not really a frog (which is pretty obvious since he looks nothing like one, he can't jump for beans, and he's able to control the weather) and he travels alongside Mario to find his real parents. Since Mallow once believed he was a frog I figured why not stick him in the old Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3? I was actually surprised to see no one had done this before.

    © Mallow belongs to Nintendo and Square-Enix. The Frog Suit belongs to Nintendo.