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    This may not be helpful for you, but if you do happen to have a Tamagotchi M!X version you can actually send items to the Meets and it will be able to change your color
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    Peaches and the pink color change are not available in either version of the Meets from everything I looked at. Peaches and the pink color are available in the M!x however. Here is a link to a list of foods that changes a Tama's color in both the Fairy and Magical Meets and what color the foods change the Tama to. You need to give 5 of the color changing food to the Tama and the effect lasts for 24 hours. After 24 hours your Tama will return to its original color. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zZ7uZ4on_i_pm-iEkqM6n9YUo80aFIND/view
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    Me again! I bundled my modest little collection together and I think they all look rather dashing! The two Jensei's turned up today Still pleasantly surprised about Japan -> UK shipping times! From top to bottom: 3x 20th Anniversary Tamas 1996 P1 • 1997 P2 V2 • V3 • V3 • V3 • V4 • V5 Jinsei Entama Hanerutch 2 • Home Deka v2 • Jinsei Entama