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    My wishlist doesn't actually have any Tamagotchis on it right now! All that I'm currently waiting for is the GigaPetsAR penguin that was teased back when the Giga Pets line was revived. Assuming that it will actually see release, it'll be the first dedicated penguin virtual pet in decades, as far as I know. And, sure, I could go for any of the currently-available GigaPetsAR offerings in order to add one to my collection right now, but for as hilarious as a smug dabbing unicorn is, what caught my interest in the first place was the penguin, so I'd rather wait for that.
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    it fails to load normally because it tries to GET http://famitama.com/pc/cgi/Famiif.php at startup it expects a webform-encoded response with "ResponseCode=OK" ^ if littearlly any request fails (not 200/OK status) it goes to the "Tamatown is experiencing downtime" message- (btw- that address is hardcoded into the SWF file and is not a realitive address .-. i had to change the assembly to point to famata.ml instead~ though you can also just edit your hosts file to make famitama.com point to your own server. but thats not noob-friendly.) side note, it acturally was GET-ing /crossdomain.xml first which drove me mad. i had no idea why it was trying to download crossdomain.xml nowhere in the actionscript does it say to do that. but it turns out its just Adobe's answer to cross-origin policys i kept looking thorugh the code wondering wtf was wrong until i eventurally just googled "crossdomain.xml" and i felt really stupid XD- Oh btw i just updated the site to give """logout password"""s (realy it just randomly selects one of the "special" codes from this list: but hey its something right? XD) the v5 logout password doesnt look that complicated tbh.
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    Hello! This post is about vintage, connections and up to uratama. About how to repair them. My native language isn't English, so this might be a bit of a strange read. 😋 If you have a pet that have lazy buttons or fading screen, or maybe doesn't seem to work at all, there is a thing you can do. You can open up your device, it's easy! Take out all the screws, but remember where they are supposed to sit! Then you can take the screen off. It's No worries! And of it's broken - take the chance to fix it! It's no problem! Then after you have taken off everything, you clean everything on the circuit board. Careful! With alcohol or some other ok liquid for cleaning electronic stuff. You do this with a cotton wad stick, like those for the ears... But don't use a used one! Don't be cheap, take a new one. It's worth it. Then if something is wrong the paper behind the screen on your Tamagotchi, like water damage maybe? Then you can throw away and make a new one! Draw something naughty and put it where the old paper was and TADA! New background. Make sure to clean the buttons and where they push! Press them a bit insideout and clean. Well, after everything is clean, you put it together!!! Remember where the screws went??? I hope so. They have different sizes you know. But don't worry - you did! Yay! It wasn't hard at all and there wasn't many of them! When the little critter is put back together, you put the batteries in and try it out. The screen will be stronger now and the buttons a lot bettet! But if it still does NOT work it might have something else wrong. You might need to solder. That is a bit more advanced. You'll need to change the 47uf capacitor! I'll write how... It's the funny round things with legs. You need to get it out! Cut it out of the circuit board and make sure EVERY part of it is out. Ok? Then you take your new 47uf capacitor and put it in it's place! Make sure it sits the right way! And you solder that capacitator into place! But some pets use different capacitators, so get the right uf. Ok? There are different volt in capacitators but Tamas use very little. Soldering isn't so hard. Save your Tamagotchi! (If it's just your sound wires, then you can hot glue them.) Anyway... I hope this wicked post helps a Tamagotchi breeder... Somewhere. A take apart video!!! Notice the screen. Clean it! Look! A Good guide for yr EYEs! (This guy knows Tamagotchi!) Good Luck! 🧐
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    So I already posted about this generic vpet in the knockoff tama section, but that doesn't seem like the right section. So sorry guys! Anyone ever had one of these? By "Kyoryu Kids" I love the case. After looking at them a few times, I had to order myself one! Judging by the pics on the packaging, it looks like there are 6 dinosaurs, a turtle, and a snail pet. Hope I get the style pet pictured! https://imgur.com/a/CJT8Xpr I went ahead and ordered myself a second one . If they both end up in working order, mabey I'll sell one....maybe! So I have a question: what does the word "Kyoryu " mean in the names of some of these generic dinosaur pets I see online? Is it a brand name or descriptive? There was also an older post that has a great picture of a " battling dinosaur" vpet. It looks very similar to this one, but not quite the same . Any thoughts?
