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    I really enjoyed reading about your concept, especially the IR and NFC feature! for some reason it reminded me of Mesutchi & Osutchi
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    Disclaimer: All of the following is not information about a new or upcoming product and is just my idea for a new vpet. Introducing the Tomodatchi! The Tomodatchi (coming from the Japanese word for friend, “tomodachi”) is a simple tama with a simple task: get as many friends as possible! There are two versions: Island and Nature. Depending on the version, there are different shells and a different character to befriend on both; Beatchi and Forestchi respectively. At the start of the game, you are introduced to the main/titular character, Tomodatchi. You can choose if they are a boy or girl, but the only real difference is the color (blue or pink). As you evolve into the adult stage, you can build relationships with other tamas- bringing their favorite food/item, playing with them, and the like to raise friend status. To move on to the next generation, you must get at least 5 tamas to the “Best Friend” stage. There are four stages: Stranger, Acquaintance, Friend, and Best Friend, similar to the ON/Meets’ friend levels. Once you’ve befriended five tamas, you can marry, and the process starts again. Depending on how well you did, the difficulty of building a friendship changes; the faster you befriended 5 tamas, the harder the next generation will be, and vice versa for the slower. However, on the next generation, you cannot befriend the same 5 tamas. You “beat” the vpet once you’ve befriended every tamagotchi character- but this is not an easy task, as there are a lot! Once you’ve beaten it, you can choose to start over at a harder difficulty with more characters, letting there be some replayability. Let’s look at the actual vpet and what you can do... This example is a Strawberry Nature shell, but the functions are the same for both versions. There are 5 buttons and a simple color screen, and the device itself is between the size of a Connection and a Tama-Go. The bottom three are for your usual menu scrolling, selecting, and cancelling, but the arrow buttons are for some of the games and to go to different parts of each world to find more tamas. There are two connection sensors- an IR and a NFC. The IR is for Connection-era models to connect, and the NFC is for other Tomodatchis. There is also a hole for a lanyard or keychain. The options are similar to a regular vpet: you have status, eating, bathroom, games, connection, exploring the town, items, and a friend list. There is also another icon, a generation viewer, that lets you see what every generation has befriended so you don’t get confused on if you’ve befriended a tama already. That’s about it for my vpet concept, hope you enjoyed!
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    After researching I found out that it’s a must to connect to another device so you can get the “social” personality trait, otherwise you will get a random character which also depends on the “care level” of your tamagotchi.
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    I searched the internet and it seems like most peoole are having trouble finding an official Tamagotchi Friends growth chart! Anyways, I found this website that might help you with the growth chart
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    he's just baby but he's also capable of fighting gods
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    he is so precious and pure and has no hate in his smol lil heart
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    kirby has so many wonderful friends, how does he do it! we all know how, it's bc he himself is a good round friend
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    they are, in fact all of kirb's frens deserve love and attention there is no substitute (inb4 this becomes an impromptu kirby thread)
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    oh nice adeleine and ribbon are so good i love them too!!
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    wow i remember him from triple deluxe, im so glad he's in star allies its what he deserves ;w; in fact i will post a picture of one of my favourite kirb sidekicks considering the situation im so happy they've finally been recognized, i wish the best for them <333
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    here is another good taranza pic
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    while I distracted you by making you discuss taranza I am now the winner hahaha
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    he sure is his name is taranza and i love him i would die for him except that would make him sad so i won't
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    I bought a Santaclautch at a Goodwill store in Phoenix (AZ) in 2004 for 25 dollars, brand new in the box, and still tabbed. I replaced the batteries, and also the screws. It works just fine--I play it at Christmas, starting it on my birthday, which is 2 weeks before. I also got a set of Best Friends V2s at the same Goodwill in 2006 or 2007. I paid only a dollar each for them. I also got a V5.5 (the light blue Jewels one) with a tamagotchi lanyard for 3 dollars at a store called Stepping Stones in Prescott Valley (AZ) in 2009. I guess I just got lucky a few times--I haven't seen any more tamas or other vps since, and I do look. Never had any luck at garage or yard sales though. ETA--The Santaclautch just happened to be my favorite too--the green one.
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    No clue but its causing a lot of confusion. This is why companies need to make a release date, stick to it and make it very clear that businesses are not allowed to start selling them until the release date they've set. Update: Checked my order progress and its been shipped now. More update: Got sent a email from Barnes and Noble yesterday with a tracking number and date of delivery. I've never ordered anything from Barnes and Noble so I didn't think to look for an email with a tracking number, just thought I was suppose to keep checking their site. But...my Tama will be at my door by Monday July 22nd.
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    I wonder if this is a similar thing that happened with EB Games releasing ONs early: IIRC they had the tamas in stock but decided to put them out earlier than the release date. This might be false but I remember reading it somewhere, not sure where exactly I found it though.
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    They have them. A person on the Tamagotchi Sub Reddit just got theirs today after ordering it from Barnes and Noble. So they do have them in, just not the other three colors for some reason.