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    The Wave UFO (or Henshin UFO) is a virtual pet alien created by Bandai and its main feature is that the alien will change form when it detects specific waves - wi-fi waves especially, a good and bad thing. This page rescued from a defunct website give a nice little summary: With that context, let's move onto the instructions. Via Wayback Machine, I stumbled across a translated version of the Wave UFO instructions (I have the original Japanese ones, but that is not as useful as copiable text). As nothing lasts forever on the internet, I am posting the full instructions here in efforts to further preserve it. This is the original page. While looking for other information I came across which explains the menus and gives a little overview. I thought I'd add that although it repeats some of the information present in the instructions. I've noticed one big gripe about the Wave UFO is that the sound cannot be turned off for the attention or changing animations, both of which emit a shrill beeping sound. As someone who takes her Vpets practically everywhere, I had to find a solution for this. First I tried putting ductape over the speakers as in most cases that solves problems. Oddly, that only dampened the sound a little. I then found that rolling it up in a sweater really deafens the sound to a faint beeping. And I found that out after rolling up and tying my Wave UFO in a sweater and then lifting it up to the microwave like an offering to some pagan god, bewildering my father and making my brother laugh (I did this several times to make sure, of course). That works for me as the general principal of "several objects dampens noise" logically solves the problem, and it is faint enough that people probably wouldn't notice. Of course, there will always be the cost of having to unroll it to check on it, but it is low-maintenance enough to make that extra task reasonable. For people who don't carry a bag with them that can easily house a sweater, this won't be to helpful. My only advice for that is since it goes to bed at 1 a.m., it can probably be left unattended for long stretches and then cured before it goes to sleep. Also, in general situations such as walking outside or passing through places, there isn't really any need to be concerned with other people since loud talking is an equally acceptable distraction in those circumstances. Eventually when I have run my Wave UFO enough I'll create a review (like Penguin-Keeper :^) ) or detail it more in an oddpet log if that happens sooner. Overall, the information here will surely help anyone successfully run Wave UFO, as so far I haven't seen anything unusual or had problems (likely because all "evolutions" are not determined by care).
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    Is there a growth charts for the Meets? Also, hey hi, I got a magical meets and it’s so beautiful ♥️♥️
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    TamaLog #28 February 15, 2019 Well, it HAS been a while! Sorry for the late update- a lot has been going on. I've been sick for about a week now, and I'm back into work for the first time since last Friday. School has also picked up, although I missed all of my classes this week because I've been ill, and I am planning to travel back to my parent's house for this weekend in order to see some doctors. All in all, not the greatest week- but I FINALLY got my Akai in the mail the other day! I'll be doing a little first impressions down below. I did shelve my two connections for now: they really weren't holding my attention, although I fully intend to run them again in the near future. I do love my connections. Eevee Tama: This little thing is cute and low-maintenance enough that I've been able to run it even while sick and sleeping most of the day. I got Flareon as my first Eeveelution, and I enjoyed playing around with him for a few days before I reset to go for another character. Right now, I'm hoping for the Team Rocket Eevee or the Ditto Eevee. I've been letting it sleep with the lights on and making sure it's always just "Normal", never "Happy". No one I've spoken to really seems to know how the evolutions are decided outside of the berry game. Akai: Alright. Here it is! I am SO glad that I got this shell, because it is gorgeous! The fact that it was NiP means it is all shiny and perfect, and I am terrified that I will damage it. I was torn about taking it out and running it, and I am being extra-extra careful not to scratch it up or get dirt on it. This is my first Japanese Connection, and so far? I like it well enough. My biggest complaint is that the red pixels are SO light, that it's hard to see! The programming is basically just like the English V3, but I have to say... The BUTTONS on this thing! They's solid, like, really solid. The shell itself feels like it's made of better plastic, maybe? I'm not sure if I'll run this Akai as much as I do my English Connections, mainly because I already have bad eyesight and it is hard to see, but I am SO happy to have such a beautiful Tama in my collection. And the Red Pixels are a fun little gimmick.
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    Hello! I don't have as many photos to spam you with today but as I've had a few evolutions I thought I'd pop in and update. V1 - Rosie Rosie the Gozarutchi has not had a very eventful life, but she was able to marry yesterday! She married a Hanatchi so I already know her baby will be doomed to the bad care route, but I'm not too bothered. This will now be four boys and one girl on this V1. Not sure why I've been getting so many boys but I guess it's random. I have not thought of a name for Rosie's son yet but she will be leaving him tonight, so his independent life will start tomorrow morning. V2 - Olive Olive's teen evolution turned out to be, of course, very predictable. She's now a Nikatchi. Still bad care, but at least she's cute. She hasn't been receiving the best care in the world, so I'm suspecting her final evolution will be average care or less. She's 3 years old currently and set to evolve tomorrow morning. I may not be optimistic, but I'm still interested to see what she becomes. V2 #2 - Flora Flora evolved last night, and her evolution was both surprising and predictable. She didn't receive very good care as a teen, so I definitely suspected a bottom tier adult - I did get one, but not necessarily the one I was expecting. Kiwitchi! For once my bad caretaking paid off and resulted in a cute character. I've always found it funny how Kiwitchi has feet but no arms. Either way, she's very cute and has some great animations. V3 - Rudy Well, I turned out to be wrong in my last post. Rudy surprised me pleasantly by evolving into Patapatatchi (is that this character's name? It's definitely something weird like that...): I love characters that hover/fly, so I'm very happy with this evolution over the more typical Obotchi evolution (I love Obotchi, but change is nice). So far, I think I've given him pretty good care - focusing on him is the reason my V2s have gotten a bit neglected, whoops! He has full training and his hearts haven't really dropped. He's set to evolve later this evening when I'm at work so I will likely bring him with me. I'm interested to see what he will become.
