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    Everything will be there if you press A + B which means starting with a new egg. unless if you reset the toy, then everything including money, toys and locations will be gone.
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    Thank you! It spawned a new egg. Honestly I wasn’t too thrilled with the genetics of the line anyways just wanted the stuff I collected to stay. I accidentally got Kuro Mametchi the first generation and that hat gene just wouldn’t go away. 😂
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    So when I got my ON I noticed in the connection icon that it lists "Tamagotchi", "Download" and "App" as connection functions. Tamagotchi is to connect with another Tama, App is for any interactions with the ON App, but then there's Download. I assume this is how Meets interact with the Meets stations over in Japan because that's the only other connection there could be. So I figured Bandai had something in mind for the west, either with our own ON Stations or something else. After all why keep a feature in the unit that users have access to if it wasn't something that was going to be in use. If it wasn't going to be used Bandai would have removed the feature or prevent access to it by removing it from the connection icon menu if removing the feature overall would glitch the programing. That's why with video games there are test rooms and text textures and stuff still there, because removing them would glitch or severely break the game. And Tama Palace showed this a while back: https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/186961460353/tamagotchi-on-stations-bandai-america-has-another Bandai had something planned but it fell through and theirs a chance their working on something else. I think we could get our own versions of the stations like Japan, who knows stores might be willing to set aside shelve space if it means an intensive to get people into physical stores after the internet has made less reason to go to physical stores. I'm not saying they have to be the same size as their Japanese counter parts. Maybe you could use your phone in connection to the unit with bluetooth to download stuff from certain areas via Bandai's website. Like go to a major spot (Like Times Square for example since Tokyo has a station), open your phone and go to Bandai's Tamagotchi page were there would be a special button to interact with, put your Tama in front of the phone and select download on your Tama after taping the button on your phone on the webpage? I'm not the most well versed in this stuff so I'm now sure how it would work out if this is possible or not.
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    You’re welcome and yes, sometimes there’s this one annoying gene that just gets stuck and it’s really hard to get rid of it!
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    As far as I know debug mode doesn't really provide any additional tools for checking the password system. You'd think this would be a pretty important thing to debug though! Right now I've hit a bit of a wall in the research - I've figured out a few more bits of information that narrow down some of the constants a bit further but it's not really enough to use as of yet. A single working password for a given username is now enough to narrow down the number of password possibilities for each item to 128, which is obviously a lot better than the 10 billion we started with. I'm gonna try and experiment with my device to get a password for every item ID for my username and see if that helps me pin down the algorithm any further. Naturally, though, since you have to retype the entire password if it's wrong and there's a few seconds of delay due to there being an "ERROR" screen, trying lots of passwords can be kind of time consuming. Part of me wonders if the debug mode also has the same way of handling errors or if the "no" sound would play similar to the Music Star's item passwords. I guess if anything would help debug the password system, it would be to make it nicer to use. Thinking about it, there's two different firmware versions of the V3 in America, too. Since you rarely had to type in passwords from the device into Tamatown, I doubt the password system has any versioning aspect which alters the way it works... though I do wonder if perhaps the earlier version had a glitch in the decoding algorithm or something that they needed to fix. --- Since I've made so much progress on these passwords I'd like to take a crack at other passwords too. V5 and the Japanese releases seem to be well-understood at this point, so there's a few other passwords I'd like to attempt to understand instead - V3 King passwords, V3 Travel passwords, V3 Parent and Grandparent passwords, V4 login and logout codes and all its other passwords and the Music Star item codes. I have a feeling most of these are going to be a lot more difficult to crack but they might be fun to attempt if I can't make any more progress on V3 passwords
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    Is it possible that a V3 in debug mode could help with this? I know there's the issue of the username/password system not working when the device is debugged, but I have a faint memory of getting around the issue by choosing a username when debug mode is off, then activating it once it got to the egg hatching.
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    I've gotten the Switch version of Spyro Reignited Trilogy. I loved the original back in the day but never played Spyro 2 or 3, so two-thirds of this collection are entirely new to me! It's definitely worth grabbing; The 3DS iteration was famously generous with its free-to-play implementation, and so is this one. You can tell that the driving force was more on the side of promoting the series rather than making untold levels of profit - they've struck a really fair balance with it. I'm having a good time with it, and you can't argue with free, right?
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    Glad you found my review useful :^) I agree the cases are worth having in one's collection. I wish the programming was as good although maybe if I ran mine for a shorter time than I did I would have like it more (like a Giga Pet). In light of the awesome shell design but poor programming, the Q-Pet Mini is similar to the V5.
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    Happy (belated) Birthday - hope it was a good day
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    Thank you! And yes I am sure that it is PM. He has fallen asleep at 9:30.
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    http://imgur.com/gallery/KOK79BW I ended up ordering that exact Q Pet design after reading your review of its program. Hey, way nicer than I would have expected. The case feels high quality, and the face was perfectly painted. Really nice. And I knew which facial expression I needed to get myself! But it's all about that case design! Lol! I had to have one for my collection. Update: Totally glad I ordered that style awhile back! ( She just showed up!) Looks like the seller is sold out of that one! THAT I'm not particularly surprised by....totally the best one! I couldn't find any of the bunny models anywhere either. I'm thinking about getting the "boy" case style with the kissing expression on the face. The phillips head screw on the back of the case is totally in the perfect location. Hilarious!
