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    So when I got my ON I noticed in the connection icon that it lists "Tamagotchi", "Download" and "App" as connection functions. Tamagotchi is to connect with another Tama, App is for any interactions with the ON App, but then there's Download. I assume this is how Meets interact with the Meets stations over in Japan because that's the only other connection there could be. So I figured Bandai had something in mind for the west, either with our own ON Stations or something else. After all why keep a feature in the unit that users have access to if it wasn't something that was going to be in use. If it wasn't going to be used Bandai would have removed the feature or prevent access to it by removing it from the connection icon menu if removing the feature overall would glitch the programing. That's why with video games there are test rooms and text textures and stuff still there, because removing them would glitch or severely break the game. And Tama Palace showed this a while back: https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/186961460353/tamagotchi-on-stations-bandai-america-has-another Bandai had something planned but it fell through and theirs a chance their working on something else. I think we could get our own versions of the stations like Japan, who knows stores might be willing to set aside shelve space if it means an intensive to get people into physical stores after the internet has made less reason to go to physical stores. I'm not saying they have to be the same size as their Japanese counter parts. Maybe you could use your phone in connection to the unit with bluetooth to download stuff from certain areas via Bandai's website. Like go to a major spot (Like Times Square for example since Tokyo has a station), open your phone and go to Bandai's Tamagotchi page were there would be a special button to interact with, put your Tama in front of the phone and select download on your Tama after taping the button on your phone on the webpage? I'm not the most well versed in this stuff so I'm now sure how it would work out if this is possible or not.
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    I have both a pink fairy on and a purple pastel meets! I like the games on the meets better because there's some skill involved with them. The fairy only has a game where you spam the A button and one where you move up and down to meet the dolphins. My pastel has a matching game I really enjoy, and I personally enjoy the backgrounds and characters available on the pastel. It IS hard not understanding the text but since I have both I can compare them when I get confused. The on and meets both connect to the english app, and can connect to each other. The shells look similar to me, the glitter is pretty much the same on both.
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    Thanks for the help. I also find the bad care character the cutest, especially when it's happy. Maybe I did let him beep at me before. Thanks!
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    *Topic moved to 'Help for Tamagotchi Owners'* In many versions of Tamagotchi, Tarakotchi is considered a Bad Care character. It seems the P1 is no exception. If you're curious on more of the character and some lore, you can check out this article on the Tamagotchi Wiki
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    Everything was going fine this morning. It looked like my puppy had grown into an adult, or at least teenager. That is, until I accidentally dropped the device. Fortunately the device was undamaged, but it froze on the clock screen and I was forced to reset. Optimistically speaking, this just means I’ll have a sooner opportunity to try and get a different breed (assuming this has multiple growth patterns). For this, I’ve been keeping the meters around the center, not full like last time. Also, I’m only feeding it kibble. Today, there wasn’t be a whole lot to talk about besides the initial incident, since it was all basic care (or lack thereof) for this first day. @Penguin-keeper It sure is. I usually have pretty back luck which makes running most 90’s oddpets a pain, especially the ones where you can’t use snacks for happiness. I’ve never ran any other one that does this, so it was a pleasant surprise.
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    As far as I know debug mode doesn't really provide any additional tools for checking the password system. You'd think this would be a pretty important thing to debug though! Right now I've hit a bit of a wall in the research - I've figured out a few more bits of information that narrow down some of the constants a bit further but it's not really enough to use as of yet. A single working password for a given username is now enough to narrow down the number of password possibilities for each item to 128, which is obviously a lot better than the 10 billion we started with. I'm gonna try and experiment with my device to get a password for every item ID for my username and see if that helps me pin down the algorithm any further. Naturally, though, since you have to retype the entire password if it's wrong and there's a few seconds of delay due to there being an "ERROR" screen, trying lots of passwords can be kind of time consuming. Part of me wonders if the debug mode also has the same way of handling errors or if the "no" sound would play similar to the Music Star's item passwords. I guess if anything would help debug the password system, it would be to make it nicer to use. Thinking about it, there's two different firmware versions of the V3 in America, too. Since you rarely had to type in passwords from the device into Tamatown, I doubt the password system has any versioning aspect which alters the way it works... though I do wonder if perhaps the earlier version had a glitch in the decoding algorithm or something that they needed to fix. --- Since I've made so much progress on these passwords I'd like to take a crack at other passwords too. V5 and the Japanese releases seem to be well-understood at this point, so there's a few other passwords I'd like to attempt to understand instead - V3 King passwords, V3 Travel passwords, V3 Parent and Grandparent passwords, V4 login and logout codes and all its other passwords and the Music Star item codes. I have a feeling most of these are going to be a lot more difficult to crack but they might be fun to attempt if I can't make any more progress on V3 passwords
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    Just in case there is any confusion, I was telling you my experience with the "Kofun" pets because you seemed to be asking for information/advice.
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    This seems to be a thing on the MGA pets, too - I noticed it on my MGA Penguin when I first ran it. It's very, very welcome with the luck-based left/right game, as it makes filling the meter so much more convenient.