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    I have already seen those files about 9 months ago. They aren't something special. Just some games. And I think that the files to connect your Tama to Tamatown will never be found. Types of files like this aren't cached.
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    The title tell everything about the topic A long time ago,I have created a special male tamagotchi growth chart,involving flower pot like characters There's various sprites of those tamagotchis(unfortunatly,I haven't created the adult form): Shidotchi:The seed tamagotchi and male counterpart of Pensetchi,He is a fragile and sensible baby that need a lot of attention and care.One day ,he wishes to became a beautiful flower that everyone would notice Shidotchi is often seen in a calm place, taking sunbathes to accelerated his grown.Shidotchi come from the japanese word "Shido" which mean seed Bushutchi:The bush tamagotchi and male counterpart of Daisytchi,this little guy is really energetic and excited,however due to those traits,he's often stumbled on the ground and injured himself accidentely He is also a huge chatterbox that love talking with any tamagotchis he meet but most of them want to avoid him which make the little bush lonely, Bushutchi still wishes to became a beautiful flower but also want to find someone that understand him.Bushutchi come from the japanese word "busshu" which mean bush Kumubomitchi:The flower bud tamagotchi and the male counterpart of Dahliatchi,this teenager emitted a delicious scent that calm other tamagotchis around him,very shy,sensitive about his appareance and germaphobe,Kumubomitchi take a long time making himself clean and presentable to everyone If his head became way too leafy and big,he would cut the extra leaves carefully.This Young tamagotchi is very proud of his flower bud and is in search of true love Kumubomitchi is a mix of the japaneses words "kuma" meaning bear and "tsubomi" meaning flower bud What do you think of those characters? and Do you have custom tamagotchi characters?
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    I've ROM tested my V4 and V5 and my brother's V4 (he also has a V5 but I have no idea where it is) and here are the results: European golden V4: Version: A4.5 E Serial number: 0002307 I've also noticed there's a number and a letter on the inside of the battery cover on the right, and on the Tamagotchi behind the battery cover next to the screw hole, and they're different between Tamagotchis, so I'll add them as well Inside of battery cover: A2 Next to screw hole: D1 European blue swirl V4: Version: A4.3 E (interesting, this one was actually bought AFTER the golden V4) Serial number: 0050016 Inside of battery cover: B3 Next to screw hole: D2 European black/gold Gozarutchi V5: Version: 34.1 Serial number: 0011108 Inside of battery cover: E3 Next to screw hole: B1 Also, I've actually found some differences between both V4s: When they receive a poop or snake mail, the golden V4 (A4.5 E) drops to 1 happy heart, and the blue swirl V4 (A4.3 E) drops to 0 happy hearts. When you try to connect both of them but choose "others" instead of "Jinsei" in one or both of them, when you press B on one of them (to change from stand-by to connect), the other one shows an error message which varies: A4.5 E Jinsei, A4.3 E others: Pressing B on the A4.5 E: "Select Jinsei to play" on the A4.3 E Pressing B on the A4.3 E: "Select Jinsei to play" on the A4.5 E A4.5 E others, A4.3 E Jinsei: Pressing B on the A4.5 E: "Select others to play" on the A4.3 E Pressing B on the A4.3 E: "Select Jinsei to play" on the A4.5 E A4.5 E others, A4.3 E others: Pressing B on the A4.5 E: "Select others to play" on the A4.3 E Pressing B on the A4.3 E: "Select Jinsei to play" on the A4.5 E I hope this helps! (Also, some of my friends have also had V4s and I've never seen a V4 in Spanish instead of English)
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    Thanks you a lot I have those characters for a long time and I'm glad someone like them If you are interest,I have created the adult form, he know as Kerriuasgitchi
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    So... I made a huge change in the site. I added a password system and you (The community of TamaTalk can log in). I did that because everything is going very well with the site and I won't let Bandai sue me. So, here are the credentials: Username:tamamaster@alexgtama.tk Password:TamagotchiForever
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    These are adorable! I love the sprites, very true to the tamagotchi style.
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    I found a tamaGO in a Vinnies in Australia for $10AUD. I think it's more likely that you'd find the newer versions as opposed to a connection era version. You might also find some of the 2017 chibis or 2018 P1s and P2s in a few years.
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    Thank you so much for doing all this wow ❤️
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    I'm wondering- how much out of 10 do you think the files for connecting all the types of Tamagotchis ( That are linkable to tamatown ) are recoverable and/or able to get a hold of? I really hope eventually everything that could ever possibly be gotten a hold of can be found and put to use, but I doubt it. I really love all the appreciation that has been put into this; its really nice to see the whole project come together. On the post that I made about messing around with the original tamagotchieurope.com, I'll try and have a look at those files you sent me. I'm really interested in the whole " Recovering files" thing; because actually deciphering all the codes and things are oddly satisfying- is that just me? For the next while, I'm going to try and play around with them; if I think I know what I'm doing