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    I can agree with you on the packaging, I like it as well. The little pixel kitties on it are pretty cute too. It may be a fake, but it's a nice one!
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    There's so much that's bizarre about these things that I've lost count, by now. I wrote a big post about their merits as a pocket-change introduction to the virtual pet concept one time, about a year ago (it's over in the Tamagotchi Cousins section somewhere). I did have it as part of my log, back when I was running it and was writing a log, but I honestly just got bored with the thing (Bob the penguin, I'm sorry, but you are not missed).
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    Well I know but in terms of super-basic functions like feeding it, mini games, bathroom, etc. it's got the basics, albeit worse XD All the evolutions can kind of be made up for by some of the cuter/unique characters. Oh yeah and this reminds me: -Food only depletes when you play mini games. -The cheapest item is 500 Gold (but all of them do the same thing) -You only have one item at a time -The clock stops working after a few hours -Maximum gold per mini game is 99, mail is something around 80 Let me know if there's anything else I forgot....... I'm thinking of just running one as part of a bootleg Tamagotchi log to show what it can do.
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    That's really unfair on the original Tamagotchi - the programming for these 168-in-1 multi-pets is nowhere near that advanced. They don't have a life-cycle, or sleep, or die, or even keep time, or evolve in any way, they age by receiving exploding letters from their workplace, they'll poop endlessly even if you never feed them, food makes no difference to them, and you can make them as fat as a house and they'll never refuse to eat.
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    I actually tried something with the same programming before. The bummer is that the animation is limited and a lot of space is wasted on poorly made anime sprites. For reference it's about as basic as an original Tamagotchi. (Also, all the items just randomly change your pet -_-)
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    I never thought you could get a chain of inspired v-pets! I mean the gigapets were inspired by tamagotchis (I think uwu) and the digapets were (probably) inspired by gigapets! Also I definitely prefer the packaging on the digapets! It looks so cool, not as good at the generic tamas thoooo
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    Already saw tons of these on ebay. (like this one : https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Kids-Funny-Electronic-Tamagotchi-Virtual-Pet-Game-Machine-Toy-C1MY/153199236265?hash=item23ab62d4a9:m:mq2tHEeXx98NDskm9S7G2eg:rk:7:pf:0 )
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    Thanks for the picture! The name and packaging for this one really are good. There's a real charm to them. The text on yours says "Jia Yuan". I have a blue one of these that was sold under the name of "Digi Pets", and it has the same cursive name printed on it.