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    Great find! I was expecting Bandai to either translate one of the older versions or make a new one entirely, but this is way better. I hope Bandai also releases a few of the other versions. Sanrio version in English would be amazing. (Fingers crossed there's compatibility with the Meets, but there probably won't >_<) And yeah, the packaging is comically big. I guess it's like billboards where the more space they take up the more noticeable they are to people passing by. As for the $60 price tag, the $100 Furby Connect from a few years ago, which barely does anything without a smart device, did well so this shouldn't be an issue.
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    @DaniTamastar - Fantastic find! I must admit that I never expected this to happen so soon. Hopefully they'll fix the bugs that the Japanese versions have in this localised edition! Whoever saw that one coming, eh? I'm going to hazard a guess that they're going to be banking on the typical perception of "big special-looking box = product worth a higher price-tag" because these are going to be more expensive than what people are accustomed to for virtual pets. Hopefully the packaging materials will be recyclable, at least.
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    Heck new tamatalk looks snazzy!!!
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    Any possible link to this vp? http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/189755-what-is-this-my-pet-bobby/ Also found a picture of Bobby on this site, seems to be made by a chinese manufacturer FuTech released circa 1997. http://www.virtualpet.com/vp/farm/farmk5.htm
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    oh sick dude look at this pic of my dog n me from a while ago b4 i cut my hair n, when i was probably sick im always sick her name is Bailey she's a Chihuahua Yorkie mix and i love her to death. i have 3 other dogs, all male, but. i don't take pics w em as often. each like, family member has a dog here and bailey's mine, haha. our other dogs are Henry, a cairn terrier, he's my mom's, then we have oscar (meyer weiners) and dexter, both dachshunds, they're my stepdad's.