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    Raising a Magical Meets, Sanrio M!x, and a Gudetama is certainly a handful 😅
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    im gonna be bought an id station, an id, a p2, a p1, and a keitai :>> happy grad to me
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    An update! The PUMA V2 has a ROM version of "A2 H" (thanks to the Discord user that sent me this info!) This one's a bit weird - the other known V2 versions are A.3, A.4 and A.5 (though there's at least another two versions on top of those). The PUMA version doesn't have a period between the A and the number, meaning this was probably the start of the convention that the V3 used, where the retail version number follows the letter A. What I'm not sure of the meaning of is the H - I don't have a clue why they chose this particular letter. Hopefully we'll be hearing about what ROM version the GLAY Expo Plus used soon - if it's anything like the PUMA version I'm sure it'll contain a random letter too.
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    There's no Japanese v2, no. It seems like a lot of characters from it are either from the vintages or the Osutchi and Mesutchi, also some debug characters from v1.
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    I LIVE! Not that what I had was deadly, but kept me in bed for three days. The Flu sucks
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    How is using rechargeable batteries? Are they beneficial?
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    I got about 2 weeks out of mine, without connecting to the app. I am debating on getting a set of rechargeables too.