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    I have both and it's hard to say. They are very similar. I do prefer Meets from the M!X in a way, but there are also the bugs (though none of them have occured to me so far). Meets also has a MyMeets app and even the normal Bandai app so you aren't "locked out of" Japanese-only content, unlike with M!X. But IMO there are better colour versions. If I had to choose I'd go with Meets, for the twins, pets, apps, etc, but be aware of the bugs.
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    I am personally against letting children take care of pets until they are over the age of 13 and really do a lot of research regarding the pet (though parents should also do that to not let the children "experiment" with the experience), unless said pet is large enough to be the whole family's responsibility like a cat or dog. A lot of pets that are considered "entry level" for kids are actually not all that easy to take care of and require a lot of care to be happy. For example, hamsters actually need quite HUGE cages, a "perfect" cage for a golden hamster (just one! They are solitary animals!) is a whooping 100x100cm. A bare minimum is one that's at least 100cm wide on one side. The hamster wheel needs to be quite large to prevent back injuries, the food has to be good quality (no budget food!), proper diet has to be mantained (mostly grain, fruits and vegetables only as an occassional treat since they're not healthy for hamsters, also since hamsters are omnivores they need some bug protein from time to time). Then there's daily cleaning, understanding that a hamster can bite you, etc. I'm speaking from my own experience as I've had pets since I was a young child and when I realized that a lot of my first pets have been vastly mistreated still eats at me to this day. Goldfish are a whole another story too - aquarium keeping is NOT an easy task! But at the same time I know that children are not stupid and know a difference between a Tamagotchi and an actual pet, and just because a child can take care of a Tamagotchi doesn't necessarily mean they'd be a good pet caretaker, and even vice versa. But if there's no other way, it's definitely better to offer them a Tamagotchi rather than an actual pet. Though I personally think that parents should never 100% give children full responsibility of an animal, unless they are sure the child is doing a good job at it, they should be responsible too.
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    Hello! I want to buy the tamagotchi magical meets, but I see that it has many bugs... Should I buy it?
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    That's kind of misleading. Not every tamagotchi has bugs, Meets is especially notorious for these, in fact, otherwise bugs in tamas are rare, and sadly resets don't fix those in the Meets. If you want it I'd go for it, it's still a good version even despite the bugs. I mean, for a version where the only real goal is mixing, I don't think the random resets are *that* game breaking.
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    I would also go with the meets. This Mix's get very old in my opinion, my first time running them I lost interest in a few generations. The meets have a few more features which make them more exciting overall. Though they can have glitches, which I have not experienced either, meets are not as expensive as some of the popular mix's.
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    It is a little cold today. It was raining earlier. But I still think it is nice outside. More people should remember that there is always a kind world outside somewhere, and that blind hatred isn't worth one's precious time. ^-^
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    good spider boy deserves to be happy deserves all the love in the world probably needs a hug
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    I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 2003, I was in third grade, eight years old. My best friend at the time had the V3 Tropical design and I wanted one because she had spent hours showing me all its features and how adorable it was and I wanted one so badly. So I went home and told my mom I wanted one, but she said she wouldn't get me one since it would just be "another toy you don't play with". I was pretty upset until my grandpa (who lived with us at the time) heard our conversation and said he would get me one. We drove to Toys R Us and I ran through the aisle's until I found literally one tamagotchi left. It was the V3 Zebra Stripe and I thought it was super ugly. My grandpa evidently thought so too since he said, "Are you sure you want that? We can come back when they have more in stock..." I was determined to get one right away so I said no, that I would take the ugly Zebra one and that was the one I wanted even though it really wasn't. He bought it for me and I immediately ripped opened the packaging and began to read the instructions and started to play. I feel bad that I didn't appreciate the design at the time, because a few years later I traded for a snake skin V3 and I miss my zebra print terribly. Now that I'm older I can appreciate that it was a cute shell design. In short, thanks grandpa for starting the obsession! My mom still thinks its weird that after all these years, at 22 years old, I am still an avid collector and have a large collection.
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    is my key character my v2 at christmas, i connected with my brother and eventually had babies
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    Yep, pretty vividly actually. Back in 97 and in 3rd, 4th grade, a bunch of people had them and I was curious to what they were. I found out and went home and told my mom about them. Turns out, she had boughten two to surprise me, and a family friend who was coming in town later that week, with. I ended up getting it that day and it was the purple and pink P1 version. Good times.
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    I'm pretty sure it can't be unless you have about three different connections to Tamagotchi Mix's.