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    Whoops, I disappeared again, but after a week with no updates I'm finally back. I've started new generations on two of my tamas since my last post and started up two new ones. V1 - Rosie My pink V1 is still on the go. I'm now on my fourth generation with a girl named Rosie. She evolved yesterday into Gozarutchi. Evidently, I'm not very good at caring for V1s as I can't seem to get any characters above rank 3. At least I don't get Gozarutchi as often as some of the other characters so I'm not as bothered as I could be. V2 - Olive Niall evolved into a Hiratchi, got married and had a baby girl who I named Olive. She marks the 15th generation on my blue V2 and she is currently a Hitodetchi. She's a lower tier toddler which means she'll also become a lower rank teen. I haven't had very many good care teens on this one but one day I'll break that streak. Not sure who to aim for with her since I'm too lazy to consult a growth chart for what the odd generation adults are. As I've always done, I will likely just sit back and let this tama surprise me. V2 - Flora Well what do you know, I switched V2 shells again. This one seemed like a no brainer as it's the matching white counterpart to my blue bubble V2. It's not in the best shape and the screen background has a little tear in it - I have a spare but I have not gotten around to switching it out yet. Even still, I love it as it is even if it isn't perfect. Out of all of the shell designs I own, it's probably in my top 10. This lovely lady is Flora and she's the 37th generation! I'm not sure how past me ever managed that but my goal is definitely to get my blue V2 to catch up some day. She evolved into UFOtchi last night which is a great sign - a good care teen! My other V2 may be doomed for bad care, but this one has a chance. I'm definitely excited to see what she becomes. V3 - Rudy I got one of my holy grails in the mail yesterday, this Hong Kong V3: It's a rather unique looking shell but I love it all the same. It had a bit of a rough start because even though it came brand new, the screen had dead pixels as soon as I untabbed it, so I had to end up doing a screen swap. The pixels on the donor screen were a bit faded at first, but after using the tama for a while that problem seems to have fixed itself. After the screen issues were sorted, I started up the tama for real and hatched a baby boy who I named Rudy. He's obviously the first generation and he is now a Tamatchi. I'm guessing he will become either Obotchi or Young Mametchi as those are the teens I usually seem to get first gen. For now, he's just taking it easy.
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    Didn't have time to update yesterday but I'm back now! 3 out of my 4 tamas have evolved since I quickly posted the other day - two of the evolutions were expected and one was a pleasant surprise. V1 - Roger Like I said earlier, Roger turned into Masktchi which wasn't a surprise at all. He's now 6 years old (and very overweight, whoops), which means he'll be getting the matchmaker tomorrow. I haven't raised a Masktchi in a while so I don't mind having him around but I'm also eager to start a new gen. V1s are not exactly full of surprises, but I haven't had a single good care character on here yet so I'd definitely like to try to attempt that. V2 - Niall I started raising Moira and Edwin's sons the other day. The first son was named Niall (I name this tama alphabetically, and I also usually only use five letter names, so I couldn't think of anything else), and he marks the 14th generation on my bubble V2. My goal with this tama is to run it for as many generations as I can without any fatalities (my record is 37! Not sure if I can beat that but it's worth a try). He's currently a Hinotamatchi, which was pretty much expected to come from Marutchi. I've been getting an awful lot of these guys lately so I was hoping for something different but I also won't complain. I'm not aiming for anything specific with him; instead, I'm just caring for him like I normally do in the hopes that maybe I'll get an interesting or different result. V2 #2 - Enzo Niall's brother was born and named at the same time he was. He was named Enzo and he marks the 8th generation on my candy V2. I will probably run this tama until the 10th generation before I stop it. So far, he and his brother have had exact twin growths. They were both Marutchi and now they are both Hinotamatchi. I'm hoping they don't also end up with twin adult growths since I like variety, but they just might end up doing so. V3 - Tia Now this is where the surprise happened. With Tia, I wasn't necessarily aiming for anything in particular because I still really need to brush up on the V3 growth patterns. I ran a V3 very briefly a few months ago, but other than that I really haven't given one a detailed run in probably over a year. I have not yet looked at a growth chart but I have a decent idea of the characters so I might not really need it. Anyway, I took decent care of Tia as a teen, but her hungry hearts dropped to two a couple of times. I wasn't expecting a perfect care adult, which I was right about, but I also wasn't expecting what I ended up getting. Billotchi! One of my favourite V3 adults and one I certainly haven't had in quite a while. I think this is only my second or third time getting this character; it is definitely not one that appears often for me. I'm very happy with her now - she's just the cutest. I'm now trying to earn more points so I can buy all the items to see her various animations.