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    These are not all from today, but over the past week! 2 Japanese Angels, a Morino (which I have wanted since I was little!!), A handpainted Japanese Angel, a Peacock v4.5 (my holy grail for the v4.5 along with the globe set which is being shipped to me!!!!), And some Tamagotchi sticker sheets and a Morino trading card #109, which is not only my fave Tama but my lucky number that I have a tattoo of 😊 I also have a Magic Purple On coming to my house this week which I'm so ezcited about! Been a Connection girl for like 15 years lol, excited to finally have a color tama
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    Previously I mentioned that I don't think we're close to cracking anything. Less than a day later... I've changed my mind I'm still playing around with things, but I've noticed some really solid patterns beginning to emerge. Let's establish some variables to begin with: we begin with a password consisting of two 5-decimal strings, (P_1, P_2). By concatenating P_2||P_1 we receive a 10-digit decimal number P. Now convert P into a five-byte binary number, and we'll call these bytes B_1 through to B_5 with B_5 being the leftmost byte. Let's use an example: 70545 42729 is a Passport password for the username "TMGC!". This makes up our (P_1, P_2). Next, we produce P by concatenating: P = 4272970545. In binary, this decimal is represented as 11111110101100000101101100110001. We'll add a few leading zeros to make it 40 digits long: 0000000011111110101100000101101100110001. This gives us our five bytes: B_5 = 00000000 B_4 = 11111110 B_3 = 10110000 B_2 = 01011011 B_1 = 00110001 As mentioned last time, applying the modulo 256 operator to the password gives us a pair of numbers which we called A and B. This is essentially equivalent to the value of B_1 - it only ever takes on two possible values for a given username. As it turns out, the value of one can be obtained from the other by applying the XOR 106 operator to it - this is true of all usernames! Hence, we have a constant C_user which relates to the username, but I'm not sure in what way it relates just yet. But some things have been observed: If B_5 = 0, B_1 = C_user If B_5 = 1, B_1 = C_user XOR 106 I'm not sure what happens if B_5 is 2, but I'm willing to guess it just loops back round to being C_user again. If I had to guess, I'd say B_5 can only take on the values of 0 or 1 and it takes them on randomly. For user="TMGC!", C_user = 49. So that's two bytes down, but it depends on a constant C_user which we're not currently sure how to calculate without obtaining passwords first. Now let's look at B_2: B_2 = ID XOR B_1 XOR D_user There's two new variables here. ID is the item ID variable - for example, Passport is 128. These IDs can be found in some of the archived Tamatown XML files. D_user is another variable that relates to the username in a way I've not quite figured out yet. I'm not sure what B_3 or B_4 do just yet, or if they even matter! But given how so far this seems to really strongly depend on the byte structure I'm willing to guess they've got their own roles too. In other words... I'm so close, I can almost taste it. I think at this point I just need lots of username and password data to calculate lots of values of C_user and D_user, so any information would be strongly appreciated! One thing that should be said about all this is that it's all slightly wrong for passwords that depend on a parent or grandparent character or travel tickets. These ones seem to be character independent but it doesn't seem to change the algorithm enough to make it unusable; but without data about what character people were using when they used the travel ticket and so on there's not much I can do to crack them. There's plenty of hope for the rest of the items though! Until next time!
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    Tamagotchi m!x/meets case I used a 2.3 mm hook and 8 ply cotton yarn for reference. Crochet in both loops unless stated otherwise. Again, when following steps 3-5, you may want to offset your increases so that they don’t occur in the same place to get a more circular shape rather than a hexagonal shape. Magic loop (6) 2sc in every stitch (12) (2sc, sc) repeat (18) (2sc, sc, sc) repeat (24) Continue consecutively increasing until you are increasing in every 8th sc (54) Chain 6 sc and skip 6 stiches to create a hole for a strap, 11 x sc, 2sc, (sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc) repeat 4 times, 8 sc Sc all around Sc all around Sc all around Slip stitch in both loops Slip stitch in back loop (as shown by red arrow in photo) Finish off and weave in the yarn tail
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    A new video update for those that are interested. It features new areas, a mini side quest to get food for a Nyorotchi and some bad Tarakotchi. Other improvements have been made too so see for yourself and enjoy.
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    Okay, here's a little updated video. Now showing ENEMIES and HOW TO MAKE THEM FRIENDLY! Still a lot has to be done, like, tons, but gonna share anyway. ENJOY!
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    I'll have a better one soon but here's a quick little sample of Sick Bay. Very early WIP.
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    I'll have one available for tomorrow afternoon/evening. I'm gonna finish up a bit more of the level then I'll have a video uploaded. Glad you like it. Without spoiling to much, the plot is basically about a computer virus that has infested/possessed the Tamagotchi realms. (Imagine them as devil gotchi's, but not as cute.) I was tired of making DOOM engine games that rely on ultra-violence and gore, so I thought I'd take a nicer route for a change. Its bright and colourful and has a mild, child-friendly version of the possession idea, using a digital virus as the "demon" of sorts. I'm trying to code it so you can remove the virus from "infected" characters and return them to normal as an alterantive to the DOOM shoot and kill method.
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    Resetting it also regularly using a great idea, for multiple reasons. If your batteries are cheap or you get me, then I would switch to a different brand.
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    You need to change the battery when it tells you to. How long the battery lasts depends on what brand it is.
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    Assuming you put in brand new batteries when you started, three weeks or so sounds rather short. That being said it doesn't surprise me if the battery is dying you're running into that problem. It's like any electronic, you can get a little more juice out of it by turning it on/off, but at some point it's going to just be a dead battery. If you've been putting in new batteries and it lasts a couple of hours then I'd say there's definitely a hardware issue.