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    Confirmed that you are able to connect to both the meets and the ON app with a tamagotchi meets. You're also able to transfer items, but the same item with different names (english vs japanese) will appear separately on your device.
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    Yeah these have been around for about a year now. I have a rundown on what they're like over in the original thread:
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    I’ve compiled a work-in-progress list of changes made between the ON and the Meets tamas. Contributions from ON owners are appreciated, and the list will update. The list will only include major/semi-major changes made, including character/land names and functionality changes. Here’s what I have so far... - English language (most obvious change) -Screw instead of push-button (again, obvious change) -No M!x connection -Livings being renamed to Rooms -Friendship meter horizontal and shows stars instead of words (needs clarification) -Gourmet Street renamed to Food Town (needs clarification) -Tama Depa renamed to Store/Shop or something similar (although the sprite still reads “tama depa” on the sign) This is all I have so far, but if you have an ON and can tell me more changes, that would be greatly appreciated. (Asking since I don’t have one of my own yet, and cannot check myself.)
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    I searched for it on the Apple App Store and it came up and I downloaded it.
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    Another adult. This one is really Animal Cross-ish. In fact, one of the villagers from the series, Bunnie, appears in the “Receive Fruit” game.
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    You mean they are similar which they are, but they are two separate versions like what @Penguin-keeper said! The m!x was released in 2016 and and meets was released in late 2018.
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    My replacement ON should be arriving tomorrow and it will be the 20th tama in my collection. "Wow, Cheesy! What an achievement!" you say? You're right. That's why I'll be putting batteries in ALL my tamas.
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    It's especially weird because Pizzarinatchi always struck me as a portmanteau of pizza and ballerina (since she kinda has that look), and romanising it with an L screws that up even more. XD
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    No Wonder- God bless the new design manager of the second wave! Seriosly Though, The Design team just shrugged it off? I have one of the original LPS Cat VPets, And it’s probably my least favourite VPet out of my whole collection. It’s jam packed with bugs and glitches, and boring in general. It’s hard to navigate around, and you don’t know how to get out of the train station mode of the time. 😂
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    Both the IOS and Android apps are released. They’re free to download, but the Android version requires a link iirc. (can’t find it in normal app store)
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    The only thing I’m sure will work is pressig A + B which is starting a new generation, everything the previous tamagotchi owned will be available for the new one including gotchi points! That will affect the family tree as it will no longer be connected to the new egg if that make sense, but they will still be displayed
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    Sorry guys, I'm going to have to be a bit of a grumpy git and say: Anything Connection and beyond, barring the Minis/Nanos/re-releases. I don't enjoy the excessive complexity (why are these guys training for specific jobs and going to work and raising families but still pooping all over the floor?) or the lack of a complete life-cycle; They shifted into being nigh-invincible virtual friends at some point, and that's not what interests me about these devices - I'm interested in the raising and the evolutions.
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