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    I don’t think marrying your tama with a certain character will affect the offspring in the V4! It all depends on how you take care of it and also the skills you earn. The first skill (pencil symbol) will get you a character from the Mame family, second skill (flower symbol) will be someone from Meme family and the last one (sparkles symbol) will be from Kuchi family. Make sure you play the games and sending your tama to school/work it will help increase the skill you’re trying to get. here’s a link that might be helpful: Hope this helps ❤️
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    They’re currently being sold NIB on eBay as Tamaguchi. If anyone wants to see one logged, I’m working on that right now
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    The majority of Tamagotchi devices have a ROM test mode but the activation methods differ between versions. On vintage devices, a screen test can be activated by pressing A+Reset. This mode does not display a version number or test the ROM functionality, however. For most Japanese devices, B+C+Reset is used to activate ROM testing features. More recent releases (from the P's onwards) use a different method - first the device must be reset, and then on the ちょっとまってね screen the buttons A, C, A, B, C must be pressed in succession all within about 2.5 seconds. This method is also used for the Tamagotchi On Other international devices - like all the connection era devices - use A+B+C+Reset. I think the Plus does too but I'm not entirely sure. If it helps, you can use this diagram.
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    Fake Tamagotchis and generic virtual pets occupy a strange place in the virtual pets fandom - they can be a common pitfall for newcomers, but they also sometimes have appeal to enthusiasts who know what they are and who specifically want to add something weird to their collection. Then I realised that, although there are several TamaTalk members who discuss and/or own such devices, we don't have a database of them that others can check out in order to learn more about the suspicious offering that they saw on eBay, or that oddball creation that somebody was happy about adding to their collection the other day. So let's make one, and let's use the following format for it; [Picture goes here.] Name: Name goes here. If one does not exist, use a defining trait or an auction title - for example "Green, tomato-shaped generic virtual pet" or "Funny happy lovely designer retro nostalgic handheld pet game 1990s intelligence toy gift". Type: Fake or Generic - delete as applicable. Notes: Brief information about the pet goes here. Delete this line if there is nothing of note to say. You can copy the format from here and paste it into your own posts; [b]Name:[/b] [b]Type:[/b] Fake or Generic [b]Notes:[/b] Remember that a fake/counterfeit is an item that is in some way trying to fool someone into thinking that it is something else, whereas a generic item may be a workalike but it isn't trying to decieve anybody. This thread is not for virtual pets from known "families" like Gyaoppi, Akachan, Dinkie, Hitorikko, and so on. For the purposes of making this a useful reference, please follow the provided format, and please don't discuss the devices here - especially counterfeits, which tend to attract large amounts of discussion. For discussion of counterfeit Tamagotchis, please refer to @KidRetro64's epic thread "Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet", which is TamaTalk's hottest place to discuss fake devices and unusual bootlegs. Now let's get started! Name: Tamagotchi Connection Type: Fake Notes: Possibly the most widespread counterfeit Tamagotchi of all time! It has four buttons instead of the genuine article's three, and uses generic 168 in 1 software that is commonly referred to by virtual pet enthusiasts as the "Bunny ROM", due to many eBay photographs of these devices showing a rabbit on-screen. If you're looking to buy virtual pets online, you will inevitably run into these infamous fakes sooner or later - most likely sooner. ---------- Name: Cyber Pet 168 in 1 Type: Generic Notes: Also available in heart and apple shapes. The heart-shaped version is also sold by Keycraft Global as "Digi Pets". The box-art appears to imply that you can choose Slush the Husky (from the Ty Beanie Boos toy-line) and Abu the monkey (from the SNES version of the Disney's Aladdin video game) as pets on this device, but they are not part of the software. Uses the same 168 in 1 "Bunny ROM" software as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits. Distributed in the UK by the long-established toys and giftwares company PMS International. ---------- Name: Virtual PETs Type: Generic Notes: A multi-pet from the long-established toys and giftwares company Funtime Gifts, which is available in 32-in-1 and 49-in-1 versions. The clock on these virtual pets gains time rapidly, making them almost impossible to raise to adulthood. These were sold in British high-street stores such as Hawkin's Bazaar. ---------- Name: Virtual PETS - Tamagotchi Connection Type: Fake Notes: This is the standard 168 in 1 Tamagotchi Connection counterfeit, apparently this time from a company called Aquarius, but it's sold in packaging that steals its text from Funtime Gifts' generic Virtual PETs - even down to erroneously claiming that the fake Tamagotchi Connection is a 49-in-1 device. This virtual pet is therefore trying to fool people into thinking that it's two different things at once! ---------- Name: Digi Pets Type: Generic Notes: Also sold by PMS International as the heart-shaped version of the "Cyber Pet 168 in 1". Uses the same 168 in 1 "Bunny ROM" software as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits. Distributed in the UK by the long-established impulse-buy toy company Keycraft Global. ---------- Name: 49 in 1 Cyber Pet Type: Generic Notes: Uses the same 168 in 1 "Bunny ROM" software as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits. Uses the same shell as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits, but with a generic "Cyber Pet" logo. The packaging erroneously claims that this is a 49 in 1 device. ---------- Name: Dinkie Dinoa Type: Fake Notes: A 24 in 1 pet that is sold in a convincing copy of the legitimate Dinkie Dino packaging. The pet itself is housed inside a convincing copy of the legitimate Dinkie Dino shell. The logo on the shell misspells the name as "Dinkie Dinoa". ---------- Name: House-shaped generic virtual pet Type: Generic Notes: Uses the same 168 in 1 "Bunny ROM" software as the common four-button Tamagotchi Connection counterfeits. ---------- Please contribute to this list if you can - let's make this a great resource for newcomers and experienced collectors alike!
