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    I'm not dead, I've just had to focus on my priorities! (and still do... heh heh). I just spent $70 on Vpets and looked like a maniac while doing so XD I sure hope that the next time I come back here I'll have some log updates ready to post. I get anxious that those group hatch logs might get locked before I actually do (but of course, there's always those lovely mods :^)) February will probably have a lot of tamaness! :^)
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    just find this pict on website, so creative ! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    © https://mojok.co/mfa/ulasan/konter/tamagotchi/

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    I was running my QPet Quolor and my Kikitchi grew into Ahirukutchi... This was after my Mametchi grew into Kikitchi ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
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    They got another load of these on JYW today and still have some in stock. Price is pretty jacked up, though. https://japanyouwant.com/product/new-eievui-eevee-x-tamagotchi-bandai-2019-jan-daisuki-eievui-ver-colorful-friends-ver?attribute_model=Daisuki+Eievui(Yellow)
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    I can't really tell you, since when a Tamagotchi dies, I usually am not near it. All I know is that, on the Connections, they die if you doesn't feed them for a long time or you doesn't use medicine when they're sick. I think that's the major cause of death on the Connection, since the character, after a while you doesn't feed them when they are hungry, call your attention with special animations such as angry moves. I heard that a baby cannot die on the Connection, even if you treat him/her really bad. He just wait to become a child. That's all I know.
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    One more ROM version confirmed: the Oden-Kun uses version 0.2. Little bit surprised, really. So far the Japanese versions have been going upwards in a mostly linear fashion (0.0, 6.1, 8.0, 14.1, 14.5, 16.0, 18.0), so I wonder why they started so low for this version? I assume it's because it was such a dramatic departure from the previous Entama versions that they felt it necessary to start from 0. But why 0.2? I think I'm probably gonna start doing some more research into the V1 if possible. I really want to figure out what the differences between all those different versions are! If you've got a V1 and you know its ROM version you could be of a lot of help to me - there's a bunch of differences I wanna check. --- Did you know? The Tama-Go has a whole bunch of unused characters. If you go back to threads from 2010, you might find people talking about characters appearing on their Tama-Go that weren't raiseable. If the figure is incorrectly placed on top - for example by putting on the figure, quickly taking it off and switching it out for another one, the data corrupts and you start seeing sprites that you're not supposed to see. As it turns out, a lot of those sprites are of characters other than the ones normally obtainable wearing the items of clothing that some of the figures offer. When Natalie Silvanovich dumped the Tama-Go's ROM as well as a few of the figure ROMs, it was discovered that the Tama-Go contains a full set of animation sprites for 18 unobtainable characters, on top of the 36 normal characters and Nazotchi. Every figure contains all the sprites necessary for these characters to use the features of the figure. The characters are as follows: Pachikutchi Pichikutchi Hanepatchi Sakuramotchi Obotchi Ojyotchi Sukatchi Togetchi Debatchi Androtchi Paparatchi Kabukitchi Mimitchi Maidtchi Yattatchi Pukatchi Masktchi Ponytchi Why are these characters even here? There's a few possibilities - first off, these could have been characters that were planned to be used but got cut. When looking for secret characters in the code of the Tama-Go, Natalie noted the following: So, there's some evidence in the code that maybe these characters were used at some point but cut from the growth chart. As far as I know though, the characters are not raiseable via debug mode - unlike every other character, none of their character names are contained in the sprite set. Even Nazotchi's name has its own sprite. In fact, this sprite is duplicated for some reason. Maybe if the unused characters are accessed they use the duplicate Nazotchi label? On the other hand, the characters could have been planned to be on a "Tama-Go 2", or a V7.5. Including the sprite sheets in the Tama-Go would mean it wouldn't need to use Nazotchi sprites when connecting with a future version containing these characters (though this doesn't explain why the Tama-Go contains sprites for animations that it'll never need to show, like the close-up animations). Furthermore, the figures could contain the sprites to future-proof them - the figures need to contain the sprites of whatever Tamagotchi character is going to be using its games and items. If it doesn't, the figure won't be compatible with that character, and by extension it probably won't be compatible with that version. Indeed, there are even sprites in the Tama-Go which would've been used had more figures been released after the V7: Apparently this would show up occasionally if the figure isn't working properly. While looking through the sprites I found this, too, which I assume is unused: Pause-debug perhaps? The Tama-Go continues to fascinate me with its mysteries! What thoughts do you have about why these characters might be here?
