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    The character evolved from teenager to an adult, I think she might’ve missed the evolution animation. That small guy takes the picture for the family tree, which is the last part of the evolution animation. This is all normal, nothing to worry about. And it seems that your daughter did a great job by taking care of her tamagotchi, because you get this character when you take a really good care of the character, so kudos to her! One of the amazing features they added in this version is now you’re able to mix the genes of the characters, so she can definitely change his appearance by marrying him with another Tamagotchi by visiting different locations and meeting other characters. Please check this growth chart of the characters for this version. Also, if you click here you will find a very useful guides and tips that might help you! If there’s anything else you would like to know please don’t hesitate to ask me or other members, we will be happy to help
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    Hhhh this song old town road is so funny is like rap and country combined
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    A little sad that Gourmet Street was changed to Food Town rather than say Gourmet St or Flavor Town. Tama Sports Resort -> Gym Sharing these two room backgrounds name changes, since they're needed for unlocking lands. Dreamy Living -> Carousel Magical Living -> Magical Room Starry Sky -> Star Room
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    No Wonder- God bless the new design manager of the second wave! Seriosly Though, The Design team just shrugged it off? I have one of the original LPS Cat VPets, And it’s probably my least favourite VPet out of my whole collection. It’s jam packed with bugs and glitches, and boring in general. It’s hard to navigate around, and you don’t know how to get out of the train station mode of the time. 😂
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    me when I got nothing going on: me when I have an assignment due in 1 hour: I Wonder What TamaTalk Is Like Nowadays 🤔
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    Aw I remember this thread from when I first joined and I'm so glad to see it's still alive Anyway, I am listening to Supermassive Black Hole by Muse!
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