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    Yeah it's supposed to be the tama you have under a comfy blanket.
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    It just lets you know your tamagotchi has gone to sleep, turn off the light.
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    I was around when it was released, though I didn't pick it up until a later budget-priced re-release when I was a bit older, which means that I grew up with it - it's been interesting seeing its influence pop up in other places throughout my life, I must admit. I still didn't expect to see it mentioned here, though, especially since TamaTalk often seems to lean towards virtual pets from the Tamagotchi Connection era and onwards - Little Computer People was long-forgotten by most when TamaTalk came to be! It was mentioned by some people (though of course not here) during the early days of the original Tamagotchi hitting the West in 1997, though - I do remember that. I had one when they'd just been released, so it's been an awfully long time, now (hence why I can't remember whether I had one or two of them), but from what I remember I found it amusing to watch, but not especially engaging - but that's the idea of it, isn't it? That said, with the Little Computer People approach in mind, it'd probably be right up your alley! I'd imagine that with more than one of them, it'd be something a bit more like the scrapped Little Computer People sequel, where you were supposed to take care of an entire apartment's worth of them (something that, of released games, Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS is probably the closest thing to - if you don't have that, and would be interested in something best described as "Little Computer People but extremely weird", I'd recommend it).
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    Man, I haven't visited here in a while! But some things have happened while I've been gone! I recently purchased an Uratama (I'm actually getting it today, what a surprise!), and some other items to go along with it. I might possibly start a log with the new tama plus one of my v4's (I might have to wait because I have a generation currently going on it ;w;) but I don't have a lot of time to do much atm so for now I might as well just have to talk about them.
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    Got these two about a week ago. Running them alongside my Oden-Kun. I wish you could adjust the contrast on the Akai, but it's still super cool. Santaclaught is weeeeeird since you don't really 'care' for him, but his animations are cool and overall he's pretty fun!
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    This is because the spring on the speaker is wrong. Screw the Tamagotchi apart and rebuild it, then the problem is settled 😊