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    MyMeets corrupts the save data of the device itself. (To be clear, the marry-multiple-people-in-a-row exploit is separate from MyMeets. It just becomes especially scary if they're combined.) I don't know all the ways the corruption can manifest itself. (Things I've read are characters not growing and sudden device resets, but these may not be related.) Bandai does try to detect if your data comes from MyMeets and ban you, but apparently it's not watertight. As for thwarting MyMeets (which works by spoofing the official app), I think they would need to add some kind of authentication between the device and the app, so that you cannot pretend to be the official app. Obviously this can't just be implemented with the existing devices. As for thwarting the marriage exploit (which works simply by "accepting" a proposal and then refusing to reconnect the device), maybe they could have the app remember that the data transfer failed and force you to try the connection again if you try to use the date place again. Or by asking for a reconnect before the marriage starts, but this obviously can't be done with the existing devices either. The app probably wasn't designed with security in mind. Bandai just forgot how much adults like breaking stuff.
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    Has anyone seen the tamagotchi some packaging yet? It looks amazing! Tempted to get one just because of the packaging,,, https://imgur.com/YgMkvdU Photo creds to ratamazone
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    Haven't seen anyone talking about it yet so thought I'd make a post Anyone seen the new tamagotchi yet? It's coming out in late November and it seems to have a diamond kind of thing at the top. Would consider buying it if i wasn't broke lol,,, recently just bought a tama on + I'm a student with no income so I'll have to save up again ;_;
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    I worked a bit out about the v5 password generation using this list tells me alot, first that only thing that matters is what tamagotchi you have (and its gender) 21000 < this is obviously your tamagotchi region where 0 = japan, 1 = oceania 2 = america 3 = europe (i think v5 celebrity had like 4?) maybe 2 is like type "give GP" or something. 10554 < the pattern i noticed here was x05x maybe 05 is the prize number (05 being 1000GP) and its like x05x where the 2 x's represent what tama you have. so "15" (another theroy i had is this is some sort of list maybe the first is like what stage its in (baby, toddler, teen, adult, etc) and then the 2nd one is which of those it is . not sure) now then whats this 4 at the end? well its a checksum of the rest of the code, like a litteral checksum it is the sum of the entire code (minus the check digit) modulo 10 2+1+0+0+0+1+0+5+5 = 14 14 mod 10 = 4 check byte is 4, so the code is 21000 10554 :0 thou hast been reversed? maybe im wrong about how "your current tamagotchi" is encoded it seems like a weird way to do it
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    New question for nano lovers! Do Nano Fighters have a programmed life expectancy? Are they only going to live to a max age and then always die around the same time? I thought I read that Nano Baby has a preprogrammed limit on the longevity. But Nano Kitty will live to be like 40......? I am a very bad nano mom. I always end up abandoning them on that one really busy day , and end up killing them! I just won a 5th Nano Fighter ( Alley Rumble) so now I have two of that one. The original one I have has a damaged screen from battery leakage even though he still works just fine. I always name that one "Scarface". So I wanted a second one with working graphics one way or the other.
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    Oh! I know and have a book like that. It's called "A Wolf Called Wander" and it's about a wolf whose pack got killed by an enemy pack, and so he has to travel thousands of miles to find another wolf to make a pack. DO NOT READ!!!!!!! It is super sad in some places and in some parts, I've even cried. But hi Kurb, I am always reading new books and am aalllwwaayyss open to new book suggestions. I like how you said "Hamilfan" HAHAHAHAHA!
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    I only have one tama right now, but I really hope my mom will let me get the My Tamagotchi Forever app on her phone. Another tama I want is a color tama. They are pretty expensive, but I have a tama from when my mom was a kid (she's 47) so I want to get one of the newer ones.
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    Oh sorry too late to edit... But he does not evolve or grow so far. Sad. Ok so maybe I'll see how long he can be kept alive continuously......?
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    Oh, I really enjoyed Team Kirby Clash in Planet Robobot, though I haven't played the Deluxe one yet - I will definitely have to check this out once I finish with Fire Emblem!
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    I just pre ordered it on Amazon Japan, the release date is November 30!
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    Huh, ok! Good to know. Too bad for them I guess, I'm saving up to buy all the items XD
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    Sorry about that! I must have waited just a little too long before I added that. But here is a pic of that very similar dinosaur pet:
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    I'm currently playing Super Kirby Clash for the Switch, which is a free-to-play title that was released a matter of hours ago; It's an upgraded version of 2017's free-to-play 3DS game, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, which itself was an upgraded version of the Team Kirby Clash mini-game from 2016's Kirby: Planet Robobot. For anyone who hasn't played either of the previous iterations, it's basically a Kirby boss-rush game with light RPG elements - it's sort of like Kirby crossed with Monster Hunter, both in the theme and in the gameplay-loop. Though I enjoyed the original Team Kirby Clash mini-game, I skipped Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, so this is mostly new to me.
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    So I managed to pick this up yesterday at The Havering 2019 Festival. What do yall think?
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    I think it’s interesting they added the diamond bit on top! Is it just a decoration or it has another purpose? The other thing is the characters are absolutely beautiful, so far I think they’re best looking for the Meets lineup (besides Snario of course ) Here’s also another leaked pic of what it appears to be changing the characters color by dipping them in chocolate? This seems interesting, can’t wait for more official information
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    Never meant to infer that those were fakes - I omitted that word as it seemed was already stressed above. I was more replying to the person about the poundland pets being inferior to tamagotchi. I'm not great with fora and direct quoting. It's a bit of a faff. I really wish they would come out with multiple tiered pets as well. I'd love to be able to buy all 4 Tamagotchi On's coming out, but my husband would murder me if I did lol.
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    11/27/2017 Apologies for the delay in updates. I had my Tamas paused for nearly the entire duration of my sickness (all but the V4 are still paused). I've been busy as well with a couple of games, so I haven't unpaused the rest of the troupe because I don't want to neglect them while I'm busy. Jaz had a kid though, this time another boy. I JUST activated him. His name is Helio and I have no idea what he'll turn into. I can't remember what I... Oh, that's right! His dad was an Androtchi. I'm not sure which takes priority over which so I'm unsure what kind of toddler I'll end up with. I'll update again once he evolves. He just got sick and should be taking a nap soon as well. I'd really be happy with any evolution, because there are males in both Kuchi and Meme that I want, and I wouldn't mind getting Tensaitchi again from the Mame group. I really can't believe how fast time has gone! I've been logging for over a month now, and it'll only get more active once I get my P's, hopefully within the next couple of months. I've also found some really cheap used iD-L's and was extremely tempted by them. Anyway, Helio just woke up from his nap, ate some food, and asked for praise, which I granted. Annnnd... he's evolved into another Mohitamatchi! Awesome! I'm pretty pumped, because now I can get Kuchipatchi!
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    I just realised that this exploit can be combined with MyMeets to corrupt many people's saves in a row. Do not use the online date place anymore. It's no longer worth the risk. 😢