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    It's a tamagotchi message board. We're all dorks to some extent, and super proud of it! XD
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    I.... I LITERALLY posted that information a week ago in the post above yours. XD It is super cool though! Hopefully this means Tamagotchi is actually starting to get more successful in the US. Sure seems like the P1/P2 remakes in my area go at a decent speed.
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    Hello! I was absent yesterday because quite frankly I really wasn't in the mood for logging. All of my tamas did evolve, though, which is what I'll be sharing in today's post! Also, I received some tama mail today which actually arrived earlier than expected. It was a lot of connections (V2, V3 and a V6) that were desperately in need of a cleaning but for the price I couldn't pass them up. The V2 came debugged and I'll likely keep it that way as I have several V2s already. The V6 is in very rough physical condition but fully functional so I'll likely keep it as a backup for when I don't want my other V6, which I originally bought brand new, to get messed up. The V3 surprised me the most in that other than the fact that it is missing its battery cover, it is pristine. I did start up one of these tamas - keep reading to find out which one. @Pumpkita I got the wallpaper from @rinyosayo on Instagram. It should be on her dropbox. V1 - Roger Well surprise, surprise, Roger evolved into Hinotamatchi. Any chance I had of getting out of this bad care rut was ruined yesterday when I forgot to change his time before I went to work. Usually I put all of my tamas (except my blue V2) to sleep while I'm away, but yesterday I somehow forgot about my V1. I came back to it later in the day and Roger was still alive, but he was sick with all hearts empty. He'll probably evolve into Masktchi but surprisingly, I'm not super bothered about that. V2 - Moira This evolution was a bit more surprising. It also marks my first repeat character since I began this V2 run in October. Not really sure where I messed up, but I don't mind Nyorotchi so I'm not mad. The very first adult character I had on this shell was Nyorotchi (scroll back to page 1 of this log - it was named "A"), and I went quite a long streak without ever getting a repeat character. Of course, I knew that streak would eventually have to end, and it finally has, but it was great while it lasted. Nyorotchi actually does have some very cute animations, some of which I'll probably share in my next post. (Oh, and I actually did manage to fill her training bar before she evolved, so that didn't really play much of a factor in the end result) V2 #2 - Edwin I have no idea how Edwin and Moira turned into characters from the same care tier when they really didn't receive equal treatment. I'm also not super amused about having yet another Tarakotchi (I JUST had one on my V1!) I've always liked Tarakotchi, but he's starting to turn into Memetchi 2.0 for me in that I get him way too often. I'm not sure when yet, but he and Moira will likely be marrying very soon - Nyorotchi was a pretty welcome change, but the endless string of Tarakotchi is killing me. V3 - Tia Yes, the tama from the lot I decided to start up was the V3. I haven't given one a good run in quite a while so I'd like to keep this one going for a few generations in an attempt to obtain some of the characters I have not really seen much yet.The shell design looks like this. It was never a design I'd paid much attention to, but now that I have it in person it's actually quite nice, not to mention it fits in with my pink and blue preference. Anyway, I started it up and since there was no existing download data on the tama, I hatched a new egg. I ended up with a girl, who I named Tia. Tia had a rather typical baby stage. I don't care for the get the notes game on the V3, so that's why her weight was so high then. The V3 version of Bump seems slightly easier than the V2 version, so I usually end up playing that instead. At the present moment, Tia is now a Tamatchi. I'm now working on getting her weight down and caring for her the best I can. I want her to turn into one of the top tier teens since I have not seen any of those in QUITE a while.
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    I tried ._. Made with Sculpt+ (not a 3D sculptor BTW. Just did this because boredom)
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    Thanks! I figured out how to do it: -Go to the items menu -Select an item -Select the second option Your Tamagotchi will put it outside. Now itโ€™s time to wait... A few hours later, Taddah! I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s based on the item tho.
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    If Tamagotchi returns to America once again, this is how it should be done!
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    I can see the document. For anyone who canโ€™t, I took screenshots:
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    I have depression and some anxiety, and Tamagotchis DEFINITELY help. I love animals, and having a Tamagotchi with me is like having a weird little alien animal at my side and it's amazing. It definitely cheers me up just watching their sprites go around the screen. I try to take as best care as possible, but I usually sleep in on the weekends and in summer and also I have issues with motivation, so sometimes it's hard. (The mini has been perfect though, because it's so low maintenance.) I always try to keep one on my during school because for some reason I don't have ANY of my friends in the same classes as me, and they keep me company.