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    And what's the point in having something just to preserve it to death, anyway? It's better to enjoy it!
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    True! I've been looking for information and it seems that Meets and M!X can get married from the app, although sadly only Meets will take the egg. So ... what is more convenient? Have more characters available but that only the Meets can enjoy all the genes, or be limited to the characteristic characters of Meets and that both can have babys together? (Finally I did not buy a second IDL, it would be too consumerist. I am only interested in weddings between different devices to exchange genes ^^).
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    A couple pages back I posted a link to a document I've been working on where I'd listed all the known Tamagotchi firmware versions. Previously, the document had basically just copied the version list post I made, but since this turned out looking like a bit of a mess, I've completely remade this part of the document to make everything much nicer to look at. This list is a bit too big to put into a single Tamatalk post now (without making the page really long!) but it now also includes all the known gaps where extra information is needed. You can find it here. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    This bug is also known as Peter Pan syndrome, unfortunately people can’t figure out a solution, and bandai is not saying anything about it! Can you maybe try and replace the battries with a new ones? (try and choose a different battery brand) let us know what happens!
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    The meets and m!x can get married through the app. Also, if you get a 2nd IDL, you can connect them.