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    I've stuck around for almost 10 years. Definitely a lot longer than I ever thought I'd be here for
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    So... this is a log that is being created for the testing of @Mimitchi06's breeding theory. It begins when i get my Meets. Once the cloning has been finished, this will be a normal tama log.
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    still there is the possibility your brain is just making up ways to cope with the death of your grandfather (and i quote hopper from stranger things 3)... or this could be lies.. you see some weird stuff on the internet and not all of it's true (see: the entire internet)
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    A polite reminder, Kurb, TamaTalk isn't a chat-room or Twitter, and single-word/single-abbreviation posts don't add anything to discussions. You can use the "Like" function (the little heart-symbol found at the bottom-right corner of a post) to express the same sentiment without actually posting about it. Don't worry too much about it as it's by no means a new phenomenon*, just please keep it in check. *See: "Me, too!", and "The September that never ended". I must echo this sentiment. I've kept an eye out for follow-ups after @InCyberspace posted this thread, since I was interested in seeing the mentioned footage and maybe some stills get a mention. The story is fascinating!
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    I too would like to see some images and that footage. It really is quite lucky to get evidence for things like that.
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    right, i havent unplugged my router in a while tho, but i still feel comfort in having anew id. give me a week or two and i'll be ready
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    That still doesn't account for the Twitter posting concerned having been made roughly two months after the product was already revealed and almost two months after pre-orders for it had already taken place. The Twitter posting was made just sixteen days before the product's release - it takes at least six months to manufacture a run of a toy like this once the design phase is complete. The licensing legalities alone would have taken months to sort out before the device was revealed and manufactured. Unless the Twitter poster somehow time-travelled to early 2018 at the earliest, got a job with Bandai's Japanese arm, and was involved with the product before returning to early 2019 whereupon they commented on it months after it had been announced, then they simply aren't anything to do with the existence of the Eevee X Tamagotchi.
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    Definitely not. No Bandai logo, blatant misspelling of Tamagotchi as "TamagUchi", batteries were never sold outside the packaging even back with the early models (even other Vpets), the battery tab is in Japanese despite the English packaging which never happens, and it says "Version 5" despite have the shell of a V3/Keitai. Overall, a blatant knockoff that only looks real in passing. I actually wouldn't mind trying one but it is way too pricey for likely what it will give.
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    I believe it’s a QPet (Qolor?) although the box isn’t in English so I’m not 100% sure.
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    No need to be rude, this thread is from MARCH, back then we had no idea about Tamagotchi On.
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    Both look legit. The signs of a bootleg Dinkie Dino are transparent shells and anything other than yellow, red, white, and teal. The best way to tell is to compare the graphics to a real Dinkie Dino, which in that case the the first one matches. Be care though because some that do have correct-looking shells are actually Hitorikko.
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    Sorry if this is wrong but.... Name: Egg Tamagotchi Type: Generic Notes: Appears to be the Bunny ROM, with an egg as a packaging.
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    Thanks everyone! I just donated :^)
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    sorry but i like to express my opinion!