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    Heading and catching the Music notes - good fun. I loved playing Shape! You're right - it's tricky but once you learn it you can get high scores. Here's a link to an old topic (from Tips & Tricks) on how to play (and win) at Shape:
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    I don't understand why would you even have a phone without a SIM card? Back when I got my phone on the for the holy communion (so I was like 10) mom got me my phone SPECIFICALLY so I could call her in an emergency or something. These were the days before internet data plans or even phones with wifi were a thing though. Why don't you just tell them that you would use it specifically for this reason- to be able to call them or someone else in an emergency. They can choose what plan would suit a young person like you best and all that (a limit on data and calls, all that). I see no reason why would they not allow you to have one.
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    Hello guys! Umm... I don't know how to start. So... It has been a rather interesting week for this project. I discovered that my old laptop was still lying around in my attic. This laptop was from 2008. My cousin had formatted it a few years ago but I was certain that I had visited the old Tamagotchi Europe quite a few times before the format. Long story short, I contacted a recovery service and told them about the situation. Two days ago they told me they have found some files. Some of them were OK but some of them were corrupted. So I have to wait for their next reply when they have finished working on the hard drive. I am confident that this time it will be A FULL RESTORATION PROJECT! I AM SO HYPED! See ya in the next one!
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    Today's new arrivals. A factory sealed green Nano Baby and a sealed orange Goji Rapper.
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    Don't worry, I plan on making a log post that talks about how I'm going to document it and then proceed to be too busy to do so. XD
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    A user in the Tamagotchi discord recently found some Tamagotchi patent files and digging through them revealed quite a number of interesting things!
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    Congratulations! You're now officially the person that we're all going to be looking to in order to get this information.