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    I took some collection pics this morning (because my neighbor was out yelling at her dog again). I laid all of them out on my desk and unsurprisingly, they took up every inch of space. I only have two tamas running at the moment and while I was taking these pictures, they woke up . First here they are all boxed: And then unboxed: My pink Angelgotchi doesn't work and I included those two Poke walkers because they are psedo-Vpets (one of them is my brother's). That light pink, oblong device at the bottom is actually an Angel Scope and technically not a virtual pet but some kind of fortune telling machine. I mistakenly bought it thinking it was a virtual pet and for that reason I included it in the group shot (it is also made by Bandai). My full collection list is in my profile if anyone wants to know their names.
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    I recommend Touma Pet. Hardware wise it is much better. Besides the battery, the buttons are much easier to press and the sound is better, though loud even on low. (Though, this is kind of irrelevant now that the new and improved WPets are our.) It plays exactly the same as the QPet, except with enhanced graphics and Animal Crossing-esque characters. The main difference in play is that the baby and toddler stage will always be the same characters, so growth is a mystery until adulthood. There are also more minigames that are overall decent. My favorite part is all the little extra details M&D added. For example, if you press one of the two extra side buttons, it plays a few different animations. There’s also a texting feature with kawaii GIF emoticons! For money I just harvest roses (QPet)/ cherries (Touma) so it’s nice being able to buy multiple of one item at a time instead of individually like on QPet. The most annoying part? Pressing the A button doesn’t scroll through the menu until you press C first... Instead, it makes your Touma Pet jump, and if you press it enough it can even hit its head on the ceiling. Yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds. My second biggest gripe is the overall lack of gameplay chances from QPet. Touma Pets are $20 depending on where you look. I’ve gotten results for them at that price by searching “cartoon pet game” on eBay and AliExpress. The ones on Amazon can be really overpriced, but they tend to come with an English box + instructions and in nicer condition. (However I saw someone pay $80 for one in a smashed box...) Ones on Aliexpress can come smashed, if you’re concerned with that sort of thing. If it doesn’t sound better, just look for one of the new QPets. They look like this: And for comparison... At the end of the day, it depends on whether or not you prefer Tamagotchi or cartoon animal characters, and whether or not you care about the small enhancements. I can’t speak about the “new” QPet but from the sound of it, it has all the hardware upgrades of the Touma Pet in addition to faceplates.
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    @Eggiweg Thank you!! I checked out that thread and it was super interesting to read! Thanks for your help! @Penguin-keeper Thank you for that! Currently trying to run one now and am documenting things thus far and will update it in a few days. Its got a cute name! If you were interested, I've got three of them and I'm more than happy to send one your way as thanks. Just send me a dm if you'd like!
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    Thank you, I'm glad you mentioned this because I'm interested in buying a fake virtual pet. However, I'm not sure whether I should buy a Qpet (not the new one) or a Touma Pet . Which device do you like better, and for what reasons? P.S. It is worth to mention that I am less likely to buy a Touma Pet because with the price and everything (to order it where I live), it comes off the same as if I were to buy a Meets for example haha. Whereas the Qpet is affordable in aliexpress
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    Nope, not yet, but I do have a Touma Pet (similar thing w/ different graphics + some new features) and that’s pretty good. The rechargeable battery makes it really thin and lightweight.
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    After the QPet turns 4 you have to manually go to the Matchmaker under the Door icon. This is just like real Color Tamagotchis. (Say, for anyone thinking of getting one there’s a new and improved version that just came out w/ micro USB charging and changeable face plates... They cost as much as the old version.)
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    Sadly the answer is no. Items don't stick around after each generation on the V1. The V1 times are as follows, unless I'm mistaken: Mametchi, Mimitchi: Bow Tie, Bow, Pencil Kuchipatchi, Memetchi: Cap, Maracas Tarakotchi: Boots, Skateboard Hanatchi, Androtchi: Wig, Bubbles Masktchi, Gozarutchi: Cape, Wings, Darts Oyajitchi: Hair Gel Everyone else: Ball I'm pretty sure Sunglasses and Weights are on the V1 too but I can't remember who receives them. This page has a more complete V2 item list, though I think there might still be gaps here and there.
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    For those thinking of getting one, there’s now a new version of the QPet Quolor with spec upgrades and a charging feature. Look at all those bootleg Tamagotchi characters
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    I've seen these but have no experience with them myself, which is the only reason that they're not in that thread of mine already. They were formerly listed on Amazon UK as "Manyo Cute LCD Animal Cyber Virtual Digital Pet", but I never got around to picking one up (and I really should've, since they're clearly different to the oh-so-common 168-in-1 "Bunny ROM" that we typically see in fakes and generics). I'll be keeping an eye on this thread to see what information gets unearthed - thanks so much for posting about something that's far less common than other fake and generic virtual pets, @fidgetTama.
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    I have these coming in the mail too. I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, Penguin-keeper has a thread cataloguing fake tamas that you might be interested in. https://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/196963-the-database-of-fake-and-generic-virtual-pets/