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    ^ The 50$ one is IR-only. Cutiepiekawaii also sells an IR only phone. https://www.cutiepiekawaii.com/product-page/irda-tamagotchi-infrared-sending-device Also just look for models of old phones that have IR and just find a faulty one, those could go for cheaper. Don't bother with a dongle, those don't work.
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    Ooh i see then, too bad. But still, keep it up!
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    Looks like Mario is growing well! Thanks for all the pics
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    Fuzzy and chic sell IRDA and NFC compatible phones, however they are pricey. https://fuzzy-n-chic.com/13-tamagotchi-phones
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    It’s been quite a while since I was last here, but I’m back! I couldn’t login to the site on my phone but since the upgrade it’s amazing 😊
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    Hey Alex, i love what you are doing, however do you think there is a way to rename the ´undefined´? Keep on going, you are doing smth good for this community!!