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    I am 85% sure that it is possible.
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    Our upgrade is complete and I THINK everything went smoothly. Please poke around and check out the new features and look. I still have some work to do... Our emoticons are coming back (of course)... I also need to make some tweaks to settings. Please look around and post here with any comments or problems you discover. I still have a backup of the old system so we can downgrade if major problems are discovered. One feture I am most excited about is that we are now way more modern and work wonderfully on computers, tablets and phones! One other thing to note is the new Clubs section which lets TamaTalkers make their own little group. The groups can be public or private. This is something I want to try out to see if it is useful. This gives you a chance to create your own little space where you can be the moderator and guide how things operate. Please Note! Community rules on behaviour and content will still apply! I hope you all like it!
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    Didn't have time to update yesterday but I'm back now! 3 out of my 4 tamas have evolved since I quickly posted the other day - two of the evolutions were expected and one was a pleasant surprise. V1 - Roger Like I said earlier, Roger turned into Masktchi which wasn't a surprise at all. He's now 6 years old (and very overweight, whoops), which means he'll be getting the matchmaker tomorrow. I haven't raised a Masktchi in a while so I don't mind having him around but I'm also eager to start a new gen. V1s are not exactly full of surprises, but I haven't had a single good care character on here yet so I'd definitely like to try to attempt that. V2 - Niall I started raising Moira and Edwin's sons the other day. The first son was named Niall (I name this tama alphabetically, and I also usually only use five letter names, so I couldn't think of anything else), and he marks the 14th generation on my bubble V2. My goal with this tama is to run it for as many generations as I can without any fatalities (my record is 37! Not sure if I can beat that but it's worth a try). He's currently a Hinotamatchi, which was pretty much expected to come from Marutchi. I've been getting an awful lot of these guys lately so I was hoping for something different but I also won't complain. I'm not aiming for anything specific with him; instead, I'm just caring for him like I normally do in the hopes that maybe I'll get an interesting or different result. V2 #2 - Enzo Niall's brother was born and named at the same time he was. He was named Enzo and he marks the 8th generation on my candy V2. I will probably run this tama until the 10th generation before I stop it. So far, he and his brother have had exact twin growths. They were both Marutchi and now they are both Hinotamatchi. I'm hoping they don't also end up with twin adult growths since I like variety, but they just might end up doing so. V3 - Tia Now this is where the surprise happened. With Tia, I wasn't necessarily aiming for anything in particular because I still really need to brush up on the V3 growth patterns. I ran a V3 very briefly a few months ago, but other than that I really haven't given one a detailed run in probably over a year. I have not yet looked at a growth chart but I have a decent idea of the characters so I might not really need it. Anyway, I took decent care of Tia as a teen, but her hungry hearts dropped to two a couple of times. I wasn't expecting a perfect care adult, which I was right about, but I also wasn't expecting what I ended up getting. Billotchi! One of my favourite V3 adults and one I certainly haven't had in quite a while. I think this is only my second or third time getting this character; it is definitely not one that appears often for me. I'm very happy with her now - she's just the cutest. I'm now trying to earn more points so I can buy all the items to see her various animations.
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    So the TamaOtch is... super weird. It's discipline meter goes DOWN over time, and no, not the Training meter, but the discipline one, too! The game is a slot machine that's just random dumb luck (thank goodness for snacks), and the training is time consuming. It's super unique, and I'm glad I'm trying it, but so much is just left up to random chance! Ah well. It's definitely not my favorite so far, but it's somehow both low maintence and yet time consuming... We'll see what it looks like when it hits adult! In the meantime, my Genjintch evolved into Dotetchi, and he's pretty fun to watch as well: He sticks his tongue out when he's happy. XD
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    Ok, so. I tried to buy a V4. It was a Glow in the Dark version, and that is pretty cool! But the seller is from USA, so he contact me and said he can't send that Tama to Italy, even because the price, in that case, will be higher; that's sad. Here in Europe NO ONE sell a Tamagotchi V4/4.5 for less than 80 euros (wich are, like, 90$ I guess). Then I said "Well, that's it, it doesn't matter. I'll try next time" and I bought an Ocean. I don't care if it's so difficoult now, I appreciate a little challenge. I'll buy something different in the next future (after all I spent 39$ for this Ocean, it isn't so bad!). Thank you two guys. I think mods can close this topic now.
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    *old comment* Sorry, I just checked and it works. Nice work!
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    That's great news! Does it mean that we will be able to raise the secret characters in out Music Stars again?
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    Wow! Amazing job! I never played Tamatown back when it was still up, so it's really cool to finally experience it for myself! Thank you so much for all the amazing work you've done so far!
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    So, I have told you before that January is going to be a month full of surprises. And I am going to reveal one of them now. TamaTown Music City is coming really soon to my website! With the help of OldSpirit (A TamaTalk member) who has all the music city files saved in the cache folder of his old pc we can bring Music City back really soon! That's all for today! See ya!
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    A bit of disappointment...I have done my research and I have discovered that the developers of programs like EnWarehouse have salvaged the elements for the EnTama logout generator from the Bandai servers before they were gone. After that, they were capable of uploading them to their own servers. Last but not least, this is the way that you can still generate logout passwords for the EnTama. To summarize, I will never be able to complete my own generator, unless someone has generated all passwords for all 5-digit combinations of all Tamagotchi V3 and V4 names (letters and special characters are included). This is physically impossible! I am DESPERATE for some help! Someone help me PLEASE!