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    (The important parts are in bold, because I'm an unapologetic rambler ) I recently cleaned every inch of my room and in doing so I found my old Pocket Neopets. My Deluxe Faerieland one, and my Lost Desert Aisha one. Ahh, fond memories. I have my own income now so I can buy batteries instead of begging my parents, so I figured, why not fire 'em up for old time's sake? After looking up the manuals on Google (the papers have long since been lost), and caring for them for half a week while keeping a close watch on their stats, I have a shocking observation: The manuals were both wrong. Pocket Neopets are a bit more particular than Tamagotchis. They want to be fed exactly 3 times a day or they get unhappy and run away (Game Over). If you feed them too much they lose health and then run away (Game Over). It tells you what times to feed them in the instruction manual that comes with it... but in both cases they've been wrong. This seems like a small problem, until you realize that if you feed them at the wrong time, it counts as over-feeding and they lose health... and then you think you've fed them for the day, and you accidentally miss the RIGHT time to feed them, so they lose happiness and MORE health. This is ESPECIALLY a problem on the smaller single-pet/non-deluxe toys, since you can only buy 3 meals each day. If you miss one, you might run out of food when you actually need it. I'm not 100% sure on these times, but this has been my observations based on their stats, and the food icon reminder flashing. These are not exact, there is some wiggle room with these guys; a few minutes late won't hurt you. The time listed in the instructions will be in red, the time I've found that works will be in blue. LOST DESERT AISHA (Yellow, I've seen pictures of a blue one, can't promise it's the same inside but I suspect it's the same board, just different plastic) Breakfast: 7:30 AM 7:45 AM Lunch: 12:00 PM 12:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM 7:00 - 7:30 PM FAERIELAND DELUXE Breakfast: 7:30 AM 7:45 AM Lunch: 12:30 PM 12:30 PM Dinner: 6:30 MP 7:30 PM Lunch seems to be the only time that lines up with the instructions. Breakfast at 7:30 seems to be too early and you get penalized for over-feeding on both toys. The hour-long difference in the dinner time for the Faerieland one is the biggest problem, and probably why I couldn't keep it alive for more than a few days as a kid. If you have any thoughts, questions, or better yet ~*MORE DATA*~, please let me know! Thanks!
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    I have some to add... Name: Varies, usually “Digital Pet Pen” Type: Generic Notes: Standard Bunny ROM, contains a working ball point pen near the base. Name: Touma Pet (?, the amazon name was very long) Type: Fake Notes: Doesn’t use batteries but rather a recharge function, is able to connect. (not sure if it can connect to standard color tamas)
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    i am, an artist(tm) also lol nice reference to the cipher legends dlc from fire emblem echoes: shadows of valentia there
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    On top of all this, they don't take fan ideas for Tamagotchis... there is a tonne of legal legwork in doing so, so they certainly wouldn't see one Pokémon fan's idea and go "oh yeah let's do that". Furthermore, the lisencing issues involved in making an Eevee Tamagotchi in the first place would mean that even if they did use fan ideas, a Pokemon collaboration would likely be quickly thrown out due to the complications involved. The fact that we got a collaboration at all would suggest this release had been planned quite a long time in advance.
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    I highly doubt that. See my post in the other topic.
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    A polite reminder, Kurb, TamaTalk isn't a chat-room or Twitter, and single-word/single-abbreviation posts don't add anything to discussions. You can use the "Like" function (the little heart-symbol found at the bottom-right corner of a post) to express the same sentiment without actually posting about it. Don't worry too much about it as it's by no means a new phenomenon*, just please keep it in check. *See: "Me, too!", and "The September that never ended". I must echo this sentiment. I've kept an eye out for follow-ups after @InCyberspace posted this thread, since I was interested in seeing the mentioned footage and maybe some stills get a mention. The story is fascinating!
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    Orrrrr they were simply requesting that an already-announced Japan-only product be brought over.
