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    i have no idea what it means to "win the day" but i feel like an absolute champion
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    Oh, can mobile users talk now? Yay! So this is my first “post” I guess... does it even count as a post? Haha
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    uuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhh i have to update my log soon. maybe i'll skip a generation, lol.
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    Heck new tamatalk looks snazzy!!!
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    Woah-ho! Check out the new Tamatalk! It's nice and fancy (and a bit confusing, haha!!) but it looks really cool! Man, it's weird to think future members of Tamatalk will be joining this site not knowing it used to work differently not long ago. Cheers to the future of Tamatalk! (also emojis in status updates, heck yes!) EDIT: You can also edit status updates now! Woop woop! ...I don't know if this feature was here before actually, wait a minute...