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    What the title says. I just like discussing games with people. Last night I got my 6th melody. Checked my total play time, it’s somewhere around 18 hours. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I’m not sure. Before you get too worried, it’s the time in total- I didn’t sit around for 18 hours playing in one sitting. I have the mini snes, so it’s easier to play on there than an emulator. I guess it’s like a nintendo-approved emulator though? A bit unrelated, but I’m also playing mother 3. If the phone emulator didn’t have to be verified every month, then I’d be farther than chapter 7. (After fighting the plague rat, I missed getting the bazooka for Jeff. Oh well, maybe I can go back and get it...)
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    Hiya. As I've already said to you in another thread, your best start would be to check the site's rules; They'll give you a good grounding in the sort of behaviour that we expect here. Basically, it's just common-sense stuff that boils down to "Please make good-quality posts and don't be a jerk.", so you'll find it all very easy to get used to, as it's all very simple! Also, there's an edit button available on your posts for 24 hours after posting them, so if you need to add something to a message before somebody else has replied, you can add it to the existing one instead of posting multiple new ones. This may be different to what you're used to from social-media or chat services that you might use elsewhere, but this is part of how forums work and it helps to keep them organised and readable for all visitors. It will also save me and the other Guides from having to keep merging what are called "double-posts" or "multi-posts". (This said, if you have some substantial, useful information to add but the edit button has already disappeared, we don't tend to mind a double-post here and there - we're quite easygoing. ) If you have any more questions about how the site works and what's expected here, please feel free to send me a private message. You can do this by hovering your mouse-cursor over my name in a thread like this one and clicking the "Message" button, or by clicking my name, viewing my profile, and clicking the "Message" button found at the top there. The other Guides will be happy to help you, too, if you need them to. Now to get this back on topic! Which version of Minecraft do you play? I play the Nintendo Switch version, myself, as I find handheld-mode to be very convenient. And I use a penguin avatar, of course! 🐧 @Save_Tamagotchis also has an amusing thread about "scary" random happenings in Minecraft here;
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    So I married my Tama to Pizalinatchi and their daughter was the CUTIEST! Looks like I'm getting better results with how many genes are in my family tree and who I marry my Tama off to. Unlike other times I don't have the wedding picture, but here are some cute scenes of my Tama and Pizalinatchi daughter, Kinokotchi growing up. Also Kinoko means mushroom in Japanese and those are toppings on pizza, I thought it fit. With September comes the fall animation scenes like this one, this is a scene a tanuki created before vanishing. Then this cute squirrel character asking my Tama after growing into her teen stage to harvest stuff. I hope the squirrel is a special guest because I think that tail would look really cute. And finally her adult stage. I think it was a cute mix of her mom and dad. She also marks the first time I married my Tama to a special guest! They also had twin girls! Also I noticed an interesting detail! Depending on your Tama's gender the blanket when their sleeping will be different. For boys the blanket will be blue with yellow stars, for girls it will be a reddish pink color with light pink hearts. Not sure about twins with a boy and girl, my guess it will be a different color instead of pink or blue, or it will be the color correlating with the main twins gender. I have only had single gender twins up to this point. I'll report here when I have twins with a boy and girl what the blanket is.
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    Thank you so much for your advice!!! :D I had actually did a little research with my other tama's when meeting with friends in the park and they kind of usually say the same things, just randomized or in a loop. So, I'm really not too worried about. I decided just to get the Meets. ^^ It's not my first Japan Imported Tama, so I'm not worried about having to translate. If I really run into issues, I'm sure I can always ask for help here or look for something on YouTube depending on the reasons for needing the help/vids. I made sure to check if the Meets will still with the Tamagotchi On app, and one of my TamaMama friends said hers works just fine with her app and she has the rare white colour Magic Meets. (It's actually really really pretty. :o) What really sold me was the Sanrio Meets. Which, if my calculations are correct, should be arriving in the mail in about two weeks. :D (It's gonna be a loooooooong next two weeks.. >.<;) Thanks again~ c:
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    This is really impressive! I was aware of the fact that a lot of the V5 swfs were archived but without being able to get past the initial loading screen I had no idea it was actually this complete and functional. I also really appreciate that you've collected the files in a google drive for people to easily access! It's important to find ways of preserving these files in places that are easily accessible.
