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    M!X news: Lovelitchi proposed to Mametchi and he said Yes! aaaaaa A little baby boy! I guess I get to name the kiddo but I have no idea what any of these characters mean so let's just stick to the default they already typed XwX (Maybe I should look into learning them... hrmm)
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    @kbutt - This one's a competing product based on a pre-existing license, so it doesn't fall into either the generic or fake categories. However, I have to say, it's the funniest virtual pet/electronic game that I've seen in a very long time (the earlier casing for Aquapets being the last unintentionally hilarious one that I saw), so I just wanted to thank you very much for such a great laugh. Who on Earth thought that that casing was a good idea?!
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    I’m not a big fan of the 4U. Yes, I have one but it’s seriously bare. It’s almost impossible to try anything “New” because you Seriosly need another 4U, a Touch Card, Or the app or your Basically left with a Tamagotchi That has basically the same programming as the Friends. It was really a waste of money! Agreed! Some Tamagotchi games make me feel as blind as a bat because I have no idea what I’m doing! One of those being the “Mimic” on the Friends. None of my close friend group could figure it out! It’s kind of a similar situation to the ON and it’s outrageous Packaging. The Tamago was aimed at younger children, so a bulkier Shell would be easier for little hands. Also because it would be more attractive sitting on shelves, making more people want to buy it.
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    Most Tamagotchi are solid, and the ones ive played are all super fun! but there has to be at least one in your collection that isnt a favorable choice when you're trying to decide what to run. For me it has to be the Connection V3. While I like all the evolution of Tamas, and im a sucker for the whole connection gimmick, the games it has are so time consuming. "Get ♪" is SO time consuming and takes a lot of focus, especially since its so slow. The next game you unlock after that, "Bump" I cant for the life of me figure out and I always seem to lose! So because of that I never find myself running it because how much I dislike the games. What about you guys?
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    I had an Aquapet when I was a kid and my mom ALWAYS side eyed it. I didn't understand why until many years later, bahahaha. I'm seriously tempted to get my hands on it just to try to understand how it works!
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    The ON app and meets app seem to share the same server, so you get Japanese meets users on the on app. Since this is an official feature, it shouldn't cause any data corruption.
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    Not at all, my fairytale tama married a character from pastel they carried the genes with them nothing bad happened don’t worry
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    My Tama became an adult today! Here is a picture of her enjoying some juice! It looks like she got Mametchi's body, head and yellow color but Lovelitchi's ears and eyes at the end of finishing her growing. After that I waited until 7:00 and put the little drum on her and opened Toy Palace, I think that's what it was I wasn't paying attention when it unlocked and didn't go there because I got busy with something I had to do for work that me and my co-workers are working on and something came up. But then I used the app and decided to give the dating game a try, and Futabatchi is now happily married! And here is her daughter! Let me introduce Tsukasatchi! Who had her mom's yellow color as a baby up seems to have picked up her dads coloring after growing into a child. I'm curious as to what she'll look like as an adult. Looks like Lovelitchi's ears are to possibly stay for the third generation. I do hope Tsukasatchi gets her dad's wings. The other thing is her dad is a twin I think. I saw that Tama walking around with their twin in the park area of the app. Was kind of hoping twins were genetic and would make it to where I got twins. No such luck. Well, here goes Generation 3!
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    Okay, I found it again! The listing claims it's a "Littlest Pet Shop" digital pet, which I had no idea existed. (It's too bad because I loved loved LOVED littlest pet shop as a kid and would've owned ten of these.) I could buy it for about 20 bucks. So I guess it's not generic, but I have no idea if it's fake or not? I'd just never even heard of a digipet like this. I have no idea how you would work it with no buttons. The shape of it is really awful
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    To those disappointed it’s not on Android- no need to worry anymore! Tamapalace just posted that the ON app is available in the Google Play Store as of today. I don’t have an android device to actually see it in-store, so you’ll have to take their word for it.
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    The Tama Go is my least favorite. The shell is bulky by itself, but adding the figure on top of it? It was so difficult to fit in my pocket and I imagine women's pockets would be impossible to fit it in.
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    I wish I still had a photo of it, but I saw a similar virtual pet to the one in the pen. It was VERY narrow and tall and actually, uh, looked exactly like a pregnancy test. I mean EXACTLY. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled on eBay for it because I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.
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    It will be my first one, too! But my husband loved them as a kid so we pre-ordered two of them to raise together and then battle >:)
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    Isn't it the worst when the mods start paying attention to this long-running topic?!
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    Spacey M!X evolved into a Lovlitchi when I wasn't looking XwX Time to go see what the M!X has to offer once you hit adult stage! I'm hoping CLOTHES and JEWELRY because while I personally wear tees and baggy pants all day erryday I absolutely love playing dress-up
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    I agree with @Mimitchi06, I find tamagotchi friends a bit boring Also Tama-Go wasn’t what I expected, I didn’t like that you need to get more figures to be able to have more fun with it! These are the least two versions that I think are least entertaining.
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    Even though I haven’t played on one, the Friends doesn’t really appeal to me. The characters are too girly and I don’t get why we couldn’t have gotten the iD L instead.
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    So for anyone wondering. I ain't dead and haven't been posting for a while cuz there isn't any progress being made. The only thing that can be considered ''progress'' is that I have recently transfered my domain registrar and hosting to other more reliable services which offer greater loading times and 100% uptime. Last but not least, I have upgraded the security of the password system. That's all folks. See ya in the next one!
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    No new devices, but I just bought a TMGC x Funassyi metal keychain from Japan You Want. It has Mametchi and Funassyi dressed as Mametchi on it. It will be made into a necklace. I pretty much have all the tamas I want except for the Tamagotchi ON.
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    Oh and I forgot something. Today (June 8th) is the 1 year anniversary of the project being released into the internet. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PROJECT!
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    So... I made a huge change in the site. I added a password system and you (The community of TamaTalk can log in). I did that because everything is going very well with the site and I won't let Bandai sue me. So, here are the credentials: Username:tamamaster@alexgtama.tk Password:TamagotchiForever