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    Hello and welcome to my mega bootleg log, and also first log ever! I will be running a bunch of different bootlegs and knockoffs, some of which are obscure. If you have any questions about one, please leave a question and I will reply to it in the next entry. Where to find fakes: eBay is good for older knockoffs from the 90's, while Aliexpress is great for finding new ones. Taobao also has a lot, but you might need a middleman depending on where you live. I don't recommend buying any besides M&D ones (QPet, Nana Moon, etc.) because they tend to be really bad otherwise. First up is the Crystal Warriors 10th Anniversary game. Info links: English instructions here. Baidu article here. All 130 episodes of Crystal Warriors here. Pics of the box. After doing some research it turns out the cartoon was only 8 years old at the time these were released, but apparently in order to coincide with the Pendulum 20th Anniversaries M&D made this rerelease. The instructions also state that there are 4 different versions, similar to the real Pendulum releases, but this is false and they all have Vritramon. (However, the original release of this did have 4 and had more care features, and there's always a possibility of M&D releasing more in the future.) This probably isn’t going to fool anyone, but is it a bad knockoff? Surprisingly, no. I’ve never played a Digimon before and am not that familiar with them, but from what I’ve seen it is kinda similar. There are 6 different tournaments, and I have 3 more to go. Then, there is a final boss. After that I have to replay through everything again in order to get 200% completion, so nothing will be missed. Recap of Day 1, Sorry no photos this time: I started the Crystal Warrior up, and right off the bat I knew this wasn’t going to be a standard vpet. It’s more of a game that mimics a virtual pet. This was surprising since the Nana Moon minis have all their features entact, but not these. Unfortunately, when M&D pumped these out to cash in on the anniversary Pendulums, they got rid of pet functions. There's still an incentive to check on it, since its power will slowly deplete every few hours. I just put the tab back in when I'm busy since it has a save feature. After reading the instructions and grinding with the 3 games to buy a crystal, it was time to enter the first tournament. Evolving the monster makes it very OP, rendering the Help feature obsolete since using crystals to evolve is necessary to win. I had no idea what was going on, but it was a swift victory. The second one was harder, since I tried relying on the Help. That ended up backfiring, and I lost during the 4th round. For “Help,” there are 3 other characters to choose from, which are from the 3 other versions. Each swapped warrior replaces Vritramon and evolves into its second form to attack, but can only be used once per tournament. Battles only last a few rounds, even if both are still standing. Whoever has the most HP left wins. Since HP doesn’t replenish between rounds, I was lucky to have even made it that far. When you lose, the warrior’s power/training bar stays the same but you have to try again. There’s a progress page that shows total battles won (regardless if the tourney is lost) and the total completion rate. After grinding for more money and rebuying the crystal, it was pretty easy. Rinse and repeat for round 3, and I have 3 more to go. Now, this is kind of a nitpick, but the spritework on this is kind of mediocre. Some of the characters look poorly drawn. I understand that a lot of detail needs to be added in a small space, but sometimes the results leave me scratching my head. I mean, I can kind of see how the sprite matches the drawing, but this was my first impression without knowing what it was supposed to be.
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    Hello! I don't have as many photos to spam you with today but as I've had a few evolutions I thought I'd pop in and update. V1 - Rosie Rosie the Gozarutchi has not had a very eventful life, but she was able to marry yesterday! She married a Hanatchi so I already know her baby will be doomed to the bad care route, but I'm not too bothered. This will now be four boys and one girl on this V1. Not sure why I've been getting so many boys but I guess it's random. I have not thought of a name for Rosie's son yet but she will be leaving him tonight, so his independent life will start tomorrow morning. V2 - Olive Olive's teen evolution turned out to be, of course, very predictable. She's now a Nikatchi. Still bad care, but at least she's cute. She hasn't been receiving the best care in the world, so I'm suspecting her final evolution will be average care or less. She's 3 years old currently and set to evolve tomorrow morning. I may not be optimistic, but I'm still interested to see what she becomes. V2 #2 - Flora Flora evolved last night, and her evolution was both surprising and predictable. She didn't receive very good care as a teen, so I definitely suspected a bottom tier adult - I did get one, but not necessarily the one I was expecting. Kiwitchi! For once my bad caretaking paid off and resulted in a cute character. I've always found it funny how Kiwitchi has feet but no arms. Either way, she's very cute and has some great animations. V3 - Rudy Well, I turned out to be wrong in my last post. Rudy surprised me pleasantly by evolving into Patapatatchi (is that this character's name? It's definitely something weird like that...): I love characters that hover/fly, so I'm very happy with this evolution over the more typical Obotchi evolution (I love Obotchi, but change is nice). So far, I think I've given him pretty good care - focusing on him is the reason my V2s have gotten a bit neglected, whoops! He has full training and his hearts haven't really dropped. He's set to evolve later this evening when I'm at work so I will likely bring him with me. I'm interested to see what he will become.
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    That’s right, THIS. IS. MAJOR. TamaTown, the interactive website that every Tamagotchi fan misses dearly since February 6th 2013 is being brought back. It has been 5 years and our cries for help have finally been heard. Luc Rubio, a software engineer who’s passionate about retro systems, video games, and of course Tamagotchi, is doing God’s work. Luc is on a mission to “wake up TamaTown.” As a dedicated Tamagotchi fan, Luc is ready to bring TamaTown back! TamaTown was shut down 5 years ago, but thanks to technologies such as the Internet Archive, files from TamaTown have been recovered. Luc’s project stitches these files together to create a comprehensive TamaTown experience. The project is currently being hosted on GitHub, a leading software development platform where coders alike can come together and build! As of right now aspects of every TamaTown are still in the works. You can see by visiting the website that the project includes all of the different versions of TamaTown, with Music City included (YAY!), and even the Japanese versions such as the EnTama, UraTama, and School TamaTown websites. Now these TamaTown’s are not yet complete, and this is where you might come into the picture. Luc Rubio has done a phenomenal job stitching together recovered files to bring each version of TamaTown back to life, but there’s still a lot of work ahead. Luc is looking for dedicated Tamagotchi fans who have obtained, or have an insight to some of the files missing. He advises that you browse his GitHub project and contribute in anyway possible to help him reach his goal. With that said, we are ECSTATIC to hear this. We have gotten in touch with Luc to learn a little more about him and this amazing project. We will be posting a lot more information not only on this project, but information on the software engineer behind this project, Luc. So, be sure to stay tuned! As for now, please browse Luc’s GitHub project, contribute what you can, and try out this reconstructed TamaTown! P.S.: OMG WE ARE SO EXCITED. LUC WE LOVE YOU.
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    Here is a place to post your favorite ships! Lets see about mine... Mametchi / Melodytchi Himespetchi / Neenetchi (yeah, I went there) Moriritchi / Kiraritchi Candy Pakupaku / Spaceytchi Sir. Rottenlee Ravenous / Gluttonous Buzzcrave (has nothing to do with Tamagotchi but Ravencrave is my OTP) This one is purely a FriendShip, with emphasis on the "Friend" part.