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    Interesting seeing your wishlist, hopfully you can get your P’s soon because I’m sure you will enjoy it. The only version that is on my wishlist at the moment is the Tamagotchi Devil, I love the idea that you should take care of a small devil, and the fact that it interacts with the players and playing pranks on them is fascinating to me! I’ve been hesitant of getting one, we all know how expensive it is, and aslo of the very popular issue that it’s known for, which is the broken screws! If the right time comes, I will consider looking for the half-purple half-white shell, second option will be the black shell. That’s all for my wishlist.
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamagotchi-Heart-168-Pet-Game-Keychain-Toy-Playable-Random-Color-2-5-US-Seller/163066553651?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item25f7862533:g:YTgAAOSwPHxa87fK:sc:USPSFirstClass!31904!US!-1&enc=AQAEAAAB0BPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qWwKKlZKsAHgax%2F3ICMdGiFu0CZ4W61WebHFXoupTsBsCUdrf5nbsvD5gf5WB2FuT9cTvKug3ZH46unhLwCOkzZJMAVaKCnMO8ItNY48N05j46kEP5MAfSPP%2Be07jfbOfj8j%2B9ZKoeQJzsKjqhTcedKkw8YQI%2F9UnIBIV13CGZ%2FL%2FBmhCZHUjJeJcX90aGWWYn4ZjJjqr6ng5O0z2QkntShOTTrFZmmClLpnOSCrPrbgIGtoNE7Ojl6GhLaTi6mXVbPBda3ddI0aUkrOtbG0IeItZ0xtOJw1n7QaAcjnVrMQddfOSWyXwkKjOayTzfurqrooCuki6onfShggteMMjLKFRf9pUVxdhX3JvIn0y6gUGOLjoYgkPpz21Cu%2Bc0P2G5T5ggV6w3lYAvADbe5AqTAUZk8ww5JlsBXQwW0%2Bvk5TUKtK%2FxmTiSSd31qZKInoPDdT8xsaiM8sNT3sKCwMIP8hfNbjKoN3QJRk2gHHXbK9dV1a09hT1yuDp1oqJ0SObFCcPRIHKIEpdXf%2FIHPPRyBPzWLbHk5PsLFllmh3E6ZRTeknLx%2Fj5ur69rpT2PC0XLkho9%2BCP%2Bfqbiq3i9jw1HG&checksum=163066553651fb8a5a06dbab46568c1db68d272d2663 name: heart thing type: generic notes: a.k.a bunny rom except it's in a clear heart shell with rubber buttons also, currently screaming in my pillow waiting for the nintendo direct
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    I agree here! When you compare both I think most people agree that Meets and Some packaging better than the ON. Understanding the menu translation is all you need, and fortunately the Meets is not that hard when it comes to gameplay, you just need a bit of time to be able to understand the options and the choices. But the problem now is that you’re trying to understand the conversations between the characters, unless if you don’t translate them I think you should get the ON if you really want to know their interactions. They can connect play/visit, not sure if they can mate though. You can download the japanese app if you have a vaild japanese address and connect your Meets without any problems. (I did that btw) Hopefully that will help you decide.
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    the "special" ones where not, i think tamatown codes still needed your login password which was different every time. it even said it on the Tamatown & Earth EXPO
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    I think leogames means "the mix version" as a feature. But still, they are two different tama releases.
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    Maybe it’s full that’s why it’s refusing the food
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    My character is having that reaction to ice cream too, is there a reason?
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    Upon reaching adult stage, your character will always dislike the basic rice option.
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    Hey guys! ^^ I just won an auction on this virtual pet: I can see infra red on top of it, so I am assuming this is some kind of battling type pet. Does anyone know anything about it?