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    Heading (V3, not V2), Apples (V4.5), Shapes (V4), Get (V3), Music Block (V6), Long Jump (TamaGo), Cue Ball (V5.5), Trampoline (TamaGo w/ Siberetchi figure).
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    Tbh... I Seen U In The Hallways But Idk U Like That, U Seem Cool Doe 💯
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    Tbh....... I'm Tryna Get On My Grind Like You Fr ✊🏽 Keep Killing s**t Blood 💯😈
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    Yes, this is a v5.5/celebrity. Those are very rare nowadays.
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    I love this forum so much. The place where I would always come to as soon as I got in from school when I was younger. Still happy to see it is still going. ❤️