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    That still doesn't account for the Twitter posting concerned having been made roughly two months after the product was already revealed and almost two months after pre-orders for it had already taken place. The Twitter posting was made just sixteen days before the product's release - it takes at least six months to manufacture a run of a toy like this once the design phase is complete. The licensing legalities alone would have taken months to sort out before the device was revealed and manufactured. Unless the Twitter poster somehow time-travelled to early 2018 at the earliest, got a job with Bandai's Japanese arm, and was involved with the product before returning to early 2019 whereupon they commented on it months after it had been announced, then they simply aren't anything to do with the existence of the Eevee X Tamagotchi.
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    I've moved this to What's On Your Mind?, because it isn't related to the Comments and Rumours section. Moreover, this person's Twitter posting clearly had nothing to do with the production of the Eevee X Tamagotchi, and the official reply to it is the typical non-committal reply that companies' official social-media presences tend to give when they're not allowed to comment on something. The Twitter posting was made on January 13th of 2019, whereas the existence of the Eevee X Tamagotchi was revealed via an image leak in early November of 2018, and was then officially confirmed in late November of 2018 - and this doesn't even include the time for the product's development before the reveal.
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    ROM-testing won't fix any bugs, but it's good practise to reset a Tamagotchi prior to using it anyway - Bandai typically advises this in the instructions (resetting can prevent some unintended behaviour, as far as I know), if memory serves. Also, if you want to contribute to @hwd45's ROM-documenting efforts, and don't intend to keep any previous owners' data in the case of used units, then it's definitely worth doing.
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    No need to be rude, this thread is from MARCH, back then we had no idea about Tamagotchi On.
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    They issued merchandise after the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini and it sold fine It's not a problem for me - I already own a Meets. The UK has an insanely low import limit, hence why UK fans who want the On aren't enthusiastic about the release situation. If a person spends more than £18 (including the cost of shipping) on foreign goods, they get customs fees (perfectly reasonable) and enormous handling fees (ridiculous). Those handling fees also happen to be partly determined by the size of the box, and as we all know, the Tamagotchi On has a disproportionately large box, making it more expensive to import than a Meets. Most countries allow for a lot more than that.
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    oki sorry for double posting but this needs to be out https://photos.app.goo.gl/igbsNCrCXHTySKma9 let it bE known that’s tamagotchi channel click wings to SANa
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    The answer is simple - Tamagotchi ON has been released early in Hong Kong. Not only it but also the English version of the Digimon 20th as well. HK usually receives most English model releases.
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    For me, it was the day I had finally saved up (almost) enough money buy my first tamagotchi. I used to get 50p every once in a while as pocket money, and I had saved up a grand total of £12.50 (tamas were around £13/14 at the time, I think). I was 9/10 years old, and had no real concept of what was expensive and what wasn't, so to see I was a pound short both terrified me and made me extremely impatient. I went to my mother and grovelled at her feet so she would give me the £1 I was missing. She conceded (in what I thought was the biggest act of generousity at the time), and drove me to Argos. It was here I got my very first tama, a red v2. I loved that little thing with all my heart. I took it to restaurants, on holidays, to school... until it was stolen from my desk during a lesson and I knew it was the boy who sat next to me. That evening I gathered my parents to go and knock on the boys door and got it back (screw you, Bradley!). My little Ichigotchi was barely hanging on, but I was triumphant Any memory of my little Version 2 is nostalgic to me! ♥
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    Sitting in the computer lab of my high school during lunch break playing on TamaTown with my Tamagotchi. None of my classmates ever judged me for it or cared that I had a Tamagotchi with my nor did my teachers care (I was a well known multitasker and even helped classmates learn to Multitask so always was able to pay attention, take notes answer questions, complete assignments while taking care of my Tama not to mention my homework was always done and in on time and I had good grades.) Most of them were curious about it and wanted to know where I bought it and if it was a new Tama Bandai had made. I would wander around TamaTown buying food and looking around and stuff. My favorite version of TamaTown was the one where we got our own room to decorate and could see other players walking around as their Tama.
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    For me it would've been finding out about the V3. I was 10 at the time, and it'd been about four months since I got my first Tamagotchi. At the time, I wasn't still unaware that the V3 existed - it hadn't come to the UK just yet and I didn't have an internet connection that I could use to learn about what was going on with Tamagotchi outside the UK (remember the days when not everyone had a solid internet connection? I don't know how I survived!) After school one day I went to a friend's house and along the way we chatted about whether we thought they'd be a V3. I was convinced there wouldn't - my reasoning being that "I don't know how it would connect to the V1 and V2" (pretty terrible reasoning, in retrospect). He had an internet connection, so naturally we were planning to take a look at the Tamagotchi website when we got to his house. We started up the computer and immediately went there - this is what we were greeted with: http://web.archive.org/web/20060412050550/http://www.tamagotchi.com:80/ I remember my friend turning to me and we both said "V3!" in unison. We watched the advert - which, in retrospect, kinda sucks - but at the time? It was the coolest thing, god were we excited. Even the little antenna on the side of the shell was genuinely fascinating and interesting to us. We had a little Tamatown journey too - I think I still have the passwords I collected on that day, too. Something about that day is just totally cemented in my memory and I get seriously nostalgic whenever I think of it.