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    My tama turned yellow as an adult! He looks everything like his Pizalinatchi mum I almost forgot he's a boy lol. As expected he got the hat from his dad. gosh I love the blue eyes so much and the roller shoes! cuteness overload.
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    It will live forever. There are no seniors in new versions. Only color version that had seniors was the +Color, otherwise seniors are only found on black and white versions. You can just marry her off whenever. Every tamagotchi is different so even if you read about one version it's unlikely that same applies to another version.
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    I decided after seeing all these logs I should really keep up with it! I take pictures as often as I can when my tama evolves or marries but I would rather start fresh. Today my little Aitichi evolved and shes is so adorable. Here is a picture of her. Shes a bit bratty honestly and needs alot of attention. Before her I had a family of 6 generations, I got sick unfortunately and she died while I was taking care of my serve cold. And as a background of that tree, it was cursed. Those eyes just would never go, and the hat was almost impossible to get rid of. And before she died, I dropped it on concrete at work, my bag decided enough was enough and just dropped it. Its a shame the family tree image is too large for here but another time I'll post it all together for everyone to see.
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    Day 1: I received my tamagotchi entama in the mail yesterday, it was the best thing to happen. I inserted the cr2032 in the battery compartment and preformed a reset. I got a sense of childhood from starting it up. Then I received the first egg upon waiting, the egg looked like it had hearts on it. It hatched after waiting for a few minutes. I got a cute female young Mametchi named Aiko, I have never seen anything so adorable in such a long time. I decided to play the card match game with my Aiko, turns out i actually like that mini-game. Hopefully I can achieve something with my Mametchi.
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    I was always told banks would be throwing credit cards at me from all directions, yet it took me over a year of effort to actually GET one. Turns out having $0 debt is more suspicious than having significant debts.
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    Cute Female Young Mametchi???????????????????? WHAT???????????????????? Also. yOU Can get Pictures!
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    I feel you haha. My first gen Gozarutchi had the ninja hat that persisted for 3-4 generations.
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    A quick log before I sleep. Today on day 2 I managed to get up to 100 in intelligence for Aiko, I must be a card match pro. And the current plan is to raise Aiko to adult stage and get a gen2 tama. So far today wasn’t all bad with my tama.
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    I have a 30pin-to-HDMI adapter, but I don't have a HDMI capture device, so I can't make a video right now. I mentioned this at first but edited it out, sorry for that.
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    Thanks for the guide! I'm more curious whether the yellow genetic will show up again on its own. In past generations I see that the adult tamas seem to evolve quite closely from their teen appearance.