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    Nope, if you hit reset or the batteries run out it will give you the option to continue or reset
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    A care miss is usually when the Tamagotchi beeps for attention and the attention icon comes up or it poops, and you do not take action for 15 minutes (You don't have to respond to it beeping immediately). So if it beeps and you leave it for 15 minutes without taking care of whatever is wrong it counts as a care miss. Odds are you got a care miss if all its stats were low when you woke up. But finding out how many misses you got is difficult since I don't think there is a standard time the Tama is programed to beep (example: Tama programed to beep every two hours if there is any programed schedule) In the future set your alarm a little before your Tama wakes up in the morning. You can also pause it for the night to be extra safe if slowing down their growth doesn't bother you.
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    Me again! I bundled my modest little collection together and I think they all look rather dashing! The two Jensei's turned up today Still pleasantly surprised about Japan -> UK shipping times! From top to bottom: 3x 20th Anniversary Tamas 1996 P1 • 1997 P2 V2 • V3 • V3 • V3 • V4 • V5 Jinsei Entama Hanerutch 2 • Home Deka v2 • Jinsei Entama
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    I recommend Touma Pet. Hardware wise it is much better. Besides the battery, the buttons are much easier to press and the sound is better, though loud even on low. (Though, this is kind of irrelevant now that the new and improved WPets are our.) It plays exactly the same as the QPet, except with enhanced graphics and Animal Crossing-esque characters. The main difference in play is that the baby and toddler stage will always be the same characters, so growth is a mystery until adulthood. There are also more minigames that are overall decent. My favorite part is all the little extra details M&D added. For example, if you press one of the two extra side buttons, it plays a few different animations. There’s also a texting feature with kawaii GIF emoticons! For money I just harvest roses (QPet)/ cherries (Touma) so it’s nice being able to buy multiple of one item at a time instead of individually like on QPet. The most annoying part? Pressing the A button doesn’t scroll through the menu until you press C first... Instead, it makes your Touma Pet jump, and if you press it enough it can even hit its head on the ceiling. Yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds. My second biggest gripe is the overall lack of gameplay chances from QPet. Touma Pets are $20 depending on where you look. I’ve gotten results for them at that price by searching “cartoon pet game” on eBay and AliExpress. The ones on Amazon can be really overpriced, but they tend to come with an English box + instructions and in nicer condition. (However I saw someone pay $80 for one in a smashed box...) Ones on Aliexpress can come smashed, if you’re concerned with that sort of thing. If it doesn’t sound better, just look for one of the new QPets. They look like this: And for comparison... At the end of the day, it depends on whether or not you prefer Tamagotchi or cartoon animal characters, and whether or not you care about the small enhancements. I can’t speak about the “new” QPet but from the sound of it, it has all the hardware upgrades of the Touma Pet in addition to faceplates.
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    I'm really looking forward to reading this. My favourite virtual pets are 1990s ones (Bandai or not) and oddball generics and bootlegs from all eras*, so this is my favourite sort of content with this hobby. *If you've ever heard of the "Tamagochan", which was one of the first virtual pets that tried to fool the unwary into thinking that it was related to the real deal whilst not actually stealing any logos or artwork, that's where that particular interest comes from. Thanks very, very much for the kind offer, but that's ok. Also, we don't allow for trading and similar here anyway (there was formerly a section for this, before I was here, but I gather that it was closed due to problems that occurred), and I'm pretty sure that this would fall under that. Many thanks again, though!
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    The only way to pause is by resetting, which can be done by pressing the reset button on the back. The Touma Pet automatically saves and has a Continue option. Continue is the first option listed after re-entering the clock info. There is no Off feature, instead you have to wait for the battery to die.